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Better imperfect constitution than none

There are only two people who could say that the new constitution is everything everyone wanted, and that’s the two who drew it up. They put page after page spelling out that they cannot be held responsible for crimes and a few measly lines saying that Fijians own their land, without protecting their right to control leasing of land.

We can work out how weak the support for their constitution was from the fact that they couldn’t even find a handful of people to form a Constituent Assembly to rubber stamp it.

They announced that there would be a Constituent Assembly, with the job of legitimising the burning of the Yash Ghai draft, but they delayed and delayed as they tried to find members who were credible puppets, eventually giving up because no-one credible could put their name to such an exercise.

What the new constitution brings is constraints on the power of the regime. Since they trashed the old constitution they’ve had nothing restricting their ability to use powers of government as they like, especially current Rule by Decree, which is not rule of law at all. They set up the Yash Ghai Commission and then changed the rules once they found they didn’t suit.

They are now bound to hold elections. Bainimarama will have to stand down as Commander before he can set-up his political party. He might remain as PM, but he will no longer be Commander. This will be a significant check on his power, hence his reluctance to step down. Also, the constitution creates electoral framework, sets rules of the game, and paves way for return to parliamentary democracy.

But everyday he delays the day of announcing his party restricts his ability to set up an effective party. With the well organised parties now opposing him he’s going to find these elections very hard to win.

At least now he’s going to have to play by some rules.

2 thoughts on “Better imperfect constitution than none

  1. Playing by the rules is something the Pig does not understand and cannot bring himself to do. He is loud mouth, arrogant and stupid: the traits that is unlikely to win any support in a democratic system.

  2. We look back in wonder at the illegal path this regime has forced Fiji into. For observers who have been watching every corner and every turn this regime has taken, especially after the court pronounced the coup unlawful will come to the conclusion that nothing really permanent and good will come out of all this! The whole platform that Fiji is now sitting on as foundation for the future is insecure because its all founded on lies, deception, illegalities and injustices that advance the protection and pardoning of criminals against the wishes of the ordinary citizens, particularly the poor. This is certainly self destructing for the country for how disastrous it will for those who reap their power and wealth at the expense of the poor and grieving! The concern should not be about this constitution only which is ludicrous anyway but the way Fiji has been kept hostage and forced into an unrighteous path. With all the corruption and injustices that go with it, the regime leaders and their puppets should note that the illegalities of this day will one day come to haunt them! Fiji citizens should be wiser and not follow their crooked schemes and paths.

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