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Questions for your relatives in the RFMF

Bainimarama has told us that Native land is safe under his constitution. He won’t answer our questions, so every member of the RFMF, as his representative, should be able to help their relatives understand if this is true.

Here are a few simple questions we should all be asking our RFMF relatives.

– What do they know about the Land Use Decree?

– Why does the Land Use Decree not say one word about the need for landowner approval before land is leased for 99 years?

– Why does the Land Use Decree not say one word about the Land Bank, even though the Land Use Decree gives to the PM the power to issue leases from the Land Bank?

– Why does the Land Use Decree not say one word about how rents are set and how they should be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that rents keep pace with inflation and the changing value of land?

– Why does the Land Use decree over-ride the Native Lands Trust Act?

– Why does the Land Use Decree say that no decisions made by PM or any official can be appealed in a a court or tribunal of any kind?

The Land Use Regulations made by the Minister contain all the rules for leasing but these can be changed by the Minister without approval of Parliament and the Regulations cannot be challenged in any court or tribunal.

– Why does the Land Use Act say the PM must give equal weight to the interests of landowners and the economy?

Any of the RFMF stooge pack who like to blog can feel free to answer any of the questions, but it’s answers we want, not abuse, not claims about what the Qarase Government did. The Qarase Government is not about to impose a new constitution which removes ALL protection for Native land. It’s Bainimarama who needs to answer questions.

17 thoughts on “Questions for your relatives in the RFMF

  1. After being wrecked in his last tall tale on the reef of Momi illegal land swap, Navosavakadua continues to stoke the unfounded fears about iTaukei land.

  2. What the hell this illegall AG is trying to talk about jn this video. He did not answer the question put to him by the Fijian bloke. It is funny when a violator of the Supreme law of the land tries to talk about the law. Who will believe him.

  3. Hear! Hear! Navosavakadua.

    And as expected we get lame responses like half-arsed assurances from Khaiyum. Like any right thinking landowner is going to believe the filthy lies that emanate from a treasonous usurper.

    A good majority of those in the RFMF would be landowners themselves but I don’t see any of them actively queueing up to “deposit” their land in the land bank.

  4. Two powerful chiefs tell dictator to leave Khaiyum’s anti-Fijian Land Use Decree alone
    By Victor Lal

    I share the sentiments of the two chiefs, and would call upon all Fijians who passionately care about their cultural heritage, identity, and their land, including those in the Military Council, to resist this obnoxious Decree, to the bitter end.

    Remember the immortal words of another Cakaudrove chief, the late Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau, who once remarked: “If you break up the land, you break up the Fijian people.”

    No self-respecting i-taukei must allow the deranged dictator and his master henchman and author of the genocidal “Sunset Clause” to see the Land Use Decree see the Fijian sunlight. If it does, the i-taukei as a race will become a wandering people in their own God-given land.

    Read Victor Lal’s full article here

  5. Victor Lal is one of those Indo-Fijians who refuses to see what his race will be like in another ten years time if he and others do not go along with Frank and Aiyaz Khaiyum’s blueprint for a better and prosperous Fiji. There is too much of Raiwaqa blood in this man to break loose with native Fijians! He is missing the Frank-Aiyaz boat for a glorious Fiji! Bye-bye wrecked passenger! God bless Frank and Aiyaz in their vision

  6. Fijians in fiji own 90 per cent of land and yet remain so poor relying on government handouts, lease money from tenant community, and yet harp about their land.

    Most of the land that have not been leased and own by the indigenous fijians have weeds/grasses grown over as high as the fijian chief’s.

    Its high time they should be eating their land piece by piece.

    They are lazy bastards who can till their land and be someone in their life.

  7. If Fijians are poor they are happy. Thats the way they want it. Leave them alone to evolve like the Indians who have for centuries!. Stop bothering whats not yours you racist bastards!Idiots!

  8. khaiyum/frank just milking money from land and mine /road construction deals..no to bkc and yes to 1997 constitution.
    shame on fijian army/police for supporting the regime thugs.

  9. Danny Crane
    so what foreigner!!!
    we determine what we do with our property. I dont tell you what to do with your house. In any case that land is also for the use of my children and generations to come. You see land as a commodity i dont. Thats why iam a kai viti landowner and you are not ,,,,,,dumbarse!

  10. You can scream as much as you want, I am the one who takes the decision on leasing land for 99 years and nobody can challenge my decision. Those who scream in an annoying high pitch will be visited by my boys and will be given the Ballu Khan treatment. And not everybody has a skull as thick as Ballu’s!

  11. so waht fanny crate?
    if u dont like it here go somewhere else.
    fijians can choose to do what they like with their lands. its not for foreigners to dictate and force their foreign ways. go to australia and steal the aboriginals lands. dont stay here and butako the fijians.

  12. Khaiyum canot even get his own father in law on side. What hope does this delusional cock sucker have with the task at hand?

  13. this immigrant taliban and his muslim famliy and friends are after the native lands. They have been after these lands since the first day this greedy cunts arrived in Fiji. Now their fucken descendents want the land and the kailoma cunt called Frank bainimarama is happy to steal it for them so long as they keep him out of prison.

    So Fijians will be like the NZ Maoris and American Indians and the other places that the fucken British cunts fucked up during their colonisation.

    If you want the land then ask the landowners and buy it at market rates. This land bank crap is stealing the land from the Fijians for 99years. yes 99 years the landowners wont have any say over the land and will shit returns for it just like the sugar can fields that were leased for very low shit rates. Then the ass hole Mahendra Pal Chaudhry paid the cane farmers over $20,000 at the end of the lease. The landowners were screwed and will be screwed again.

    So stop talking and defend your lands. Fuck Frank bainimarama and khaiyum before you stupid landowners lose everything!! You have the land now so defend it before its gone.

  14. Danny Crane you sound like an migrant cunt trying to tell the fijians what to do with their land. its their land so leave them be and its their country so fuck off to where ever your ancestors ran away from because they couldnt make it there.

  15. Talk about fijian land, you natives own 90 per cent of land in Fiji, yet you remain poor in the country because you are lazy, you can not plant crops for even your own consumption. You depend on government handouts under previous fijian governments which make you even more lazy, many of you drink grog all night and cant even look after your own wife, children who roam the streets in the night, terrorising innocent citizens, prostuting etc in a country where you own 90 per cent of land..

    What a joke?

    In the new Fiji, every citizen will have to work for their food, living and there will be no special handouts because of the color of your skin, hair or being an indigenous citizen.

    As for land what do the fijian landowners want, especially if they cant cultivate their land, as we have seen the weeds growing on land which has been reserved by the natives?

    Is it better for them to lease the land under the governments land bank scheme and earn some money for your families or let the land lie idle, full of weeds and starve your families?

    The new trend in Fiji for the landowners in the urban centres especially suva, nadi, lautoka is parents sending their young kids to prostitute, earn money to buy food for their family, while their land are growing full of weeds and they like navosavakadua fart about land every now and then.

    Is this what we fijians want?

    I am so ashamed of this new trend and those doubting my statements can get more information from the police, womans crisis centre, church groups who work with the destitutes, poor etc.


  16. sorry u not fijian.
    first u steal their name.
    now u gonna steal their land.
    dont abuse a man and his family for standing up for his and his childrens rights.
    u dont have to live here. the fijians have.
    so frank off to taliban land.

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