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No recommendation yet to put Qarase in prison infirmary

Publish date/time: 07/12/2012 [16:15]

The Fiji Corrections Service said there is no recommendation as yet to put prison inmate, Laisenia Qarase in an infirmary.

When questioned by Fijivillage, Corrections Commissioner Lt Colonel Ifereimi Vasu said the recommendation for any ill inmate to be placed in an infirmary is done solely by the Visiting Medical Officer after his assessment.

He said the authority lies only with the authorised Visiting Medical Officer for the Fiji Corrections Service.

Lt Colonel Vasu also said an inmate will only be accommodated at an infirmary if he or she was hospitalised prior to admission into prison custody.

Meanwhile, one of the grounds for Qarase’s bail was that he is not being placed in the infirmary though recommended by the Government or Prison Medical Board in view of his age and health issues.

On this, Fiji Court of Appeal Judge, Justice Suresh Chandra said this relates to administrative issues and the prison authorities should seriously consider Qarase’s age and health condition in placing him in a suitable environment while he is serving his sentence.

Qarase’s appeal on conviction and 12 months sentence for the Fijian Holdings Limited case is expected to be heard in February.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

55 thoughts on “No recommendation yet to put Qarase in prison infirmary

  1. Wear the cap – it fits you, PM!
    Stop blaming others

    [posted 7 Dec 2012,1615]

    Commodore Bainimarama has formed a habit of blaming everyone but himself for the tragic decline of the sugar industry in the past four years under his stewardship as Prime Minister and Minister for Sugar.
    He told a recent meeting of the International Sugar Council in London: “Six years ago, my Government inherited a broken industry characterised by neglect, mismanagement, political interference, self-promoting trade unionists and corruption. It was used by some careless politicians as a way to win easy votes. But these votes were never translated into meaningful change.”

    “So we have set about trying to right these wrongs with a comprehensive series of reforms, but there are still many challenges to overcome. Cane quality, cane transport, general infrastructure, supply to our mills and the performance of those mills are all issues”.

    In doing so, he blithely ignores all industry data which clearly indicate that the rapid decline in the sugar industry set in after he took over power in 2006 .

    Let’s look at the real facts of the case: A month ago FLP published industry data going back some 18 years which puts the entire issue in its proper perspective.

    These figures sourced from FSC’s annual reports show that in 2006 the industry produced 3.22 million tonnes of cane and 310,000 tonnes sugar. Since then there has been a dramatic decline with cane production this season down to 1.6 m tonnes and sugar make estimated at around 150,000 tonnes.

    Can Bainimarama in all honesty blame “self-promoting trade unionists and careless politicians” for this?

    It should be noted that this decline took place at a time (from April 2009 onwards) when he had banned all political and trade union activities in the sugar sector beginning with the National Farmers Union.

    The sugar industry is not the only sector in serious trouble. All economic and social indicators are pointing downwards since he took over power – a contracting economy, record low investment levels, ballooning debt levels, rising inflation, unemployment and escalating poverty:

    Who does Mr Bainimarama blame for these?

  2. Hon Mandela Qarase and Family

    Our thoughts and wishes to you and your family at this important Christian time of the year. Stand tall and proud against these demons. They will be brought to justice for their treasonous and human rights abusing crimes against Fijians. You are our hero Sir.

  3. The rhetoric from Commissioner of Prison is not surprising. Even if LQ was crippled they would not move him to the infirmary. They want him to suffer and humiliated at all cost.

    The reason given is plausible for those who do not know but the reality is that it is within their powers to move anyone there. In this case however they will revert to all rules in the book to prevent that. Like the judiciary prison is no longer an independent authority but a mere tool for suppression for the illegal regime.

  4. When Francis Kean was in Prison he was transferred to Nasinu Prison despite the fact that it was an institution dedicated to youths. Likewise he was later employed as a lecturer at the staff college in spite of the rule book and common sense dictating otherwise. In spite of rules Kean continued to receive full pay while serving in prison and resumed his post as Commander Navy upon his release. In the case of Qarase however he deserves what he gets. Some people are indeed blinded with prejudice.

