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Long Live King Frank?……….. I don’t think even Frank is this stupid.

Fiji to replace Queen on currency with military dictator

Fiji is removing the Queen’s picture from its currency and may instead show images of its military dictator, Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

Fiji is removing the Queen's picture from its currency and may instead show images of its military dictator, Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

Fijian military Commodore Frank Bainimarama and the Queen’s face on a Fijian two dollar banknote Photo: AP/Alamy

By Jonathan Pearlman, Sydney

9:48AM GMT 30 Nov 2012

British royals have appeared on Fiji banknotes since 1934 and remained both after independence in 1970 and after the country became a Republic in 1987.

But the country’s current military rulers were angered after Fiji was suspended from the Commonwealth following its 2006 military coup and its repeated failure to hold elections.

The Reserve Bank of Fiji said a new currency without the image of the Queen would enter circulation from January 2.

The bank’s governor, Barry Whiteside, said the Queen’s image would largely be replaced by a flora and fauna design. He said he was “sad” to be removing the image of the monarch and the change marked the end of an era.

“We are indeed grateful to have had the privilege of this association over the past 78 years,” he said.

The bank did not say whether a new face would appear on the notes but reports said Commodore Bainimarama and the military-appointed president, Epeli Nailatikau, were both likely candidates.

Mr Whiteside said Commodore Bainimarama, the country’s self-appointed prime minister and finance minister, has approved a currency design committee to oversee the selection of the designs.

Earlier this year, Fiji abolished its annual holiday celebrating the Queen’s official birthday because it was deemed “no longer relevant”. The Union Jack still appears on the flag, reportedly because several hundred Fijians serve in the British army.

But Commodore Bainimarama, who took power in a bloodless coup, has at times spoken of restoring the Queen as head of state and has portraits of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh hanging above his office desk.

The bank said it hoped to promote Fiji’s biodiversity, particularly flora and fauna which have been listed as endangered species.

“All Fijians must be made aware of this fact and how critical it is to preserve our heritage,” Mr Whiteside said.

The new note designs will be unveiled on December 12.

35 thoughts on “Long Live King Frank?……….. I don’t think even Frank is this stupid.

  1. it can be shown scientifically (military intelligence can do that) that the value of the fijian currency will increase manifold after the dictator frank’s face is installed on it!!

  2. just back from a julaab tatti break (was a bad one, too much rourou last night).
    where were we… ah yes, “Long Live King Frank!” Many like him in the house of the insane!

  3. Commondore Voreqe Bainimarama has changed Fiji’s destiny from a racist communal society to a multi-cultural diverse society where every one is equal.

    The good riddence of chiefs/thieves who have been manipulating and ruling ordinary indigenous fijians for donkeys years and making money for themselves and their families are a blessing in disguise.

    Fijians should honor Commondore Frank Bainimarama and have his portrait printed on all fiji notes.
    He changed fiji’s colonial past of divide and rule.

    Bravo Voreqe Bainimarama.

  4. It’s good to see the great work by the Ministry of Social Welfare to replace the Family Assistance (FA) scheme with the new Poverty Benefit Scheme (PBS).

    The Welfare Ministry has seen that the programs under the expanded food voucher were poorly utilised and I can also say that it has been abused by some recipients.

    Welfare Ministry permanent secretary Govind Sami said the expanded food voucher program, upon introduction, would have three components – assistance for those over 70 years, children attending schools in rural areas and pregnant mothers using rural stations.

    I think the new Poverty Benefit Scheme (PBS) should only be given to those over 70 years who have no children to support them; children attending schools in rural areas who live with a single parent or with grandparents for support; and only pregnant single women, but not pregnant women with a husband because the married ones have their husband to support them in every way.

    This government has been preaching that we should all work hard to support our families and not to depend solely on the government.

    Some people are like small children just sitting there ready to be spoon-fed.Also no one who is called an iTaukei should say that he or she is poor or be living in poverty. If we say that we own the land then why are some of us always asking for assistance?

    Don’t give lame excuses to hide your arrogant and lazy lifestyle and don’t let yourself be one lazy citizen of this country.We all need to work hard to come out of poverty and a life of always wanting to receive help of any kind.

    We all appreciate the big help offered by the Ministry of Social Welfare in the past and I ask its permanent secretary Govind Sami to screen all the current recipients and the new ones that would be included in the scheme.Let’s all stand up and work hard so we will only eat from the sweat of our hard work and not from the sweat and struggle of others.


