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Frank could win 27% of the vote!

Psychologists have noted the amazing fact that a percentage of the victims of terrorists and kidnappers identify with their tormentors and do not feel inclined to blame them. It’s called ‘Stockholm syndrome’ or capture bonding.

Some victims of kidnappers and terrorists adjust to the trauma of their abuse by identifying with the criminals who hold their lives in their hands. They end up feeling gratitude that they weren’t raped, maimed or killed rather than anger at the violation of their freedom and human dignity.

According to experts at the FBI up to 27 percent of victims may react this way. The others, of course, display a normal response – a fierce desire to see their tormentors face justice.

Could it be that the expressions of support some people actually show for Voreqe are the result of capture-bonding or Stockholm Syndrome?

If so, what this means is that the highest vote he can hope for is 27% because the rest of us do not feel grateful to our captor that we have not been among the number picked for beating, sacking, confiscation of property (including a chunk of pension). We do not identify with the criminal – we identify with his victims.

22 thoughts on “Frank could win 27% of the vote!

  1. Prisons in our country are overcrowded
    Crimes are high and do not show Bhai’s promise to reduce crime.

    The criminal illegal Govt of EyeArse and Bhainiwomen is rooted in illegality, and treasonous power take over.

    Its not logical then to expect this criminal Govt to resolve criminality amongst the governed communities as the govt is a shining model of criminality.

    During its turbulent history It has carried out state sponsored murders, tortures, arsons, threats, frauds, squashing of human rights and blatant lying to the citizens and foreign governments.

    How do we expect the citizens of Fiji to obey the law and respect others if the Govt is doing exactly the opposite??

  2. 27 % are not captives as such. There are a lot of public servants who will vote for him (to safeguard their current position) and there are a number of villages who have genuinely benefited from the illegal regime, who had been ignored for many years, not to mention the military and other beneficiaries.

    Those who do not understand the basic principles of democracy and the rule of law will look to any benefit they have received, Forget principles. There is a further percentage who are brainwashed (like the North Koreans who believe they have the highest standard of living in the world).

    Frank may well win the election. He has controlled the game for so long he makes up the rules. Also, he has been aided and abetted by cunning spin doctors (Davis and co.)

    Fiji is screwed. The Frank/FLP coalition will take government. The regional governments will accept them. Fiji will never heal. Frank will hold power until another despot takes control of the military and there we have it. History will keep on repeating itself, 1987 to 2013 (26 years). Fiji is set in her ways and the good warriors have gone to sleep.

    People power is the only thing that can change the status quo. That will not happen. The elections mark the point of no return. I hope democracy comes to Fiji but it may not happen. Maybe it will when Frank and Aiyaz are long gone. How they will ultimately go is the question. BUT, if you live by the sword you will die by the sword. Frank and Aiyaz will face their fate by the next Frank and Aiyaz. Democracy may never come.

    I hate to sound defeatist but I am a realist. The game was set in 1987.

  3. The ‘stockholm syndrome’ with victims of terror and kidnapping is useful reference but this ‘capture’ has its own irony in politics, especially where electioneering and bribery prevails. What you have here are people (the supposed 27%) who do not necessarily feel good because they have escaped more serious suffering but simply happy with what they have been bribed with! They are ‘gaming’ the status quo and waiting to pounce on a better opportunity. Now the opportunity to be free, to do what they prefer, speak what they think, associate with whom they like and pursue their own dreams without being suppressed is absent in this whole re-making of Fiji under the regime. Doesn’t this sound simple? Yes it does because it simply is what democracy is all about. The 27% know and feel they don’t have freedom and while this is not attainable for now, half a loaf is better then none so taking the bribes and going along with what is dished out is the best stance for present. They are temporarily happy but always aspiring and waiting to pounce for the best and that best is not the handouts but the freedom and justice they are currently deprived of. There is no replacement for freedom and no replacement for justice. The 27% so often learn after some period of prolonged injustice and suppression that their dignity has been breached and this is the time when all forms of bribes no longer satisfies and the hunger for freedom and justice intensifies. The question is when will that time be?

  4. What navosavakadua sees as the Stockholm syndrome is in reality the recognition of ordinary Fijians that democracy is an elusive western concept that has nothing to do with Fijian culture and tradition. Interesting enough both Fijians and Indo-Fijians have a strong culture of accepting the rule of chiefs, nobles and high castes. What we have seen in the last seven years is a government going back to these cultural rules by establishing leadership by the strong, by a wilful government that is willing to impose its visions and ideas. Almost the entire population has embraced this move and no significant resistance has been forthcoming. Even the so called opposition seems to play along and has danced to the new leaders tunes by forming parties that will never have a chance to win but will help to legitimise the rule of the strong and the determined. Stepping back a bit we see progress, rural development, massive investments in Fiji’s key sectors sugar and tourism and a generally bright future. Australia and NZ have finally accepted the fact that this government is indeed the only show in town and so has the EU which currently has a high powered delegation in town trying to find a way to circumvent the provisions of the Cotonou Treaty which bans cooperation with so called dictatorships. My advise to all those web warriors posting anti government nonsense would be to accept the realities and come on board. It its very obvious that those who do so reap huge benefits for themselves and their families. Those who keep bitching will eventually been dealt with by the AG and the military and they will feel very severe pain for nothing.

  5. Keep dreaming John F_wit as this statement of yours best sums up all your lies on pro-democracy & freedom-loving blogsites:

    “My advise to all those web warriors posting anti government nonsense would be to accept the realities and come on board. It its very obvious that those who do so reap huge benefits for themselves and their families.”

