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Naboro escapee amputation beating video surfaces…… Military was in charge at the time.

Terrible torture caught on film in Fiji   


A horrific video which reportedly shows Fijian officials beating and torturing several men last year has emerged.

Sources who posted the nine-minute video do not detail where it was taken other than last year. Stuff.co.nz is only running a short excerpt due to the incredibly graphic footage.

One anti-regime blog site this morning identifies the man in the pick up as  Epeli Qaraniqio and the postings point the finger at police and the army. Those posting online said Qaraniqio eventually had to have a leg amputated and that he suffered severe internal injuries.

He was one of five prisoners who escaped from Fiji’s Naboro jail last year and were eventually recaptured. His case was the subject of a complaint by Amnesty International in December.

In the video Qaraniqio can be seen lying on the deck of a pickup truck as he is repeatedly and savagely assaulted.

At one point he is stripped of his shorts and sexually brutalised. Another man on the ground is also beaten.

The video showed up on social media last night. The Fiji regime has yet to react to it.

On December 7 last year Amnesty International wrote to Fiji coup leader Voreqe Bainimarama protesting at what it said was the torture of five men when recaptured by police security forces at Uduya Point on September 21.

It said that police security forces at Uduya Point in Fiji captured them. When the men eventually came to court they were severely injured.

”Qaraniqio’s injuries were so severe that he was only fit to reappear in court on 16 November… nearly two months after his recapture,” Roseann Rife, head of Amnesty’s East Asia division wrote.

”During this time, his right leg had been amputated below the knee as a result of an open fracture which became infected.”

Amnesty said their evidence was that the men had complied with the directions of armed military officers and did not resist arrest.

”The testimony states that armed military officers tortured the men following their recapture at Uduya Point,” Amnesty said.

”The men were handcuffed and beaten.”

It said they were taken to the mainland by boat but along the way Qaraniqio was thrown into the sea several times.

The men were then taken to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks and further tortured, Amnesty said.

”The testimony says that the men were forced to take off all their clothes and left naked in dark cells,” the report said.

”The men were kicked, hit with the butts of guns, sworn at, spat on and had hot water poured on them.

”One of the men was unconscious for most of two days in which he was in military custody at . . .  barracks.” Amnesty said.

Officers sexually assaulted one prisoner.

At the time local media said police force chief operations officer Rusiate Tudravu declined comment on the conditions of the men, other than to claim that Qaraniqio lost his leg due to diabetes.


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  1. Explosive stuff,,,,,,nothing left for Frank and Khaiyun to lean on now,,,,,,,end is comin soon,,,,,,,liars exposed,,,,,,,,,,,,video released from within military indication a de destabilisation / coup underway.

  2. Had just forwarded the article and link to video to NZ Minister of Foreign Affairs for information of NZ Govt.

  3. And the idiot junta groupie Richard Herr thinks we should forgive this psychopathic dictator and kiss Bainimarama on both cheeks? Time to significantly increase sanctions and crush this despotic human rights abusing regime.

  4. Makes you feel ill to watch that.

    He might be a criminal, but that is just terrible.

    Without the RFMF infecting the rest of the nation with its violence and corruption, this wouldn’t have been allowed to happen and covered up for so long.

    Diabetes my arse.

  5. what more proof do we need? we need a revolution and get this illegal government to answer to the last six years of been deprived basic rights.
    enough is enough.

  6. The military should have licked the asses of those prisoners eh!They blooded run riot around the country and what do you expect from the law enforcement agencies?If I was in charge of the command I would killed them in combat.

  7. Application to UN must be made now for grant of Asylum and Refugee Status for the two prisioners in Fiji.

    This is gross human rights breach and torture that even not happen in Libya, Siyra or eygpt which is war zone.

    UN must kick out all FMF qoons who torture in Fiji and play peace keeping bullshit overseas.

    FMF of Fiji must be kicked out internationally and UN must order the Fiji dictator to stand trial in the international court of justice- for torture and mass abuse of human rights of citizens.