  5. Even the current Deputy Commissioner of Prison (Kunatuba) was an ex prisoner…so what rule book is Vasu talking about.

  6. Yes they fall back on rules only when it suits them otherwise their modus operandi is basically breaking every rule in the book.

  7. Qarese is also guilty for instructing NLTB not to renew leasses, agriculture scam, employing expatriates in place of well qualified locals of indo-fijian origin.

    He deserves to spend his time in prison to get that racism out of his head.

  8. Naiqama Lalabalavu planned and instructed soldiers in Vanua Levu to take over the Vaturekuka Camp. That’s why he served a sentence for it. I was one of the soldiers who was instructed and served time in prison for it. These chiefs are bastards who used us and dumped us. Dua na siga au na sauma vei iko Naiqama.

  9. Take a break, unions urge Fiji regime

    Posted 7 December 2012, 17:16 AEST
    Bruce Hill

    The trade union movements of Australia, New Zealand, Britain and the United States have added their weight to Fiji workers’ calls for an interim government ahead of promised democratic elections.

    Australia’s trade union head Ged Kearney is supporting Fijian workers’ calls for political transparency.

    The trade union movements of Australia, New Zealand, Britain and the United States have added their weight to Fiji workers’ calls for an interim government ahead of promised democratic elections.

    They have written a joint letter to their governments supporting Fijian unions.

    The union bodies – ACTU, NZCTU, TUC and AFL-CIO – have asked political leaders in all four countries to support a Fiji Trade Union Congress submission to Fiji’s constitutional commission.

    The FTUC wants the coup-installed military government to hand over control to an interim administration three months before elections scheduled for 2014.

    This would avoid any interference in the electoral process.


    The Australian Council of Trade Unions president, Ged Kearny, told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat the joint letter was an important sign of international solidarity with unions in Fiji.

    “We have asked that the governments speak up about our concerns about the constitutional review and the electoral process and say publicly that the interim government, the military regime, is not going about things in a proper and fair manner.

    “We cannot therefore properly sanction any future elections as purely democratic.”

    Ms Kearney said: “I think is is significant we have the US, Australia, NZ, UK – trade unions of each country writing to our foreign ministers saying under no circumstances be mistaken about what is happening with the constitutional review, and electoral process, in Fiji. And I think that we are saying: ignore this really at the region’s and that country’s peril.

    “I think the message it will give those governments is that the trade union movement is not going to give up on Fiji and our colleagues and our fellow workers in that small island nation.

    “We are going to continue to highlight the injustices and the human rights violations that are occurring there and we will not let it go away and we certainly do not want our governments to just let this slip by.”
    The world unions wanted their governments to go to the regime and “tell the regime that simply this is not on”.


    “The only way we can support the elections is if it’s actually a fair democratic process which it clearly is not at the moment.”
    The Australian union leader said targeting and harassment and intimidation of trade unionists was continuing in Fiji.

    “We’re still seeing a violation of human rights. How can people feel that they can contribute openly and honestly in a debate if they are fearful for their safety?

    “We are actually saying that if they were serious about free, democratic elections then the current leadership should actually relinquish effective control and actually step aside at least three months before the elections so there can be free and fair debate and people can go about engaging in debate about an election without fear of safety.

    “We think that any amendments to a constitution should be done by public referendum, not by an assembly or a chairperson that is appointed by the current interim prime minister.

    “And we’re thinking that all military personnel appointed to civil service positions should actually step down and apply through a proper process.”
    The outside union movements were “committed to constantly speak up on behalf of the people of Fiji . . . and hopefully our governments, who are quite powerful governments and who have substantial political and economic relations with Fiji can actually put pressure on that interim government for these things to happen.”

  10. Who cares about these thug unions – will it feed the poor.

    look at fijis union leaders – most are big time crooks, thief’s and made money when labor was inn power for a year.

    Most of these unionists earned more than 4 times their salaries in allowances and direwctors fees.

    Most of These unionists in fiji are thugs .

  11. Qarase could get a bronze medal for his bokete runs each morning, but Inoke magaitinamu will get the silver says:

    ALL MAN ARE EQUAL BUT SOME LIKE qarase are more equal than other prisoners.

    You do the crime you do the time – you mavana cheat

  12. sorry but the gold medal will go georgie speight for his farm management skills.

