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The lie behind our “Experienced Sri Lankan High Court Judges” … Justice Kotigalage was merely a Lawyer at a bank in Sri Lanka before his appointment.

Kotigalage joined Fiji Island Judiciary in September 2011 as a High Court Judge.

Before he joined Fiji Judiciary he served as the Senior Deputy General Manager and Consultant -Legal at Seylan Bank Plc for 16 years and count over 30 years of experience as a Lawyer. He is an old boy of Ananda College and Pundaluoya Maha Vidyayala.

It is proud to state that Sri Lankan Lawyers of Kotigalage’s level of competence can perform in any area of Law not only in Sri Lanka but anywhere in the world.


15 thoughts on “The lie behind our “Experienced Sri Lankan High Court Judges” … Justice Kotigalage was merely a Lawyer at a bank in Sri Lanka before his appointment.

  1. No wonder they are beholden to the whims of this regime because would not be appointed to the posts they hold in Fiji under a fair selection process anywhere in the world. What a farce.

  2. He is just like Aiyaz then – a pretend lawyer with no real courtroom experience – only in-house playpen experience.

  3. Radio Ram-Rod.

    “only in-house playpen experience”

    Boy aren’t you describing yourself?

    What say you chief ramrod?

  4. Queen Antonia needs to be taken to task. Why should taxpayers foot the bill of importing underqualified stooges? He is a blight and a stain on the history of the judiciary in Fiji — he and his fellow pretentious english tea drinking BFF Nazhat.

  5. ROFL…… yeahh Fiji’s junta is a running joke and the gullible population an even bigger joke for allowing the common criminals in power a free rein looting the nation’s coffers at will.

    At the end of the day, the buck stops with the junta..

    Sri Lanka is a proud nation, they will say that they they only export their lawyers, they do not import them (foreign lawyers). And why should they! With a decent educated populace but a massive one of approx. 21 million, on a very small island – the combined size of Fiji, New Caledonia and Solomon Islands.

    Fijians have brought their problems unto themselves and will have to think long, hard and intelligently(!!) in order to disentangle themselves and put their country right. No one’s going to do it for them. In the meantime, if Sri Lankan lawyers can earn much more practising in Fiji than back home – why not?

  6. now look at the experience of Gates and Pryde. it makes no difference to the sri lankan judges – they are both shit!!.

    what is paramount is having people with qualifications, which only says that they understand and can do the job, but they must also have a high level of integrity, honesty and emotional intelligence to do their jobs effectively. And stand true to their office.

    there are lots of people with qualifications but do they have the integrity, honesty and emotional intelligence to do the jobs they were entrusted to do effectively – through good or bad times. Or are they just looking after their own interests……. A lot of public servants, both qualified and unqualified, have been in senior jobs for years and yet people still complain of poor services or neglect…. its not because they dont have the right qualifications or dont know the job – its because they have the wrong emotional intelligence to do the right job and to do it right.

  7. He is a great lawyer and a great judge. Fiji has ignorant fools working in the judiciary so they have to bring judges from sri lanka, consultant of seylan bank plc is one of the best positions in a bank. Do research before you comment some of the people.

  8. how many outstanding judgments has he got??
    he has judgments outstanding for more than a year.
    cj has a roomful of outstanding judgments for cases he heard many years ago but did not bother to deliver the judgment and the poor people are still waiting but nothing is being done by him or the AG to clear the HUNDREDS of outstanding judgments.

  9. bet these two kaivalagi judges gates and pryde already have their suitcases packed and ready just in case the locals come after them when their illegal boss is toppled. they should take their young sri lankans lawyers with them. good riddance to bad rubbish.

  10. pryde is not a judge. calanchini is. he was a former legal adviser to franky thats wy he is still there masipolo to his former commander

  11. The appointment process that relate to judges that we read in the junta’s draft constitution will forever ensure that stooges like this will preside as judges in Fiji’s courts!!

  12. the constitution is just a show. the airhead never follows the appointment process not even in his own decree and it will be the same with his blue print for dictatorship. antoinette has no balls to protect his troops and the court jester plays his violin and the troops dance to the dictators tune.
    you might as well make the judiciary a government department because at the moment that is what it is in reality.
    this sri lankan like the others are just here to make money on their contracts not caring whether the cases are heard fairly and quickly except for the political prosecutions.
    airhead does not even have to say anything. it is understood by the court that if u dont follow the tune u will be out of a job.

  13. Can someone explain why the Sri Lankan Master in Suva was promoted to a Judge and the two local Masters were not?? The locals have earned their stripes but are being sidelined.
    Theres the regimes transparency and equal rights for you.

  14. why don’t you people just mind your own businesses? Fiji is not developing because the country have fools like this always searching for something to put on a bloody blog. help the country to develop and help yourselves too. sri lanka is way more developed than this because people do not have time to criticize other innocent people. judges come there to earn for their families like everyone of you. the work hard for it and they earn it. feeling so sorry for the jobless piece of shit who posted this here trying to make all people negative and make unncessary judgements.

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