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Ro Teimumu Kepa is new SODELPA President

The Marama Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa is now the new President of the Social Democratic Liberal Party or SODELPA.

Her appointment follows the first Special Meeting of the National Assembly of SODELPA this afternoon.

Other members of the management board include two Vice Presidents, Ratu Silivenusi Waqausa and Ratu Lote Yavuca, Women representative is Losena Salabula, and the Youth representative is Ratu Isikeli Komaisavai.

About 100 members attended today’s meeting including former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

Story by: Watisoni Butabua


20 thoughts on “Ro Teimumu Kepa is new SODELPA President

  1. No doubt in my mind that Khaiyum will find a way to eliminate her from the competition. A person with such a standing in the Fijian community cannot be allowed to challenge Khaiyum and his goons.

  2. good on u high chief. go on and show these men how to stand up to genocide and corruption.
    may God speed u through your journey before we all burn in hell.

  3. Now the stage is set to set in place policies, plans programmes then mass communications with the citizens….we await to support you SODELPA.

  4. No Kaiyum will let franky do the bad mouthing which will backfire…remember the insult…chiefs go and drink home brew under the mango tree…don’t whats the next dumb line he will come up with…maybe go and pray with ur brother muslims in the mogues??

  5. Chiefs will need to wake up to their roles and protect and serve their people! they cant just sit back and expect their people to serve them – lazy bastards!! – oops, not all chiefs fall under this category.

  6. Ro teimumu Kepa, was a die hard supporter of the Georgie boy’s coup, marching up and down the parliament house in Fiji each day, while the elected members of the parliament were held hostage for 56 days.

    So much so for a Fijian leader, who should have been in jail for instigating the 2000 coup.

    Such a Shame.

  7. Teimumu peka was a key player in 2000 coup in Fiji and a representative of the tongan/lauan clan who wants to try and fool indigenous Fijians to rule Fiji again.

    What a joke.

    She has lost all respect in the Fijian community with her extra-marital affairs and in no way can be seen as an exemplary leader of the indigenous Fijians.

    The SODELPA still thinks that involving chiefs might lead Fijians to vote the chiefs way, like in many previous Fijian elections.

    Gone are the days ordinary landowners will ever be fooled again just like the previous lease sharing formula.

    In the new Fiji there is no room for corrupt chiefs/thieves, who has amassed wealth at the expense of ordinary Fijians.

  8. all Fijians so does not matter any more whether Indians or other races in the party…that’s the logic behind my laws.

  9. God bless Ro Teimumu Kepa. God bless SODELPA God strike down Bainimarama and Kaikubu.and all their Kawaca.

  10. no you cant shoot all of us at once. and you cant keep lying to us Bainimarama and kaiyum. we sick of your bullshit. most of the nation is sick to death of your bullshit. even the maina birds are migrating.

  11. I see the imposter no longer has the tail between his legs !!

    I think i know why, as he’s no longer shielding his ass

  12. Ratu Tevita Momoedonu said the vanua of Vuda also wanted the Great Council of Chiefs and the three iTaukei confederacies to be abolished – This is a great statement with a lot of guts and future vision for the nation, for all its citizens to live on an equal footing- as in the eyes of the Lord all men and women too… hahah.a…,are equal.

    This vision will ensure peace and harmony among all races of people living in Fiji.

    All roko Tui’s position should be abolished and each town/city be managed by a provincial administrator.

    The elimination of the confedracies will eliminate the polarisation the indigenous fijians in politics, as fijians in the west have been marginalised in the political sphere of the nation since independence

  13. Sam the man, once a chief always a chief in Fiji. so what if she likes this and does that…nothing could be worse than franky and kaiyum have done to Fiji.

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