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UN spokesman told it that the Fiji regime will do its own checking.

No vetting for Fiji peacekeepers


 Last updated 11:35 19/06/2013

 Fiji peacekeeping soldiers posted to the Golan Heights will not be vetted for human rights abuses or involvement in military coups, a United Nations watchdog organisation says.

Fiji is sending 170 soldiers to the heights between civil war-torn Syria and Israel.

They will replace 377 Austrian troops in the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), which has monitored a ceasefire between Israel and Syria since 1974. Croatia has also pulled out after its troops came under Syrian rebel fire.

The Fijians will join 341 troops from the Philippines and 193 troops from India. Eight New Zealanders also serve in the area with another UN operation.

New Zealand and Australia have been pressing the UN since Fiji’s 2006 military coup to stop using Fijian soldiers as peacekeepers.

But, because few nations have been willing to provide the numbers that Fiji has, the only action the UN has taken is to vet Fijian soldiers.

Officers who had joined Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s coup have previously been banned from UN service, as have soldiers accused of human rights abuses, including the deaths of coup opponents.

But the New York based Inner City Press, which monitors the UN, reports today that the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) has waived a previous restriction on using troops from post-coup Fiji.

DPKO says it is entirely up to Fiji to vet its own troops for “violations of international human rights law or international humanitarian law”.

Inner City Press said a UN spokesman told it that the Fiji regime will do its own checking.

“It is the responsibility of the government of the Republic of Fiji, as with all troop-contributing countries, to ensure that its personnel have not been convicted of, are currently under investigation for, or being prosecuted for any criminal offence, including violations of international human rights law or international humanitarian law,” the spokesman said.

The new Fiji deployment represents a substantial boost for the still isolated Bainimarama regime, and a failure for New Zealand trying to stop Fiji from earning peacekeeping income with the UN.

A Golan Heights deployment will be a return to the neighbourhood for the Fijians, who from 1978 to 2002 provided 15,000 soldiers for the UN Interim Force in Lebanon. Thirty-five Fijians were killed in that service.

25 thoughts on “UN spokesman told it that the Fiji regime will do its own checking.

  1. Saumatua sona levu drau tautau vata ga kei. Epeli ganilau big body pea brain, sa qai vinaka me caiti kemudrau o kaiyum, drau veivutu cici

  2. It really up to us to monitor the names sent to Golan Heights.

    If anyone thinks any of the soldiers going to Middle East have tainted human rights baggage please publish names and issues associated with the person or persons, so that the public can put pressure on UN and foreign Govts to withdraw their participation. We do not trust the illegal Govt to be honest in its vetting of the soldiers.

    The environment in the Golan Heights iis so much more dangerous and volatile now and we expext many more of our people to be hilled…thanks to Bainimarama.

    I await to see MELI BAINIMARAMA’S name to be sent too, Of not this dictator will enhance hisrate of downfall and the rate of his declining popularity.

  3. They are being sent where other governments have pulled out because of their concern over the safety of their soldiers. Says a lot for the Vore who is willing to sacrifice his men to gain international recognition and acceptance. After all he will be on hand to attend funerals in full regalia shedding crocodile tears. In his book soldiers (including senior officers) are merely pawns sacrificed to keep him in control.

  4. Adi Sai, Konabaku and Adi Meli cara da mai USA,

    This Govt is sending out Soldiers not Girl or Boy Scouts. Soldiers are trained to kill and survive in any type of situation. C’mon what is it to you. Do not hate soldiers for the actions of 2006. That has gone way past and we are now into the future. Do you have any other better ideas or any form of employment for our youths of tomorrow ? Sinai Mission has been running for more than 30 years now and imagine those young Soldiers who are now serving the Rfmf. More than half of the current strength of the Rfmf are below that age. Imagine. Lebanon ran for almost 32 years. This Golan Mission has been there since 1974. Look at the bigger picture. What good it would bring to the individual soldier, his family, relatives and the the economy.

    You are only jumping up and down because of the events of 2006. Let it be. We will be back with democracy come 2014 where Khaiyum will be voted in as our next Prime Minister. Please, support this initiative which I honestly believe you would not. If we happens to receive body bags in numbers for the sake of Peace to other Countries at war, so be it. We shall remember them and so should you. Otherwise shut the fuck up and do not try to make decisions for the UN.

