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What a juvenile smart aleck

How stupid does Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum think we all are?

He’s claiming that the ‘conversion’ of 68.7 hectares of native land to Crown grant land under the Qarase Government proves that there never was any protection for Native land entrenched in past constitutions.

He knows that there’s always been a provision for the swapping of Native land for Crown land so that essential infrastructure could be provided. His STATE LANDS (AMENDMENT) DECREE 2013 (DECREE NO. 7 OF 2013) deals with this issue, putting an end to this small degree of flexibility in Native land legislation. He claimed this was to protect Native land, but it was never more than an attempt to spread the lie that he was all for protecting Native land.

As things stand, Bainimarama’s 2010 Land Use Decree gives him the right as PM to approve 99 years leases under whatever terms and conditions he likes on any native land. He can’t take ownership without proper compensation, but giving 99 year leases with low rents is no different from seizing the land. It will take 4 generations for land to be recovered by its owners.

Under all previous constitutions, the Bainimarama Land Use Decree 2010 would be unconstitutional but the Land Use Decree says “This Decree has effect notwithstanding any provision of the Native Land Trust Act [Cap. 134], Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Act [Cap. 270], Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Ordinance 1966 and any other law”. It over-rides every other law of the land.

As with all ASK decrees there is specific provision that “any decision of any Minister or any State official or body, made under this Decree” cannot be challenged in a “court, tribunal, commission” etc etc.

If Sayed-Khaiyum thinks all this bunkum about land swaps means that we’ll think no protections have been removed he must take us for fools.

This smart-alecky school boy debating shows how out of touch he is with reality.

20 thoughts on “What a juvenile smart aleck

  1. Perhaps at some future date, if Fiji has become more urbanized and few people continue to live on native land, it will be reasonable to convert native land to freehold. But that time is not now and it could be 50 or more years before it would be a reasonable thing to do. Meanwhile, native land should be protected.

    If the PM exercises his so-called right to do what he wants with native land, he will be in real trouble.

  2. That will probably never happen FRE. Native land is not OWNED in the english sense of the word to one or two people. It “belongs” to clans who are guardians of it.

    There is a very wise long-term philosophical view to why this is so. Customary land owners hold customary land in trust for their future generations.

    If one needs land from customary land owners, all one needs to do is ask for it and lease it. But it will never, ever be converted or sold. Quite simply customary landowners have an inherent understanding that it is not their’s to give.

  3. Navosavakadua you got to know the procedures before talking smart.Qarase has again breached the rules of the game here,Qarase,s cabinet and landowners dont have any right by law in this matter and they will soon be facing the music

  4. What people don’t see is, if Khaiyum is crowing about closing this ‘loophole’, then he can with another decree open it again or widen it further. And under his toilet paper draft, he can create more loopholes by a simple majority in parliament – all he would need as unelected attorney general is to get 23 MPs to amend the Native Land Trust Act (NLTA) further.

    If instead NLTA and other laws for the protection of indigenous land, resources and people were entrenched in the constitution, then under the new draft, 3/4 or 34 MPs and 3/4 of the registered voters to agree to an amendment. These laws should be entrenched by requiring the approval of the Bose Levu Vakaturaga and a super majority in parliament, before being amended. We don’t need a referendum to amend the constitution – for that is why we have MPs representing us. All over the world, where referendums are held, you’re lucky to get even 49% approval. 75% is virtually impossible, locking us into an undesirable constitution that is incapable of amendment – the RECIPE FOR YET ANOTHER COUP!

    Without constitutional protection, native land, resources are subject to being amended at will by whoever is in power – just like the Land Use Decree which ignores the Native Land Trust Act provisions that only the NLTB can LEASE native land, the LUD gives the PM the power to give 99 year leases – often called ‘virtual freehold’

  5. Im with u Keep The Faith.
    We are the custodians for future generations.
    Pray to God that conversion of native lands to any other form of landholding never happens.
    We have no right to convert.
    The Airhead has no idea or respect.

  6. kuntyum is about stealing native land and handing it over to his muslims pigs for low or next to zzero rates.

    the native landowners can just stand aside and watch while kuntyum and his cici maga bainimagana rob them of their lands. If these two satanic worshippers want the native lands then they should pay the landowners market rates for the land- yes buy it from the landowners at market rates or at the rates a fucken muslim pig would sell his land for.

  7. Not only the land and seas that have been stolen.
    The royalties from mining (which were given under the 1997 Constitution) have been stolen from the Fijian and Rotuman people under this fellas toilet paper.

  8. Let all the magaitinamu chiefs and kaisi’s eat all native land.

    With 90 per cent land owned in Fiji, these bastards are still living in poverty, good for nothing, lazy bastards, cant even plant their own food.

    Their numbers are well represented in Fiji’s prisons.

  9. VOre why are still bludging off the kaivitis land?
    Or did u steal it but not caught yet thats wy u not in jail??
    Sorry bro but u cant have our land. we poor because of racist bastards like u bludging off us.
    thats our wealth that u r stealing and fattening urself on.
    so let all the magaitinamu kai indias and kai muslims and kaikosos salivate over our lands.

  10. @ Mosi saraga vei au. Can you elaborate on the issue you are talking about as it does not make any sense.

  11. could someone go and buturaki this khaiyum idiot. he is bent on taking itaukei land by hook or by crook and will stoop at nothing. his brother riaz should be hazed too for shamelessly putting that muslim cleric on tv on good friday to spew venom on christians.

  12. @sa dina. me and thousands other fijians are just waiting to do it. the khaiyums move around with their skinny young bodyguards at their heels. big lamusonas. bet you one thing, we will follow them to dubai or to the end of the world when their idiot dictator is toppled.

  13. Adios Amigo.. what Kyum is elaborating on is that there is a law which is being breached here,with native Land…..we have TLTB as trustees to our land and there are Acts that Gorvern it.What he is trying to emphasize or elaborate on here is that those rules were not being observed while transfering this Land at Momi and we need to be aware that

  14. Mosi, brother, the kaiindias sari is being pulled over ur head. Cumyum is not about protecting fijian lands. he wants them all available for every body – equal rights. read his constitution with eyes open and the sari on the floor not over ur head.
    this ass is not closing a loophole. there was no loop hole to close in the first place.
    what he has actually done with his decree is to stop government giving any unused state land back to the fijians. ur fijian I presume. open ur eyes and use ur brain and remove the sari over ur head brother.
    if this ass is so concerned for the fijians, why didnt he pass a decree to give the land back to the fijians instead of stopping the fijians from getting government land back which was possible before.
    u guys are so gullible (like ur kai voreqe) the ass and his muslim advisers are kailaing in ur faces.

  15. Correct Anon but the issue here is the transfer at momi and it was ilegal. The minister responsible that time will and should be held accountable

  16. LQ acted on advice from the AGs office, QB and sol general Nainendra.
    Illegality is debatable but I agree with you about the illegality,. You will find another dozen persons who will disagree and obviously the LQs lawyers disagree with u and I. No court has decided which is right. Airyass has seized on the confustion to win brownie poits with the Fijians. Dishonestly.
    So hopefully the Fijians will see through all his lies.

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