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Graham Davis just doesn’t know when to give up

The following has just been published on Fiji Media Wars:

I propose to coin a term today – propagandicide. It refers to a propagandist who just doesn’t know when to back off and in making his advocacy efforts too obvious actually squanders whatever propaganda value he may have once enjoyed. Early studies of propaganda following its pioneering use during World War I saw it as a simple process, which resulted in the “magic bullet” or “hypodermic needle” theory of powerful media effects. All you had to do was inject the public with your message or shoot them with your magic bullet of persuasion and they would adopt your preferred view as their own. Subsequent research, however, found that one-sided messages made poor propaganda because they tend to be rejected as too obvious. Instead two-sided messages (which inevitably favor one’s preferred side) are now the accepted standard.

It seemed like Graham Davis got that message late last year, when he announced he was bowing out of commenting on Fiji politics because of his obvious conflict of interest. He revealed in September that he is a consultant for U.S. public relations firm Qorvis Communications, which is the propaganda arm of the regime. For him to continue to comment on Fiji politics would be seen as simply conveying the regime’s position on issues. Word on the street was that Davis had actually been told to back off in this regard by his masters . . . er, mistress at MINFO. From what he wrote on his blog Grubsheet Feejee and in the Fiji Sun late last year, he seemed to understand that there were very good reasons for this. Here is what Davis wrote on his blog on 27 December and in the Fiji Sun the next day.

I have a clear conflict of interest when it comes to commenting on political matters in Fiji, and especially partisan politics in the lead-up to the election. I am now spending much of my time in Suva working on the Qorvis account that services the Fijian Government. As you all know, my support for that Government is long-standing and my support for Frank Bainimarama actually precedes the events of 2006. But continuing to express that support while being actively involved in Government naturally leaves me vulnerable to charges of being a polemicist or propagandist rather than an independent commentator.

In recent days, however, Davis has reversed course for some reason. Perhaps he doesn’t get it after all, or maybe he just can’t help himself. More likely he has been drafted back into action by a regime that is increasingly desperate for any support it can muster in the face of several disastrous missteps. The torching – literally and figuratively – of the Ghai Commission’s draft constitution was just the first of a trio of such blunders recently. Then the regime enacted the Political Parties Decree setting out difficult requirements for any organisation wishing to field candidates in next year’s promised election. That brought criticism even from some backers, such as Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr. But as everyone who has owned a boat knows, bad things come in threes (good things do, too) and the third shoe dropped in extremely ugly fashion when Father Kevin Barr revealed that an irate dictator had berated him profanely by telephone and text message after he wrote a witty letter to the Sun. It didn’t take too long for his shocking account to be spread all over the blogs, reminding everyone that the country’s military strongman has a dark reputation that includes allegations of torture and even murder. Of course, that wouldn’t stop Davis from whole-heartedly advocating for such a leader. He proved it again today, pumping the tires of the regime and denigrating its opponents relentlessly. Here is what he wrote in discussing the new Political Parties Decree, which has attracted serious criticism both at home and around the region.

The SDL now claims to be a multiracial party but as its name suggests, it is almost exclusively i’Taukei. In its current form, can it meet the test of being non discriminatory and respond to the needs of all Fijians, as the law now requires? Probably not. . . .

Chaudhry’s unlovely personality and uncompromising control of Labour drove Baba into the arms of the nationalists in the SDL. The problem for the SDL is that Baba is hardly charismatic and those around him are virtual unknowns.

Here we have not one but several pejoratives against Fiji politicians. “Unlovely personality . . . uncompromising control . . . hardly charismatic . . . virtual unknowns.” Would that qualify as “commenting on political matters in Fiji,” which Davis promised just a few weeks ago to discontinue doing? You be the judge. In weighing in on the pros and cons of Ro Teimumucan, head of the Burebasaga confederacy, he momentarily suggests that he could be two-sided, but then lapses into being horribly lop-sided.

She could be a formidable force if she can overcome her less attractive political attributes. She horrified many Fijians last year with her warning of “racial calamity” if the chiefs were ignored. And she has been strongly identified with the nationalist cause- which will deter many non-indigenous people from supporting her – as well as the unsuccessful campaign to declare Fiji a Christian state.

Davis describes deposed prime minister Mahendra Chaudhry as “wily.” Nah, nothing prejudicial there. But that’s just to set up Chaudhry for the kill shot. “Chaudhry rules the party with an iron fist and broaches no dissent. The style is old-fashioned socialism, authoritarian and unyielding, and there are a string of political figures who’ve exited Labour for daring to question Chaudhry’s authority.” As far as Davis is concerned, some potential opponents of the expected Dictator’s Party, such as Chaudry’s FLP, should just give up now. “Labour and the Worker’s Party . . . should consider dissolving altogether. . . . Because leaving aside the decree, the way they are going they are toast.” As for the National Federation Party, Davis deems “this once great party” to have become “a pathetic shadow of its former self.”

