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Bainimarama’s blind following of ASK’s plans

Nearly 3 years ago Bainimarama ordered the TLTB to distribute lease money equally to mataqali members. What this meant in particular was that chiefs, heads of yavusa or Vanua, would no longer receive a share. But it seems that nearly three years later this hasn’t happened.

Bainimarama hasn’t explained the delay but we can be sure it’s not a result of him listening to requests from landowners not to do it. It seems it’s a result of the decision to require all payments to go into bank accounts with trustees who have to make sure that the money goes to all mataqali members. This includes children as well as adults.

In the meantime we don’t know whether the lease money is being held by the TLTB or payments under the old system are being continued.

Bainimarama is always berating landowners for idle land, urging them to lease it, while ignoring the fact that rents are low and often not paid anyway, with the TLTB making too little effort to collect them. All he’s done is make this problem worse with his cock-eyed equal distribution policy, which landowners did not ask him to institute.

So why would he do it? Like so may decisions it’s down to one man, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, who thinks he has a mandate to impose what he thinks is equality. But Sayed-Khaiyum is also motivated by a desire to see the death of all Fijian institutions.

When lease money was distributed in cash in villages people could see it and it tended to stay in the village. When people know their chiefs are receiving lease proceeds they can ask them to contribute to village projects. And giving the money to mataqali members in the village, directs the money to those most in need.

Bainimarama should leave lease money in the village where it’s needed. Apart from helping to strengthen village life it might encourage more landowners to approve leases.

55 thoughts on “Bainimarama’s blind following of ASK’s plans

  1. Bainimarama should leave government in more capable hands. He has been a disaster for the country. The true extent of the disaster will only come to light when he is evicted by the people.
    That’s how the rot of every dictatorship is exposed.
    when the dictator is deposed.

  2. I am sure that both Frank and Aiyaz think that they need every penny that they can find these days. They are even begging to China and foreign investors for anything that they can get.

    The ship is sinking, but these two big rats are stealing all the cheese.

  3. The power of Khaiyum is a bit of a mystery to most on the ground in Fiji. Many believe that he has collected enough dirt on Bainimarama and other RFMF thugs to protect him and his supreme position in the regime. But this seems a bit simplistic to me. While a cunning and conniving individual such as Khaiyum would instinctively behave in such a manner, especially in an essentially in an environment where there is no recourse to be had from the rule of law and the judiciary. But would that be enough for Bainimarama to show a high degree of loyalty to an extremely unpopular Khaiyum? Sure, the constitution has a clause that allows Khaiyum to remain AG even if he is not elected. No doubt who has authored this clause. But why would Bainimarama openly obey the rule of Khaiyum? The answer can perhaps be found in Bainimarama’s state of mind. As a former US Ambassador has stated, shrinks would have a field day with Bainimarama. In other words he indicated that he is simply mad, a pathologic idiot who is not able of coherent reasoning. The total lack of any education would be another indicator that we are dealing with a bumbling idiot. Anyone who has had the misfortune to try and have a conversation with Bainimarama will know what I mean. So a picture emerges where we have a complete moron as a figurehead and a devious greedy crook as the man in power.

  4. Rubbish article by navosavakalialia.

    Lease monies will be paid equally to all mataqali landowners. If you want to know the delay (if there’s any) then interview TLTB for goodness sake!!! If you also want to know the system employed then seek clarification on this issue from them. You really are an idiot and unprofessional blogger.

    Your allegations against Aiyaz is baseless and unfounded and uncalled for. You are just playing around with race fears and you are not a true Fijian. You really need to go back to school and learn more about professional journalism.

    Navosavakalialia is really your name – idiot!

    Try and read Croz Walsh’s blog or Grubsheet for professional opinions and critical analyses and try to achieve at least half of their standards.

    Na idiot ga na idiot! Borthy!

  5. What bullshit. We now getting lease money which was highjacked by our high chiefs.

    Pls get your records right.

  6. Lets face it – why should we i-taukei be shedding our blood for chiefs and talatalas when the fuckers have not raised a finger at Frank; I hate Aiyaz but I am inclined to voting for Frank or his party.

  7. i find this direct payment of lease money to mataqali members unfair, especially to the people still living in the villages. no one will help them with school fees, medical bills, funeral aid, church renovations, etc. if the majority of the villagers do not live in their villages anymore. in the past, the chiefs got the lease money and used it to help and better the community. now, it’s everyone for themselves, thanks to bainimarama/khaiyum decrees.

  8. @Anonymous above

    Perhaps it’s time some ‘villagers’ started taking some responsibility for looking after themselves.

    How can sharing be unfair?

  9. @Navosavakadua. Its obvious that there was no research or investigative reporting done on this article. I’m receiving my lease money on time. So please stop peddling half truths.

