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Has Bainimarama got cold feet again?

It’s now a year since the Constituent Assembly decree was announced. We were told then the Assembly would start its work in the second week of January 2013, and finish by the third week of March. It’s now the third week of March and we still don’t even know who the members will be or what draft they’ll consider.

At the end of January Bainimarama said he would be sending invitations to individuals and organisations to be members of the Constituent Assembly over the course of the next few weeks, with the last of the invitations to go out after February 14, the deadline for existing political parties to register under the new Political Parties Decree.

All this has come and gone. The Registrar of Elections has also gone and still no word of what’s happening about Party Registrations or the Constituent Assembly.

So have invitations gone out as planned to any members of the Constituent Assembly?

Two weeks ago Coup 4.5 speculated that Bainimarama planned to unveil a Singapore style constitution which would have the President chosen by a Constituent Assembly, presumably the one chosen by Bainimarama himself.

This would get around the problem of easing the Playboy incumbent out of the office of President. It wouldn’t be a decision by Bainimarama but by the so-called representative Constituent Assembly.

Only by proceeding directly to the office of President can Bainimarama get over the problem of having no party to help him win election as Prime Minister.

It’s long been his ambition to become President and there have been past rumours of a plan to evict the incumbent he appointed in 2009. but these rumours have come to nothing. In fact he was re-appointed at the end of last year for a term to last until 2015, after the elections.

Rather than meaning the rumours were wrong, this probably indicates Bainimarama got cold feet. Could he now be having cold feet over the plan to unveil a constitution which will pave the way for him to become President before the elections? Overthrowing his High Chief and a former Commander RFMF he appointed President could be the last straw for too many of his officers.

7 thoughts on “Has Bainimarama got cold feet again?

  1. The dictator has reached his used by date. Under the ‘guidance’ of khaiyum he has trashed the international reputation of the once proud and courageous Fiji military and everything Fijians stand for. Without military protection (only a matter of time), khaiyum and his puppy baini, and the other treasonous junta dogs who have destroyed freedom, the rule of law and i-Taukei culture, will not last 6 hours. They will be rounded up by patriots and brought to justice – as all dictators, their families and parasite hangers on are. Right Mr Gaddafi?

  2. Cold Feed? No Navosavakadua I don’t have cold feed. Let me quickly explain what the plan is. After all we run a totally transparent government, don’t we. I need a bit more time to travel through Fiji and rally the peasants behind me with hand outs such as power supply and free Fiji Bitter. My personal assistant keeps an accurate record of how many people give me the mandate to continue my rule without such stupid things as elections. At present we stand at 344,667. This is not yet a comfortable democratic mandate, so I have to have more time. When we reach the magic figure of 450,000 i’ll move to the President’s office and Khaiyum becomes life Prime Minister. His aunty will be Finance Minister. Epeli will become a retiree. Simple and transparent!

  3. Far from it, we are simply glowing, basking in the Glory of it all.

    Leader of the world sugar industry

    Leader of the 77 non aligned countries of the world.

    Leader of the MSG

    The world needs me, oops, use.

  4. Big Brother

    You got it wrong. Khaiyum doesn’t want to be PM. He wants to be the Chief Justice (who can only be sacked by the President). He has snuck into Gates anti-chamber and tried on his robes and the G-string and suspenders that Gates wears underneath his robes.

    You will be a sensational President, Big Brother. You don’t need any more of a mandate. Gates and his new (boyfriend) Chief Registrar have all the Man Dates they can handle. I don’t know why Fiji needs any more Man Dates.

    Thickitoga did well in his interview. He kept his earpiece in so Shazzer could make sure he said everything right. Shazzer would make a great First Lady of Fiji. Are you guys still getting it on in private? If Merely finds out she will cut your balls off and wear them as earrings.

    Hail to the Chief!!!!

  5. The end of dictatorship is near he can run cant hide

    democracy means naboro is despot final destiny

    biggest lamusona of Fiji-break the law face the law and go naboro

  6. What? Frank and Aiyaz lying again?

    What a surprise – given the many, many promises that they have kept – for example, their promises to enrich themselves, to disclose nothing, to corrupt the judiciary, executive and legislative – they are doing an amazing job of destroying the nation.

    All in less than 7 years, they have kept Fiji as one of the poorest, slowest growing in the region:

    * PNG $12.5billion in GDP.

    * Fiji $4billion in GDP.

    Well done assholes. Your names will be famous for corrupt mismanagement of the nation and will go down in history as one of the stupidest periods for Fiji.

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