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Mr Rubin says the Fijians will encounter problems with Al-Qaeda

Fiji UN troops to face tough decisions in Golan Heights

Updated 4 hours 19 minutes ago

A Middle East expert says Fijian peacekeepers deployed to the Golan Heights between Israel and Syria will encounter a “perilous” situation.

About 170 Fijian troops will join the UN’s peacekeeping mission in the area, which has become far more volatile during Syria’s Civil War.

The Fijians will replace peacekeepers from three countries that have withdrawn because of fierce fighting near the border.

Professor Barry Rubin, director of the Global Research in International Affairs institute, has told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat the Fijians face potential threats from both sides of the Syrian conflict.

“As Western help for the rebels build, it gives incentives for the regime side to look at these peacekeepers as enemies and to see them as basically people who want to overthrow the regime,” Mr Rubin said.

“They’re people who just wonder what are these non-Muslims doing here, they want to stop the revolution.”

Mr Rubin says the Fijians will encounter problems with Al-Qaeda who make up 15 per cent of the rebels.

“They’re lawless and disorganised and kidnapping can be attractive,” he said.

“They’re going to meet guys with guns and they don’t know if they’re going to shoot at them.

“They’re going to have to do a very delicate mission.”

27 thoughts on “Mr Rubin says the Fijians will encounter problems with Al-Qaeda

  1. If The Lord God is on our side…who and why are we to fear anyone ! This God will deliver us from any threat and evil !

  2. Sotia

    Yeah right: Allah will also be on their side and too bad you are not going because you deserve a bullet up your backside to wake you up.

  3. Fiji. Military now you will meet your match and maker, sa rogo na tagi ni lewei viti, vaka levu ga na magiti ni burua.

  4. Qilio na nomu dau bully taki ira na leweni vanua e sana saumi sara vaka totolo vei iko kei ira na nomu gone,

  5. Fiji was not obligated to accept the call up for this mission but money had blinded the army. It was not to offer help or anything its all for the almighty money. They are just going blindly without taking the time out to consider the pros and cons of this mission. It seems money is more precious than life and the army is sending soldiers to a very volatile and risky situation in a gamble hoping for the best.

  6. Bainimarama is blinded by his humangous EGO…he wants to win favour internationally even if he is gambling the lives of Fijian men.

    Soldiers must wake up to the stupidity of going to the Golan Heights and refuse to go…but money is the big carrot.,,,many of these men will be slaughtered in this lawless war.

  7. These gullible military ‘guns for hire’ fools will soon find out who the real enemy is – in Golan and in Fiji!

  8. RFMF has had 7 years of experience with al Qaeda (and the Shia militias in Iraq). They had rocketed the UN compound which resulted in the death of De Melio and 23 UN workers.

    RFMF was called in to provide PSD (both mobile and static) to protect the UN as a result of the threat posed to the UN.

    Not only that but there is also substantial experience with the militia’s in Lebanon, including Hizbollah, Druze, Phalange and the Palestinian militia’s.

    So its not a new sphere of operations

  9. The Rambo mentality…RFMF is more than welcome to replace all troops in the Golan Heights. For once they will be earning their pay rather than enforcing the law of the jungle here at home at the whim of a deluded tin pot dictator.

  10. Not Rambo mentality Ratu Sai. Just the quality of the KAIVITI men at arms. This is the proving ground. Where only the quality of the troops and their courage are proven in steel and blood on the ground.

    This is a very experienced company Qilio is leading.

    All Lebanon veterans to a man.

    The new young ones will go on the next lift, coming up in August with more of the experienced guys.

    By that time the tip of the Fijian spear will have established its presence in the Golan. Every militiaman in the Golan will know that the Kaiviti have landed.

    The IDF and Hizbollah and the Syran Army will renew relations with old Kaiviti acquaintances.

    Bula Fiji !……….Shalom Habibi

    God bless the guys on this first chalk who have the honor of having been chosen to carry the name of the Vanua o Viti.


  11. The quality of Kaiviti with arms taking over elected governments…what a lousy lot…free riders.

  12. C’mon taliban, pls kill the fijian solders for the people of fiji who suffered for so long by this regime.

  13. vinaka experience, these dumb Fijians just cannot get my drift.
    my boys will excel…they will learn how to remove dicktators so they will have the full armory and arsenal to do coups and undo coups…so what u farks are complaining about Fijians??

  14. Let us wait and see. God does not support people who illegally take over a democratically elected government only satan does.

  15. Of course God supports people who take over a democratically elected government.

    Ask Siti Rabuka. He’ll tell you God asked him to carry out the coup in May 1987 !!

    And he had the full support of God’s people like Rev Tomasi Raikivi, Manasa Lasaro, Inoke Kubuabola, all the methodist talatalas !!!

    AA you not saying these were Satan’s people by any chance, are you ??

  16. very observant Experience….my boys know the tip of my spear is up theirs already and the muslims spears are coming out of my mouth…yea yea yea, the Fijians have landed

  17. The fijian army boys not even landed in syria yet but one of boys wife already seen in town with another man!! Mavoa ga nai mimi e dai!!

  18. Another army boys girlfriend is taken care of by someone else. Whislt the boys keeping the peace in syria the misuss playing at home. See it yourself tonight at traps.

  19. To all those negative A-holes still having a grudge of what happened in the past need to look at themselves in the mirror. I’m not too sure if I would want to hear any negativity before departing to a war-torn country……I’d be seeking blessings and prayers for a safe return home and for the safe-keeping of those loved ones I leave behind. I only wish I could see Ratu Sai, Necani and a few of those haters in person to give them a piece of my mind – or are they just shit-scared!

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