    The dictator is responsible who must now face the international law for prosecution.

  8. To all those who are supporting the beatings. Remember once they were captured, handcuffed and taken into custody – that was where the matter should have ended – suppose someone falsely accused you chaps (in support of the beatings) what right have the law enforcement agencies to continue beating you up – you can see one of the officers – army or police – beating Epeli around the angles – if he had diabetes that caused the infection and he lost his leg – you supporters of the beatings are as sick as those who inflicted the beatings – wait the day the tables turn – I fear Frank and Aiyaz will never give up power – for fear of retribution – in another country – where there is rule of law – the Police Commissioner would have resigned by now – not in sick Fiji

  9. I think Croz should look at this link and reflect given his relentless advocacy for the regime, their tactics and their thugs. I challenge him to watch it all the way through and then lets hear his thoughts. Note the police radio going off in the back ground and the transcript can be obtained from Barbara Malimali. Note the torturer attempting to break the ankle of the prisoner.

  10. Wait for it… Crosbie Walsh and the regime apologists will now say it is still better than under Qarase government!!!

  11. 1. Send the torture video direct to the UN Secretary General, Commonwealth Secretary General, European Secretary General, USA President, UK PM, Australia & NZ PM, Secretary General Forum Secretariat, Amensty International President and Prosecutor International Court of Justice and all media in the world.

    2. ICC must prosecute the tin pot cassava patch hero dictator and Sayad Kauim for torture and grosss abuse of human rights of these prisioners and citizens.

    3. ICC must issue a arrest warrant for the dictator and illegal hand puppet to be arrested on nay overseas trip or by force in Fiji.

    4. UN must grant Asylum/Refugee Status to these prisioners and all the citizens of Fiji that have been tortured/human right abuse by Dictator.

    5. The people of Fiji must citizen arrest the dictator and his dozen thug junta handover to ICC.

    6. FMF must be banned from all overseas peace keeping missions and all FMF goons kicked out now.

  12. Yes the fact that there were several people filming suggests the level of immpunity the regime and their goons feel. Lets wait to hear from Croz explaing that it was all exagerated and this is just a one off bit of bad PR.

  13. Fiji Police dont know who is in the video - FMF goons or Police torturees & human right abusers???? says:

    Police say they will have to verify contents of a video which show two men being brutally beaten up by other men.

    Police spokesman, Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri was alerted of the video by FBC News.

    The video that has been published on the internet and circulated via mobile phones, shows two men in handcuffs being repeatedly beaten by pipes and other items.

    In one scene, a dog dragged one of the men along the ground.

    Sokomuri said they will have to identify where the incident took place as well as who are in the video before police can make an official comment

  14. The fiji tin pot dictator must stand trial in fiji and internation criminal court of justice.

    no passing the buck.

  15. Are these junta apologists like Richard Herr saying we should replace Democracy 101 by torture 101?

  16. In the Fiji Sun Frank said that he is personally directing the hunt and that the prisoners will be taught a lesson.
    Which country has a murderer and torturer as PM pretending to be the nations saviour,,,,
    Sivna ga na lasu Kisoko Cagisonaveilakoyaki.

  17. All this torture clip is a fake to discredit the ijian government>

    These thugs deserve what they got, even if it was a beating by fijian officers.

    afterall when they carry out home invasions they treat their victims even in worst beatings than this. some of the victims have died during home invasions.

    These bastards should be counting their lucky stars for being alive.

  18. @ VORE

    Your name says it all – you forgive all the lies and crimes of those you like to suck up to – but you are afraid to “discredit” those who have corrupted the nation – for the sake of your venal and criminal interests you would rather see a defenceless man beaten so badly he become an amputee.

    Despicable. You should be ashamed.

  19. Fiji police investigate graphic beating video

    Dominique Schwartz

    Updated 1 hour 15 minutes ago

    Photo: The video shows a man on the back of a ute beaten repeatedly with wooden and metal poles (Youtube)

    Map: Fiji
    Police in Fiji will examine a graphic online video which appears to show Fijian officials brutally beating two men.

