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Naivalurua gets his Rodney King moment

Commissioner Naivalurua has distinguished himself from most of his military colleagues who swarmed like flies all over top civil service positions. He has at least looked competent and professional. The FPF was in a mess after Teleni, and Naivalurua has worked hard to restore the professionalism of the force.

He has taken stern action against officers accused of corruption and demanded performance, starting with the long overdue demand for physical fitness. If Naivalurua does not now act on the irrefutable evidence of this video his credibility with the FPF he is trying to rebuild is gone.

The video shows the men are clearly in custody, the torture being inflicted is consistent with the reports of their injuries and there must be a chain of custody that stretches all the way from the back of the truck to FPF. If there is not a chain of custody that, too, must be investigated. Commissioner Naivalurua cannot brush this aside?

If his own officers cannot name the men who handed them over to them, he has to charge his officers with obstructing justice. If the men who handed them over cannot explain the injuries, they too must be charged. There is no doubt about what happened, the only question is who did it. The glimpses of individuals in the video also provide some evidence.

LAPD were subject to allegations of brutality before the Rodney King incident and he would have been just another allegation if it had not been for the video which confirmed that he had been brutally assaulted.

But even the Rodney King incident pales next to the RFMF torture video. The LAPD officers acted on the spur of the moment in anger. The RFMF torturers acted systematically and calmly in accordance with looks like a plan to permanently cripple the victim. Only sadists could act in such a casually brutal manner.

Will Naivalurua act? Probably not, because the sadists, while indulging their sick urges, were no doubt acting on orders and the orders came from the same place that the order to sack Naivalurua would come. The best we can hope for is that Naivalurua will act to preserve his honour and resign.

And one final puzzle. Why is the Rodney King full version video available on You Tube, while the RFMF torture video is now hidden behind a warning and requires a sign-on. Is this a little service provided by Qorvis? A threat to You Tube of legal action? Or is it just that the RFMF torturers are a whole order of magnitude worse than Rodney King’s attackers? This video IS shocking and it will not be swept under the carpet.

12 thoughts on “Naivalurua gets his Rodney King moment

  1. The video is with AOL, CNN, BCC, ABC, TV NZ, all Facebook Accounts, Chain emails, All major news papers worldwide, UN, ICC, EU, Heads of Goverment of all trading partners of Fiji, all NGOS, Amendsty International.

  2. Very well said.

    It is now all over OZ and NZ.

    Good luck for Qorvis – they will never catch up with this now.

  3. USTR has not made any finding against Fiji. So what is the relevance of it being all over New Zealand and OZ ?

  4. Yes good they can shut down the Hilton Denarau and all those Kiwi mums and pops who have their life savings invested in the Villa scheme can kiss them good bye and hang themselves as they did by the dozen when Bridgecorp collapsed.

    Korda Mentha should start prearing to terminate all those Denarau International Management Agreements and Leases.

    Bob Lowres can close down Naisoso and piss off back to Sydney

  5. Yeah really not holding my breathe on Naivalurua. He’s party to the ass-prodding, penis exposing, leg smashing troupe in the back of that ute. And wifey simply can’t give up the high faluting life she never knew.

    His press conference said it all ie they deserved it. Reserve a noose in his honour now (& maybe one for wifey too with ribbons as embelishment for partaking gleefully in treason). The long arm of the law will reach as faaaar back as it needs to, to net them all… even you SLR and misguided hero complex.

  6. Oh yea and while they partay it up at the Nadi hangar next Tuesday to laud the pensioner owned Air Bus circus, these recent revelations will undo the new Tourism mantra of “where happiness finds you”.

    Let’s try the remix – “Fiji: Where Torture Binds You”. Good luck with your Easter bookings Seeto.

  7. FPF was not in mess after teleni to the extend it is now. that video evidence was leaked by officers within service who this compol has victimized and even lead to a suicide.

    Pm should just sack this idiot – whose wife is running the force

  8. @ Navosavakdua!

    Is iPolComm naivalurua an innocent party in all this? Hence, YOUR PLEA that he preserve his HONOUR?

