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The regime has no anwers to the uneasy feeling within the iTaukei community about the future of their land

I asked some simple questions about the Land Use decree – no tricks – but they have not been answered. The regime has no answer.

The Illegal Attorney General speaks of the Bill of Rights as guaranteeing everyone’s rights, but the Bill of Rights make no mention of the rights of indigenous people. It does, however, speak about ‘socio-economic rights’, which opens the door to tenants claiming that they should not be evicted because they have no alternative source of livelihood.

And who will decide such claims? Of course it will be the courts hand-picked and regularly culled by Sayed-Khaiyum which have the task of deciding between landowner and tenant. This is potentially a social poison in our community.

Landowners have often been understanding of tenants in need, and tenants who can afford it, often help their landlords in times of leqa. This is what we should be encouraging and building upon.

Bainimarama and Sayed-Khaiyum have thrived on conflict and the claim that the rest of us cannot live in peace with the iron fist of their rule. Their aim is to reduce our entire society to a helpless herd of cattle unable to do anything without their help or approval.

Bainimarama has been very careful to use the powers he gave himself over land with the Land Use Decree in 2010 very selectively. He’s waiting until he’s cemented in power before he really starts to flex his muscles and both landlord and tenant will be on their knees before him because he holds all the power over land.

19 thoughts on “The regime has no anwers to the uneasy feeling within the iTaukei community about the future of their land

  1. This means i cannot evict the indian who has been living free on my native land for the last 30 years.

  2. this is the real reason kaiyum wants the entrenched provisions of fijian and rotuman lands laws out of the constitution. if these provisions remain, as in the 1997 and the Ghai constitutions, then his land use decree and any other decrees dealing with indigenous lands will be unconstitutional, illegal and void because they would not have been put through the entrenchement process.
    this is the (dishonest) lawyers trick…some say smart, but all right thinking lawyers say it is cunning, dishonest, unethical, abuse of process and anything but legal. It is deliberate telling of half truths. not that this kindergarten lawyer and the shameens advisors would know anything about proper legal practice and ethics.
    Good on u Navosa for highlighting the real deceit.

  3. As I have alluded to before, any self respecting dictator aims to maximise his return on his investment. Staging coups and running a country as a dictatorship carries some serious risks after all, and taking the risk of being hanged for treason must be adequately rewarded. Up until now myself and my boy Khaiyum have paid ourselves comfortable salaries just a little bit above what Obama or Gillard cash in. Then we have milked Chinese and Malaysian contractors. But we soon realised that adequate returns on our investment, commensurate with the risks we have taken can only be derived from getting our hands on the land. Now that I have the power to lease land to anyone I believe pays me a handsome fee, the cash register is finally open for us and we will be laughing all the way to our banks in Hong Kong, Dubai and the Caymans! Please Navosa, take note and stop distorting the truth.

  4. On the back of his mind Voreqe know stepping into tabu territory will be the end of his rule. Its a fact!. He better kick his leader our Khaiyum!

  5. the land is protect under 1997 constitution khaiyum is trying to enforce bkc refer land and make commission with aunty bano/china mines /mahogany deals.
    fijian army/police arrest khaiyum like what have happen in parkistan now musharaf is under siege in his house by police and court judge have repeal musaraf decree and enforced the constitution is legal and alive.haha khaiyum/baini wait for the same thing to happen in fiji court soon.

  6. The Tui Macuata, Ratu Aisea Katonivere has passed away.

    His body was found earlier today in the Macuata waters after their boat capsized last night.

    The chiefly household has confirmed that his body is now at the Labasa hospital mortuary.

    Fijivillage received confirmation from the Police Search and Rescue Center that at about 2pm yesterday, Ratu Aisea Katonivere, Ratu Peni Vulaca and a Vereniki, all of Naduri village, went fishing in a fibre glass boat and was supposed to return this morning

    It was the same tui macuata who at one time chased indian fisherman who were fishing in macuata waters, beat them up, consficated their catch, etc etc.

    He escaped with a suspended sentence through the manipulation of the labasa magistrate’s court system and police prosecution.

    God is watching everyone and even the racists individuals who will get their punishment on this earth before they expire but its just a matter of time.

    And many thanks to the indian fisherman who saved his two other collegues.

