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PULLING THE PLUG ON FIJI – Fiji’s ‘Return to Democracy’ looking increasingly improbable

The Foreign Ministers of Australia and New Zealand are intelligent men. It is therefore very surprising that, in their recent ‘handling’ of Fiji’s alleged return to democracy and their relations with the Fiji regime they have been duped by someone who is very well known for being unintelligent – the current illegal Prime Minister of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama.

All you can expect from this self-titled leader is more lies and broken promises.

All you can expect from this self-titled leader is more lies and broken promises.

The Council for a Democratic Fiji has repeatedly in the past pointed out the stunning gullibility of the powers that be in Australia and New Zealand towards the lies, oppression and recalcitrance of the Fiji regime, but apparently without avail. The Movement now respectfully suggests to the learned Foreign Ministers and their Governments that they should finally abandon this misconceived ‘hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil’ approach to the Fiji regime.

Specifically we call on Australia and New Zealand to abandon rapprochement towards the Fiji regime. The regime is duping them in saying that it has any sincere desire to return to true democracy. (It asserts that that step is being fulfilled by preparation of a new Constitution and preparations for elections in 2014.)

The present rapprochement process began just after the middle of last year, at whose inspiration it is not known, although the New Zealand Foreign Minister appears to be at least proximately the chief suspect, but of course he may have been galvanised by other powers. It followed the alleged expose by the New Zealand authorities of an asserted assassination plot, which expose led to the Army controlled Fiji media praising New Zealand for guarding the back of the alleged Fiji Prime Minister. (The New Zealand authorities have, however never provided any evidence for their allegation of there being ‘convincing proof’ of such a conspiracy).

Within a week or so of the expose the New Zealand Foreign Minister was in Fiji and the process of cosying up to an alleged transition to democracy was well under way, ignoring all the lies, deceit and persistent oppression of the past.

What has been happening since the beginning of this rapprochement process?

  • The Army remains in full control;
  • Australian and New Zealand taxpayers have contributed substantially to the alleged process for return to democracy;
  • The draft Constitution prepared by a world recognised expert has been burnt on the orders of the alleged Attorney General (Australian and New Zealand taxpayers contributed to the costs of the preparation of this draft);
  • The regime has (via the alleged Attorney General) purported to enact a Decree (illegal as are all Decrees of the regime) inhibiting and putting excessive restrictions upon the registration of political parties, including placing such registration in the hands of a person who like all other public personages in Fiji is totally under Army control, and illegally expropriating the assets of any party not complying with its draconian provisions;
  • The vast majority of existing political parties have been wiped off the face of the map by non compliance with the said Decree;
  • Draconian Decrees restricting unions which have been subject of complaint and proceedings by the International Labour Organisation have not been amended;
  • The leader of the party which achieved the highest number of votes in the last democratic election continues to languish in jail.

Any person who ignores these Signs of the Times can only call himself or herself  a monkey who can see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

As we and many others have pointed out before, the current alleged Prime Minister and Attorney General have no more credibility (and probably far less) than used car salesmen. Their word means nothing.

Any ‘election’ held under Army rule will be a farce and the Army is not letting go – it would not be an election.

We ask Australia and New Zealand to abandon the current misconceived rapprochement with the regime, and to stop the irresponsible waste  of Australian and New Zealand taxpayers money into attempting to carry out that mistaken step.

Simply Pull the Plug on them.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
Council for a Democratic Fiji
1st March 2013

17 thoughts on “PULLING THE PLUG ON FIJI – Fiji’s ‘Return to Democracy’ looking increasingly improbable

  1. You lamusona come to fiji and fight on the street if you a solder same thing goona happen to you like the video you seen.

    you lamusona for life swim away to tonga no fight in you lamulamu

  2. @ Anonymous Qorvis

    Poor Qorvis – keep posting about how it is all unfair and how everyone is afraid of you, your thugs and the rest of the greedy criminals that shamefully desecrate the once good-name of the RFMF.

