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Read the writing Frank

By Russell Hunter


If the trashing of the people’s constitution by the junta was a turning point in Fiji’s sorry history since independence, the political parties decree will be seen as the first nail in its coffin. The rejection of the Yash Ghai-commission draft by Bainimarama and his puppet president did not have the effect intended. Far from it, for it forced the regime to show its intent, which, of course, is to retain power at any cost.
But it was all too little too late. Despite the regime’s best (and worst) efforts to suppress it the draft constitution spread through Fiji like wildfire to the extent that the rattled dictator had to withdraw a “law” declaring it a crime to read or discuss it. Now nobody – in Fiji or elsewhere – is under any illusions about what his preferred constitution will contain and its rubber stamping by his chosen stooges (it seems he can’t find 100 so 30 might have to do), but that is of little consequence now also. There is now widespread realisation that all the broken promises, all the corruption, the violence and the threats of it, the torture, the slashed pensions, the collapse of the economy and the sugar industry, the secret salaries and the rampant nepotism are all part of the same scam. It’s all about Frank. And he’ll say and do whatever he has to in order to cling to power. If any confirmation were needed the political parties decree has provided it in spades.  For it makes it very clear that only one party will be tolerated – and anybody who imagines that the required 5000 members will be open to public scrutiny (the decree says it will be) should urgently contact planet Earth. For the whole process will be run in the now familiar manner by Bainimarama appointees. So the pollies are now talking about standing as individuals, boycotting the election or merging into one Opposition. It’s well and good but this too misses the point. A boycott assumes that somebody cares – and Frank of course does not – and political activity individual or otherwise assumes that a result can be achieved, which with the military overseeing parliament is not possible
The real point here is that people have discovered that if they want their freedom back they’ll have to take it.
Any election now will give them a puppet parliament controlled by a dictator and there’s no public appetite for it. People want their votes to count for something. And they now see there’s no remedy but resistance. And that, then, makes the coming months dangerous ones for Fiji. For while the military can be expected to do all in its considerable power to contain the seething resentment of a population emboldened by the knowledge that it represents the overwhelming majority, it will find the mission increasingly impossible.

Disgraceful treatment of Father Barr

The disgraceful treatment of Fr Kevin Barr has given Fiji’s people further evidence of the true nature of the regime that purports to govern them. 
Fr Barr, who formerly supported the regime in the (mistaken) belief that it would address the issue of wages, must now realise he was just another of the “useful  idiots” so cruelly used by Bainimarama and his gang.
Fr Barr’s integrity was never in doubt, however, and it’s tragic that he is treated in this way. He won’t be the last. Others are becoming aware of the true nature and purpose of the Bainimarama junta.
The 7,000 Ghai commission submissions and the political parties decree have seen to that. But they have equally ensured that when the Bainimarama political party (which no doubt already exists and follows the tailor-made decree) is brought blinking into the public spotlight, it will be derided.
Of course the media will give it maximum and positive coverage and the regime will persuade itself that a nation breathless for knowledge will read it and approve. They still haven’t realised that nobody trusts the media any more. So expect further defections, some of them quite senior, as people begin to realise the truth or realise that others have. A few will have discovered a conscience while more will be looking for the insurance of a bet each way.
And, talking of conscience, what of Archbishop Petero Mataca? Essentially a decent man who gave the support of his church to the coup in the mistaken belief that Bainimarama was genuinely about ending racism and social inequality, he is little heard of these days.
He retired from official duties last month. Ageing and infirm though he is, a disapproving word from him would be the beginning of the end of the Bainimarama dictatorship and the consequent sufferings of the people of Fiji.
The constitution fiasco and the parties decree tell us the cracks are appearing. But will the dam break?
It’s a question on many pairs of lips. It must be seen as unlikely unless further pressure is applied. And that, in turn, must seem unlikely without the emergence of  what the military fears above all things – a leader.
There is none apparent. When he – or she – does emerge, it will be a dangerous time indeed for Fiji.
Source: www.fijileaks.com


13 thoughts on “Read the writing Frank

  1. Russell, your mendacity precedes you, it is for that reason the opposing factions should not pay any credence to your tripe.