    No thanks Mr. John Weakballs. Only fools would rush in where angels fear to tread. I’d rather starve and lick the floor than take a tiny sip from the poisoned chalice!

    “Those who keep bitching will eventually been dealt with by the AG and the military and they will feel very severe pain for nothing.”

    Wooooooo…..desperate tactics from weakball-desperadoes.. Yes Sirs, we’re all shaking in here. AHAHAHA!!

  6. Funny that John F is painting a picture that doesn’t wash with the majority! Many wise thinking people will be laughing at this posturing, knowing this is clear deception and desperation to the extreme! How on earth could Fiji’s future be secure on a foundation of another illegal coup, another fictitious constitution, ‘self appointed’ and ‘self paid’ rule, and a delusional belief that democracy is best when answerable to the thugs cum thieves, not the people?? This is the message John F is pedaling here and its quite insulting to our understanding of what is really happening to say the least! Please John F save your breath, the people of Fiji are not as stupid as you may think they are…..

  7. So John F suggests that all is well in animal farm and we should now go on to reap better things. What a poor soul…….dream on!

  8. The reality is that the only clearly visible and measurable hate for the present government is seen on a few blogs from a few people of which it can also be assumed a number do not reside in Fiji.

    They can quote as many assumptions of support for the way they think as they want but they have absolutely nothing to substantiate this.

    The fact remains that if there was and still is such massive support for their anti government campaign they would not need to continue to hide like mice behind their keyboards.

  9. We should gauge government support in the Independence day celebration! Far from 27% came to their celebration. Bai know it he doesnt have support.

  10. Frank will win the election via rigging it with help from the election expert .Auss/NZ/others will make sure Frank wins.

  11. “” We should gauge government support in the Independence day celebration! Far from 27% came to their celebration “”

    This is where you let yourselves down because what has celebrating independence day got to do with which government in power?

    And to what have you based your assumption on that independence day or better still a day off for many was not celebrated? There were certainly many in Suva for what was a clearly nothing special to go and see and through where I travelled that day there were functions going on all over the place.

    You really need to be more convincing if you want others to take note and not repeatedly talk crap.

  12. Sorry folks, could you just give me a single example where the general population has staged any, any resistance to our government?

  13. John, you must have been asleep or away from Fiji because two major occurrences have happened.

    A couple of people wrote some anti government graffiti on walls and then there was the planned biscuit tin beating at Suva of which four people turned up but forgot their tins.

  14. @ Anon

    “there was the planned biscuit tin beating at Suva of which four people turned up but forgot their tins”

    I am not sure how many there were, but the boys in green that turned up in Sukuna park last thursday were intending to bring some biscuit tins, but Frank ran out of money to buy any tins (even the tinfish kind).

    So they had to go beat themselves behind the tennis courts instead.

  15. John F, you must have your head buried under sand if you have not noticed the resistance and history of military personnel at gun point enforcing Govt edicts which have threatened safety of potential open public resistance.

    The Namosi people have stopped mining on their land, to avoid the desertification of land as happening in Bua where the Chinese are shipping to Chine earth , rocks and what else in the ground to process. Workers Union officials have have resisted Govt edictsresulting in tortures and abuse. Ului Mara certainly is not doing things Govt wanted so he ran away to avoid tortures,,,,and many more examples of disobediences to illegal Govt.

    But why our people are aware of is the use of ,ilitary weapons and force on all potential or actual opposition to Govt,…..probably why you have not seem much public opposition….ask you friend EyeAese and Bhai why are the bent on using force and gun totting soldiers to cow down our people.


  16. Folks the reality that we should all be acknowledging is not so much the lack of physical resistance that anon and John F might want but the criminal acts of torture and violence let alone robbery that the people at the helm of this unlawful regime have committed. That is a fact which wont be removed! Lets not get into this hypothetical debate of support for the regime because there is none. Frank and cronies know this too well and are quite desperate to show all is fine. Our overseas friends and observers are quite capable of judging Fiji’s situation and having seen Fiji’s record over the last forty years are merely wishing this will work out. Its a wish that unfortunately carries grave doubts as well! Why is this? Because the reality is that this has been a devious and deceptive scheme right from the start. What will a country prove by betting its future on treason and robbery? What kind of nation can we expect when the obvious criminals are at the helm of government? What model of nation building is this and what legacy is it teaching Fiji’s young generation? The fact is that a winding path of unrighteousness, unlawfulness and injustice has prevailed throughout this grand scheme of trying to rebuild Fiji and the wholesome illegality of the scheme is the bug that undermines the whole process. There is strong reason to doubt and be sceptic about where this is heading to. We have all witnessed the treasonous crime committed and observed the way they have tried to overcome it. We detected their scheme to be fraudulent! The establishment of illegal dictatorial rule, protecting those that should be answerable for their crime testified this. A 2013 constitution that doesn’t mean anything in terms of democracy on the ground, but ticks the box as ‘promise for change’ reinforces this. Its glaringly scandalous when the constitution serves to secure immunity for the criminals! Is this a worthy platform for Fiji’s democracy? Is this the template to resume normal business and bet Fiji’s future on? The majority are certainly right to believe they have been short-changed! The treasonous crime committed and the lies and deceit that followed speak for itself. There is no way to go with a self-styled constitution that trades escape for criminals with rights of citizens……no way to go with government electioneering and opposition silencing……no where to go with self-styled military acting as democracy sheriff at tax payers expense! Where does this leave Fiji? In the middle of the animal farm where the fault of not following what is right and just according to law prevails. Under the Bainikaiyum regime, Fiji is certainly reliving the same mistake of the past and propaganda like what John F and anon are doing here are helping that cause!

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