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Frank’s Cassava Patch fever in 2007

That marvel of international diplomacy, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, showed himself to be a bit of a clumsy baboon in the mould of his boss with his dressing down of Australia about the Asylum Seeker agreement with PNG. When his verbal IED went off it also took out Peter O’Neill.

O’Neill was party to the agreement Kubuabola was attacking, and-if O’Neill didn’t run the proposal past Bainimarama, why should Australia? PNG is an independent sovereign state perfectly capable of making its own decisions.

The fact is that Kubuabola is treating O’Neill like he’s a fool who doesn’t know what he’s doing or a gutless coward who needs lessons in courage from our very own self-made ‘strongman’.

What a joke! Lessons in courage from Bainimarama! Forget about the Cassava Patch in November 2000, he showed his true colours to best effect in the Pacific Forum meeting in Tonga in 2007 when he promised that he’d hold elections by 2009.

This was not in the script prepared for him but he went to water when he was surrounded by a room full of serious leaders asking him why he couldn’t hold elections if his coup was a ‘clean-up coup” welcomed by the people.

This is why he carries on so much now about Australia’s and New Zealand’s role in the forum. He has never recovered from his bout of Cassava Patch fever in the 2007 Forum Leaders meeting in Tonga. And it may explain why he doesn’t want an Australian High Commissioner. Faced with a senior diplomat he might find himself persuaded against his will to do the right thing.

15 thoughts on “Frank’s Cassava Patch fever in 2007

  1. the reason Bainimarama got away with the promised 2009 elections was, he, like you have said, had no guts to stand up to the forum, not just Australia and NZ but to the Polynesian men as well. when the meeting finished he used Somare to talk to the Tongan PM who was chairman to give him another chance to talk to the forum about the elections.
    But before they reconvened, Bainimarama, true to style, went to the media and lied that the forum had bullied him into committing to the 2009 elections. He liumuried the whole of the pacific forum!!! Can you believe it?? the arrogance of the pig. Now you can understand why some of the forum leaders, particularly the kai Samoa, cant stand the sight of the thief.
    And Yes Ratu Sai, also, once a bully always a bully; and once a liumuri always a liumuri.
    The worst of the qualities of a human being roosts in this thug. and unbelievably, Fijians still believe in the pig.

  2. \m/,

    I reflect your sentiments but I dont think that fijians necessarily believe in him, people just want to ensure that they have no loss in livelihood, and cant be bothered other wise. Why else would VRB still sit atop the stolen throne? I believe that this is what VRB is hoping for. Govt Ministers and Bloggers etc seem to take pot shots at people like Mere Samisoni, Felix Anthony, MP Chaudhry, R Chaudhry, Qarase yada yada but whilst they may have shortcomings at least they have the guts to stand up and fight.


  3. my friend khaiyum is the boss of fiji .he betrayed us in 1987 coup ran away to auss mf bomb maker.no election he told me. .

  4. Rt Inoke, luveni ulukau. Heard Peter O’Neill is now so farking pissed off with Fiji regime presumptuously implying it does not know what its doing. Dou lai vei domi cici kei Voreqe kei Kaiyum, dou yavu mata va magani koli lau cai vakasivia.

  5. yes all HUM and NO action…these gutless lot think that by making noises they’ve done their duty. they want to be leaders?? they got us to where we are at and then just take pot shots in the media every now and then…get some REAL guts…so it reflects the apathy and/or support of the fijians. stop making excuses for these failed lot.

  6. lets get the facts right…kaiyum does not want ever kaiviti to take control of the destiny of their country.
    that’s why he has disbanded and will continue to disband and outlaw anything kaiviti.
    frank is there because he will go to jail otherwise. supported by soldiers who would have the same fate…u only need to look at the ones in the power posts and you will know who im talking about. the rest of the soldiers just follow where their stomachs get fed.
    And you kaivitis think u gonna win the elections cos of your superior numbers, u got another thing coming.

  7. VB my man – the best PM ever Fiji has ever had.

    This is the best Govt that has ever served this nation and its people.

    Kubuabola’s speech was really fantastic – what a great speech.

  8. VB is a great beer but a lousy dicktator.
    Kubuabola is a great mouthpiece for kaiyum so is Bainimarama. fantastic men. the most fantastic judas of all time ever.

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