  7. Under the new constitution there are no special rights/privilages for any indigenous people- all citizens are equal in this new constitution.

    As in the holy bible which says that all man and woman too are equal. – no special mentioned of superior rights for anyone.

    In the new Fiji, every one will have to work for their food, living and there will be no special handouts because of the color of your skin, hair or being an indigenous citizen.

    As for land what do the fijian landowners want, especially if they cant cultivate their land, as we have seen the weeds growing on land which has been reserved by the natives?

    Is it better for them to lease the land and earn some money or let the land lie idle, full of weeds and starve their families?

    The new trend in Fiji for the landowners in the urban centres especially suva, nadi, lautoka is parents sending their young kids to prostitute, earn money to buy food for their family, while their land are growing full of weeds and they like navosavakadua fart about land every now and then.

    Is this what we fijians want?

    I am so ashamed of this new trend and those doubting my statements can get more information from the police, womans crisis centre, church groups who work with the destitutes, poor etc.

  8. Akissy, whatever the landowners want to do with their land is up to them. Why? Because its their land. Being told what to do and so on with their land is disrespectful. Expecting the population to just swallow the constitution and whatever the govt says doesnt sit well with many. It sends the message that the people are not smart enough to control their own destiny. But how does the current interim govt know what is good for the people? Just cos they say so?! Disgusting.

  9. Surprisingly I have to agree with the thrust of Akissy’s comment,

    Any Bill of Rights provision is centred on one basic premise — that we are all EQUAL. One’s gender, race, religion, age, creed does not entitle any one to special privileges like land ownership and that is why proponents of the minority voice like CCF and the illegal & treasonous military regime will not entrench native land ownership in their draft. Even the Ghai draft for all its progressive ideas tryed to entrench native land ownership (ref s11-17 in Ghai draft) by linking back to the 1997 Constitution without explicitly expressing so.

    Now the military regime can twist what meaning of their ideas however they like, but the words on paper, are what they are.

    Khaiyum continues to dangle the Momi saga as sole justification as to why entrenching native land rights did not work in the 1997 constitution, but his pitiful vote-buying lament drowns in the face of history that proves otherwise.

  10. Wait a moment, this we are all equal is obviously nonsense. While I am a great visionary leader with brilliant ideas, an impeccable education and a lot of cash, you guys are nothing but indolent, subservient peasants who want free Fiji Bitter. I am your leader and I demand respect, more money and a lifetime job as Fiji’s Prime Minister and Commander in Chief. My boy Khaiyum is earmarked for the Chief Justice post and all those who have a little bit of legal understanding would in the meantime have noticed that under our new democratic constitution these two posts are the only ones that matter in government.

  11. @RNand

    Can they sell their land ? No they cant.

    Can they give away their land ? No they cant.

    Therefore do they actually own it, or are they merely holding it in trust ?

    From Fiji’s viewpoint, its better if it is cultivated and crops produced, whether its done by land custodians or by tenants.

    Of course the more important thing to note is that in our knowledge economy, you dont need land to generate wealth.

  12. @Akissy

    you have not answered the questions. You haven’t even tried. They’re not complicated questions.

    You’ve said what the purpose of the Land Use Decree is – to get idle land into production for the benefit of landowners and the economy. You haven’t said anything about the fact that the Decree gives unlimited power over land to Bainimarama as PM.

    You say that landowners with idle land would be better off if it was rented, but doesn’t it depend on the rent level and the length of the lease.

    Unless rent levels are increased as inflation increases, rents become a joke. A shilling an acre might have been a good rent in 1900, but in 1999, it would like stealing the landowner’s land to get it for one shilling an acre. Twenty acres acres in 1900 would give a rent of one pound, a handy sum in 1900, but $2 in 1999 is nothing.

    We know the Land Use decree allows Bainimarama to hand out land on 99 year leases, but that’s all we know. He can choose whatever he likes for rent and rent review processes.

    Do you really not understand that landowners should have some say in how long leases should be, what rent should be paid and how frequently rents should be reviewed and adjusted?

    Finally, as far as we know the only people to get land from Bainimarama out of the Land Bank are Chinese bauxite miners and no-one knows what profits they are making on this.

    Bainimarama is holding off showing the powers he has under the Land Use decree because he knows that the powers have not been approved by landowners or the wider population.

