A blogger called Piri on Coup 4.5 shared his views about something former New Zealand High Commissioner, the late Michael Green, said about Bainimarama. Piri thought he could reveal a hidden Bainimarama whose brilliance far exceeded the mind of his democratic critics.

Green said Bainimarama “is uncomfortable with the clash of ideas, negotiation and compromise, all critical elements of effectively functioning democracies.”

Piri says, Yes this is Bainimarama the man of decisions. He’s not a politician, he’s a commander.

If a policy is being proposed to him he listens carefully but if it isn’t “in harmony of his personal ambition you and your paper or report or presentation or explanation will be abruptly called off by him in front of everyone.” If it is in the line with vision “he’ll say do it and call me if anything comes up.”

Wow, it must be exhilerating to be in the presence of this giant intellect when decisions are made. For him every decision is “either red or green”, go or stop. This is a man of actions, not some useless democratic debater. He has no time to listen to long, involved arguments.

What Piri may not realise is that all these decisions have already been made by Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. Bainimarama simply goes through the motions of listening and deciding. He cannot engage with the substance of any complex issue.

What we have here is the answer to a mystery: how a government can get so many things so wrong. How sugar production can be cut in half in a matter of years. How the economy can be in such a depressed state for so long. How roads can be allowed to deteriorate so badly for so long.

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  1. Read below….Russia does not care about how our citizens are weathering under the illegal Govt and dictatorship we have been forced to live under…with murders, tortures, corruption, nepotism, frauds and unaccountable Govt.

    This is what the dictator wants for sending our soldiers to death..he wants praise and grandstanding at our expences on international stage.

    What will we gain from a Russian cultural centre in Suva????

    Russia, despite its huge natural wealth is being mismanaged and is riddled with corruption on huge scales and Mafia type crimes are ripe….and they want to export their culture to us and the region?????….might suit the uneducated criminal dictator but we have simple poverty, jobs good roads and Govt services etc to worry about which Russia is struggling to resolve at home……..

    Russia stands by Fiji

    Nasik Swami
    Monday, July 01, 2013
    Fiji Times

    THE Russian Federation will stand by Fiji as it continues its reform process leading up to the 2014 general elections.

    And Russia praised Fiji for its growing presence on the world stage.

    A Ministry of Information statement issued yesterday said the undertaking was given by Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama during formal talks in Moscow. One of the outcomes was an agreement to set up a Russian cultural centre in Fiji for the South Pacific.

    Mr Lavrov singled out Fiji’s contribution to the UN peacekeeping efforts and the recent deployment of 182 Fijian troops to the Golan Heights as an example of its continuing commitment to engage the international community.

    He praised Fiji’s leadership at the UN saying it placed not only Fijian interests on the global agenda but the interests of the entire South Pacific region……………

  2. Russia has NEVER been a well-run country.

    When the czars were in power, Russia was basically a dictatorship. As with all dictatorships, there was a huge gap between rich and poor. Following the Bolshevik revolution, which overthrew the czar, the communists took over and Russia remained poorly run. When the communists fell, Russia had had no experience with democratic governments or capitalist economies, so it did not do very well. It still is not doing well.

    The reason that the dictatorship in Fiji has allied itself with the Russian government is that the Russian government does not support democratic governments and therefore is willing to support the dictatorship in Fiji.

  3. criminal finds another criminal
    dickhead finds another dickhead.
    that’s the law of dicktators.

  4. Navosavakadua, try writing in the Nai Lalakai. That way your views would be read by grassroots Itaukei who are witnessing the many many development works including roads that is currently being undertaken by the Binimarama Govt. On the low production of sugar, ask your Nationalis former NLTB GM, the late Mr Qarikau for his propaganda political message before the 2000 Coup. His views led to the non renewal of cane leases and the subsequent eviction of hardworking Indian cane farmers.

    Now almost all those lands are lying idle with the Landlords growing para grass and guava trees for their future generations. You are a hypocrite who has nothing good to write except to critisise his Govt. Arse Hole.

  5. Russia builds Hospice at the River Jordon for pilgrims to the Holy Land visting the site of Christs baptism by John, where the Holy Spirit descended from heaven onto Christ

  6. Egyptian Army has shown Fiji Army what should be done……ie SUPPORT DEMOCRACY AND PEOPLE AGAINST DICTATORSHIP

    Egypt’s armed forces have warned if Islamist President Mohamed Morsi fails to meet the demands of the people within 48 hours, it will intervene with a roadmap of its own.

    The military’s statement, read out on state television, was received a rapturous welcome from Morsi’s opponents who have been camped out in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and a muted response from his Islamist supporters.

    Millions of people have taken to the streets to demand the president step down.

    The army high command renewed its call “that the demands of the people be met and gives (all parties) 48 hours, as a last chance, to take responsibility for the historic circumstances the country is going through.”

    “If the demands of the people are not met in this period… (the armed forces) will announce a future roadmap and measures to oversee its implementation,” the statement said.

    The Muslim Brotherhood, on whose platform Morsi won Egypt’s first freely contested presidential election in June last year, said it was “studying” the army’s statement.

    Thousands of jubilant protesters poured into the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and other large cities after the statement was broadcast. Raucous cheers rang out across main squares.

    In Tahrir, protesters voiced their support for army chief and Defence Minister General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, chanting: “Come down Sisi, Morsi is not my president.”

    Analyst Hassan Nafea, a political science professor at Cairo University, said the ultimatum was a clear demand for the Islamist president to step aside to pave the way for fresh elections.

    “He has been given 48 hours to accept what the people want and there is only one demand and that is to hold early presidential elections,” Nafea said.

    The army, which led a tumultuous transition after the 2011 revolt that ousted veteran president Hosni Mubarak, had given all parties one week to reconcile their differences.

    Egypt has been deeply divided between Morsi’s Islamist supporters and a broad-based opposition

  7. Egypt has been going around in circles for the last two years.

    They just voted in democratic elections at the ballot box twelve or so months ago

    And now they have mob rule in the streets and their Military threatening to remove the democratically elected Government ?

    How is that supposed to be a good example for Fiji ?

  8. agree with u truth.
    the curse of democracy is the thugs with guns, the dickheads that think they know best for the people from their very limited and myopic insights into people and society that everything can and should be fixed by threats and violence.
    Stay in the farkn barracks u thugs and outlaws. u turning the people into your own images…thugs and parasites.

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