  9. i cried when i saw this video and my heart goes out to the men that were savagely brutalised by the police and soldiers. the video is chilling as it shows how the police and soldiers are operating nowadays. bainimarama is to blame for all this.

  10. Shame on Naivalurua for not showing up at the press conference he called ysterday – he was too busy hosting the Indonesian Ambassador – why? learning more tactics about suppressing a people as the Indonesians are doing in West Papue??

    The Police Commissioner himself should front up and speak and condemn the actions – but that’s not gonna happen since the military killings of Rabaka and Verebasaga were condoned at the highest levels with the release of the killers after a week or so in jail in 2009, two years after the fact and after they’d been sent on peacekeeping missions to keep them away from police investigations – Naivalurua himself authorised the released of the killers of Rabaka and Verebasaga while he was still Prisons Commissioner – he himself let them go on CSO or Community Service Order that the Prisons Commissioner can issue under the Prisons Act.

    A person who is wrongfully accused and detained (It does happen in Fiji) they would want police and military and prison officers to abide by their own rules of procedure and behaviour. The safeguards and codes of conduct and rules of procedure are there to protect everyone. However the usual police procedure in this country is on show in this video – almost every charged person is beaten and confessions illegally obtained. Rather than doing the legwork, Fiji police are too lazy to actually investigate. Once they have someone who looks like he’s done it, they start pulling nails, beating the bottom of their feet, putting chilli on their private parts and punching their stomachs etc to obtain confessions. And it gets worse if the suspect doesn’t confess. We have convictions being overturned in the appeals courts because confessions have been unlawfully obtained by torture, simply because the police are too lazy to actually investigate. This culture of violence is pervasive in the police force and has gotten worse since the 2006 coup – eg the killing of suspect Tevita Malasebe in June 2007.

    Yes given the evidence on show now, NO ONE WOULD EVER WANT TO BE AT THE MERCY OF FIJI’S POLICE, MILITARY OR PRISON WARDENS. But we don’t always choose what happens. The safeguards and codes of conduct for all these so called DISCIPLINED forces (who exercise the power of the STATE on behalf of you and me) are there for a very good reason, not just to be ignored when it suits or swept under the carpet. But this is what happens when 8 soldiers and one policeman are let out of jail only TWO WEEKS after they were convicted for the unlawful killing in February 2007 of SAKIUSA RABAKA and one RFMF Corporal is let out of jail 2 weeks after being CONVICTED of the killing on January 4, 2007 of NIMILOTE VEREBASAGA. And no one has been charged yet for the death in custody of JOSEFA BALEILOA in 2008 – a culture of IMPUNITY where the powers that be in Fiji act without being held ACCOUNTABLE. And both Rabaka and Verebasaga had not been convicted of anything. Rabaka was accused of smoking marijuana. Verebasaga – it remains a mystery why the military detained him in early January 2007.

    And no, we do not forget the victims of crime, and especially violent and heinous crime – but torture and the death penalty are not lawful in Fiji (yet) – what we can see is the Fiji military, police and prisons are now infested with vermin who think they have the right to torture and kill – which is what Fiji’s people are upset about. This government does not have the mandate of the people to authorise the so called DISCIPLINED FORCES to maim and kill on our behalf. They should just be honest and say – yes we want to stay in power and will do everything we can do so, including murder and maim and there’s nothing you can do about it. As long as nothing is done about the killings and violence committed by the military and police and prisons personnel – that is the message this government continues to send. I wait but will not hold my breath for this government to start drawing the line for the DISCIPLINED FORCES with a credible investigation into this horrific video.

    What can we do besides calling for an investigation which the Police have announced? And who will do the investigation? Police Complaints Dept – they lose files and it takes years before they finish their investigation. Military Police? don’t make me larf…. Shall we write letters to the powers that be – o right they’re the bosses of those who do these beatings daily and the 3 IMMUNITY decrees issued 2007, 2009 and 2010 and that will be in the MILITARY CONSTITUTION will make it all A-OK for the torturers.

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