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The wasted years of Bainimarama

 The idea that the economy is now healthy is a lie.  This year and next year a  lot of money, mostly borrowed, is being pumped into the economy to try to breathe life into it after six years of uninterupted disaster.  This what the Asian Development Bank has to say on the subject. “The Fijian economy is not achieving its potential. Average annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth during 2006–2012 was negligible (0.7%), well below the government target of 5%, and below the modest growth achieved during 2001–2005 (2.4%).” 

There it is.  Qarase achieved a modest 2.4% growth rate between 2001 and 2005.  Bainimrama is claiming 2.25% for this year and hoping for 3% next year.  Even if this achieved his record will be a long way short of the Qarase’s. 

Year after year school leavers and university graduates have poured onto a stagnant job market. Many have been forced overseas to find jobs.  A lucky few with military connections have found jobs in the expanding army. It’s not yet a lost generation, but give Bainimarama time and he’ll complete the job. 

 The basic problem with Bainimarama’s impact on the economy is lack of investment. Businesses are reluctant to put their money into investments in Fiji while there is a government which changes the rules to suit itself. Worst of all, the court system is open to blatant interference. Any business contemplating investing in Fiji will be told the same thing by any lawyer outside the AS-K fold.  The interim Attorney General will tolerate no dissent. Judges and magistrates who defy him are fired.

And then there’s the decree disease. We’ve had not only seven years of rule by decree, many of the important decrees contain the clause that state that no decision taken by the executive can be appealed in any court or tribunal of any kind. One such decree is the Land Use Decree. 

Don’t take my word for it. This is what the Asian Development Bank says: “Structural weaknesses combined with political uncertainty have not been conducive to economic growth. They have deterred private investment, and contributed to a decline in social and economic infrastructure and worsening hardship and poverty. ” “Political uncertainty” is the diplomatic way of saying no-one knows what the Government will do.  It operates on the whims of one or two men fed by who knows what information.  



38 thoughts on “The wasted years of Bainimarama

  1. Navosavakua

    Another one sided comment my friend. What is average growth if you take out the impact of the GFC which occured the first time in your lifetime. The whole world was affected by GFC and some are still not out of the woods. And don’t forget the commodity prices which rose to historical highs just before that. If you just exclude the impact of GFC, the fiji economy would have grown much faster than during the sdl reign.

    All this was acheived without support from adb, world bank and imf.

    Fiji economy has recorded 4 consecutive years of growth where growth has accelerated.

    Cut your crap and face the truth.

  2. Well said.

    @ pwise

    Don’t be an idiot. The GFC is ancient history today.

    Try comparing Fiji with nations in the region and you can clearly see the damage that Frank & Aiyaz’s jail-dodging did to the economy.

    It does not take a genius to see the obvious.

  3. Radiolucas

    Its upto you to believe what you want. M certain that the mojority see the cup half full than half empty.

    The business community is happy, civil servants are happy, police, army, prison, fire workers are all happy. Most of all, rural fijians are ver happy.

    PM and his party will win 2014 elections with at least 2/3 majority.

  4. pwise,

    imagine the state of the economy if treason was not committed by VRB in 2006. How much farther along, than currently, would fiji be?!

  5. Riga,

    Agree. How about adding where would our economy would have been if there was no coup in 87 and 2000.

    One thing I have always said is that a coup is bad. Unfortunatly, a lot of people said it was god’s will in 87 and 2000 and only now are saying a coup is bad.

  6. @ pwise

    Rauta mada na tabetabe vei baini. He is a murderer and a torturer who illegally took over a democratically elected government by the barrel of a gun. He is doing this to avoid going to jail. If he was so sure that people like him, why does he remain the FMF Commander? You are gravely mistaken to think that many people are happy with his leadership. You will see the result come the September 2014 elections if everything is fair and transparent.

  7. @ pwise – desperation of your unlawful government to claim credit for anything good the country does is amusing! Many of the things achieving results now were put in place by deposed government. Policies of the former government to secure and sustain growth are now achieving results and any primary school student understanding how economies grow and fall in cycles will tell you this. Thanks for the deposed government’s strong fiscal record that the GFC did not impact the economy as much as it did others. To cut the story short – you are merely reaping the reward for something you did not sow and people all over are laughing at the way this idiotic regime has damaged everything that was meant to be good for Fiji and claimed credit for anything good. What a spoilt lot! Poor thing is that the thugs are so up themselves in the illegal act of governing the country that the whole agenda and strategy to protect them from the crime they committed is itself the potent element holding the economy back. The decrees to suppress opposition and curtail democracy are the very thorns to investment. Laws manufactured overnight and courts that don’t operate independently scare investors away! The real outcome of what this illegal lot has done to Fiji’s economy will unfold in the coming years as the downturn resulting from wasteful spending and persistent investment decline hits home. Frank & co have done so much damage to the country you would never have dreamed of………wait and see!

