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You know it is a Military Dictatorship when the military is activly involved in politics.

PM must  lead: Aziz

April 6, 2013 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: Fiji Sun


The Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) wants the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, to lead the country after the 2014 General Election.
Speaking to Fiji Sun yesterday, the RFMF’s chief of staff, Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz said: “We will give him our support to keep his leadership.”
He was responding to political comments that have started as the nation prepares for the elections in 2014.
Brigadier-General Aziz said the Prime Minister had started a new political path for the nation, which was totally different from what the nation had experienced from past governments.
He said after the takeover in 2006, the Bainimarama-led Government had to attend to some sad issues from the past.
Promises, he said, had been made by politicians as a way to win quick votes, but it was rather sad that these votes were never translated into meaningful change.
The RFMF’s chief of staff said another issue which the Government had worked on was land.
“Land is usually a controversial issue and past governments used it as a political tool to gain votes from the landowners.”
However, he said very little was done compared to what’s being done by the current Government.
The Prime Minister had introduced land reforms and with these reforms more land was made available on new favourable terms and conditions.
Land reform is a priority for the development of the resource-based sector which will be mutually beneficial for both the landlords and tenants.
Brigadier-General Aziz says one of the objectives of the reforms now in place is to eradicate abuse and corruption.
The way forward for Fiji, he says, is for the Government to hear people’s concerns and act positively.
Now, he said, past politicians were ganging up and making criticisms against the Government.
“However, they have not ever put forward to members of the public their way forward for the nation.”
He said the RFMF would work with the Prime Minister to see that he retains leadership after the 2014 elections.
He urged members of the public to join the military in supporting the Prime Minister in his bid to lead the nation in 2014.
The new political direction the nation is now experiencing, according to the RFMF’s chief of staff, can only be carried forward by the Prime Minister and his Government.

27 thoughts on “You know it is a Military Dictatorship when the military is activly involved in politics.

  1. That’s fine Aziz. You guys choose him and the voters will choose whoever they want. But just looking at your numbers and the numbers outside of the RFMF they don’t quite line up with his active courting of votes in the North LMAO.

    Now that Thicko’s loud, crude and idiotic mouth is out of commission, its Aziz’s turn to make a damn fool of himself and prove his worth as next possible main boy. What with Merchants Finance breathing down and all…

  2. No Aziz, we the indegenous people all do not agree with you to have VB lead Fiji now or following the 2014 election.

    You anothe muslim like EyeArse, is someone we want removed from leadership of our native land as ES’s leadership is going all out to dispossess us and remove all things that make us Fijians . Hid land reforms do exactly the opposite to what you say, it provides unfettered powers to Govt to dispossesses us of our land.

    We are becoming to lose confidence in muslims in Fiji.

    No we will as a race not vote for VB or your party and we will fix up the muslims when we are back in control

  3. aziz is speaking the truth that army is ready for another coup .if frank lose election 2014.this expose the army/regime for fooling fiji people for democratic election

  4. another military thug singing his masters tune …
    we are hia to stay and nobody gonna stop us ye ye ye .
    all ye democracy falas go phuck yourselves se se se
    we military walas will rule da country da way we sees fit
    and we don’t give a damn if anybody don’t like it. poo poo poo…

  5. Military now is getting very political. They are now campaigning to have things their way with political talks and threats. They are now trying to protect their ill gotten gains since it is now being endangered by all the political anti-regime rumblings going on. aziz asked if politicians have made suggestion on how to move forward – rule of law and democracy is the way forward which is what these politicians are pushing for – not the criminal power grab and dictatorship by the army. Better prepare another bed at CWM beside tikoitoga’s bed

  6. This is the dumbest comment to come from the military under the circumstances. If he is trying to “masi polo” Voeqe for the post of Commander, he must be stupid. I don’t think he last if he is ever appointed Commander.

  7. We had better support whats best for us and that is only move forward and not backwards

  8. Aziz take your ass back to Pakistan where wever you Muslim freek came out from. We don’t need you asshole in Fiji. Go back to your sand hut and continue with your terrorist activity there. We in Fiji don’t stone our women to death if they have sex when ever they want to. We don’t tie bomb and blow ourselves up, so call all the faggot towel wraping and go back to the sand. Continue working how to make bomb that you guys tie around your balls and can’t blow up. You faggots bring alot of trouble to us and the sooner your pig eating asses gets nuke off this planet the better for everyone here!!! Alah akkbar suck my dick!!!!! False lying dickhead Muslim god. Aaaaalahhhkukabarfuknassamurak!!!!!

  9. The plot thickens (but we all knew this was on the cards by the RFMF so really no new surprises there):

    No wonder Aziz has been cued to sputter on demand.

    The illegal and treasonous regime will further vire and steal tax dollars so that they can continue their aggressive vote-buying. Forget about any real returns to your taxes people. Infrastructure, health services, basic education will definitely be heavily sacrificed for their political careers and cement their hold on power.