    One posting of the video on Youtube says it shows the torture last year of recaptured prison escapees.

    One man on the back of a ute is beaten repeatedly with wooden and metal poles and then stripped of his underwear and further attacked.

    Another man on the ground is also hit and dragged by a dog.

    Anti-regime website Coupfourpointfive says one of the beaten men later had to have part of his right leg amputated.

    It says the video highlights police and military brutality.

    The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation says police are seeking to verify the contents of the video.

  20. Video appears to show Fiji beating and torture
    updated 13:40
    Published: 11:21AM Tuesday March 05, 2013 Source: ONE News
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    A brutal video allegedly showing Fiji police or military beating and torturing two men is believed to have been filmed in November.

    Sources have told ONE News the man in the back of the pick-up truck is prisoner Iowane Benedito, who had escaped from custody, and that the other man pictured in the video was accused of harbouring him.

    That incident followed another in which Amnesty International wrote an open letter to interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama about five prisoners who were beaten.

    Story continues below…

    Its East Asia head Roseann Rife wrote in that case that one of the prisoners was so severely beaten his right leg had to be amputated as a result of an infected open fracture and that he was unable to appear in court until two months after his recapture.

    Amnesty International asked Commodore Bainimarama to investigate and bring those responsible to justice.

    The video runs for nine minutes and shows the beating and capture of the two men. Fiji authorities have yet to comment on the graphic video.

  21. Thanks to the person for releasing this video.Please make the widest circulation of this video so that the world can spat on this inhumane regime.

  22. Where is human rights commission sleeping? Are they only safeguarding the interest of women? or simply masipolo the illegal regime?

  23. The 9 minute video must be sent to all the heads of goverment and media of all UK, South and North America, all Pacific Island Countries, all NGO’s, all Fiji donors and lenders to Fiji, World Bank, ADB, all trading partners of Fiji, BBC, CNN, AOL, ABC, TVNZ, UN, Commonwealth, Amensty International, UN Human Rights and International Criminal Court.

    The banana republic tinpot dictator and illegal AG the hand puppet are accountable and must stand trial with the Commissioner of Police.

    This is worst torture the world has seen.

    The 800000 people of Fiji must march and arrest the junta crooks now and naboro one way trip only.

    Application of Refugee status grant by UN to the prisioners tortured now.

    Call for international sanctions on Fiji now.

  24. Very soon someone will raise and this illegal regime going. mark our words[GOD]

  25. Your days are comming vinaka me kaukauwa tiko na yalo ena gauna ya……be sure its comming

  26. bring the dancing policeman obbicer chief who has discovered the banquet table in china and wont leave the delicieus food munching.

  27. Fiji: “Shocking” video depicts alleged torture of prisoners

    5 March 2013, 12:48PM Topics: Asia Pacific

    Video footage apparently showing the torture of prisoners in Fiji by military officers is “shocking”, Amnesty International said, as it called for an independent investigation into the events.

    The nine minute video posted online appears to show two men being repeatedly beaten with batons, as they lie huddled on the ground handcuffed and screaming in agony as they are hit.

    The authenticity of the footage is still to be verified and the perpetrators are not in uniform, however, it appears consistent with earlier reports of brutality against prisoners by the Fijian military.

    “This appalling incident appears to be the latest example of abuse by the military. The Fijian authorities must treat this shocking footage with the utmost seriousness and immediately initiate an independent investigation,” said Andrew Beswick, Amnesty International Spokesperson.

    “While the video is still to be verified what is clear is that torture is unacceptable under any circumstances and those responsible must be brought to justice.

    “The humiliation of the men and their injuries evident in the video is very serious. Forced to undress and harassed by a dog, as men nearby laugh, it is difficult to watch. The subsequent brutal beating with batons is harrowing. It is torture.