  3. fijian beating fijians .boss said no election with his master khaiyum.now boss will pick provincial chairmans to campain for him if he decide to hold election.

  4. Khaiyum is allowed to enter Australia but not his pet puppy bhaini or the Fiji military or their families. Wake up Fijians – you are being screwed over bigtime – you fools!!

  5. Roko Ukui speaks as if he were a saint. Unfortunately Roko Ului leaves a wake of unscrupulous actions in Fiji and I would take everything he says with more than a grain of salt.

  6. @ talai

    He certainly does – but he had the honest good grace to acknowledge his part in the treason and rape of the nation.

    So what “grain” of salt are you talking about? The salty taste in Bainimarama’s mouth?

  7. Radio

    Not grain, but a huge tub of salt for the man whose “fishing in distress” story completely eroded his credibility.

  8. “fishing in distress” – to escape from the regime? I am amazed that you imply any sense of ‘credibility’ to anything that the clowns in the Regime have said since and before then.

    Speak to RUM yourself and see who you believe – the liars that lied to him, to you and to me for the past 6 years? Or the man that has the balls to own up to his faults and crimes.

    You judge however you want to. I think you and your Talai need to stop drinking so much from the fountain of lies that Frank and Aiyaz spout.

  9. @Radio Lucas You seem to be castigating a fair character assessment that has tarnished the shine to your “star witness”. BTW put down the crack pipe because you seem to be delusional and aggressive to other points of view.

  10. Mara magaitinamu you loser, hiding behind the skirts of tongan women.

    Account for the millions your father, the racists corrupt mara made,who must be turning in his grave now,

    You magaitinamu sob, shut your fukin mouth and if you have guts and balls come back to fiji to answer charges in a court of law.

    you conman magaitinamu, stay put in your ancestors land.

  11. Another saint …ha ha.. funny when the kettle calls the pot black!! Suffer and squeal you insolent elitist chief!! What did you do for this country??? Nothing… again… Nothing.. Useless..useless..

  12. @ talai

    Noone has said that he was not responsible for his part in the coup and the military dictatorship that followed – he admitted that and took responsibility for it.

    That is far more than anyone, including you, can say for the military dictatorship today – they blame everything that they do on everyone else, they censor, they threaten and they re-write laws without any constitutional basis or basis in reality – all to suit their own ends and hunger for power.

    You worry over whether RUM is in Tonga? Or whether he is ‘tarnished’ by his association with the regime? How hypocritical is that?

    I worry about the idiots who still pretend to be leading our country for the past six years – Fiji has never had it so bad as it is under these corrupt criminals. But never mind, so long as you have your cushy job and get to pretend that everything in Fiji is going really well. Just don’t expect anyone else to agree with your one-eyed stupidity.

  13. @Radio lucas RUM’s credibility was destroyed by his own actions and words. I don’t expect you to understand that simple concept. Rather than debating the merits of the facts, you are reduced to ad hominem attacks and only underscores the extent of your juvenile mentality and behavior.

  14. @ talai


    Pointing out your hypocrisy in decrying the ‘credibility’ of the one man, while ignoring the military tyranny is not an attack on your personal attributes, just your hypocrisy.

    We cannot help it if you choose to be one-eyed and in your selective assessment of ‘credibility’ – but don’t expect to be excused for it.

  15. Radio Boci Lucas is a magaitinamu sucker of the mara family.

    Radio boci is a tongan/lauan and wanna be a fijian.

    Lauans lost favour with the current fiji regime and radio boci is full of sour grapes.

    Lauan mara magaitinamu was the first fijian to instigate rabukass coup in 1987.

    He has paid the price for his sins and so has his elitist spoiled sucker children

  16. Radio lucas is a step son of Ratu magalevu mara who planted his seeds all over fiji.

    His outbursts are understandable.

    So guys dont be frustrated by this radio mara’s mouth piece.

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