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Nothing is a “given” and verbal assurance is not enough.

Independence of the electoral process is a given – AG

The Citizens Constitutional Forum is calling for the setting up of an independent Constitutional Officers Commission as the appointing authority of the Electoral Commission and the Supervisor of Elections.

CCF Chief Executive Officer Reverend Akuila Yabaki said verbal assurance is not enough.

Reverend Yabaki said under the 1997 constitution, members of the Electoral Commission were appointed by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister following consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of Opposition.

He said the 2013 draft constitution did not have the same guarantee of independence leaving the appointments mainly in the hands of the Prime Minister and the Attorney General.

When questioned by Fijivillage on this issue, Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said they are moving ahead and all he can say is that some people are making comments from the sidelines.

Meanwhile, we also asked Sayed-Khaiyum about the assistance offered by countries like the US.

Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy Geoffrey Robertson told Fijivillage in an interview that the US government is ready to provide conditional assistance amounting to US$1 million to Fiji for the preparation of the 2014 elections.

Sayed-Khaiyum said Fiji welcomes any assistance and the conditions set out are already a given in any democratic elections.

However, he said he is unaware of the amount offered by the US.

A Needs Assessment Team has now been set up to analyze everything that is needed to ensure that free, fair and credible elections is held by September next year.

Representatives from the European Union, the Commonwealth and Elections Office NZ will carry out the Needs Assessment from Monday and submit a report in two weeks.

Following this, the donors will decide on what to provide as assistance for elections.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

13 thoughts on “Nothing is a “given” and verbal assurance is not enough.

  1. Despite harassment Rev Yabaki still trudges on the path of democracy restoration much to the letter of his job description. Good on you Rev. We don’t want to lorded over by iarse on every aspects of our lives as it becoming unbearable by the days with his incessant lordly comments. There has to be an end to this farce and sooner the better.

  2. To All Future Military Dictators,

    If you seize power by the gun, rest assured your regional neighbours will still give you lots of money.

    We will give you money for education and health (even though you take all the credit).

    We will donate to your constitutional drafting (even if you burn it).

    We will contribute funds for your election (even if you rig it).

    We will provide additional money (even when we know you are pocketing it).

    The precedent is set.

    Lots of love,

    Aus, NZ and US

  3. The AG’s comments translated:

    “We are moving ahead and all I can say is that some people are making comments from the sidelines.”


    “We are moving anywhere we like and all I can say is that there are a still a few opponents who have not yet been prosecuted on false charges”.

    Comments from the sidelines = free speech (that’s a big no no)

    “Fiji welcomes any assistance and the conditions set out are already a given in any democratic elections.”


    “Frank and I welcome any cash you may have for us and my conditions, which will change several times, are a given in any despotic military dictatorship.”

  4. The Germans have invented a term for this: They call it Realpolitik. Unlike the main players in the Pacific, the German government supports the regime for quite some time now and helps the regime to boost credibility in climate change and green energy using german taxpayers money. The fact is that none of the western countries really give a rats arse, they push their own interests. Look at Egypt: The US does not even want to call a coup what happened there yesterday.

  5. Bainikhaiyum will keep a tight reign on the elections office. Otherwise they risk going to gaol for treason and every other criminal act they have committed since 2007.

  6. What does the unelected parasite khaiyum mean? Morsi type ‘democracy’ and independent electoral process? Wake up Fiji military.

  7. bainimaga and kuntyum have no intention of giving up power otherwise its naboro and the hangman’s noose for them both and their corrupt families. So all this fancy talk and processes is to appease the over educated international community that they are all about holding free and fair elections in 2014. But all they have done so far indicates it wont be free and fair elections.

    What is interesting is that the international community – especially our gutless neighbours Aust and NZ – overlook this key point and prefer to believe that working with bainimagana and kuntyum’s lies is a better option – even though the people of Fiji know that the dictator will need to be physically removed. This is more politically correctness gone mad for the sissy politicians who have shown that they dont have the balls or the leadership to effectively manage conflict. This also puts post bainimagana trade at risk.

    What our neigbours are doing is putting the interest of a few (a dictator and his morons) over the interest of the many (of Fijians living under oppression and poverty, high crime, high unemployment, etc).

    But they like the seat on the UN security council, to look important – meanwhile they are absolutely fuck all when it comes to their own backyard in the Pacific. A new govt in Australia may not bring better results – because they will have the same useless DFAT advisers doing all the talking.

  8. Guys stop jumping da gun

    Lets cross the bridge when we come to it.

    The elections will be judged by international monitors, so just chill out……you anti government bloggers.

  9. Frankie has got $50m and king kaiyum has got $500m,in the 7 years they have been controlling coup land, Frankie you tamata ulukau, na boci ga na boci

  10. Elenoa, if the the process for setting up the elections is flawed and unabashedly biased then how truly democratic will the elections be? Its obvious that the hoops put in place by the interim gum-munt for those wishing to run in politics is a way to prevent some from running. Such hoops would not dare be implemented in other democratic countries. With a nitwit for an interim PM and soft boiled egg as AG and elections minister the elections will never be fair and free as some in interim gum-munt keep saying. By just repeating it doesnt make it so.


  11. this is a cart before the horse situation….get the constitution in place first.
    this charade is just to set the stage for excuses not to have the elections.
    the next lie will be the constitution, according uncle airyass and the muslim sisterhood, is too difficult and will take time to put together to take into account, in a HOLISTIC APPROACH to make sure that we take into account all the wishes and aspirations of ALL FIJIANS and to make sure that this constitution ends all coups for ever and ever amen…
    notice that the drunken president and all the troops are using these fancy words all the time.

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