    “Amnesty International is calling for an independent and transparent investigation into these events.” He added.

    The organization is also calling for clear public assurances from Fiji’s military government that torture and other ill treatment by military, police or prison officers will not to be tolerated under any circumstances.

    The footage could be further evidence to corroborate previous reports of abuses by Fiji’s military.

    In December 2012 Amnesty International issued an open letter to the Prime Minister of Fiji, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, urging him to address the case of five prisoners who were allegedly tortured by military personnel.


  29. Posted at 00:41 on 05 March, 2013 UTC

    Amnesty International has condemned evidence of a brutal beating in Fiji that emerged today online.

    The video shows two men being handcuffed and continually beaten with rods and poles, and one man being bitten by a dog and dragged along the ground.

    Police and army officers have been accused of the torture and the police spokesperson Atunaisa Sokomuri says a statement will be issued soon.

    The Executive Director of Amnesty International New Zealand, Grant Bayldon, says Amnesty has still not received any reply to a letter sent to Fiji’s Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama in December, asking him to address the issue of torture.

    “Amnesty International strongly condemns the use of torture and beatings. They are never justified in any situation. This video, while it’s unverified, if it does turn out to be verified, it’s extremely concerning as to what’s going on in Fiji.”

    Grant Bayldon says a team of Amnesty experts in London is attempting to verify the video.

    News Content © Radio New Zealand International
    PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

  30. Those two are not the Naboro prison breakout group although they are part of the broader network that was operating last year to destabalise the country.

    The man on the back of the vehicle is Ioane Benedito.

    The man on the ground is his outside contact man who was caught with him, organising mobile phones and logistics

  31. Where is Matilda Bludger of the OHCHR office based in Suva? Why is she silent on this criminal behaviour by regime bullies? Does she not know what her job is? The UN is increasingly failing as an organisation. How the UN can use these Fiji military dogs as ‘PEACEKEEPERS’ is beyond understanding. No wonder the organisation is losing credibility.

  32. @VORE Magaitinamu pleased to hear your support for this torture, your time will come too!!

  33. Fiji: “Shocking” video depicts alleged torture of prisoners
    Tuesday, 5 March 2013, 4:00 pm
    Press Release: Amnesty International

    5 March 2013

    Fiji: “Shocking” video depicts alleged torture of prisoners

    Video footage apparently showing the torture of prisoners in Fiji by military officers is “shocking”, Amnesty International said on Tuesday, as it called for an independent investigation into the events.

    The nine minute video posted online appears to show two men being repeatedly beaten with poles, as they lie huddled on the ground handcuffed and screaming in agony as batons are used repeatedly against them.

    The authenticity of the footage is still to be verified and the perpetrators are not in uniform, however, it appears consistent with earlier reports of brutality against prisoners by the Fijian military.

    “This appalling incident appears to be the latest example of abuse by the military. The Fijian authorities must treat this shocking footage with the utmost seriousness and immediately initiate an independent investigation,” said Grant Bayldon, Executive Director of Amnesty International New Zealand. “While the video is still to be verified what is clear is that torture is unacceptable under any circumstances and those responsible must be brought to justice.”

    “The humiliation of the men and their injuries which are also evident in the video is very serious. Forced to undress and harassed by a dog, as men nearby laugh, it is difficult to watch. The subsequent brutal beating with batons is harrowing. It is torture.”

    Amnesty International is calling for an independent and transparent investigation into these events.

    The organisation is also calling for clear assurances and actions by Fiji’s military government that torture and other ill treatment by military, police or prison officers will not to be tolerated under any circumstances.

    If verified the the footage could be further evidence to corroborate previous reports of abuses by Fiji’s military.

    In December 2012 Amnesty International issued an open letter to the Prime Minister of Fiji, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, urging him to address the case of five prisoners who were allegedly tortured by military personnel.


    © Scoop Media

  34. Yes regime supporters are all keen for a ‘little torture’ but quiet when it come sto their turn, then they will want protection.

