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Native Lands Trust Act versus Land Use Decree

The Native Land Trust Act was created by Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna to assist Fijian landowners to lease their land. His aim was to ensure that landowners benefited from leasing and retained land for their future needs. The NLTB was to have the professional expertise in accounting, surveying, valuation and land management to ensure that landowners were not cheated.

The NLTA said clearly: “all such land shall be administered by the Board for the benefit of the Fijian owners.” There is no qualification to this. Landowners interests are all that matter under the NLTA.

In Bainimarama’s Land Use Decree the PM has to consider the landowners interests AND the economy. If the PM thinks it would be better for the economy to offer land at low rent to a Chinese company who want to build a factory to process cassava, he can do it. The landowners cannot stop him and they cannot go to a court and ask the court to over-rule the lease on the grounds that it’s against their interests.

It goes without saying that chiefs have been cut right out of the process by Bainimarama and ASK. Five landowners have to be appointed as Trustees for landowning group. They are elected by 60% of the landowners but the PM can refuse any elected landowner he doesn’t like (say because he’s a Methodist or a member of the FLP or SODELPA). If at any time the PM doesn’t like one of the trustees, he can also remove him.

None of the key rules governing rent paid, terms of leases, are in the Decree. They are hidden in Regulations which means the Minister can change them without approval by Parliament. Land has been taken out of the hands of the Parliament and courts and handed straight to Bainimarama.

At the moment Bainimarama is letting landowners choose between his Land Bank and the TLTB, but he doesn’t have to do this and once elected he will no longer let landowners have this choice. The Land Use Decree gives him unlimited power.

The Native Lands Trust Act, which was created by Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna, was one of the main targets of Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum in the mission of cultural genocide he mapped out in 2002 in Hong Kong. By delivering personal power into the office of PM he was able to persuade Bainimarama to support his war on Fijian cultural institutions.

The Land Use Decree creates a dangerous concentration of power, regardless of who the PM is. Its aim is to rob iTaukei of any say over their land and make everyone who wants land dependent on the whims of an all powerful PM. That’s bad for everyone.


18 thoughts on “Native Lands Trust Act versus Land Use Decree

  1. Too bad Voreqe is too think in the head to understand this and the same goes to those who support this illegal regime.

  2. How can a dictator fill his and his cronies pockets in a sluggish small banana economy such as Fiji? He can pay himself a fat salary through aunty Nur. He can milk a few Chinese cicil engineering contractors and he can have a couple of decades of leave pay out. But to become really rich, such as Mugabe and Mobutu, the only chance in Fiji is to grab native land. And this is exactly what my boy Khaiyum has prepared in his wonderful land use decree.

  3. Fijians are lamusona. Frank will screw them all and they will take it like a bitch. Cowards.

  4. The people of Fiji have had enough of the highly corrupt chiefs/thives who were the main instigators of previous coups and many who ordered their kaisi subjects to carry out looting /burning/thuggery etc of citizens/towns and cities in Fiji.

    We thank the Prime minister Voreqe Bainimarama for giving these magaitinamu chiefs the boot, for a better Fiji, in future.


  5. Vinaka Navosavakadua. Keep hammering away with your articles laying out the hidden time-bomb within the illegal and treasonous regime’s insidious Land Use Decree.

  6. Keep on keeping on Ratu Navosavakadua.
    Never let up. The people on both sides are getting the message and the truth.
    Alisi and Danny are a minority. Like the regime they like to sing their own praises to convince them that what they are doing is right. The refuse to see the light and the truth so they will never be free of their greed and racism.
    Keep on Brother. We are behind u all the way!!

  7. @Ratu Navosavakadua

    We all know that people like you have got the boot under king Voreqe Bainimarama. People like you have lost all your superiority chiefly charm, as you, along with other chiefs/thives were also one of the thugs/instigators of previous military coups in Fiji.

    You have lost the lion’s share of lease money which you used to get and are running broke now.

    The members of your mataqali now have an equal and greater share of their lease money which chiefs like you have been sucking from other members of your mataqali- YOU SUCKER.

    Under King Voreqe Bainimarama, all ordinary landowners whose land is under lease are winners as they are now getting a fair share of lease money.

    Do you think these people will vote for the sdl and the old order and kick their own stomach and their children’s future – you moron.

  8. Evil Tuilala
    stop pretending to be a fijian and speaking for them.
    u dont know what u talking about.
    the fijians will never be winners because the rent that kaiindia pays is peanuts. u kaiindia treat the fijians like monkeys thats why u pay peanuts so u can fatten urselves and migrate overseas and take their share of the wealth of their lands.
    New SDL will win again. thats why franky will not have elections. fijians love their chiefs even the rogue ones – because they are fijians.

  9. @ The Thief Lives

    If it wasnt for the Kai India, the itaukei may well have been subject to white rule even today.

    See what white Australia is saying today in Australia:

    ”It is because of our history that we are a confident and positive nation. We must not allow a confidence-sapping ‘black armband’ view of our history to take hold.

    ”That history, while inclusive of indigenous history, must highlight the pivotal role of the political and legal institutions from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.”

    The above quote is from Christopher Pyne, a coalition frontbencher.

    Also why dont you use the land yourself, you lazy or what??

  10. @ Lasulasu itaukei

    Can you sell it ? No you cant.

    Can you give it away ? No you cant

    So, is it really your land ?

  11. 97% land belongs to the indigenous fijians. we lease them to the kaindia and kaichaina for many years and after they have educated their children, they should all migrate overseas. it’s win-win situation for all. maybe khaiyum could put that in the new constitution.

  12. Kaidia contributors…respect should be in your comment, cause its sunny days you are enjoying in this country, but I suggest you must make all preliminary preparations now, when the rainny day comes you should not be taken by suprise, and its gonna be anyday soon….

  13. what is wrong with you people is this what your bible teaching you.. you calling names to people who toiled day and night to make this country what it is today.. you people drifted to this land and called it viti but white people and the Indians came with a aim to make this viti habitable.. just remember 1 thing if Indians will leave Fiji your economy will come crashing.. be greatful for the blessings o it would back to eating each other when all the food source is gone after all some itaukies are so lazy that they can see their land with wilderness rather give it to someone to earn a living still waiting to see a kaiviti taking all his land with him to his grave.. because as far as I know this all belongs to the one and only God and we all are on a lease term don’t even know when each of us will expire don’t b greedy !!!!!!

  14. OMG We have been offered a deal to build an International Airport in our land in Kadavu. I have just read about Bainimarama’s control? Do we the family have to agree to what he says or do we with our lawyers deal direct with the Company with the help of Itaukei Board? Iam at log heads with my kid brother who is friends with Bainimarama and has told him and is dealing with him. I do not want that! So any advice as we both live overseas but in the Kawanibula…I am the eldest in the family and my dad’s instructions was “ The oldest is always in charge! I want a fair outcome as we have to think of the Villages. We apart from owning land, own half of the village so I think of their future and our children’s future together!! I am named after my great great grandmother who owned all this land and passed over to her only son my dad. Is it best to talk to ITAUKEI Office??

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