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Who will he find that he can trust not to “coup him”

Bainimarama to step down from Fiji military in March – report


Reports from Fiji say the military commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, will resign in March to contest the election promised for September.

This is being reported by the Fijivillage website, which says he confirmed it to people during the talanoa session in Nakorovatu in the Northern Division.

Commodore Bainimarama, who has been military commander for nearly 15 years, overthrew the elected government in late 2006 and made himself prime minister one month later after the Great Council of Chiefs refused to make him the head of state.

He is expected to form a political party to contest the election – the first since May 2006.

Commodore Bainimarama has said he expects to win.

Fijivillage also reports, the Prime Minister will recommend the name of the new Army Commander to the President for appointment.


24 thoughts on “Who will he find that he can trust not to “coup him”

  1. As long as it is not his brother in law but its good to see Papa Pig fight to survive in the world of politics without his gun.

  2. I am more intersted in who resumes the commander role at the Military whilst he succumb to democratic totalitarianism….

  3. come by bus go by taxi

    come by coup go by coup

    every dog has his turn

    day will come

    the people of Fiji who have real power will go the coward

  4. GCC gone!
    Methodist Church silenced forever!
    One more I-taukei institution to be cleansed before Fiji can properly ahead. The next leader of the military (if it is to radically improve as is critically necessary) MUST be an indo-Fijian.

  5. The problem is not on the choice but the example that FB has set. Any one he appoints will go into office with no illusion of the power in his hands. Thereafter human nature kicks in and he will either support the government that wins and cut off military support for FB personally or he will begin to dictate terms to show all and sundry who is the big boy on the block – a page out of the Pig’s book.

  6. the next leader of the Fijian military should be Ravi Narayan
    If useless people from the military can become Police Commissioner
    No reason why useless people from the Police can’t become military commander
    both are fucked up institutions anyway
    from the many coups in which they have been complicit.

  7. Well guys get ready for my new role. I am eminently qualified for the post as commander. I am navy, I am a bully, I am stupid, I know how to silence a noisy mate, I pack a punch, I am a convicted criminal and I am very loyal as long as loyalty serves my agenda.

  8. FB should relinquish both the Commander and PM positions to test his popularity before the election.

  9. why is the commodore contesting the elections?
    I thought he was only interested in “cleaning -up”, not power.
    But one does acquire a taste for power
    and the privileges that go with it
    particularly in the setting of a banana republic
    the commodore is clearly someone who has had a good taste of power
    he will not be relinquishing it in any great hurry!!

  10. All comments from you antis are a waste of time!!!

    The crux of the matter is this: My man VB will be stepping down from the Commander’s role in March as he had promised.

    My man keeps his word and guess what.

    He will win Fiji’s truly democratic Elections fair and square.

    Go VB Go.

  11. Bai -ni-marama is sitting on the fence not knowing which side to jump. On one hand he is not sure if his successor at the FMF will continue his corrupt ways or not, and whether he will listen to orders if he, bai-ni, wins election and becomes PM. It is a matter of life and death for him, and he knows it very well. On the other hand, if he decides not to enter elections or even cancels it, then both the local and international community lose all faith in him knowing that he is someone who cannot be trusted. He has lied too many times already and only time will tell us the truth.

  12. So whats the big deal if bai gets couped. He fully deserves it. If he can do it to others whats wrong with it being done to him. He should have a a taste of his own medicine. Only in Fiji can criminals get away from the long arm of the law like Rabuka and now bai is trying to be the next to avoid justice.

  13. Bainimarma will soon be history like Rabuka.
    Both should be in Naboro.

    They have taken our country more than 50 years back in terms of development.

  14. @ Nabua Prince
    You say your man VB keeps his word
    wow! the record since his takeover doesn’t show that
    remember his promise that no military wallah will benefit from his “clean up” coup?
    what happened to “his word”?
    now Nabua Prince we know your are an IDIOT
    but don’t put your idiocy on public display!

  15. The bible say that there is time for everything under the sun – time to be born , time to die, time to school , time to work, time to rest , etc, etc .

    I am thankful to GOD that the military government is coming to an end and returning to barracks.

    Whatever good they have done God bless them .

    Now we look forward to new democratic government – power to the people.

    If government performs badly , then the people will vote them out and new team come in -that is democracy at its best – no coup and no excuse to justify the gun to remove the ruling government,


  16. @ Anon shit face.

    My man VB is a man of his word.

    He promises elections by 2014 and he will deliver.

    He promises he will step down from army commander role and guess what he will also do as he says.

    He has delivered alot for the people of this nation and majority of Fiji’s population wants him as PM for his good all inclusive vision.

    You anon on the other hand have not done anything for Fiji and you are a loser and blind to your racist beliefs.

    Vinaka VB.

  17. and now he wants to prove once more that absolute power is still in the hands of the PM office rather then the Commander of the Military. LMAO!!….” it costs the country over 6 years of fattenining them uniforms puppets to the extent that they only remember the hand that feeds them and react to the voice that follow the hand. Great Strategy!. Expect the new Govt with Zero policy change especially the -incentivise the military policy – pay rise annually, jobs guaranteed, No reforms, acc for life, no restructuring and zero job loss for the life of Mr B. Thats the corporate plan.

  18. If it is true that Frank Bainimarama has appointed his son Meli Bainimarama to replace him as the Commander of the Fiji Military then it is but a confirmation that Fiji has indeed fallen into THUG RULE.
    Now EVERYBODY should be able to see why Frank Bainimarama is ready to allow an election in Fiji.
    Everything is under control – his control !

  19. If Meli Bainimarama has been appointed Commander of the RFMF by his father Frank Bainimarama then it must be based on merit alone.
    Just like Frank Bainimarama appointing himself Prime Minister.

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