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Khaiyum Konstitutional Rights

Political parties have protested the requirement of the Political Parties decree for office-holders to declare the assets and income of their adult children.

This requirement is not only unprecedented and unreasonable it surely conflicts with the kind of rights we should see set out in the Bill of Rights.

So let’s see what the Sayed-Khaiyum Bill of Rights says.

“24.–(1) Every person has the right to privacy, which includes the right–

(a) to confidentiality of their personal information;”

Of course, this right has to be read in the context of other provisions of the draft constitution. And we don’t need to go any further than the next paragraph.

“(2) A law may limit, or may authorise the limitation of, the rights set out in subsection (1).”

In other words, the right to privacy is worthless. Any law can take it away and no reason needs to be stated.

Bainimarama can’t understand why the entire iTaukei community is worried about the protection of their customs and land under the draft constitution. Bainimarama has a lot of work to do if he wants to convince us that the Constitution protects iTaukei land and customs.

8 thoughts on “Khaiyum Konstitutional Rights

  1. How can the constitution protect rights to privacy if the constitution itself authorizes the enactment of laws to restrict the right to privacy? It makes no sense.

  2. Privacy in the Constitution could be interpreted in many ways. The requirements in the Registration Act is one act from an individual to show honest dealings and assets owned. During his term in Parliament, a review would be carried out to see if one has added one or more property to his name, wife or children. Why are we jumping up and own on these ? Everyone, including the current Regime will have to adhere to the rule. It would be interesting to see some of our past MPs list of assets and different bank accounts.

  3. Transparency should begin with the current government; why should they call for politicians to declare their assets when they have failed to even declare their salaries let alone their assets. Who is going to take them to Court if they fail to declare their assets when or if they do form a political party? As things are they will do whatever they want until the election so in that sense all they are trying to do is harass politicians who are going to stand against them. For them none of their decisions can be challenged in court.

  4. The Fake

    Transparency begins with you !!!

    Why are you using someone else’s ID ???

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