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Crosbie Walsh owes iTaukei culture an apology

Crosbie Walsh has found his culprit in the torture video case and, as I expected, it’s Fijian (sorry iTaukei) culture that’s to blame. Someone so skilled in the arts of condescension would never call them ‘savages’, but then he doesn’t need to, we can all get the picture.

Walsh tells us: “Butaraki (an arbitrary beating) is part of traditional iTaukei culture. It will not be eliminated overnight”. Is he hinting that Bainimarama wants to eliminate it? Perhaps he’s banking on ASK, Bainimarama’s trusted adviser, to ensure that iTaukei culture is consigned to the dustbin of history?

Does he really think that the systematic beating of a helpless man in handcuffs has any place in iTaukei culture? The humiliation of removing the victims pants, the poking with batons? it could be RFMF culture, but it’s not iTaukei culture. The perpetrators in this video were experts in the field of torture, the clinical infliction of pain. This is not iTaukei culture.

Fists sometimes enter into Fijian disputes and the meting out of rough justice happens when tempers are hot, but the expert sadism, not to forget the cowardice we’ve witnessed are not part of iTaukei culture. Blaming iTaukei culture for this is the lowest form of ethnic stereotyping. It’s racism. If anyone has ever suspected that racist motives underpin Crosbie Walsh’s thoroughly inconsistent commentary on events in Fiji, it seems there is no doubt. He owes iTaukei culture an apology for this slur.

Violence by police and prison staff against criminals occurs all of the world, but seldom do we find courts and doctors so helpless to act against such blatant violations of the law. And even more rare, is a Prime Minister who stands up and defends these actions. This is the Bainimarama military government, nothing else, and it must be held to account.

12 thoughts on “Crosbie Walsh owes iTaukei culture an apology

  1. “Fists sometimes enter into Fijian disputes and the meting out of rough justice happens when tempers are hot”

    Well said – I think that this applies to nearly ALL cultures – but Croz prefers to view this as a special case and an opportunity for the Regime to make another promise that they will never fulfil.

  2. Ok, Navosavakadua I admit Croz went a little too far with this. Most iTaukei are such cowards that they would not even dare to beat up a defenceless person. So how can buturaki be part of our culture? What is part of iTaukei culture is indolence, obedience and a desire for unearned earnings. Consequently, I have based my rule on three pillars: First, I fully count on the lethargy of my subjects. They are just too lazy to show even the slightest sign of resistance. For my governance, this means I can get away with anything. Then I believe in clear and strict orders issued to an obedient audience. If I say, give these misfits a hiding, my boys go and do it without questions, if I tell a judge don’t allow the FLP to file a case against government – guess what happens? Then there are my hand outs. Everybody who comes out and sniffs my butt is entitled to free electricity, free water and a box of Fiji Bitter longnecks. This ensures eternal loyalty of my subjects. The three pillars of my benevolent rule have been endorsed by the UN and the EU is working on an endorsement.

  3. Where do these colonial buggers get orf telling Fijians what’s part of there culture? Or is this a page out of Daurewa’s book ie fudge the research?

    Let’s see if this MoFo would dare tell Maoridom what their culture involved? Nah didn’t think so.

  4. KTF, you are talking about a top notch academic, world renowned and formerly professor at the top notch USP. He is not a MoFo. He is a seeker of the the true truth, the champion of fair and unbiased reporting and first and foremost he loves my rule. So be a bit more considerate of his age and mental health when you blast away with such things. Haven’t of dementia, a common illness in octogenarians? Please be nice to my old friend!

  5. Crosbie Walsh’s comment ” Butaraki (an arbitrary beating) is part of traditional iTaukei culture ” has crossed from the highly offensive into a criminal act.

    In context, his words were not reflective of the iTaukei ancient culture but part of a present day analysis.

    The Fijians I know, both here and abroad do not engage in arbitrary beatings.

    This comment from Crosbie Walsh should find him on criminal charges.

    Human Rights Act 1993 (NZ)

    61 Racial disharmony
    (1) It shall be unlawful for any person—
    (a) to publish or distribute written matter which is threatening, abusive, or insulting, or to broadcast by means of radio or television words which are threatening, abusive, or insulting; or

    HRC NZ
    The Human Rights Act does cover serious threats to racial harmony. Section 61 of the Act makes it unlawful to publish material which is, ‘threatening, abusive or insulting,’ and ‘likely to excite hostility’ against a group of people or bring them into contempt on the ground of their colour, race or ethnici

  6. All right dear dishonorable leader Frankly. I have erred. Please check him into the nearest old folks home at the soonest opportunity before he hurts himself with all his (non)thinking. Clearly that much in itself is taking its toll on his sanity.

  7. I was in this sobs class a number of years ago. The bastard thinks he knows native culture and tradition better than th natives themselves. Another money driven viavia.

  8. Croz has finally revealed his true colours in a way that may get him into trouble. The NZ HRC might recommend some counselling for him to get to the bottom of his vehement hatred of indigenous people. I suppose he comes from a time when racism was acceptable. He does not realise that even Fiji has moved into the 21st century. His colonial aspersions are simply unacceptable.

  9. Walsh is nothing but a racist facist fool. He is an enemy of the Fijian people. When this illegal junta is exterminated (and it will be) the pig and his dog wife if they ever return to Fiji they must be given the treatment they deserve. Nothing but scum.

  10. You really truly are a Racist Facist Fool.

    Cast out hatred from your heart and repent your sins !!

  11. so now the itaukei fijians are to blame because “buturaki£” is part of their culture? how dare you to degrade our culture you racist pig. you are being paid by our hard-earned money and this is how you repay us?

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