  8. Where were you mate in 87 and 2000? Wasn’t it illegal. We had a new constitution then. Laws were enacted by rabuka.

    In 2000, LQ did not give baxk power to FLP. Why the illegal issue now.

  9. it is time for the bigmouth scumbags of the 2006 coup to have their mouths closed. Time for justice. no forgiveness, no mercy. Hang them all.

  10. @pwise
    did the GFC cut sugar production by half and earnings from sugar by even more?
    Let’s be fair, though, Frank did not reduce the price EU pays for sugar. What Frank did was tell the EU they could keep the aid money they promised to help make the transition to a more efficient industry, including compensating small farmers who couldn’t make the transition. He threw away hundreds of millions because he did not want to even talk about holding elections. And he promised he’d find the money to replace the EU aid. What a lie that was!
    The point navosa is making is that the ADB has told us the facts. Our economy is starved of investment thanks to ‘political uncertainty’, ie a tin-pot dictatorship that thinks reform of the sugar industry can be achieved by threats and bluster.
    Investment was low before the GFC and low now the rest of the world is recovering. The only investement we have is from Chinese cronies and government investment paid for with loans that have sold out our future.
    Corruption Fighter

  11. There is no way that Fiji’s economy can turn the corner under the human rights abusing thugs who have arrogated to them to rule the rest of us. Political risk is just too high for private investors and only very few investors will accept to pay Khaiyum his ‘commission’ against the promise of protection. In the absence of a judiciary and the rule of law, assurances provided by Aunty Nur and Khaiyum are only acceptable by banks from India or China, not for ANZ Westpac etc.

  12. What the writer does not understand, or he does not want to admit, is that it’s not the government that’s holding back investment in Fiji but the people themselves.

  13. The Indian Government should stop giving money to sugar industry.

    Indians cannot continue with indentured labour in sugar industry in Fiji.

    Indians must stop sugar cane farming and look for alternative forms otherwise they will continue to live like slaves on farms.

    Bainimrama Government wants to keep Indians on farms.

    Indians move out of sugar cane farms if you have to progress.

  14. Indian Government is promoting Indians to be on farms by giving another $15 million to FSC.

    Indian Government wake to the reality in Fiji!

    This is an illegal regime and Indian Government must stop what it is doing by supporting an illegal regime.

  15. All Indians reading this should know the fact that Indians have worked very hard on the sugarcane farms but the return is only to FSC executives who have not even planted one cane in their life but earn huge salary and peaks.

    The P.S. for sugar never planted sugarcane but talks about sugar industry.

    Such people have exploited the farmers for ages.

    Please tell and help your family to move out of sugarcane farming.

    See for the fact the Indians who have moved out of sugarcane farming. They are better off then they were doing farming.

  16. What crap that the fruits we seeing now isa because of the previous govt.

    What ADB said and what IMF said is rather different but overall positive for fiji. No creddit for the precvious regime.

  17. @SN

    You are a blind fool. IMF and ADB make comments only on information given to them by this illegal and murderous regime. And we all know they are falsified. Why hasn’t baini’s illegal government given the public the auditor general”s report for the last seven years together with annual reports from statutory organisations? Because those reports will highlight the significant gross abuse of public funds. Until these are accounted for, there is no way we will believe they have made improvements.

  18. In this present crisis THIS GOVERMENT is not the solution to our problems ,GOVERNMENT is the problem -Ronald Reagan

  19. Annon

    Sorry but you are blinded by half truths.

    The assessment and forecast by ADB and IMF are their own. The Govt has its own forecasts.

    This govt is doing well. A bitter bill for some to swallow

  20. The regime is not the problem. Its the itaukei people giving legitamcy to the coups and being used by their chiefs the main problem.

  21. @SN

    Only a blind fool like you will say the govt is doing well. All developments being used as vote buying tactics by your baini are loaned money from China. Since there is a drastic lack of investment in Fiji, baini will find it pretty tough to repay back these loans. If all is well like you said, please ask him to give us the Auditor General’s report from 2006 to 2012 so the public can know where the funds are actually misused. If he cannot produce the AG’s report, then you and him better keep your dirty mouths shut.

  22. While I agree that the Auditor Generals report has not been made public, what has that got to do with the state of the economy.

    So pls stop pulling a bullshit.

  23. “A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority”

  24. If you don’t know the form, function or worth of an auditor general’s report in the schematics of transparency & accountability by ANY executive arm of government we can excuse you to do yourself a favour and suck on a mango while the Bieber tunes run riot in your head.