    Poor georgie was also used by these magaitinamu chiefs, with the promise of becoming a minister

  13. Fark the leases and fark the scumbag mongoose. Qarase is a true (and real) Fijian hero. Time to clean out the intruder big mouth cowardly scum. Cowards who jump at their own shadows.

  14. the call by the trade unions in australia. NZ. UK and US for the military government to step down and for an interim government to be appointed to take the country to elections is the right call.
    It’s an absolutely essential. this should be a non-negotiable .
    the call should have been made earlier and the demand should be for the military appointed government to vacequ (take a break) after celebrating Christmas.
    The new year should see an interim civilian government in place to do the necessary preparatory work for the elections and national recovery.
    and all the military people in the civilian administration must be REMOVED to ensure they do not interfere in the process of returning the country to democratic rule.

  15. “the recommendation for any ill inmate to be placed in an infirmary is done solely by the Visiting Medical Officer after his assessment.”

    Is that the rule ASK?

    What about the convicted killer who gets released from gaol by his tavale on the grounds of being his tavale?

    Qarase will serve more time than the killer Kean who was convicted by a legitimate court of law!

    Such hypocrisy, what’s all this crap about corruption!

  16. The miltary dictator and his regime are for years abuse our fijian system and it people.And yet they still free dogs.They don’t belive in our democratic elected government.Now Bainimarama prove it again in a high level of cropution and abuse the rule of Law.Qarase not suppose to go prison he did nothing wrong.This is a politicals action for those who belive in the dictator.He deserve to free for running for election 2014 .He belive in the people of fiji and he prove it all the times.

  17. the authorised Visiting Medical officer of the Fiji Correctional Service like every other government official takes his orders from the dictator or HIS appointed authority.

  18. workers of the world unite to end the authoritarian rule in fiji. you have nothing to lose but an oppressive regime that has undermined all that workers have fought for and won for themselves and their families over many decades of struggle and sacrifice – including the ultimate sacrifice:: fighting for and dying for workers’ rights.

  19. The idea is to finish off Qarase for good. The regime is still fearful that he could mobilise people, so in the logic of a dictator, there is only one way: termination.

  20. Yeah the dictator always a dictator .He is a bully and scared of being go to prison.Qarase did not deserve prison because he done nothing wrong .Bainimarama justice @ your door you can fool people all the times.your time is close.

  21. When Mahendra Patel and Dhansukh Lal Bhika were admitted to Suva Prison they were accomodated at the prison infirmary. The reasons given they were suffering from various medical problems. Infact it was through Peniasi Kunatuba influenzing the Commissioner that they were accomodated there. Kunatuba even visited them immediately after both men were admitted at the prison. Obviously Kunatuba had some connections with the two; particularly Bhika an associate in the Agriculture Scam. Bhika had since been allocated to the Minimum Security Prison in Naboro and given a special privilege to manage the officers cooperative store there. This a new rehabilitation approach that was initially introduced by the then Commissioner Naivalurua to fast track some prisoners rehabilitation process. Particularly high profile prisoners with various skills were selected under the recommendation of Kunatuba and given works in various sections of the department.as soon as they were admitted to prison. Some of these prisoners worked in the prison enterprise, staff training college and national headquarters. The whole idea behind such move according to the then Commissioner Naivalurua is to utilise the prisoners skills for the benefit of the department. However at a closer look at the list of those prisoners one would realised that most of them were either some connection to the illegal regime, or were implicated in the Agriculture Scam with Kunatuba. The list includes Peniasi Kunatuba, Francis Kean, Sorovakatini, Bhika, etc,,The 2000 coup perpetrators George Speight and Josefa Nata were also part of the group but it was obvious that their inclusion was just to balance things out so as not to generate suspicion on the real reasons for the group’s special treatment. . Prisoners’ rehabilitation is a gradual process where on admission a prisoner is placed in a low stage for certain period and then promoted up the stages with some monetary benefits and privileges attached subject to consistent good conduct and work output. The main objective of the stage gratuity system is to inculcate in the prisoners the virtue of patience in order to improve their attitude, a common problem with most prisoners. Something Kunatuba, Kean and the lot were very much lacking in their lives.