    Once he’s entrenched on power, watch out!

  13. @Navosavakadua

    Thanks for your reply and highlighting some key issues which you think are important.

    You talk about land rental which needs to be increased as per yearly inflation.

    I say to you that while I do agree that land rent has to be resonable and fair at the same time you have to understand that leasing land may not be as profitable to the tenant as you tend to portray.

    If leasing a piece was that profitable to the tenants than why dont the landowners themselves cultivate the land and make hugh profits out of it.

    As for the term of the lease period, you are saying that “Do you really not understand that landowners should have some say in how long leases should be, what rent should be paid and how frequently rents should be reviewed and adjusted”.

    I say to you that do you know that unless the tenant/investor is confident of the term of lease and rental, no investors will be willing to invest in your land and you landowners can continue to grow weeds on the land, starve your mataqali members of atleast some rental income from lease money and send your young children especially young girls on streets of major cities for prostution to earn money to buy food for the family with the knowledge of their parents,

    Is this what you want? Get a reality check my friend.

    Remember the old saying that beggers can not be choosers applies aptly in this situation. The landowners needs to negotiate their way out for any reasonable way of leasing their land, as we all know that the land owners are damn lazy bastards like you who can just talk and look for free money without sweating their guts out for a living.

    You are like a parasite for surviving on the hard labor of your tenants and you should be asamed of that.

  14. Navosa & Akisi, your concerns about land levies or lease money is understood, however you must also consider not everyone who wants to purchase or lease land are rich as most are ordinary Fijians earning well below the minimum wage level.

    Surely there is already a clause within TLTB that deals and separates customers needs. Those who seek short & long term agricultural lease, commercial and residential lease. It is fair to say that the landlord must have a say on the value or cost but not the monopoly to dictate the rent. Still on land, some failed politicians, aspiring, racist politicians plus some bush lawyers are holding their cards close to their chest and issuing lies and threats that Itaukei land is under immense pressure of being alienated.

    Beddoes, for your information, you maybe a fijian kawa ca…..you are not Melanesian. Your desperate cries to the Australian media is noted but would never change a thing. Ask the Marama from Roko Tui Dreketi household….Na Qai qo e sana qai ga !! O vodo se warai, o dou sana bera biu taki tu mai !

  15. Domidomica

    You stupid or what? The lease rent should be the prerogative of the landlord…monopoly your arse.

  16. @ Arsekissy

    “If leasing a piece was that profitable to the tenants than why dont the landowners themselves cultivate the land and make hugh profits out of it.”

    I think you miss the point here – why is renting the land inherently ‘more valuable’ to the landowners than simply not renting it. I feel very uncomfortable with the idea of labelling free choice as “idle land” – implying that any landowner that is not busy cultivating the land or tearing down the forest is somehow negligent – for fucks sake. It is not ‘parasitic’ for a landowner to refuse an offer to lease land? And in any event, why should landowners need to make a ‘huge profit’ if they don’t want to?

    It is nonsense – dreamt up by Aiyaz and his fevered tax-hungry cronies to justify their draconian interference in property rights.

    If they don’t want the land rental, they don’t rent the land. If they want a rental review then they can demand it as part of an agreement – the lessee can either choose to accept the terms, or not. Why does the government need to be involved in this in any case?

    It seems a little strange to imply that the government should have the right to force a landowners to rent their land if it is against their wishes.

    Property tenure is a fundamental principal of the rule of law – Why should a Dictator have an unfettered right to interfere in the private and communal property of the landowners?

  17. @akissy

    Let’s face it you’re unable to answer a single question about the Land Use Decree. However, thank you for letting slip the ignorant prejudice that motivates you.

    According to you “The landowners needs to negotiate their way out for any reasonable way of leasing their land, as we all know that the land owners are damn lazy bastards like you who can just talk and look for free money without sweating their guts out for a living.” Landowners are “like a parasite for surviving on the hard labor of tenants”.

    Is this kind of ignorant prejudice part of Frank’s Race Free Fiji?


    I agree with your general point but you need to do a bit of homework on both NLTA and ALTA. ALTA, which has also been entrenched in the constitution, protects tenants very well (some think too well). Any changes made to either of these need to be properly debated and well understood, not sneaked in like the LUD.

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