  10. Nasona.

    “But Sayed-Khaiyum is also motivated by a desire to see the death of all Fijian institutions”

    In my opinion I don’t think this Muslim fellah wishes to be the one who instituted the death of all Fijian institutions, quite the contrary, infact the Fijians are very capable of bringing about the death of not only their people but every thing that the Fijian people hold scared.

  11. Nasova.

    “But Sayed-Khaiyum is also motivated by a desire to see the death of all Fijian institutions”

    In my opinion I don’t think this Muslim fellah wishes to be the one who instituted the death of all Fijian institutions, quite the contrary, infact the Fijians are very capable of bringing about the death of not only their people but every thing that the Fijian people hold scared.

  12. Nasova.

    “But Sayed-Khaiyum is also motivated by a desire to see the death of all Fijian institutions”

    In my opinion I don’t think this Muslim fellah wishes to be the one who instituted the death of all Fijian institutions, quite the contrary, infact the Fijians are very capable of bringing about the death of not only their people but every thing that the Fijian people hold scared.

  13. Bainimarama is blind
    And Franky is cranky
    Khaiyum is a crooked lawyer/ and a straight out liar
    Aiyaz is an arsehole.
    That’s why they make a good team.

  14. The drivel this guy turns out is on a par with Rajend Naidus daily laughs. How can anyone take such unresearched assumptions seriously.

  15. @ nadikai

    I didn’t know that Qorvice get paid lease fees?? Where is your teitei anyway? Los Angeles?

  16. After toddays budget, frank and his party will win the election.

    The only support for SDl is those who are on this blog but can vote


  17. Keep your ear to the ground Epeli. The regime is naive if it assumes that more a pay rise for public servants and more education will catapult them as the next government.

    Money for scholarships for high achievers from PSC & FAB look like they have been converted to low interest student loans. That means that by the time many of these graduates come out of uni they will already have a debt to clear before they can even buy their first car or first home. Now does this grand idea mean that tertiary students can all pursue careers such as pilots, lawyers and doctors because that’s where the money is seeing as they too will be footing the bill for the regimes treasonous & continued extravagance.

    So much for building a smarter Fiji when the proponents themselves are simply all cosmetic.

    By the time the real bullshit (how free was the free bus fare again?) surrounding this vote-buying election budget sinks in, it should be just about time to vote.

  18. Keep the faith

    Your hatred of the regime is clouding your thoughts of the positive aspects of the budget.

    The budget is more pro poor than any budget ever. What’s wrong with making sure that primaey and secondary education is free and not free in name.

    With regards to civil servants pay rise, what is your view on the 110% demand by the unions. Infact, the increase in pay for the lower end is justified.

    Guess we will see who laughs last after the election.

    BTW, m not registered to vote, neither do I have any connections with the regime or any contract.

  19. you love the cash distribution and put lots into your own pocket and fck the dumb village idiots over as much as you can

    you should be ashamed fckg native fijians over by native fijians i know you work for nltb they love fckg the natives over aka no trust board!!!

  20. @ Epeli – I wouldn’t go as far as assuming others trust your heroes budget because the fact is Fiji scores ZERO in the open budget index and like all things this regime has done, this is another scandal. The ordinary rural and urban citizen knows this too well!

  21. the poor fiji citizens are being fooled again by bainimarama and his pipe-dream Budget. who on earth is going to pay for all these free handouts? loans and more loans from China, india, and Arab world? free education. wow! free bus fares, wow? big pay rises for civil servants, wow? bigger budget for the military (not publicly announced), wow. Indians now called fijians, wow. fijians now called itaukei, sad!. fijian is no longer a language, sad!. welcome to the new fiji.

  22. I am a 18 yr old Taukei. There are 200 in our mataqali and in the last lease money distribution we received $60 each. We went to Macdonals, movies and got drunk. Its stupid to distribute peanuts – better it goes to our chief who uses it for our general mataqali obligations. This idea is meant to weaken the chief as planned by kaiyum,,,,
    matanitu sona levu

  23. @ Epeli: Hate is negative energy which I don’t succumb to. Dislike is more like it and intense dislike for the illegality and treason and disrespect for the rule of law which is costing us and robbing the generations to come of a future in their homelands worth living.

    Spare me you holier than thou’s — your footprints all over the net paint an entirely different picture.

    If you’re quite down being a rah rah girl for the regimes vote-buying budget, please nudge them about their international IOU’s and have them pay their bills please?

    Click to access fji_en.pdf

    This is precisely what many are on about when they question the momentary feel-good speeches about money we know they don’t have. And by the way the budget is making these grand allocations based on revenue PROJECTIONS — how did FRCA fare with their revenue projections last year and who really bore the brunt of their psychotic witch hunt collections?