  35. There was a police radio going off in the background noise and most of the thugs can be clearly identified.

  36. Benedito was caught in Nabua. That video is taken at Komai settlement in Nabua.

    That is not Qaraniqio. Qaraniqio and the group which escaped for the BSP series of attacks were caught off Uduya Point on an island which is not accessable to vehicles.

    Field needs to get correct information before publishing sensationalist material like that.

    Benedito did not lose a leg, nor did his support man. In fact Benedito was produced in Court on February 12th this year and a prison term of one year was added to his existing term.

    Search on for escaped inmates

    06:05 Mon Nov 19, 2012
    Taken from/By: Google
    Report by: Roland Koroi

    The search is now on for two of four inmates who escaped from the Suva Corrections center last night.

    The four, Viliame Tuibua, Frank Kanore, Sanaila Tabuavula and Ioane Benedito escaped after cutting burglar bars at the Damanu Dormitory.

    Police say Frank Kanore was captured in the early hours of this morning at Vatuwaqa while Viliame Tuibua was captured at Laucala Beach.

    Corrections spokesperson Ana Tudrau says the escaped inmates were seen boarding a taxi at the service station near the remand center a little after 11 last night still in their orange inmate uniforms.

    Tudrau says five officers were on duty last night with close to four hundred inmates at the remand center.

    Meanwhile the search continues for three inmates who escaped from the Nadi Police station on Diwali night last week.

    Any information that may lead to their arrest must be relayed to the nearest police station.

  37. WELLINGTON — Amnesty International called on Fiji’s military regime to launch an urgent investigation Tuesday into an online video that appears to show two men being tortured by officials.

    The graphic footage posted on YouTube shows one man being savagely beaten with batons and metal bars, and another being set upon by a dog as the animal’s handler encourages it.

    Amnesty said it was attempting to verify claims the video was taken last September and shows escaped convicts being mistreated after being recaptured by the military, which has ruled the Pacific nation since a 2006 coup.

    The human rights watchdog said that regardless of who the men were, their treatment amounted to torture and Fiji’s military leader Voreqe Bainimarama needed to order an independent inquiry urgently.

    “Now is the time for Commodore Bainimarama to come out and absolutely condemn the use of torture in Fiji and to launch an investigation,” Amnesty International New Zealand executive director Grant Bayldon told AFP.

    “Amnesty International considers the sort of abuse that appears to be shown in this video to be torture.”

    The Fiji police and government could not be reached for comment, but the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation said police had vowed to look into the matter.

    The nine-minute clip, which appears to have been shot with a mobile phone, shows a man being repeatedly struck with bars and batons while he lies in the back of a pick-up truck.

    Later in the video, a man hammers at the victim’s ankle with the edge of a metal rod and he is shown stripped down to a T-shirt, with raised welts visible on his thighs and buttocks as he curls in a foetal position to protect himself.

    Another man is dragged around a field by a dog latched onto the collar of his bloodied shirt as his attackers laugh, then falls to his knees as he is punched in the head numerous times.

    Amnesty raised concerns late last year about the treatment of a group of five convicts who were recaptured after escaping from a prison in September.

    It said one of the prisoners was so badly beaten he had his right leg amputated below the knee after an open fracture became infected. Another prisoner was allegedly injured after being sexually assaulted with a rifle.

    Bayldon said some of the injuries depicted in the video were consistent with those suffered by the prisoners.

    “If this video is verified, it will be part of a long list of allegations of torture and beatings in Fiji,” he said.

    “It takes place in a country in which Amnesty International has serious concerns about lack of freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and a lack of media freedom, where people are often afraid to speak out.”




  39. Wow, Michael has finally cracked the big time claiming the person is none other than Epeli Qaraniqio, the apprehended prisoner who lost his leg to diabetes, nonetheless Michael in his capriciousness quoted from an over-credulous and hyperbolised anti-regime blog-site without first authenticating if such a video is indeed kosher.

