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The start of the end for the Casino?

Casino developers to start paying fines

17:42 Thu Sep 26, 2013



Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Christopher Chand

One Hundred Sands Limited the developers of Fiji’s first ever Casino project will have to pay a fine US$100,000 from October 1st.

Acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says this penalty clause was part of the conditions under which they were issued the casino license.

The company will be paying US$100,000 for every month until the development is completed.

“Obviously it is of concern to us as you know under the license conditions certain milestones needed to be met. Of cause the main one is the Casino needed to be operational by 1st October of this year and if they won’t they are liable to pay US$100,000 penalty a month which they will start incurring from 1st October which is in a week’s time.”

One Hundred Sands Limited Chairman Larry Claunch had stated they will comply.

Claunch told FBC News, they will still go ahead with the development of the casino although there is little signs construction at the site.

Under the original plans, the 290-million dollar casino complex was initially due to open next month.

However, the development has been delayed.


10 thoughts on “The start of the end for the Casino?

  1. Friends no more eh ? hahahaha. Isa, so fickle those with $$ and those without $$ . Anything to pump up the volume of Baini and Kaiyum’s million dollar salaries .

  2. Anyone investing money in a country as lawless as fiji needs their head examined. tourism is down, and continuing downward. the possibility of a new and democratic government coming next year may seem real to fijians, but not to those in the rest of the world who even are aware of tiny fiji.
    your dictator has proposed to take his foot from the neck of fijians, but as that time looms closer, the pressure only increases. any serious investors eyeing fiji will wait and see. meanwhile fijian culture grows more dower on the faces of the people and the only ones leaving fiji with smiles on the shiny new jets, are fijians.
    bula and vanaka

  3. I think FTIB should be saying that not you anon………doing bussiness in our beautiful Islands has increased tremendously as it is showing on stats

  4. They better follow the law, just like Frank and Aiayarse follow… the… Hmm.

    Penalty, whatever. All they need to do is grease Aiayase’s wheel to keep the clown-cart moving.

    Rules do not apply to the Dictator or his friends.

  5. Why larry was given the casino project without prove of funds?
    Seems like aunty Bano failed with the client to get the project up,time Ficac investigate Khaiyum/Aunty bano for corrupt practices.

  6. Larry Claunch reckons they will comply.

    There is also that matter of a land dispute claim in Labasa where Claunch has attempted to set up his teepee (hyuk): http://www.fijileaks.com/2/post/2013/09/as-nephew-tells-aunty-nur-bano-alis-client-one-hundred-sands-ltd-to-cough-up-100000-penalty-fine-from-october-for-not-building-casino-more-land-dispute-claims-emerge-from-labasa-high-court-records.html

    Lo & behold, dear ol’ Aunt Nur is in this mix as well.

  7. Why worry about it?

    Seemed to me like nobody wanted it anyway because the churches did not want their flock tempted.

  8. I doubt anyone is worried about it – it is just another pipe-dream for Frank and Aiyaz – a dream that they talked up for months and under their corrupt stupidity, will never eventuate.

    Only the criminally stupid would invest in a nation where the rule of law is governed by laziness, greed and opportunism.

  9. Local people in Namosi say Newcrest Mining is destroying their home, identity and future and want all exploration activities stopped…




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