  24. So you say Epeli. This is not what we know to be true.

    Without hard cold data from regulatory audits taxpayers will never know. Funds will be vired left, right and centre and already we’re hearing qualified statements about what the freebies really mean: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/15241/outstanding-schools-fees-don’t-qualify-bole

    It is guaranteed that the regimes election campaign furore from this vote-buying budget will develop into some pretty harsh realities come September 2014 — taxpayers have seen this re-run too many times before.

  25. Pls check FRCA annual reports.

    Also check IMF reports.

    If revenue was not strong, debt would have been higher. Again refer to recent IMF report.

    Guess you will always see things as half empty.

  26. nah no weed just piss!!

    wht a shit budget 5- 6% deficit nobody runs this type of deficit

    that pufter waqa baca ps finance does not know shit and ag does not know shit either and trries to spend more then fiji earns- no idea

    chk budget figures govt is nearly 40% of gdp forget the credit growth bull

    soon the money and pay rises will run dry wht crap is the income from asset sales 600m no detail

    fiji govt stop dreaming and look after the people now and into the future without this type of crap budget

  27. Joe black

    Fili waqabaca has a masters degree from UK.

    He worked at the Forum and RBF.

    He was seconded to the IMF by Save Narube.

    As for debt being 40% of GDP, pls check how many countries have a better ratio.

    You buggers are so bitter that you can’t swallow what a great budget it is.

    As for my pal who prefers the lease money to be given to the chiefs rather than spend it on Macdonalds, well its better he spends it on Macdonalds rather then the thiefs on Black label and his 4W drive.

  28. Epeli those reports you mention are easily manipulated with data that tells a certain story. The IMF, World Bank and ADB will publish their reports based on data that is fed to them from spineless sorts like Waqabaca, Whiteside and Tikolevu. What is real is what’s happening out there on the streets. No use lauding ‘growth’ and citing infrastructure growth when most of that infrastructure is being paid for with tax funds and offshore loans.

    When, pray tell, will an independent and credible Auditor General’s report ever see the light of day?

    Half empty coffers are all that we see and we will call it out as we see fit. We’ll leave you to dream the fairytale.


  29. I am inclined to agree with Keep The Faith. Susan George has written extensively on the bright boys in those international lending institutions and their grand schemes and glossy publications.
    Millions of copies of these publications collect dust in the many elegant offices of international agencies around the world. Every so often the outdated ones are put out for collection by the public…
    But read Susan George if you really interested in getting a good insight into the IMF and World Bank.

  30. Frank and Aiyaz have produced a bullshit budget – based on false promises, lies and a lack of basic arithmetic.

    People should be very worried when this so called government starts saying that 1+1 = 5.

    Even the most determined cheerleaders for these two thieves have to know that all this rubbish does not make any sense.

  31. What is the matter with you? Here comes our PM and Minister of Finance and channels large sums of money into the pockets of those who stand behind him and built our nation? Why don’t you make peace with the fact that the vast majority of the population wants this government to stay in power. Loyal followers never had such wonderful opportunities as under our great leaders.

  32. @ Epeli and NadiKai

    pls share some facts. How many in your mataqali? Where do they all live? Who are trustees whose accounts are used for payments? (you guys?)

    the regime propoganda machine doesn’t seem to understand that they can’t hide the truth from the people who matter. A doezen stories of how much the government is doing for health can’t make up for the lack of medicines in the health centres people rely on.

  33. @ Nabua Prince
    How can VB “really” be “the people’s PM”?
    Did the people elect him to be PM?
    How can “the people” be “proud” of him – when he is ruling without the people’s consent?
    Yes, we know you are proud of him. And that is ok. But don’t pretend to speak for “the people” as well.

  34. @ Anonymous

    unfortunately the untruths can not be substantiated and proved

    I think it is called good government, responsible financial management and transparency.

    However, it appears that our great leaders Aiyaz and Frank are allergic to these ideas, so refuse to have anything to do with them.

    A simple concept to judge these sorts of things are have they lied to me in the past? (yes), have they any incentive to tell the truth yet? (yes) and are they likely to continue lying to me in the future? (yes).

    Sorry to make it sound obvious, but that is just what it is.

  35. Ni Sa Vinaka Vakalevu Frank Bainimarama.

    All the even distribution of lease monies — wonder how much of our share was given to thieves in the past ?

  36. radio.

    “A simple concept to judge these sorts of things are have they lied to me in the past? (yes), have they any incentive to tell the truth yet? (yes) and are they likely to continue lying to me in the future? (yes)”

    Whats the matter with you aye?

    Frank’s regime have not lied to any member of the public infact his government is the most transparent and honourable government Fiji has ever had.

    What say you?

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