    On analysing the video recording it became patently clear while it seemed barbarous at the outset there are certain aspects of the video that are not only odious but the methodology used in such brutality has an element of hilarity to it.

    One cannot dispute or deny the prodding of the prisoner’s anus nor the stomping on his face or the assault in which the prisoner was made to perform fellatio on the offender’s extended truncheon.

    Having said that, this video-recording on the surface appears staged and the actors involved did sustain some form of savagery, but I believe such savagery is no worse, infact its quite mild compared to the barbarity of Abu Ghraib Prison.

    What is of concern is why would any of the perpetrators be so keen as to allow such recording to
    be aired considering the consequences that would befall them?

    In the final analysis one can conclude with scepticism.

  40. Beatings have long been a common practice used by Fiji Police to obtain confessions and to this extent the September beatings cannot be attributed to a breakdown in law under the present government. BY CROZ WALSH MARCH 5 2012

    Is this man fro real. Is there no end to his propaganda. His Government should shut him up quick smart. He is a danger to democracy and the Fijian People. I look forward to his next visit here. It is time we organised a welcoming committee for him. Propagandist extreme.

  41. Does the names of the those getting beaten BY THE POLICE really matter.?! What matters is that they were illegally beaten BY THE POLICE! The fools they are supposed to uphold the law!! Now this begs the question, if they beat these two as shown IN THE VIDEO what are the odds that others were beaten as well. It is more likely that Qaraniqio et al were also beaten which more than likely resulted in the amputation of his leg.

    Try this on for size…. Put your hand up if you think that these two deserved it. Why do they deserve it and who judges that someone deserves it?! Is it okay for police to assault a person who, say, was exceediing the speed limit?! Why or why not. If the police can do this then who can tell them that they cant do it anyone else? The military govt has given the armed and disciplined forces a sense of entitlement that whatever they do, it is justified and no one has the right to say shite against them.

    Again Ratu Sai you miss the forest for the trees.


  42. Qaraniqio’s leg was not treated quickly which is why gangrene set in and it had to be amputated or else septicimia would have set in.

    His injury occured because he tried to run from the pursuing party. The area where his group had taken refuge is an island off Uduya point that is very difficult and uneven terrain. They were chasing him as night was setting in and darkness coming up.

    He injured himself stepping into a crevice. Broke his leg and exposed the bone as the flesh tore out.

    The injury was not treated immediately because the ambulances could not reach the island as it is inaccessable by road (no road). He had to be ferried back by boat and then was taken to the Army hospital in Tamavua where he was made to await the arrival of the Doctor on duty who did not arrive until a few hours later.

    By the time he was assessed by the Doctor the infection had set into the bone so he was transferred to CWM hospital where he was amputated to save his life.

  43. Fijian woman relives terror as BSP bank in Samabula is attacked in a ram raid where Fijian women standing outside the bank were attacked by knife wielding men. This is the gang who ended up on the island off Uduya Point last year that Amnesty mentions.

    See it on Youtube

  44. @ Anon BSP robbery

    That’s what the courts are for. Summary punishment from the police is another thing altogether. Don’t try to justify the police actions. There is no justification.

  45. Destabalisation campaign linked to political destabalisation plans that were underway last year. This group is part of the broader network which involved the group that included Ioane Benedito last year.

    from youtube

  46. The Organisers….

    Bail wait in cell

    Samisoni Nabilivalu
    Wednesday, January 04, 2012

    FOUR people charged with urging political violence will know today if they will be granted bail by the court or not.

    Apete Vereti, Semisi Lasike, Mataiasi Ragigia and businesswoman Mere Samisoni spent last night in remand after appearing in the Suva Magistrate’s Court to answer the charge laid against them.

    They have been charged with urging political violence contrary to section 65 (1) (b) of the Crimes Decree number 44 of 2009.

    Prior to appearing before Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili, Ms Samisoni’s lawyer, Peter Williams, applied to be temporarily admitted to the Fiji Bar which was approved by Chief Justice Anthony Gates. The other three accused were represented by Samanunu Vaniqi.

