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Military score still another pay rise……….

Civil Servants to get pay rise from January next year

Civil Servants will receive their pay rise during their first pay in January next year.

Public Service Commission Permanent Secretary, Parmesh Chand said the pay rise will not be backdated but it will be effective on January the 1st.

Chand said the provision of the increase in salaries and wages will apply to all the government employees, including officers in the Fiji Military Forces, Fiji Police Force, Prison Services and Forest Guard personnel.

He said Government wage earners are also included and will be awarded a 10% increase across the board.

Civil servants will be receiving pay rise from 4% to 23%.

Meanwhile, civil servants will get advanced pay tomorrow which will cover the days up to 31st December.

Their first pay in 2014 will be on the 9th of January.

Story by: Dhanjay Deo

6 thoughts on “Military score still another pay rise……….

  1. I am so glad that the regime’s bloodsuckers are doing all they can to help the plight of the nation by paying more money to… the own bloodsuckers.

    Time for a change – enough of this constant waste of space and waste of money. Enough stealing and lying by the people that have the audacity to claim that they “lead” Fiji. The only thing they lead is the lunch money line.

  2. @ Maharaj – its plain enough to understand this as bribery for support and loyalty from the ranks of the civil service! When men cleaning guns get it, those pushing papers should also get it. Its the kind of equality and fair play culture in the regime, never mind who is paying for it!! The half-schooled lot will only have to learn what normally happens to them and their ill-gotten earnings when justice finally catches up with their authoritative leader to understand that all is not rosy down the line!

  3. Kainoqu

    A bullshit story by the blogs started by Rajend chaudary on FB.

    In less than 10 days 2013 will end and he is still saying the year is for change.

    I agree, its year of change. People are plain fedup with politicans, esp old ones.

  4. Frank please pay us quickly so that come elections we will NOT vote for you…hehehehehahahahaha….nomui cici sara….

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