What on earth is the point of its existence? . . . Pramod Rae is fighting a losing battle against total irrelevance. The great quest of the old NFP was one, man, one vote. Yet now that it’s finally got it -thanks to Voreqe Bainimarama – Pramod Rae thunders on. He too has no hope of meeting the stipulation of being a national party representing the whole country. It’s high time for the NFP to dissolve and its existing members to seek political solace elsewhere. Times have changed but the NFP hasn’t. . . .

Well, so much for no longer “commenting on political matters in Fiji, and especially partisan politics in the lead-up to the election.” What about not continuing to express his support for the regime while being actively involved in it? After all, he astutely observed that doing so would naturally leave him “vulnerable to charges of being a polemicist or propagandist rather than an independent commentator.” Well, I think you know how this movie ends by now. Heeeeere’s Grubby:

No-one can accuse the Prime Minister or his Attorney-General – the architect of this decree – of double standards. What’s good for the geese in the old parties is also good for the ducks who’ve worked hard over the past six years to produce the Bainimarama Revolution. . . . Now that we have a level playing field at last, Fijian voters may not know precisely right now who is going to make up the competing teams. But get set for one hell of a game.

We certainly are. Over to you Grubby. Let’s see you get out of this one.


125 thoughts on “Graham Davis just doesn’t know when to give up

  1. Readers will be aware that Marc Edge has been censoring comments on this website with the approval of Peter Firkin. They relate to legitimate accounts by senior academics at USP about Edge’s behaviour in the lead-up to his dismissal from the University for misconduct. I point readers to Edge’s previous posting – “What is an independent journalist” – and the related comments. They will see there a comprehensive attempt to smear me and then deprive me of the ability to fully respond to the criticisms made about me. So much for free speech. This continues that vendetta. I will again publish what I placed on this blog yesterday. Readers will then be able to see for themselves how Marc Edge is being driven by personal considerations in trying to shut me down.

  2. From a distinguished academic who knows Marc Edge and witnessed the events at USP:


    It is mockery on Fiji Today and whoever Peter Firkin is, it is unconscionable on his part that he would give somebody like ME editing rights. He shouldn’t even have posting rights.

  3. Marc, you lack life experience, intelligence and dignity. Have you ever been to the Signals night club in Suva? Probably not. Because this place can teach you valuable lessons about life. The place swarms with prostitutes who operate on the protection of two police cars stationed outside this gorgeous little place. The girls (and some boys who look like girls) inside love to promise you anything, they even tell you that you are a wonderful and good looking man. When the police decides to raid the place (just for the fun of it) they all promise never to engage in prostitution again. Three days later they are all back. So, Marc, do not waste your time with Graham. Although he does only occasionally visits Signals, he still is a little whore and ‘conflict of interest’ is a concept that is certainly not part of the code of conduct for this honest profession.

  4. Readers, I have just posted this material and do not expect it to last long because Peter Firkin has given Marc Edge the power to edit any comment on his blog. And he has done so. He claims he has only done so because it is defamatory. But he is attempting to coverup his misconduct at USP under the guise of being a pro-democracy campaigner. The proof that his prime consideration is a vendetta against me is that his blog “Fiji media Wars” is devoted almost exclusively to attacks on me and Crosbie Walsh. Do any of you think that this is fair and acceptable behaviour, irrespective of whether you disagree with me or hold me in contempt? My crime is to present an opposing opinion. Surely I have a right to express that opinion and respond to attacks on me? isn’t this what media freedom or freedom of expression is all about. How can Peter Firkin claim that contributions to Fiji Today aren’t censored. They are and by third parties. Extraordinary in every possible way.

  5. I have never – despite the claim of Frankly Bananas – ever set foot inside Signals. Never, ever. As for other nightclubs, I probably can’t say the same.

  6. And before I forget, Marc, my offer to employ you under a Qorvis contract still stands. Don’t be a loser. Join the bandwagon and you will receive a decent salary and free travel for you and you family. The only thing you have to do is write a few simple articles which say ‘Frank is an intelligent, humorous, visionary and benevolent guy. You are allowed to use as many words as you wish to convey this message. Deal?

  7. My response to Marc Edge’s threat to sue. I notice the censoring of Fiji Today by Marc has already begun.

    Marc, I eagerly await your writ. You may need to sue in two jurisdictions but lawyers in Fiji already have the dossier of supporting documents from the USP hierarchy and student complaints. The defence will be truth and I am already advised that there are strong grounds for defending any action you may launch.