    Also on one occasion in late 2011, Kunatuba in his capacity as Director Corporate Services visited Mahendra Patel who was serving his extramural punishment in Lautoka in order to secure assistance from him for some prisoners’ rehabilitation programmes. Kunatuba given his lack of knowledge of the prison system may have not realised that it is illegal to indulge in any business dealing with any prisoner or ex-prisoner.
    No wonder many millions of dollars were lost in the Agriculture Scam given the type of corrupt person Kunatuba is and his ignorance of the law.

    However, in the case of Qarase, he is an enemy of the illegal government and should not expect much in terms of his proper treatment in prison. Until his freedom, we can only wish him and his family a Blessed Christmas and a Successful Year in 2013.

  22. As I see it, he ripped off the ordinary Fijians to benefit his own family and his own village.

    For a self-proclaimed protector of Indigenous interests, the case exposes his self interest and hypocrisy doesn’t it?

    Sad if the indigenous people themselves can’t see that

  23. In Corporations and Company Law, directors have the same privilege of owning shares as an external entity.

    However, that right comes with the responsibility of disclosure.

    Weleilakeba did it and Qarase did not, according to the recorded minutes which would be the bigger part of the facts and evidence.

    This and other such directors’ duties still apply after they have left office.

    Qarase deserves the time in jail for favouring lauans at the expense of all other fijians.

  24. Qarase and Mahen clearly took advantage of their positions for their personal pecuniary benefits – the evidence is solid.

    Mahen habitually accused others of ‘feathering the nest’, his favourite term.

    Ironically, mahen and qarase epitomize “feathering the nest”, in mahen’s case to the tune of $3m raised for the poor but secreted to his personal bank account at Commonwealth Bank in Australia..

    These two are ‘birds of the same feather’.

    Both have demonstrated how to use one’s political position to get rich.

    While running for office, Mahen and Qarase promised to serve their people, not themselves and their families. BUT THEY DID THE OPPOSITE.

    If you call a spade a spade, both these leaders are morally corrupt, greedy, self-serving liars. They deserve to be behind bars because behaviour like theirs, if allowed to continue, spreads like cancer.

    The commoners suffer the most, because it is their entitlements that that is usually stolen, as demonstrated in both the qarase and mahen case. They were taking away bread from the common man’s mouth, one by misappropriating donations, the other stocks and shares.

    What is surprising is the length some people are going to in order find and make excuses for the two ‘leaders’ in a futile bid defend their actions.

    Whatever Bainimarama did should not obscure the fact that these two were using their positons to illegally misappropriate monies.

    Some die-hard supporters can’t handle the truth. Corrupt, racist, leaders in Fiji thrive on this type of blind support.

    Such supporters are more concerned about the political parties and leaders they support – like support for a sports team – rather than about the welfare of the poor, or about corruption, or what is good for the country.

    It is about time people took a dose of reality and faced up to the facts, however painful.

  25. Qarase is from the same old school of previous politician who manipulates the Fijian chiefly system ways for their benefit.

    Election time they come around to the province visting villages and promising everything as well as giving the chiefs abit of gift wink wink who then tells his people who to vote for.

    The moment they take office they look down at everyone, use their position for monetary gains and oh yes to hell with the promises. The said thing is next election they do it all over again and the people in the village fall for it again because they aren’t educated enough to catch the bullshit.

    Well this time lots of the village sons and daughters are educated, some have travelled the world and even live and experience other countries and with that they are able to help their own to combat the bullshit. This current goverment may have flawd but tell me which government doesnt, from the aussie government whom most of their policy are dictated to by their trade unions to the british and americans who have big businesses donating and influencing policies.

    At least what this government is trying to do is a very courageous thing which if successful will only make Fiji better. Success always comes at a price, it just depends on how much are you willing to accept.

  26. Bainimarama is a dictator who abuse his position and a coup maker he prove it 2006.Now not elected PM want be strong man who dug whole for poor people in our Country.His evil mind make us citizen of fiji a worst deperation of the Century.This worst PM Fiji ever had he seprated us in so many ways.He put his family in some high posittion in government which belong to some qualified people.Bainimara is a version of old school dictator abuse his position to a military coup .This show how narrow his backround and poor jugement and lack of education.No dictator rule for ever .Qarase is a better ,smart,and humble leader.He’s for the people of Fiji he prove it @ all times.He brings unity for all Fijians.He deserve freedom to election 2014.:His vision will put Fiji back to long democratic and solid economics Fiji ever had .He belive in the people of Fiji @ all racist.Qarase prove it all the Times.

