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Commodore Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, have sensed that the regime has very little, if any, support.

Fiji politicians concerned regime may dump 2014 elections

Posted at 05:30 on 21 June, 2013 UTC

The United Front For a Democratic Fiji says there is genuine concern that elections promised for next year won’t be held.

The group, which represents many of those who were removed from office in the 2006 military coup, says the regime is delaying the electoral process by delaying the constitution.

A member of the group, the National Federation Party’s Raman Singh, says the date for the constitution’s release has been put back constantly by the regime.

“The main reason for that doubt is the fact that the date for the promulgation of the constitution has been extended from June to July and now we believe it’s in September so we feel that does not give enough time to do all the other preliminary work to have the election. That’s where the doubt rises from.”

Raman Singh says he cannot say whether he believes the constitution is being deliberately withheld.

The statement says the regime leaders, Commodore Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, have sensed that the regime has very little, if any, support.

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10 thoughts on “Commodore Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, have sensed that the regime has very little, if any, support.

  1. They must e demented if they think they have support for they know full well that they cannot win in a fair election.

  2. how long will u lot take to realise that there will be no elections…cos that’s what frank has told the pacific islands forum leaders, including Australia and Ne Zealand, that there will be no elections in Fiji until he gets rid of corruption in these corrupted islands…which means that, according to him, he will have to jail all the old politicians and the new wannabe politicians before any elections which he will stand unopposed…the last man standing..uncorrupted…lol..bula kai vitis, may your bilos boileth over with grog.

  3. The illegal Regime has absolutely little support going by my conversations with those I meet and listening to discussions around tanoa bowl and market places, buses and meetings etc.

    In my province of Namosi and in Naitasiri where I travel a lot, there seems to be an appreciation of Bainimarama’s efforts to be seen to do things for the people but they do not trust his intentions and sincerity.

    In Namosi the proposed mining has badly dented VB’s standing and popularity

    What is bugging then most is EyeArses;s assault on everything Taukei, especially land, rights as indigenous people, customs culture and identity and special their place in Fiji as indigenous.

    The very negative vibes generated by EyeArse is hugely impacting perception of Bainimarama….and the longer this illegal Govt is kept alive the worse the erosion in trust on the illegal Govt occurs.

    So indeed this illegal Govt has lost the plot and is in deep process of self destruction.

  4. don’t be fooled uncle Sam. I have lots of supporters in the young naïve children of raceless peoples in the cities and towns. and I have lots of supporters from my tappoos, patels and gujis friends with lots of cash to buy some young peoples votes and supporters but the biggest of them all is the big native fellas with the guns, cos I got them long term contracts…till death…in the Golan Heights, so they are set for life. and muslim brotherhood, notice only brothers not sisters, cos sisters have to vote according to brothers, so I only need to force the brotherhoods, have 110% vat inclusive supporters.
    so u chiefs and natives, u just drink homebrew under the mangoes trees and just sit and watch the sun set on you.

  5. Whoever you are KhaiHoon, your Muslim Sisterhood may not be able to save you if the indigenous people in Fiji decide to root you out as Ala (Alanieta??) is too busy calming the Spring uprising in the Middle East

  6. Sam the man, u have strong words and hatred brother. allah preaches peace and practices war. and my sisters, u Fijians love them obviously, just gotta read ur glorious leaders love for them.

  7. Bring on the elections

    The only leader who has popular support is Hon. Commondore Voreqe Bainimarama.

    He has made himself a saviour of the Fijian people,

    Grassroot people love him and support his ideologies for a truly multi-cultural Fiji.

    There has been many poor people who has benefitted from the policies of his government with better roads, more community engagement with government services in remote locations, write off of housing loans for many Fijians who have paid more than twice the amount borrowed from HA, new houses after cyclone destruction etc etc……- these are feats no leader in Fiji has achieved.

    There are too many achievements to list….

    Not forgetting the EQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF LEASE MONEY which has uplifted many lives of the landowners who had been robbed since ages of their rightful share.


  8. Kaiyum THE SNOTTY ONE,……your namesake EyeArse seems to prefer an indigenous woman for a wife…why not pick from the Muslomani Sisterhood????

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