    Your days of making idle threats and trying to suppress legitimate information in the public interest are over. Let’s have the whole saga unfold in open court.

    You see nothing wrong with applying the blowtorch to me – such as actively trying to get me sacked from one of my own jobs – yet when I respond you shut me down, in this case, with the help of your new companero, Peter Firkin. Pro-democracy campaigners you ain’t. Unless democracy means throttling legitimate public debate.

    You resent me for reporting a legitimate story and blame me for your sacking from USP. Whereas, you – the Great Journalist Educator – were sacked because of your own behaviour at USP yet are intend on shooting the messenger and damaging me for doing my job. Rather ironical isn’t it?


  8. Davis.

    You are quite correct this Marc fella just doesn’t get it, and as far as deleting comments I can concur.

  9. Attention Peter Firkin: This is making a mockery of Fiji Today. Marc Edge is so mad he’s making a virtue of his ability to censor your website. It is quite shocking and unprecedented for Fiji Today.

  10. Bravo Prof Edge!

    Show this wanna-be Fiji boy UP for the farce and pretentiousness that he is. He’s still stuck in the rut of Fiji in the 60s & 70s where in his memories the natives are grateful for even a glance of reassurance from colonial leftovers. And this is why the People’s Revolution will catch him on the back foot at every turn.

    QORVIS, Shazza has royally conned you like she conned Telecom/Connect. This dolt wants his own spotlight and doesn’t seem to quite grasp that he is not entitled to an opinion – he merely spins it.

  11. Marc by allowing yourself to engage in spurious discourse makes a mockery of your supposed educational prowess, infact with such comments it would be fair to say whatever integrity and credibility you had, have been lost, due to your infantile insistence on pursuing Davis for comments he made.

    Davis’s allegation on your sacking from USP must be pursued in the right forum and not disgrace yourself by traducing your fellow journalist.

    One I might add who handsomely paid.

  12. Marc heres a thought the people have read Davis’s allegations regarding your unceremoniously sacking from USP, why don’t you in your words recount for the people why you were discharged of your duty from the USP?

    The above or the latter are allegations and therefore and until such time that you decide to set the record straight it shall and will remain allegedly defamatory towards you, so it would be in your interest to clear the air once and for all.

    We are await your response whether in the positive or negative or your Mea Culpa.

  13. Ratu Sai, Marc Edge is much too busy being a dog. This guy is really crackers and here’s the proof:

    From: Marc Edge
    Subject: RE: Fiji Today
    Date: 18 January 2013 5:55:46 AM AEDT
    To: Graham Davis




  14. Fiji Today is being very silly allowing Marc Edge to ruin the reputation this blog had for free comment either for or against an issue.
    Mr Edge seem to think it is all a joke. His behaviour is becoming very childish. The sad thing is the joke is on Fiji Today unless you remove your approval for him to censor anything which puts him in a bad light.
    As Ratu Sai has suggested, let’s hear Mr Davis say why he believes Mr Edge was sacked and Mr Edge can then reply in full to this and shoot down anything that is not true.
    My friends at the USP School of Journalism tell me some very strange stories about the time when Mr Edge was the Professor there. They say this programme nearly collapsed, which is why this is such an important issue.

  15. Graham Davis… you are jumping around like a spoil child. Why are you complaining about “Fiji Today” fucking about with your rights when the very Regime you work for is doing exactly that to the whole Fijian population. “SAY WHAT” I’ve certainly lost respect for you.

    It appears all you Regime people think you are above the LAW; I do you and I do you.

  16. I notice Graham Davis has been deleting Marc Edges comments on his website so it is a bit rich for him to complain about Marc deleting his. Grahams site had seven stories in a row attacking Marc with the comments allowed both defamatory and personal. Grahams stories started immediatly after Marc posted a story on his website attacking the Media Decree. This smacks of a paid charecter assasination so I have little sympathy for Graham and his winging.

    Fair is fair if you want to give shit you have to be able to take it

  17. Anyone who supports an illegal human rights abusing dictatorship is a facist fool. Oh, and Mark well done – you certainly made the little garden gnome fool hysterical!!! Congratulations.

  18. Sai & Graham

    You are the dogs. What do you take us for?

    We can read and make up our own minds and in spite of what transpired at USP the crux of the discussion is the articles Davies writes in the Fiji Sun. Most of us in Fiji deplore the slant of your articles Davies and your condemnation of current political parties misguided and uncalled for. Can you name one country in the world that has any law (regulating political parties) remotely similar to what Fiji has? If you really want to dispute what Marc is saying then stick to the point: the USP saga (whatever it was) is water under the bridge. It appears that you are running out of bullets so you revert to character assassination. It takes more than that to convince us.

