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The question of immunity

Some people have been surprised that Driti was not able to claim immunity for the acts which was alleged to have committed, but which he, of course, denied.

No-one should be surprised that the regime has acted hypocritically or illegally, but the issue of immunity is an interesting one.

We know the Constitution tailored for our illegal PM by Aiyaz Custom Legal Tailors has an intentional immunity gap. According to Section 154 “immunity for the period between 18 July 2012 to the date of the first sitting of Parliament elected after the commencement of this Constitution shall not apply to any act or omission that constitutes an offence under sections 77 to 390 of the Crimes Decree 2009″.

Ordinary crimes committed by our extraordinary government before they hand over to the elected Parliament are not covered by immunity. Sounds highly principled but there is really no inconsistency. This is the same crooked regime we know so well. Until there is a new Parliament Bainimarama and AS-K control the police and the court system, so they do not expect their criminal acts to be investigated.

If Bainimarama ceases to hold power, however, the situation will be different. The Fiji Police Force has any number of individuals who can give evidence of ordinary crimes which have been covered up, all of them involving deliberate attempts to pervert the course of justice. And in their professional capacity they know how to ensure strong evidence is available. Dates and places, all the key facts will be nailed down.

There are many people biding their time who will be able to claim credibly in the future that they could not report the crimes they witnessed because the criminals controlled the justice system.

Bainimarama will have no-one to blame but himself when he finds that immunity is a house of cards. He has placed his faith in AS-K, excluding advice from any other source. The price he will pay for this will be very high.

16 thoughts on “The question of immunity

  1. There is no doubt that khaiyum and his treasonous clan, and his corrupted foot licking junta judiciary, will be brought to justice for their crimes against the Fijian people and their attempts to destroy the reputation of the honourable and courageous Fiji military. These pigs must hang.

  2. Precisely why there will be NO ‘free’ elections, and no transfer of power. fijians are being duped. Get up! Stand up! Stand up for your rights!

    Or continue to crawl on your belly like animals. Arrogance of money in YOUR pockets while you look down your noses at others suffering does not make you superior, it makes you more inferior.

    There is a shockingly embarrassing gap between the haves and have-nots in fiji that makes the country seem barbaric. All of your our governments bad qualities are being acquired by the the people. You have become used to living with no rights. Respect for each other based on civility has been eroded to none.

    My advice to fellow travelers would be avoid this place.

  3. “” All of your our governments bad qualities are being acquired by the people “”

    Wrong, they were already there.

  4. Reading this piece by Navosavakadua reminds me of the saying – “If one does not know which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.”

    In a snap review, Bainimarama chose to take an illegal journey, taking the path of a criminal and forced the country into it. And what we have seen over the past 6-7 years is continuous attempt to evade the law and legitimize his self-imposed position as one escaping the law as the right path for Fiji. So what will this route of pardoning one who has committed treason and going along with his unlawful rule bring to the country? Can Fiji’s future be really secure on this illegal path? The country always loses its way when thugs with guns and their partners in crime decide to be a law unto themselves! This is the sad reality of Bainimarama shipping Co. – when he as captain does not know which port the ship is sailing, no wind is indeed is favourable!!

  5. I bet 10 years in College will be befitting for traitor magaitinamu Driti and mara.

  6. There is no law in Fiji, there is only loyalty. You support Khaiyum, you are fine, you don’t and you go were Driti will go. Simple to understand!

  7. Rajend chaudary is inciting people from sydney enjoying his father’s illegal and corrupt millions.

    He talks about fairness and justice but why doesn’t he talk about his killer father who mowed down someone and never went to jail.

    He talks about adulturous affairs, yet he was doing that to his client. He cheated on his wife who left him for US.

    He is on FB all day. No job just anti IG post. Can he come and lead protest from fiji or is he to lamu like other SDL supporters in exile.

  8. My prediction is that FB and his party will win 75% of votes. SDL will win 20% and all other parties will win no more than 5%.

    Hope some one does a poll to verify it.

  9. Notice how any topic is quickly turned into an anti FLP and to a lesser degree SDL bashing exercise.
    Goes to show that the regimes handlers and greasers know these 2 partied remain political powerhouses.
    FB and his cohorts will get the hiding of their lives in an open poll. SDL will win and FLP will poll very well. Ask the folks on the ground.

  10. @ Albert

    Ask Atama he had already done a survey at the Suva market, bus stand and flea market which agreed 100 pcent with your predictions. So you may accompany him to the Min of Mis-information to publish his survey reasults as official.

    Bainimagai will be happy , gain some courage to form his party to contest the elections and appoint you two to his campaign team at current PS level salary.

    Come on boy !

  11. Rocket

    Truth hurts mate.

    If you think SDL can win, don’t worry. But I see that you are already running scared.

    BTW, I voted for SDL in the last elections but must say that I don’t they have the people, machinary nor the leadership now

  12. Great job Frank whatever you doing influencing or no influencing whoever or whatever. You have shown the world that Fiji has changed and put the sinner in jail which no one has ever done. Continue doing what you doing. CHEERS.

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