    Mr Williams, in making his clients bail application, said a jail cell was no environment for a 73-year-old and that she had family and business interests in Fiji which did not make her a flight risk.

    HE said Ms Samisoni had refused to make complaints about the way she was treated by police, instead paying compliments to them.

    He said her processing the dignity to pay compliments to those in charge of her showed an attitude of respect towards authority and added it was only a civilised act to grant Ms Samisoni bail.

    While making the bail application for the other three accused, Ms Vaniqi revealed they were all suffering from health problems which would only be worsened by them being further remanded.

    She said Mr Vereti, 57, suffers from asthma while Mr Nasike, 54, has been a diabetic for nine years.

    She also said that Mr Ragigia, 54, had required a special high fibre diet and fluids and daily massages for his back and right leg since having surgery on his thigh in 2006.

    Ms Vaniqi said the three accused had families to support, had each maintained fixed addresses for long periods of time, had fixed community ties, were not flight risks, and were willing to submit to a strict curfew and special bail conditions.

    She said Ballu Khan had been granted bail despite the seriousness of the crime he was charged with because of the assumption of his innocence until it could be proven otherwise.

    She said the charges were only allegations so far and that they would remain so until the accused persons were tried and proven guilty before the court.

    Ilisapeci Whippy, of the Director of Public Prosecutions office, said the State objected to the bail applications because of the seriousness of the offences.

    She said the charges affected all of Fiji and that granting bail to the four accused could endanger the public.

    Ms Whippy said there was a need to remand the accused persons until things simmered down.

    Mr Ratuvili remanded the four accused in custody last night and he will rule on the bail applications today.

  47. The Organisers should be very careful now.

    Ramping up the situation with a black propoganda campaign will not be to their benefit.

    They have used other tactics of isolation and cutting off, but they have been given leeway to play because the Government is trying to create a sustainable way forward.

    But if they continue with these tactics, then things will change and they can be touched and snuffed out at any time and those foreign Governments who are supporting their activities will be unable to intervene.

  48. Bullshit

    All it takes is for the Minister for Foreign Affairs to issue a press release for Aussie tourists to stay away. High Alert. Fiji’s economy will be run down before the end of the year. The PM and AG would be hanged before Christmas.

  49. Hotels have shut down beore in 2009. Did not make a difference.

    Hotels closing down now only means Australian and New Zealand businesses close down. Those hotels are Australian and New Zealand owned and managed.

    What has to be done will be done and its getting very close to showtime. The gamesmenship will end and the Organisers will end the game of chess and start to learn contact sport.

  50. You are kidding right? Those Airbuses are going to pay for themselves are they? Think about it. Tourism is about to end in Fiji. FACT

  51. @ Anon

    “He injured himself stepping into a crevice. Broke his leg and exposed the bone as the flesh tore out.”

    What utter crap.

    You can see in the video that no “bones” were exposed – his legs were beaten so badly that hematomas formed, blood pooled in his legs and as a DIRECT result of the torture and beatings, he had to have a leg amputated.

    Say whatever you like Qorvis. No amount of stupid excuses and lame idiotic statements distract the public from the truth – the RFMF and Fiji Police are dishonorable thugs and torturers who believe that they are above the law – just like their criminal masters and commodore-in-theif.

  52. Thats Ioane Benedito in that video and he still has both legs Radiolucas. He was at the Suva Magistrate’s Court No 5 on 12th February 2013 (last month) to answer to that escape charge. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year.

    That video is shot at Komai settlement in Nabua where Ioane was recaptured. The other person in that video is the accomplice who was organising his logistics as part of the broader network involved in that destabalisation campaign last year.

    Qaraniqio who lost a leg was recaptured on one of the islands off Uduya Point. That island is not accesable by road. It is accesable by boat. You are referring to Qaraniqio who broke his leg after he fell into a crevice trying to escape the pursuing party on that island in the Bay of Islands in Lami. His fractured and infected leg which had turned gangrene had to be amputated.