  27. Bainimara is a abusive and mean dictator which shows sinces 2006 until present.He abuse his power as military leader.He doesn’t belive in elected government of Fiji because he scared of serving his prison time.He’s not stong man never never.Bainimarama and his cronies will bring to justice just like any body who break the Law.He’s the biggest thief and make us fijian citizen suffer from his brutal idea to a military coup.Bainimarama and kyium is corupt and must go now.

  28. @ oi le you fucking clown wid big dent on your head.lollll .The truth the matter is no dictator rules for ever especialy in our genration.Fiji was better off before the coup 2006.Now the abuse was perfect during the dictator and self appointed PM .Economic down and Fiji still not half way the fucking whole.now it should be oi le Frank and cronies scared prison .Qarase was politicaly send to prison doing nothing wrong that’s the facts.Qarase is for the people of Fiji @ any level from down to Top.He should free to run for election 2014.

  29. Qarase Is in jail for committing a crIme against the company laws in Fiji based on Sitiveni Weleilakeba’s testimony, even though they were both charged initially with the same offense. So who benefited? Both qarase ans Weleilakeba’s families benefitted. We’re all Fijians aware that they could buy shares in FHL? The answer is a resounding yes. Were Fijians deprived of an investment opportunity because these two man bought shares for their family companies? Definitely not as the sales of shares were publicized and about 900 entities purchased shares. So how come qarase is in jail and Weleilakeba’s is not? QaRase is no Bernie Maddoff.
    The way Qarase has been hounded is a clear indication of Bainimarama’s lack of confidence in what he is doing and that he know that the Fijian people are not with him.
    All th contributors using swear words as tags are soldiers guising as ordinary citizens and should crawl back to where thy came from.

  30. @ Tai M
    “All the contributors using swear words as tags are soldiers guising as ordinary citizens and should crawl back to where they came from”.
    you too right. I am sure many bloggers are aware of that. using swear words is a form of compensatory behaviour for their educational inadequacies and ability to frame a good argument.
    they think because they are wearing state issued military uniforms and toting state issued guns they are also intellectuals!!
    these gang have more brown matter then grey matter between their ears!!

  31. Phuck I swear when I feel like it and no one will stop me. This regime as far as I am concerned stinks.

  32. tattifalla… back to his best. Insulting others but failing even at that. Poor sad case for a blogger. Wets himself with delight reading his own comments then makes a feeble attempt to draw my attention. Missed me did you? I thought my comments have no significance to you yet you wet yourself hoping I will attack you. ha, no such luck loser. Sharp loser I guess. The intelligent people here are debating the subject, but the moron in you wants to feebly insult someone. What a loser. Sharp, hmm?

  33. The crime committed by Qarase is not small but very serious. Using his power and authority and swindle FHL shares for himself and his family is no small misdeed. He still doesn’t show remorse and is asking for bail… oh what a shame!!
    The FHL shares were meant to be sold to other deserving Itaukies but Qarase robbed his own kind… How can anyone trust a thief like him…

  34. Negative Publicity on Fiji Today in NZ Herald. Tourist served poisonous fish.

    Poisoned in paradise
    By James Ihaka

    5:30 AM Monday Dec 10, 2012
    Deadly toxin in fish eaten while on holiday in Fiji has landed Kiwi in hospital for months and unable to eat except through a tube.
    Amanda Austrin, pictured in Tauranga Hospital, still vomits every day – 18 months after her holiday. Photo / Alan Gibson

    A New Zealand woman has spent more than 30 weeks in hospital and cannot eat properly after she was poisoned while eating fish during a dream holiday in Fiji.

    Amanda Austrin has a severe case of ciguatera poisoning – a rare illness with no cure or antidote – after eating the fish with friends in July last year.

    The odourless and tasteless toxin, found in predator fish in tropical and sub-tropical waters, can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, cramps, weakness, reversal of the normal sense of hot and cold, high blood pressure, paralysis, and in rare cases coma and death.