  5. No wonder the credibility of the UN is at rock bottom? Employing human rights abusing thugs from a dictatorship to monitor human rights abusing thugs from a dictatorship? Total trash.

  6. RISING FURY: Military top brass tell Bainimarama to resign if he wants to enter politics and call for the sacking of Aiyaz Khaiyum. Minister Timoci Natuva hands in resignation; also Colonel Sam Saumatua knew nothing of the resignation of the two town administrators

  7. Bainimarama is living in fear. It is either politic or the military but he wants to hold on to both. Rere tiko.

  8. And you are living in fear of Bainimarama.!!

    No wonder you will not marching against, or organising any demonstration against Frank !!!

    Sa sivia na rere tiko !!!

  9. Adios, Just Farkoff!

    Nevermind if you lamusona! That’s your right no one, no farking dicktaker can take away from you, just shit ya pants or sulu if you wear one that’s okay man, your Mum won’t care if you ass do stink, as long as you don’t turn to drink! Piss is just as bad as crap! We are all vulnerable. SAY wHAT?

    PS. Bite mai Banana (Give you my VUDI!)

  10. im sending expendable kaiviti for training on how to remove dicktators like vudi Bainimarama if they return alive.
    if they don’t no loss to me because too many chiefs and not enough Indians in Fiji for the next elections in 2024.
    so that’s right aal and vhm u the good guys and not this aa and ktf and dakusona…just lots of crap coming from their mouths and iv shut them up and send them to Siberia in labasa with keyboards and blank screens to run the tavioka farms for my families there as punishments so when the great ones cums to siberias with his elections sugars and bananas he can goes and shits theres and wipes his asses with a cassava sticks and the good chiefs will forgives hims and blesses hims with all good cheeses and he is be leaders for the next many years and he and me keeps our millions dollars wages goings for so many years,

  11. No one fears Bai. Take away his guns and you will see his real self, an Indian Dog.

  12. Timoci ratuva nemani vuniwaqa samuela saumatu epeli ganilau, dou yavu sona lelevu, sa qai vinaka ni. Sa qai vutu cici taki kemudou o kaiyum, oqori gona na lala ni qavokavoka,magai tinamu dou, oqori gona na ca ni via vaka muri bai, dou vei tauri duruka

  13. Warrior Princess

    Did I condemn the soldiers or the decision. Yeah they are trained to kill and survive, but first and foremost in the defense of their country. They have families to look after and money can never replace a dead soldier sent on a senseless mission where other governments have pulled out.

    But again the decision has been made and in a way that is better than threatening and intimidating the civilian population at home. The limited capacity of the grey matter between your ears shows up in your post. Those being sent are currently employed you doppy.

  14. warrior prince, I am sending all young kaiviti boys to be mercenaries and learn how to behead dicktators like my friend franky and as well hopefully lose a few bagfuls so we have equal numbers in the next elections in 2041; and soon I will pass decree for all young people of all races be compuslosrily conscripted so that I can send u all young peoples overseas as mercenaries and armed robbers to invade and loot other countries as UNsolidiers to help finance my government.
    thank u for your support.
    and ratu sai and aa I knew there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians that’s why I decreed the GCC and directed my friend frank to order that u thiefs go and drink homebrew under the mango tree.

  15. Warrior & your friends – just go ahead already and do whatever it is you guys want to do. It is really no skin off our noses if you have a death wish.

    But remember — the People did not sanction this mission — Bainimarama & Khaiyum did. In addition the hypocrisy of the UN will continue to be exposed.

  16. I am appalled by comments here against sending troops to Syria…it’s what Fiji has always done, providing the UN with a reliable peacekeeping force, this was the case in the UNAMI 2004 deployment to Iraq pre-Bainimarama. As for men & women risking their lives – nobody is forced to get deployed, it’s a personal decision, in contrast they actually count themselves lucky if they’re picked for deployment. And as for the UN….it’s much needed boots on the ground from a reliable force with a long proud history of UN peacekeeping!

    Get a grip…life goes on, not everything is about Bainimarama & Khaiyum…mahn your minds must be a pretty scary place…dark & narrow!

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