  10. Anyway, in the interests of saving space and time, just wanted to make a brief, pointed comment on Mohamed Aziz’s telling statement to Fiji’s controlled media: “We will give him our support to keep his leadership.”

    It’s a sordid culture that Aziz clearly indicates, one that relies on patronage over merit. The once-proud Fijian military has evolved into a rogue force with corrupted elements having each’s other back – starting with the handing over of the baton by Ratu Epeli Ganilau to his ‘boy’ FB to protect his corrupt acts vis-a-vis the Regimental Fund and stone-wall any attempt by the govt of the day to audit their books. Since 2000, the people have suffered through cut-backs on the necessities of life in order to feed the greedy, growing belly of its military force. 7 years since their free-rein on power with parliamentary checks&balances, the stakes have become even higher.

    They cannot afford to have their god-like leader in FB lose or get toppled over in the promised election. They cannot afford to lose the returns on their investments, privileged access to contracts, licence, permits, funding etc etc – the UNJUST ENRICHMENT accumulated through a system of patronage as opposed to merit.

    So as Aziz has clearly indicated, by hook or by crook, they will ensure that their King Midas stays in power for THEIR VERY SURVIVAL, not so much his.. If they can trash Ghai’s draft constitution and pen their own to consolidate their hold on power, they will RIG the promised election.

    The stakes are very high for you lot, aye Aziz..!

    Fijians who truly LOVE their country will have to think very, very carefully about their choices…

  11. A correction please, sentence should read:

    “7 years on since their free-rein on power – without parliamentary checks & balances, the stakes have become even higher.”

  12. who elected this crook who got millions in bribe from padam lala and dewan chand pundit to speak for 800000 people of Fiji?

    Thug must be investigated and sent to naboro

  13. Hey Aziz just bend down to Bainimarama to root your faggot ass while sucking on to kaiyum ass!!! You dumb Muslim fuck!!!!!

  14. Hey Aziz just bend down to Bainimarama to root your faggot ass while sucking on to kaiyum uncircumcised dick!!! You dumb Muslim fuck!!!!!

  15. so now we have the new rfmf mouthpiece. and a crooked potbellied one at that. so Aziz-jan, what are you going to do if your saviour looses the election? stage another coup?

  16. very aptly said pokie land. military has a lot to lose if bai goes so they use threats and coercion to push through their objectives as devious as it is. As the stage is set for bai and his cohorts to ruin the itaukei’s heritage – culture and land inclusive – and further pillage the national coffers it should not be difficult to chose who not to elect if we really care about the future.

  17. The iPM has said his current government will form HIS NEW POLITICAL PARTY for purposes of the coming elections. Poor Fiji, their national coffers (FNPF funds) is being further abused to drive corruption and propaganda just like he did in the lead up to the June/July 2006 elections when he was commander of rfmr and used tax funds to campaign against the then incumbent SDL-led govt. A loose canon.

    But more importantly for those working in the regime, what their iPM is effectively saying that if they want to keep their jobs, keep all the freebies and privileges flowing nicely and the under-the-table deals well and truly covered and out-of-sight, THEN they better go all out to quell dissent as far as they can (which we can see they’re losing on …) and as a last resort, RIG the damned election to secure HIS WIN as their PM. Otherwise…

    This is a conscience-call for those in the regime. Once again, you’re at cross-roads.. there’s a choice to be made..

    So what’s it gonna be?

    Will you do all you can to entrench the corrupted status quo, or will you put the nation’s interests first and boot out your corrupt, wounded leader so the nation could start afresh on a clean slate and have a genuine chance at truly rebuilding their tattered country. And please try not to insult the nation with a plea of ignorance – not after 7 years.. plus that’s not a defence! lols.

  18. The RFMF’s chief of staff, Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz is the same ass-hole who ran to bainimagana and accused Driti and Rokolui. this is why Aziz can carry-out his corrupt practices with financial deals for his whores surgery in Rewa street and getting a cut from army contracts. Aziz never attended any military college except sucking bainimagana’s dirty galanas and was promoted after swallowing it all.

    Aziz and mosese fisher know that bainimagana dont have the support of the people so they must threaten the people of Fiji otherwise their good life from corruption will come to an end. They abuse their military office and use it to manipulate the RFMF soldiers into illegal activities against the people of Fiji……

    ….Fijians assaulting Fijians while muslim pigs and bainimagana and kuntyums families and friends rob Fiji.

  19. they’re all lying bastards. just a few months ago they said “no one in the rfmf will benefit from this coup” and “one should resign from the Military if he wants to join a political Party”. and guess what? bainimarama and his family have benefited very nicely from the coup and now he has declared he will stand in the elections but does not want to resign from the rfmf. eat your vomit LIAR.

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