    Most sufferers get over their illness within weeks or even a few days but Ms Austrin is among the very rare cases in which symptoms have lasted more than a year.

    The Whakatane 41-year-old suffers from hot and cold reversals, meaning her shower temperature has to be very hot to provide any comfort for her when she bathes.

    She still vomits every day – 18 months after her Fiji visit – and now has an extensive list of foods she cannot eat via a machine that feeds her for several hours of every day.
    She wants to warn those considering holidays in the tropics to take caution when eating fish.

    “Just don’t eat it,” she said. “There were no warnings whatsoever in Fiji from the restaurants dishing up the daily catches or from the locals.

    “I imagine if you went up to the chefs and asked if the fish was ciguatera-free, they’re not going to admit to it because they would lose too much business.”

    More than 100,000 Kiwis travel to Fiiji each year.

    Ms Austrin, who has shed 20kg in weight, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Mfat) and travel agents needed to warn people heading for holidays in tropical areas to be wary of ciguatera poisoning.

    “If I could have, I would have sued my travel agent. I have friends who went to Rarotonga today and there is no way they are going to be eating fish and that’s because of me.”

    Robin Slaughter of the National Poisons Centre in Dunedin said a 2010 article in the New Zealand Medical Journal noted an increasing number of travellers returning home with the symptoms, which many local doctors may not be familiar with.

    The New Zealand Doctor magazine said that in major endemic areas, including Australia, the Caribbean and the South Pacific islands, the incidence of ciguatera poisoning is about 50,000 cases a year.

    A report by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research, Foodborne disease in New Zealand, showed just two cases of ciguatera poisoning last year and no more than two outbreaks in any of the previous nine years.

    But a 2007 NZ Food Safety Authority report said many travellers might not even know they had the illness and poisoning was likely to be unreported by a factor of 10 to 50.

    Ms Austrin has spent more than half a year in hospitals but said because the illness was not commonly known in New Zealand, doctors were battling to deal with it.

    “Every doctor I had had to Google it to find out how to do treatment. I’m the first case they have come across. That is why I want to get it out there.

    “There is nothing they can do for the toxin. All they can do is treat the symptoms.”

    Ms Austrin is due to be admitted to Waikato Hospital soon for a neurological assessment.

    She plans to marry her fiance on their Whakatane farm next month.

  35. Dua na matanitu sona levu butabutako do vicai,,,,qo sa tukuna sara ni da kai dia na kai viti,,,,,,ni sa qai murimuri ni kai viti na matanitu sona levu qo,,,,,,,,,,

  36. FB is a scared strong Self appointed PM.He realize dat the mistake he made Put our Coutry in to a fucking deep whole in any form.Fiji was better off during Qarase leadership.Now FB make some progress in changed by allowed it with out proper way.It make sence to let the dictator reap off every level of government to a army style governing.Time is coming to stay out of leadersip.

  37. how many millions have the bainimarama piggies eaten from our nation? 280,000 leave payout, 700,000 annual salary, 300,000 annual travel allowance and per diems = over 6 million dollars from taxpayers alone over the last 6 years. how much more millions in kickbacks from malaysians doing roads, new zealanders doing very lucrative road contracts.

    fat mary b now driving around in all tinted sports car, fat daughters driving around in 4wds…. mary b is prime beneficiary of this coup, payback for comforting the cassava patch runner during his shivering nightmares after nov 2000 mutiny, all he does now is to please mary b. well done taba va!

    and thats only 1 military family at the top of the heap – 6 other soldiers in cabinet, another 10 permanent secretaries and divisonal commissioners, how many in diplomatic postings.

    ptoooeey to the thieving rfmf bullshitters. think the people can’t see how you have enriched yourselves?

  38. Qarase did not commit any crime he may not perfect but 90 percents off his leadership which FB and his cronies used.Now FB and kyium did nothing for the last 6 years to peace and rebuilding our political stuition in here Fiji.Forcefully they still army style and no freedom at all.Qarase respect the rule of our Law here @ home.He deserve freedom to election 2014

  39. Thank you for some other wonderful article. The place else could anyone get that type of information in such an ideal method of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am at the look for such info.

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