  19. The way things are going, I, my loved ones, my friends and each Fijian will loose our freedom for ever and Graham you will be remembered by each one of us for contributing to our demise.

  20. Glad to see some people here have been hearing the same stories from the students at USP. They’re the only people I care about. These kids – the future journalists of the Pacific – were being terrorised by this maniac. I have countless emails from them detailing the abuse. So by all means, side with Marc Edge. You’re not doing me any damage. You’re aligning yourselves with his sordid conspiracy against them.

  21. Me a first class moron? Hey, buddy boy. Next to you, I’m in economy and you’re in the pointy end when it comes to abject stupidity.

  22. Davies most of us in Fiji don’t give a hoot who you are nor your propaganda which is not worth the paper its written on. We don’t know this Marc Edge either but from what we read he makes more sense than you. We do not harbor any intention to damage you but we hope like hell that you don’t treat us as fools. It is clear as day that you write what the regime wants and you a far from being an independent commentator.

  23. Davis. Take your medication. Your response is not fitting of someone who works in established media organisations in Australia. You have really lost it SON.

  24. All things equal Graham; if we met someday; I am just a average citizen; trying to make ends meet; trying to see an end to this sordid cycle of events; not too worried about the politics but craving for my rights and my fellow citizens rights to live our lives free from oppression. I am well educated but have no interest in politics. I am a catholic and go to church every Sunday. I try my best to put into the collection plate what i can afford to keep those more unfortunate to have food on their tables.

    I will meet you one day and introduce myself to you but I will not despise you for we all have a calling. But as sure as I write this email we will meet; we will shake hands; we may have conflicting views but when this happens it will be under an elected Government voted by the people for the people.

    Peace Graham

  25. On 04/11/2012, at 5:46 AM, Marc Edge wrote:
    > Dear Graham,

    > Good luck!
    > Regards,
    > Marc Edge

  26. ————————— Original Message —————————-
    Subject: Re: Your latest web posting
    From: “Graham Davis”
    Date: Sat, November 3, 2012 3:41 pm

    Marc, none of what I have in my possession – apart from some email
    exchanges – is from students. It is documentary evidence from the highest
    levels of the USP and your fellow academics. And the main document
    predates the article, which is why I wrote it in the first place and why
    you have not, and will not, receive an apology.

    You will doubtless also be aware that Professor Yates has been charged
    with conducting an official inquiry into your conduct on behalf of USP by
    interviewing individual students. So let’s no more of this pathetic
    dissembling and your idle threats.

    I wrote to you asking you to post a response on your website – without me
    having register through Google – to your scurrilous misrepresentation of
    the arrangement between the Fijian Government and Qorvis and the manner in
    which you have linked me to that arrangement, describing me as “Grubby”.
    You have not done so.

    The Government and Qorvis can decide how to respond to your action in
    peddling this lie. But on any rational examination of the evidence, It is
    not me who is in a “pickle”. The aspic is actually coagulating around you.

    The correspondence between us is closed.


  27. Graham, you f***ckin Bully – Gosh, your arrogance just because your arse is covered Bainimarama’s guns – you bitch of a man! You have bullied your way into our lives, you low down shit – when Fiji falls, I hope you will have been out of the country, for if not, we will drag you through the streets and dump you in Suva harbour. I never realised to what extent you have been going to use your power and connection with the regime to hound people and write your crap in the Fiji Sun! I now believe this Canadian chap – and here you were crying unfairness on Peter Firkin’s part – I say firking off from this site

  28. A bitch of a man? Now that’s a gem. Foul mouthed AND ignorant. I just love the way you cowards hide behind your anonymity to spew forth your venom. Go on, get it all out. Feel better?

  29. Folks the more I read into the Marc – Graham exhanges in this forum, the more it clarifies the character of this moron called Graham Davis. It just beats me how he’s ended up holding the junta’s mike, spewing out crap they want everyone to believe. He must be as ignorant as an ass to think we all go by the pig’s crap he excretes. He simply represent characters that make a life out of excreting crap from their brains. There are many of these sorts preoccupied in the business of doing what he is doing, making a living out of Fiji’s demise. He is top of the grade for the wrong reason……what a poor soul!