    How can any data that the illegal & treasonous regime puts out to international bodies be anything but biased if there is no mechanism to check against? The regime receives taxes to run the country — whether that money has gone to what it was promised (as per grand ado’s about nothing in budget speeches), taxpayers will never know.

    It can only be surmised that the regime likes it that way because the whispers are rife with anecdotes of the viring of taxes left, right and centre according to whatever interest catches their fancy (read: backroom deals) on any given way. Chief among these treasonous stunts is the well-known secret that undisclosed salaries for a select few of these treasonous coupsters have been outsourced to a private accounting firm owned by a close relative of one of those getting paid this way.

  25. SN

    The ADB and IMF are legitmate organisations who have the right and mandate to report on financial info. The iGovt is not a legitmate govt, nor do they have ANY mandate to rule this country. Saying that, what controls are in place to ensure that the figures the iGovt make public are real? If you commit and are judged to have committed treason can you ever be telling the truth?

  26. @ SN

    What state of the economy are you talking about? Can’t your freaking eyes see the rapid increase of beggars all over town, the ever-increasing rate of poverty and the ever-increasing crime rate which has led to the construction of a new remand centre? All these confirm that the state of economy which you gladly talk about is in a deplorable condition.

  27. @a confused Anonymous above

    Of course there’s so many beggars around town because the pickings are so good.

    With a thriving economy so many of the population now have spare money to give them, try looking outside the box when you open your eyes, everything is not straightforward

    And as for the construction of the new remand centre why shouldn’t these guys get decent new accommodation in a prime location with a great sea-view. You have to remember this facility is for the future leaders and economy drivers of Fiji that have been rigorously primed and led by the church and are only resting temporarily.

  28. @ Reality

    Another regime lackey. Only a blind fool like you will attempt to justify the murderous, torturous, bullying illegal government of baini. There are beggars in town because there is no money, no jobs. The remand center was constructed because the old one was too small you stupid. There are far too many criminals around because of poverty due to a stagnant economy. In any case, regardless of what happens, baini is a criminal and should be prosecuted accordingly. His coup was to save his backside under the guise of racial equality.

  29. @ Reality

    I don’t proclaim to be clever like you. The “Reality” my friend is that your hero is a murderer and a bully. If he is so popular as you and him think, why don’t he resign from the military and be a pure politician. Let the playing field be fair and see who the people elect. He only talks too much because of the guns he has; otherwise, his tail will be between his legs. Someone who thinks they are popular with the people should not be having 40 to 50 bodyguards surrounding him all the time. And he having these bodyguards when the people in Fiji do not have access to any guns at all. What a loser!!

  30. Please can someone tell how Premilla Kumar’s ( CEO – consumer Council) got her job?

    How did the husband ( Jai Kumar) got a job at USP without it being advertised?

    Corruption and nepotism of the highest level by the regime crooks.

  31. @ Anonymous – The USP has evolved from an admired learning institution to a haven for self seeking individuals who peddle lies and deceitful ploys for the junta. It should not surprising that recruitment is going to be shabby in that place. It comes with a cultural trend of sidelining dissenting voices we have seen in that institution over the recent years. Its no longer a place to expect free academic debate because the tone has already been pitched to promote what the junta stands for and what it expects society to believe is opinionated by people like Graham Davies and the sorts. How that learning institution has become a fort for regime propagandists and not a hub for independent thinking and critical debate is the interesting question to explore! The sad thing however is that these self-seeking individuals are the worst intellectual hypocrites in the country….they teach good governance but acquiesce in the abuse of human rights. They teach transparency, accountability but say nothing about the absolute absence of it in practice in the Fiji government bureaucracy. It makes a mockery of the whole institution and taints its professional image! As for the Kumars, they may have done well for themselves given the shabby way things are done in Fiji today. They are merely benefiting the reward of ardently peddling the regime line, despite the illegality of the junta rule and it would be amusing to see their change in tone when the tide swings the other way! They simply represent the lot who have make their career from peddling the lies of undemocratic and unlawful governments.

  32. Premilla got job when her husband Jai Kumar’s cousin Saweni Maharaj from Lautoka was chairman of Consumer Council.

    Premilla is a barking dog and likes to be in limelight.

    She should investigate her brother’s business at Bureta Road who gets poor ladies from Burtea settlement to pack vegetables, dalo for export to Australia. He never pays FNFP and tax.

    All export money comes into Fiji.

    Everything is under valued when it is exported to Australia.

    Anyway her family background is selling kava.

    Jai Kumar was sacked by this regime for corrupt dealing.

    But ended up at USP as director marketing without the post being advertised.

    This is the credibility of USP now!

  33. what to expect from waste matter!
    Bai is waste matter
    no matter how much he pretends to be popular national leader
    the reality is he would have been retired as a military commander
    had it not been for his coup.
    now you know the real reason for the coup

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