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Meeting rejects regime’s draft constitution

United Front for a Democratic Fiji




 Meeting rejects regime’s draft constitution


 A public meeting convened by the United Front for a Democratic Fiji (UFDF) in Suva yesterday (3 April 2013) to discuss the regime’s draft constitution was  attended by about 300 people representing a good cross section of the Fiji community.

 The meeting condemned the rejection by the regime of the People’s 2012 constitution drafted by the Ghai Commission and the substitution thereof by its own draft which constitutional experts have labeled regressive and dangerous, and which fails to meet universally accepted principles of democracy, human rights, transparency and good governance.

The meeting condemned in the strongest terms the high degree of political control the regime’s draft constitution asserts over the judiciary thus completely undermining its  independence and authority.

The meeting unanimously resolved to:

  1. reject the Bainimarama/Khaiyum 2013 draft constitution as an imposition on the people of Fiji by an unelected and unlawful regime in a dictatorial and arbitrary manner
  1. demand that the People’s 2012 Ghai Commission draft constitution be reinstated and submitted to a fully representative Constituent Assembly to be appointed by the President. Further, following consideration of the Ghai Commission draft by the Constituent Assembly, it be referred to the people of Fiji for approval through a national referendum supervised by the international community
  1. call for the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to avail the people of Fiji a process through which to heal the injustices and ills of the past and move forward together

The Media

 The meeting expressed serious concern at the manner in which the local media has completely succumbed to pressure from the regime, and appears to be operating as an extension of the Information Ministry.

This tantamounts to a derogation of its obligations to the people of Fiji, and a violation of its own Media Code of Ethics. As the Fourth Estate, the local media needs to assert its rights and play a more courageous, responsible and honest role in reporting on issues of national interest.


Ratu Jone Kubuabola

Mahendra P. Chaudhry

Mick Beddows

Attar Singh

18 thoughts on “Meeting rejects regime’s draft constitution

  1. So what we have here is the Burebasaga cofederacy calling for the return of the 1987 Constitution and the UFDF wanting the reinstatement of the Ghai Constitution. Bainimarama needs to take the govt to an early election.

  2. We would think that Beddoes and his party would fall behind and support Ro Teimumu and the confederacy but that is not to be. If the views of the Burebasaga submissions are accepted across the nation particularly amongst the I Taukei considering the popn nos then everything that this regime has worked for in regards to the constitution is nought. Which means that the Ghai Constitution was never fully accepted in its premise. Bainimarama must have an election, the sooner the better and correction to the above post: 1997 Constitution

  3. Its only afew people who are saying this,majority of the population do agree with Frank and his ideals for fiji

  4. Precisely RT. Hopefully people attending the public meeting in Nadi today will insist on a consistent message based on Rewa’s bold stand, and heed Richard Naidu’s very clear message on the Rule of Law from the Wednesday meeting that was held in Suva.

    There is no obligation on the people of Nadi to accept what was decided in Suva.

    Ghai’s draft should not even be on the table and it would be most unfortunate if proponents of the Ghai draft take a view that the end justifies the means. Views and counter-agenda’s like that are exactly why Fiji is where it is today.

    The donors in the crowd need to also know that their money spent on Ghai was an ill-advised move, and they can work that booboo out with their own taxpayers.

  5. Richard Naidu survived the lovo pit in 1987 by the same fijian magaitinamu’s who were hell bent in kicking out the RULE OF LAW that Richard talked about on Tuesdays meeting at the FTA Hall in Suva.

    Bravo Voreqe Bainimarama will not entertain any crap from that bitch from Rewa, who was part of the George Speight coup instigators/planners.

    Ghai Draft is burned and buried and carries no weight in the new Fiji, as it was swayed heavily in favor of NGO’s and others to advised an elected government.

    So what is D E M O C R A C Y?

    I want the people of Fiji to understand that as in the words of Australian foreign minister, Mr Bob Carr ” no where in the world you have this kind of provisions in a country’s constitution – where an unelected group of people will advise an elected people’s government on how to carry out its policies”.

    So people of Fiji MUST move forward with an open mind and put in your submissions with the interest of all Fijians in mind. Remember, there is no room for racism in the NEW Fiji under king Voreqe Bainimarama

  6. Mick Beddoes please get some new people on the democracy bandwagon.

    Fijians are tired of seeing the same old racists, faces again and again.

    Mere samisona, M P CHAUDHARY MAICHOD CHORWA, iLIESA dUVULOCO, Tupeni baba and others.

    We are sick and tired of listening to the old tape recorder again and again.

  7. Timico Qio kua ni o vosacataki na Marama Tui Dreketi. Talk on issues. Vacava ke dua e ru laki tinamu na bitch, e vinaka vei iko? Qarauna na gusumu.

  8. Heads Up to the UFDF. The next time you call a public meeting please ensure that the draft resolution is agreed to by all. Otherwise you could be accused of misrepresenting ‘The People’.

    The point about “the meeting” expressing serious concerns about the media is a bit of a stretch. It is our understanding that the only person who made noises about the media was Mahendra Pal Chaudhry and certainly not any member of The Public who took the floor, and in whose name the meeting was ultimately convened.

  9. Bainimarama was the instigator and planner of the 2000 coup. Why did he run away overseas when he was aware that the coup was going to take place as he was briefed by Commander 3 FIR Lt Colonel Seruvakula.

  10. for all those coup-supporting idiots, go and wash and kiss bainimarama and khaiyum’s dirty feet. you all know that bainimarama staged the coup to not to go to prison and khaiyum supported him to stage his own coup against the indigenous fijians.

  11. I am saying this to you falas in the UFDF again DON”T WORK WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK SET BY THE ILLEGAL REGIME. the Ghai Constitution Commission is a creature of the illegal regime’s creation. that should not be the starting point for the journey back to democracy in Fiji. the proper lawful starting point is the return to the 1997 Constitution which was unlawfully crapped by the usurpers. the provisions of that constitution MUST be used to effect any changes the people of Fiji deem desirable.
    Amend your second resolution to read we demand a return to the 1997 Constitution and advocate changes in Fiji’s political, electoral and judicial system within its framework and NO OTHER.

  12. sweetie, it does not matter. what matters is that this paramount chief is brave enough to fight for her people and their lawful rights against a tyrant dictator who is only in power because he is supported by the military guns.

  13. OMG ratu sweetness, so where u stand?? with karanky frankenstein kaiyam i suppose. u gona liumuri ur big chief? shame on u sweetie pie.

  14. fiji does not need people like Ratu Jone Kubuabola,Mahendra P. Chaudhry,Mick

    Beddows and Attar Singh.

    GOD BLESS fiji

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