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Bainimarama’s Party – the roll call of nobodies

The unelected PM who wants to get himself elected took forever to admit that he planned to stand for election. He promised elections years ago, then he kept saying his ’reforms’ were vital to the future of the nation, but it took him forever to say he would stand. And he could never say who would be standing for election in the name of these reforms if it wasn’t him.

Even now, Sayed-Khaiyum still hasn’t said he’ll stand for election. If the reforms are so important, why can’t the two of them just say it: “we will be standing for election and our ‘reforms’ to the sugar industry, the media, the Great Council of Chiefs etc are what we stand for”.

Where is the support base for their reforms? They spent 6 years muzzling criticism and avoiding debate. They’ve persecuted the Methodist Church and the Trade Union movement, not to forget the sugar industry, and cane farmers in particular, who have been treated with contempt.

The problem with the transition to democracy for this two man band is that democracy can’t run like the way their regime runs. They have to change their style.

Democracy requires processes that involve others. It means consulting, not issuing edicts. They instituted an independent constitutional process and then completely disrespected their own appointees and the process. They couldn’t even come up with a handful of half respectable Yes Men for the Constituent Assembly.

This is the way the two-headed monster works. Everything the government does has to be funnelled through Sayed-Khaiyum or Bainimarama.

So don’t expect anything that looks like a Bainimarama party anytime soon. Apart from ASK, he only trusts Yes Men, lackeys who don’t or can’t ask questions.

A political party is not made up of troops who obey orders or lackeys who fetch and carry. It has to have volunteers who share the vision and whose input has to be recognised. They have to be inspired. They have to be credible leaders in their own right at their own levels. The list of public figures who’ve come out in support of Bainimarama is a roll call of nobodies.

11 thoughts on “Bainimarama’s Party – the roll call of nobodies

  1. So much for the promise (big lie) Voreqe made in January 2007 that no one in the interim cabinet would be allowed to run in the next elections. Just like “no military officer will benefit from the coup” and “I will receive only the Commander’s salary, and will not take the PM’s salary”

    Voreqe claimed that Fiji would save money since he would be both PM and Commander on only the Commander’s salary and after seizing all the SDL/FLP multi party cabinet ministerial vehicles claiming extreme wastage, he has over the last six years changed the PM’s official vehicle a few times and bought so many four wheel drives for the RFMF and Navy)

  2. This is a very sad opinion. Too bad the author is blind.

    VB is the best PM Fiji has ever had, mate!

    But I’ll not debate with you as you are really blind and no use wasting time with you.

  3. National borrowing as at 15 March 2103 is $5.2 billion never in the history of Fiji.

    Khayium gets $700,000 in salary leave other benefits. He was paid only $70,000 when employed with Colonial.

    His entire clan have and are making money.

    Wake up Fiji!

  4. who who elected this thug to be PM?

    Who gave this crook despot mandate?

    Bring the lection on and see the real people power, not even 1 perecnt people will vote this thug.

  5. answer to your questions anonymous….

    as for elections u can dream on because the man is staying in power whether the people vote or most like not vote.’

    ALL dictators the world over never give up power unless forced out.

  6. Going by the dictator’s word is the worst thing to do!! We all should have known from day one that his coup was not about cleaning up. Yabaki and the CCF he represents was fooled by that and all this writeup about the dictator’s draft constitution is rather too little – too late!! The military is still touting the message that they are in politics to eradicate the unwanted politicians of the old…….a false sense of justifying their illegal intrusion into the terrain of society where free speech, free association, and free expression is the norm. If they are denying these basic principles to rule, than it does not take rocket science to calculate that its is not a democracy but a dictatorship they are planting. This has been their project from day one because it is their only way of escaping the law that still hovers over them. What Bainimarama and thugs have been doing is establishing their dictatorship more firmly on Fiji’s socio-political infra-structure and hood-winking people that it is the same ‘guarded democracy’ concept that had been successfully tested eslewhere. We all know that the concept and the context in which it was tested is so far remote from what we have in Fiji – i.e. a criminal staging a coup to escape the law he’s bound by!! I’m perplexed too at how some academicians tried weighing in their peny’s worth opinion of support with the idea of gaurded democracy without really considering its consequence on Fiji’s social and political system built up over the years, and the ordinary people. For Bainimarama and cohorts, Its all in the game fudging and deceiving people!! For the writers and pro-regime advocates, its all in the cause of protecting a lost cause, for their own pay packet and for academicians, its about exploring and testing ideas and the effect on ordinary people is secondaryt!! This is the low life Fiji has been reduced to under Bainimarama’s dictatorship and things wont change while he is around. I hope that all who supported his 2006 coup will have now realised how wrong they were about Frank’s circus……………….there are serious lessons to be learned from all this, and many more to be learnt from the two-faced approach of Yabaki and numerous others who once supported Fiji’s modern day dictator!!

  7. right on kainoqu! i just hope thall bainimarama’s supporters now see what he truely is. a despot dictator trying to hold on to power by any means and supported by that evil khaiyum abd gates who are in it for the money.

  8. V B – very bad
    No good for Fiji will come out of V B
    He has proved from Day 1 that he is a big bullshitter !
    Some one should a gum boot at him to protest at all his bullshitting to the people of fiji!

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