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Where are the new politicans for 2014?

It’s now 2014, the election is less than 9 months away.
Anonymous pro regime bloggers tell us the economy is in wonderful shape, there is optimism everywhere and we are living in a new Fiji where voters will no longer choose ‘old’ politicians. So where are the new politicians rallying under the banner of Bainimarama’s new Fiji?
They don’t seem to be visible in the very thin ranks of the Interim Government. Bole could be called many things, but not new. A veteran of the original 1987 ethno-nationalists, approaching 80 years of age with a dicey heart, he’s as far from new as anyone still drawing breath can be. And then there’s Inoke Kubuabola. If he’s not an old politician, nobody is. He’s a veteran of every coup.
What about the ex military in Government, the men that Bainimarama swore would not benefit from the coup, are they new politicians? Sadly, all of them are just Yes Men for Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. Only Sam Saumatua had the spine to try to carry out his duties without taking orders from Khaiyum and look where that got him.
Dr Sharma? He’s got a forest of question marks hanging over his head. The less said the better.
Nobody expects Aiyaz to stand for election. it’s no secret that he’s loathed. No-one dares say a word against hm openly, but everyone knows he’s poison to the public.
Pro-regime bloggers: I call on you to show me the new leaders for voters to embrace in place of the ‘old politicians’. Who are they? What have they done? What do they stand for?

10 thoughts on “Where are the new politicans for 2014?

  1. Kuntyum will run to Australia for protection. The Fiji military can’t wait to get their hands on him.

  2. new politicians just an imaginary creation of the Bainimarama bullshit government meant to discredit old politicians who are not part of he bullshit government and are opposed to it.

  3. $30millioni dollars is budgeted and spent each year by junta to lease vehicles.

    This is a mother of all scam.

    Why cant junta import duty free vehicles for $10million- no more leasing?

    Where is the 20 million plus every going in the scam?

    Investigation please????/

  4. The new Fiji as proposed by the regime is one under the thumbs of a dictator and his right cherry in other words under bai and kai. A new Fiji will be a continual domination of government rule by the military. Who wanta a new Fiji if there is no freedom and there is separate law for law abiding citizens and the coup perpetrators. An ideal new Fiji would be one with no more army involvement in the governance and equal justice for all including those in the regime right now. An ideal new Fiji would be one where there would be peaceful government and no more smart ass military boss stepping in to take over any more future government. That’s the fact the rest is propaganda.

  5. The ‘new’ politician story peddled by the regime is just BS and we all know it. Come 2015 we will still have the thugs ruling us with Khaiyum pulling the strings in the background. No dictator has ever given up power in free and fair elections and Khaiyum will certainly not be the first. While I agree that he is loathed by most inside and outside the RFMF, the question is when this ill feelings will turn into action.

  6. Where indeed?

    Bainimarama himself would be considered an ‘old politician’ having tasted, flirted with & nursed sad delusions of political grandeur in his coup of 2000.

    His scripted speech yesterday was a classic Qorvis production that attempted to pitch his unnecessary advice to voters, as some kind of uninvolved third party. The voters and their choices are none of the illegal & treasonous regimes concern as they can’t depend on riding their self-promotional infrastructural developments forever. The taxpayers who pay more need to start seeing returns on their taxes and the regime can start by independently declaring in full what they’re earning and how they’ve been pissing away hard-earned tax dollars from 2007-2013.

    Bainimarama’s election manifesto would also be good entertainment value but if its not available now, we can only presume that he will cherry pick ideas from the competition.

    The regimes record of 7-8 years of tyrannical rule has not progressed the nation at all. In actual fact we have regressed on so many levels and the daily media stories highlight this daily.

  7. One Hundred Sands Limited the developers of Fiji’s first ever casino project have declined to comment on the progress of the development in Nadi.

    There are still no signs of construction starting at the site near Denarau Island.

    The company’s Chairman Larry Claunch says he has no comments at the moment.

    Claunch went on to state that they are proceeding with their plans to build the casino and convention centre.

    Last year he said they would begin construction towards the end of 2013.

    However, the project hasn’t even got off the ground after the company acquired a new site near Denarau Island in June.

    Since the company has put up a signboard and completed initial landscaping.

    The only development that has taken shape is a new helipad on their location which is now being used by Helicopters Fiji.

    In October last year the government issued an ultimatum to show cause or the company’s license would be cancelled.

    One Hundred Sands Limited has to pay a fine of US$100,000 for every month since last October until the casino is completed.

  8. The due date is still months away.

    Can’t you wait???

    VB my man will form his party as promised!

    VB my man will win this year’s Election as largely predicted by many.

    Vinaka VB.

  9. Wait?

    Do taxpayers have the luxury of telling the tax man to wait? Taxpayer have been waiting for 8 years to get a proper and independent validation of how their hardearned taxes have been spent year after year and it is quite patronizing & most absurd to suggest that they must wait longer.

    In any case it will be ‘VB the man’s’ funeral when it comes to the counting of votes and the realization that taxpayers know when its pay-back time.

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