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A new light

Allegations of human rights abuses have dogged Bainimarama from day one of his coup. His opponents argued that the coup was provoked by fear that he was going to be charged in relation to the deaths of the CRW soldiers (who, by the way were not mutineers, merely suspects).

Then there were allegations of mistreatment of critics at the QEB, followed by deaths in custody which were swept under the carpet or token sentences handed out.

Bainimarama’s supporters regarded these allegations as politically motivated. They were either fabrications or exaggerations. In the case of the CRW deaths, Bainimarama successfully put out the story that they were an understandable human response by his troops to the trauma of the mutiny and the deaths of innocent loyalists.

The video, however, has changed all this. It’s not an allegation. It’s nine minutes of brutality practised by methodical torturers. There was no heat of the moment, only callous infliction of pain designed to minimise injuries so they can be explained away as resulting from ‘resisting arrest’ while being ‘armed with cane knives’.

Finally, there is Bainimarama’s seal of approval of their actions. Suddenly all the allegations have to be seen in a different light. For supporters like Crosbie Walsh there is a sinking feeling that more of the allegations may be true. Could it be that he is collecting more than one salary? And if the allegations are true, what does this say about Bainimarama’s agenda? Is he trying to build a non-racial Fiji, or just using that as an excuse to keep power in his hands

13 thoughts on “A new light

  1. As I have been named in this article, I wish to clarify my view.

    Whilst my recent post and comments may suggest I have changed my stance on the current Fijian Regime I would like to state that this is not true.

    I consider the Prime Ministers recent comments to be regrettable. However, I still consider that the Prime Minister is the best candidate to lead Fiji beyond 2014.

    I believe that now is the time for rational debate. I invite people with varying views to contact me to discuss and debate various issues. Please do not contact me unless you are genuine interested in rational and informed discussion. These discussions could be recorded and placed on my blogsite.

    Crosbie (Croz) Walsh
    NZ 063298133
    37 Tokomaru Rd
    Tokomaru 4474
    Horowhenua, New Zealand

  2. Wow, now the heavy hitters start to stir. Contrary to what Navosavakadua believes, there has never been any deliberate attack on human beings or even torture by my man. We have never abused any human rights and have never had a death in custody. Would the UN, the French and the German governments, all known as champions of human rights, would these honourable respectable, venerable, virtuous and upright entities support my government with all sorts of aid and even assist in writing new policy and new decrees? No they would not! Then there is the urban myth that I staged a coup to avoid prosecution for the brutal killings of these CRW mongrels and to fill my pockets! Is is simply not true. I receive my salary as a commodore and that is all. It is paid by aunty Nur because the World Bank has recommended to do more private public partnerships (PPP). Some say there is nepotism in my regime. Again false. Every recruitment is based on merit and nothing but merit. Look at Croz and Graham. They have been recruited because they deserved it.

  3. This Croz dude is a bustard..any NZ PM who said what the idiot Bainimarama said under similar circumstances would find himself out of office in double quick time. Who is he (an as ole who lives in NZ under real democracy) to say what is good for Fiji?

  4. Croz wants “rational debate” – but why?

    Hundreds of people have tried the same with Frank and Aiyaz for the past six years – from people working with him to those that oppose him – and to what end?

    Nothing. More stagnation and stupidity from a regime that loves to give advice and orders to everyone else, but takes none in response. The promise everything and deliver nothing.

    So no, I won’t be contacting you Croz, not that we don’t all have opinions, but rather that I think all it will do is perpetuate the regimes charade of ‘doing’ something.

  5. Crosbie, your opinion that VB is the right man to lead Fiji is your right. But please do not try to say that he stands for transparency etc etc that you like to harp on about. It makes any argument you profess very weak. Coming to Fiji once in a blue moon to see how things are on the ground does not give you any insight in how things really are here. Further more trying to “educate” those of us in Fiji of what we miss to see in VB is just insulting.


  6. Croz,
    For a man of your intelligence and experience I do respect your opinion, however It dosent take a blind person to see what is wrong with Bainimarama.
    Personally my opinion is everything that is wrong and has gone wrong is Bainimarama’s doing, not forgetting all that has benefitted from his years holding onto power.
    All the talk from the UN, all the condemnation from other countries and sanctions aint going to change the fact that Bainimarama will relinquish power.
    All the nasty tactics that has been implemented by his government points towards one thing, and that is he aint giving up that leadership role easily, as long as he keeps his troops loyal or buying his troops loyalty then no way hozeh will we see a return to democracy.
    Its the hands that feeds him will be the hand that bites him back in the end.
    All it takes is for someone to grow some conscious overnight, grow some balls and stand up to Bainimarama, Khaiyum and company, and say enough is enough lets get Fiji back to democracy.
    apart from that we are not helping the situation by squeezing that life out of him and back him to a corner.
    His idea of cleaning up corruption within government is admirable but his actions just takes away the belief he will follow though with his vision for a corrupt free Fiji.
    what started with a lie will always be covered with lies in order to justify the reasons why he did it.
    I do appreciate your views and comments on the blog and have been following it for years but haven’t been involved until recently.

    E sa dri yani.


  7. Like an oyster with a grain of sand that enters its shell and irritates it, the brain of Croz coats an uncomfortable fact with slime that turns into a hard shiny shell, a pearl of ignorance.

    The memory of the horror faded, Bainimarama did not repeat his message of support to torturers, so the brain of Croz goes to work – “he had no choice”, “he really wants to change Fijian culture, and that’s obviously the problem”, “they (and we all know who they are) are all raised to respect only force, so that’s the problem the visionary Commander and PM must deal with”.

    The idea that the bully boys were carrying out orders coming straight from Bainimarama, just as the CRW boys were beaten to death on his orders, is more than the soft, invertebrate Croz brain can cope with.

    We hope that when this amazing man is ready to shuffle off this mortal coil he’ll be generous and leave his brain to science. The wondrous mechanism that allows him to think of himself as a humanitarian democrat while supporting a military dictator has to be studied and understood by scientists.

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  9. Cros Walsh is a dictator of his own small retired world, back in his own little community’s tokomaru, cros manages the fb page called “our tokomaru” and foolishly misinforms his community on a regular bases, boring the community to tears with his narrow minded opinions that devalue his own community not to mention misinforming people on fb that they cannot vote in NZ if they don’t own a home, this academic does not even understand his own local electoral guidelines in his own country, which seems confusing he feels he has the right to an opinion in any other country if he cannot get his facts right in his own country currently.

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