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UFDF PRESS RELEASE – Who are the “liars and troublemakers”?




[No 36/2013]

[Dec 18, 2013]


At his recent Christmas celebrations with the RFMF the Commander again claimed to have created a new path forward for Fiji but warned the military to be on guard against ‘past politicians who caused problems?

But who are these faceless and nameless ‘past politicians’ he keeps referring to and what exactly is the problem they are being accused of causing?

The people need to know who these trouble makers are and more importantly what kind of trouble it is they are being blamed for causing?

Since Independence, the only thing that has caused the greatest problems for Fiji and her people, are the 4 coups carried out by certain officers of the military command and possibly some ‘old political & self-serving individual collaborators’. Perhaps these are the people that the Commander regularly refers to.

When it comes to calculating the cost to the country and her people, there is enough evidence available that places this figure at approximately $10 billion dollars or more in lost economic activity, growth, employment and development and the individual loss to our citizens by way of their lives, jobs, homes and the accompanying ‘trauma and stress’ inflicted on them is a cost too high to be accurately measured.

If the PM is referring to politicians who ‘colluded with the military to over throw past elected governments? Then its time he named them and shamed them? And a good place to start would be his own cabinet.

Then there’s the standard veil threat once again from the military command and this time around coming from Lt Col Suliano who refers to the ‘threat caused by liars spreading lies’?

But what is the ‘threat?’ What are the lies? Who are the liars? Unless he can back up what he says with facts, then generalizing as he does amounts to nothing more than lies and rumor? The people have a right to know the TRUTH behind what he is claiming.

Fiji is supposed to be just 10 months away from returning to democratic governance and at this stage of proceedings the regime, indeed the Prime Minister, the Military Command as well as the Fiji Sun and other pro regime media organizations should be at least attempting to ‘walk their talk’ and start ‘practicing’ some of the democratic principles they claim credit for and espouse from time to time, but seem to still have great difficulty keeping in line with.

There is a lot at stake for the people of Fiji in the coming 10 months and veil threats of unproven allegations has no place in a free and open society if indeed that is one of the democratic principles that is part of the Bainimarama promise to the people of Fiji and the world.

The UFDF calls on Lt Col Suliano and the Prime Minister to stop referring to faceless and nameless past politicians and making baseless generalized allegations and challenges both of them to name the past politicians and liars they refer to and clarify the ‘lies’ they are spreading and state exactly how these alleged lies constitute a ‘threat’.

Lt Col Suliano is also quoted as saying ‘the RFMF would stand firm to make sure that the ‘transition of power’ after the 2014 elections would be smooth.

Are we to take from that statement, that even if Bainimarama and his party fail to win a single seat in the next elections that the RFMF will ‘stand firm’ and ensure the Bainimarama Regime hands over power to the new government elected by the people?

Is this ‘true’ or just another lie?

Authorized By                       UFDF

For further elaboration or interviews on our statements please contact anyone of the following:

Mick Beddoes – 830524;  Laisania Qarase – 9993113;  Mahendra Chaudhry – 9921865

 Attar Singh – 9921184;  Tupeni Baba – 9373364

9 thoughts on “UFDF PRESS RELEASE – Who are the “liars and troublemakers”?

  1. The names of LQ, dr baba, attar, MPC is a farce. This Press release is Mick and micky mouse.

    Can mick tell us:

    1. Why did his workers go on strike;
    2. Did he steal someone else’s spouse;
    3. Did he have a loan at NBF and not pay his debts even when he could afford it by delaying payment;
    4. How much money he paid to Speight and his gang during the time of the 2000 coup;
    5. Who made him spokesperson of UFDF;
    6. What is his view of a common name fijian to all fiji citizens;
    7. Give us all the salary, allwances he made as a member os parliament
    8. If he is against the consitution, why stand for elections under the same constitution.

  2. @jB

    Why don’t you ask those same questions to baini-marama? At least Mick was an elected member of parliament and did not get in by the barrel of a gun like the cassava patch dasher. If you think he committed a crime, just go to the Police and file a report. And by the way, stop being personal and stick to issues.

  3. Here we go again. All the rubbish talk are kept alive on the menu of bai and his crony. Exactly UFDF, I just want to know from bai and co what is the threat and who does it threaten in which way? I can only see the possible threat is the truth being reveal by the politicians which will expose the farce that is being perpetuated so the military is doing a preemptive strike to avert the impact of revelations of the rot going on within the regime.

  4. @ Dredd

    Baini and Kahyumi like to throw big words around to make themselves sound good – but that is all it ever is. Just hot air about “corruption”.

    Everyone in Fiji knows without a single doubt, who the biggest liars, corruptors and theives in Fiji are: the big lunch-money-chow boys in the RFMF.

    Frank and Aiyaz have been lying for so long, they don’t know any different.

  5. Elected agree but his term expired (period).

    Let’s see if he will be elected now that there is common roll.

    By the way, if the constitution is not valid, why are they planning to run for elections. They will make the constitution legitmate.

  6. @ pita w – Yes Mick was elected but his term was expired unlawfully. The illegal coup and what this regime does and represents including its planned successor will never stand the test of law. This will all unfold when proper democracy returns. The banana style republic dreamed up by this regime is cause for laughter and no amount of rigging will wash the fact that all is unlawful. From an illegal overthrow to an illegal government, from the illegal abrogation of the country’s constitution to the rigging of an illegal constitution, from the unlawful setup of government to the unlawful spending of public money, from the unlawful subjugation of Fiji’s laws to the illegal decrees etc. The unlawful changing of institutions and government and the suppression of scrutiny and dissenting voice over all thuggery and daylight robbery is all that takes to tag the actions of Bainkaiyum a crime. The regime did not get the legitimacy it desired because the world knows what the junta is made of – a bunch of crooks holding an island state hostage to their demands……terrorists masquerading as national leaders. By the way, politicians running for elections will not legitimize an illegal constitution but show all the illegalities under Bainimarama order going full circle – from illegal overthrow – to illegal government – to illegal constitution – to illegal election and illegal installment of a Bainimarama led government to succeed what is already illegal! Make no mistake, this circle of illegality will be undone and justice will certainly be delivered in time to come.

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