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Oops……. Another project hits the dust.

AG seeks answers from casino developer

07:03 Today



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Report by: Shanal Sivan

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has written to the chairman of One Hundred Sands Limited asking him to show clear cause why the Government should not cancel its exclusive casino license.

In a statement he says their response will be assessed in the best interests of the Fijian people.

Sayed-Khaiyum says the Fijian Government will not hesitate to cancel the license if the company cannot demonstrate that construction of the new casino will begin soon, to the agreed-upon standards and specifications.

“This process is done through a very transparent process. When we call for tenders or expression of interest, you don’t have other people sitting there. People apply, we asses. We went through a particular process and they were selected. If they obviously cannot do it or if their licence is cancelled then we have through go another process.”

Sayed-Khaiyum adds with due consideration of the significant economic benefits the project would bring to Fiji, Government has given One Hundred Sands ample time to get their finances in order.

Under the terms of the License, One Hundred Sands will be required to pay the Fijian Government a US$100,000 penalty each month that the project remains incomplete, beginning 1 October 2013.

7 thoughts on “Oops……. Another project hits the dust.

  1. The Arse is talking about cancellation; where is the fine? He should be enforcing the fines in the agreement until cancellation is issued.

  2. Who the fuck does this guy think he’s fooling? They bypassed all of the normal checks and balances for statutory approvals now he’s trying to cover his ass.

  3. Khaiyum cant cancel larry licence bec larry will expose them for bribe paid to them and bano.
    why didnt he cancel it in april.

  4. Blunder Arse had done it again. While on it what had happened to the billion dollar Oilei City project? Raiwai Flats? All shit spinning by this thieving arse and his cahoots. Useless prick.

  5. Khaiyum is running fiji with his elite muslims and our dumb boss and army all bowing down to khaiyum .he is filling his bank account with his muslim cronies.larry paid bano/khaiyum/boss.

  6. Vinaka AG.

    People of Fiji are glad to note that our regulatory and oversight system are now working – unlike in the past.

    Businesses need to take their commitments seriously.

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