    You like your side winding bum buddy whatever you both concoct should never be believed and the proof as they is in the pudding or in this case writing.

  2. Spot on, Russell, and especially coming from someone who knows the country at the back of his hands, and was subjected to brutal treatment at the hands of this thuggish regime! Keep it coming, ignore the regime bum-sucking Ratu Sai i.e. military monkey

  3. http://www.fijileaks.com

    We are not politicians, Khaiyum tells parties. Yes, says Fijileaks, “You and Bainimarama are unelected treasonists with secret offshore bank accounts running into millions”, to be revealed SOON

  4. Russell you must be as fucked up as Father Barr. You are lucky that we cannot get our hands on you right now, you would be re-educated in the barracks once and for all. There is no resistance against my rule, not in Fiji, Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere. The UN has accepted what we do, keeps our peace keepers and supports us with numerous projects. People in Fiji not only support my rule, they are happy that I have become a very rich and powerful man.

    I am the living example that an uneducated common man can make it all the way to the top. People admire this. A little bit of corruption is part of our kerekere culture, completely misunderstood by most foreigners. (Sharon, Chris, Croz and Graham are laudable exemptions). So don’t bore us with lamenting about lack of transparency. I am sick of hearing that Khaiyum’s and my salaries are paid by aunty Nur. She is a qualified and certified accountant, so what is wrong with a Public Private Parnership in payroll management. The World Bank and ADB actively promote PPP models in the Pacific and we have taken the lead on this.

    To make it abundantly clear to all the losers out there: Join the new We All Love Khaiyum (WALK) party and you will be redeemed. Real democracy needs only one party, as our Chinese friends have demonstrated for decades. Look at their economic growth, look at their military strength and international standing. Real democracy needs strong, wealthy leaders who cannot be besmirched by the rapid media that you represent, Russell. Real democracy means unconstraint freedom for me and Khaiyum and our families and friends. Join us and you will not regret it. Contact Qorvis and apply for a job. We offer attractive salary packages, free travel for you and your partners and yes, you can even maintain your status as an independent journo.

    For those who think that it is time to mob together and fight our benign and benevolent rule, I should issue a bit of a warning: Don’t be fooled by dreams of pulling a Gaddafi or a Saddam on me. My troops are well trained, well fed, well paid and very very loyal to me. They will not hesitate to fire on their own brothers and sisters should they demand my departure. Up until now we have only killed and tortured a few, but make no mistake, if our position of power is challenged we will fight back.

  5. army is ready to support the peoples call.we just waiting for the march and protest to start.
    we had enough of this boso dictating us with khaiyum.army wont shoot anyone .army is for the people.

  6. “There is now widespread realisation that all the broken promises, all the corruption, the violence and the threats of it, the torture, the slashed pensions, the collapse of the economy”

    Have i missed something ? Does he say that the economy has collapsed ?

    When did that happen ?

  7. Russell Hunter’s contacts in the military are as good as the dictators – many of you who hate the man – pro-regime ones – do not have the same access to a vast array of people in Fiji – both pro-and anti regime people – so I give Hunter my full support – keep up the faith, people, and listen to the voices who know what is happening on the ground – as Hunter is one of many scribes who know Fiji

  8. Thanks Russell. Quite appropriate now with this piece from you to enforce a bit of reality check on the junta and its propagandists. You’ve rightly conveyed how things often evolve to the point of civil justice when the people will finally reclaim their dignity and freedom from the dictator and his band of thieves. They will be wishing all hell is not unleashed but how wrong they will be!

  9. A good piece Russel. You should also apply your pen to that colleague of yours, a doyen of Pacific journalism and keeper of journalism conscience, the corrupt and mendacious Peter Lomas, who sold his soul to common criminals for 30 pieces of silver. It is amazing some people can con everyone for such a long time before their true colours finally show through! Real low life.

  10. Tu Sai
    Rere tiko boy sa voleka ni oti na namu keina kana loto,,,,,,supu raisi mai Naboto sa voleka luveni butabutako

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