  30. Bitch of a man, yes, bitching like a woman, you poofter – to the regime to hound people out of Fiji, and to threaten us with reprisals – f***cuk of tto your Grubshit site – you wanker – to dont belong on this site

  31. Yes, keep going, ghais. Get it all off your chests. What a charming lot you are. One nightclub outing too many.

  32. Now there’s an irony. Marc Edge removing posts by “Truth Speaker”. Speak the truth on Fiji Today and the resident censor, Marc Edge, puts a red line through it. Peter Firkin, your website is an embarrassment, It preaches freedom of expression yet is more authoritarian than anything in Bainimarama’s Fiji. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  33. Graham Davies you arse hole. Get away from this site. Your articles does not worth anything to us Fijians as you are serving an illegal regime for financial gain.

  34. Graham, as Marc Edge notes, YOU posted those e-mails – so get out – go and write for Fiji Sun and Scrubshit – you shit of a man!

  35. Graham Davies

    Why on earth you keep winging about removing post, censoring and whatnot? The fact remains that most people in Fiji don’t believe in your supposed independence nor the crap you continuously publish in the Fiji Sun. Most of our letters to the papers do not see the light of day because we dare to criticize this illegal regime. You on the other hand have a free hand but we do not bitch about it. So grow some balls and accept the criticism for what you are: a hired propagandist.

  36. Arsehole, shit, crap. What kind of people are you? All anally fixated in some form or other. At least I have my name on my postings. You intellectually sodomise others with a mask on. Typical lamusona thugs.

  37. Mr Davis, please continue to publish your columns in the Fiji Sun. They are very informative and I know many people read them because we talk about them and value your views.
    Do not take any notice of those on this site who resort to foul language because they really have nothing to say.
    Fiji Today was one of the more balanced blog sites by those who oppose the Government. But it has now become no better than the others and it is showing this by the way it is allowing your views to be censored by that Mr Edge. I am not surprised he was removed by USP..
    Please carry on writing. Your column in Saturday’s Fiji Sun was brilliant.

  38. From: Marc Edge
    Subject: RE: Still no comments except mine?
    Date: 20 January 2013 2:40:55 PM AEDT
    To: Graham Davis


    > From: grahamdavis@grubstreet.com.au
    > Subject: Still no comments except mine?
    > Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 14:39:46 +1100
    > To: marcedge@hotmail.com
    > No one is reading your blog, Marc. But I just love the way that you have climbed into “Peter Firkin’s” bed to wield your red censor’s pen and have your way with his political catamites. Methinks you’re really the grubby one, old chap.
    > Woof.

  39. Gee, Marc, why bother to censor my own contributions when it so damn obvious you’ve lost it. I no longer have to prove a thing. I might be a moron – in the eyes of some in your new glee club – but you are clearly nuts.

    It will no longer come to the surprise of anyone – even the subhuman element here – that your students at USP wanted a grown-up to teach them the practice of journalism. Instead they got someone whose ambition is to be a dog.

  40. Davies

    Yes you got nothing to prove because the whole world knows that you are Voreqe’s lap dog.

  41. Graham
    Sona levu,,,,,,,,,we will get you when the regime falls,,,,& that will be soon.
    As for USP….why the student letters mostly indians and usp VC is indian,,,,all regime arselickers like you?? who you trying to con sona levu???

  42. Sotia Tera, ah the racists rear their ugly heads. You won’t be getting me. You’ve already been “got” by this Government and the RFMF and the only place you can say this kind of outrageous BS is anonymously on websites like Peter Firkin’s. A racist enabler, our Peter.

  43. Vitriolic in the extreme. Is that the real GD making these comments? Fiji is intoxicating. It can carry you away if you allow it to. It may be that meglomaniacal and pyschotic tendencies are contagious.

    GD, if that is you making these gutter comments, take a breather. Think first act/speak later.

    PF, I won’t comment about ME, but at least you are still sane. GD and ME should “take it somewhere else”.

    They take the bait so easily.

    SDL and FLP became corrupted. The IG is corrupted. True power usually sits behind the scenes. Forget ASK and VB’s salary. I would like to know how much Shameem and Gates have been paid. If VB was given immunity, I could live with that. Maybe even immunity for ASK (providing he disappears from public view forever), but Shameem and Gates MUST be called to account at some stage. They are the “puppet masters”. Anyone who has seen the inside knows this too well. Greedy immoral opportunists. That is being polite.

  44. Graham Davies wants to steal the show for himself and save his master from our objections……no Graham it aint working! We all know you are just a side show and its humurous that your master keeps squandering……..mistake after mistake. All your lots damage control efforts will blow out because your idol Frank seriously does not know what he is doing. Situation is worsened when he doesnt even know how to save his skin. All his followers will have realised how wrong they have been about him by now and all we are just seeing is a position of checkmate and the anxiety over what is next!!!

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