  53. @ Annon

    Where is the proof he fell into a crevice. It is clear that the police/military modus operandi is to attack the ankles and legs. No proof either way but an inference that his ankles were attacked.

    REMEMBER. This incident was filmed. What about the hundreds of beatings that were not filmed.

  54. The 9 minute video has been sent to all tourism bodies worldwide and all major travle and tour operators worlwide-must see for them to make sure no tourist go to fiji or else the thug junta will make the same torture to them

    All Australian and NZ tourists must be aware and travel advisory maximum for no travel to fiji very high risk destination with no rule of law but law of jungle.

  55. Yes good they can shut down the Hilton Denarau and all those Kiwi mums and pops who have their life savings invested in the Villa scheme can kiss them good bye.

    Korda Menthat should start prearing to terminate all those Denarau International Management Agreement and Leases.

    Bob Lowres can close down Naisoso and piss off back to Sydney

  56. The current global viral spread of this shocking brutality video by the police/military has tought us something…that internet social media is very powerful and it is in the hands of ordinary citizens.

    That individuals together, through social media can bring events in our country to international attention and create havoc with abusers of power like the Fiji dictator and his gang.

    So this is a weapon we have found to be very effective……use it.

    Pointer to all of us still in Fiji to click away with our cameras and mobiles to record all the misdeeds of the illegal Govt and send the pictures with commentaries and actual recordings of sounds by subjects overseas for global distribution.

    Our friends overseas will then pass them on to Foreign Govts and media for global distribution and publicity.

    So happy clicking all of us in Fiji. Take videos of abuses and everything wrong by officials in Fiji.

    Take videos of public meetings and statements by officials then send them overseas for publicity.

    Lets make life for EyeArse and FB very unconfortable indeed.

  57. “Anon” it seems, has this all nicely explained to what, where and how this was all organised.

    Nice try, Qorvis.

  58. whay is this qauri “anon” trying to justify the brutal video? oh right, they were only fijians and probably deserved it.

  59. The convicts finally felt the pain of the law!! Where are all the NGO’s and human rights organizations when forced home entries were common!! If the foreign countries dont like this they can have these criminals! i frankly dont care because my family is now able to sleep at night…. thank you to the military and police! Anyone causing problems should be punished severely… If want the rapists and criminals then you can take them to your homes.. how about a yellow ribbon… I will not shed a tear for these useless people who have caused nothing but problems! I say more beatings please…

  60. To “More beatings please”, i respect that you have your opinion and as such, if you were to be pulled over for drink driving, speeding, talking on phone while driving, swearing at someone (even in jest) or any such “minor” offense i hope that you too are beaten like these men. then would your opinion change??

  61. “how about a yellow ribbon…”

    Anyone remember Francis Kean? Yellow Ribbon my bum – they all deserve to serve time – but they do not deserve torture and summary justice – Fiji needs more justice and less lawlessness.

  62. sarauta na digi ovisa,sotia mai na qito saqai kilai tu qo,niso na tamata lialia ulukau (BUlLSHIT) SEGA NI VULI VINAKA.

    Korovou PRISON Iowane Benedito did not loose his legs , Epeli Qaraniqio lost his leg .he escaped from “naboro prison” before benedito .he had diabetes and probably was beaten similar to what benedito got so it had to be amputated.

  64. sa rauti rau vinaka, vei kemuni na tokona na rua na kai vesu, dina ni rairai vakaloloma na ka sa mai caka vei rau ia sa tukuna nai vola tabu ni sai sau ni valavalaca na mate………………..kevaka ni voso ca taka na tabacakacaka ni ovisa kei na mataivalu ni raici kemuni tale mada……………taroga na ulumu se vinak tiko se ca……………….vakacava mo moce tu e na bogi qai curu yani nomu vale me lai butako se kucuvi iko, iko na ciqomi koya me lai cakava na lomana ka lesu tale??……………sa dri yani

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