  5. Does it make a difference to ordinary fijian’s lives if we get rid of the Queens head on our notes?

    Will it feed them?

    This is a non-issue.

  6. The regime should at least be honest enough to put the real ruler of Fiji on the Banknotes. In fact, they could sve a lot of money, because the Queen and aunty Nur almost look alike.

  7. VB is trying to add mileage to himself and his illegal government with his picture appearing in the new banknotes. However there will be a lot of curses and arse swipes too with those notes which will be VB’s quickest downfall.

  8. “I don’t think even Frank is this stupid” – oh yes he is. Have you not seen or heard about his billboards of self-glorification extolling the virtues of himself (with his f-ugly mug taking up 85% of the layout) and road safety (in the fine print)?

  9. @ Keep The Faith
    You right. the man is super – stupid. he probably imagines himself as Fiji’s Mao Tze Tung. I think all those tax payer funded trips to China must have had a delusional effect on him. the evidence is all there – the grandeur and self-glorification and getting the masses to bow before The Great Leader!!

  10. These thugs are acting unilaterally without the approval of the people. A true case of dictatorship. Unique flora and fauna indeed. Wonder what figurehead will feature in place of the Queen on the legal tenders of fiji’s currency. Koki bird or koki bai. As with everything they do it is done without consulting or getting feedback from the people. Everything is being forced down the people’s throats. Just through some grudges these thugs get vindictive and take unilateral drastic actions regardless of consequences or fellings.

  11. Voreqe Bainimarama has changed Fiji’s destiny from a racist communal society to a multi-cultural diverse society where the economy is at its lowest ever, men and women are bashed in the same way – more sodomy now by RFMF under Bainimagana. highest ever unemployment, no freedom of speech and corrupt judges and gutless police officers and cicil servants. And good riddence to fijian culture and traditions – your are now going to be treated the same way as everyone else – where the indians and other races thrive and they will rob you of your land and rights until you are like other indigeneous races fighting to be recognised while assholes like the bainimagana’s O’connors and fishers steal your resources with the kuntyums and shameem sluts and nur banu bajarus. and the wanking khans. Fijians will soon loose their identify and rights which will be a blessing for kuntyum and bainimagana to fill their pockets with stolen money from loans and sales of fijian land.

    Fijians should shit on the illegal Commondore Frank Bainimagana and have his portrait printed on all fiji toilet paper so that he can wipe their arses everyday. Bainimagana changed fiji’s colonial past and introduced more corruption, murder, treason, jumping on pregnant womens backs killing the unborn, bashing his wife mary, and sodomising men. Bainimagana introduced a new true Fijian icon of a man that abandons his men to save himself and then shits in his pants to prove his cowardice. Now walks around with 50 bociguards so that he can pretend to be like a man – without his boci guards he will shit himslef into the book of records. Bainimagana is a lying satanic servant preaching evil to the poor innocent Fijian people that he is their savior while he and kuntyum rob Fiji.

    Bainimagana and timoci suck-ass Qio – cai tamamu kaukauwa!

  12. I reckon the Bainimarama government has done a lot of good things way beyond the imagination of the previous racist bulldog regimes we had, whether they came in elected or by the barrel of the gun starting from 1987.

    Bainimarama has visited more Fijian villages than anyone else before. He has given that opportunity to all Fijians a sense of patriotism and togetherness, something never seen before.

  13. Long Live King Frank……….. I don’t think even Frank is this stupid”

    Why is it that this forum has only anti Bainimarama bloggers??????????

  14. @ Fotofili
    ” Why is it that this forum has only anti Bainimarama bloggers?”
    Why indeed?
    Why do you think this forum was set up?
    How does this blogsite describe itself?
    Let me remind you : Fiji Today’s Open Forum Blog : Uncensored news weblog regarding Fiji’s democracy, politics, judiciary and censorship laws.
    Fotofili can the free press under the military dictatorship in fiji provide such a forum for the voice of of the critics of the military junta?
    I don’t know whether Frank is that stupid but you strike me as fairly stupid.
    Fotofili you are a “lipo-poto” fala.
    get a fiji indian to tell you what lipo-poto means in fiji hindi.
    you will be amazed at how well it describes you.

  15. @ tattifala

    Thanx for that info baraca. You should also ask an Indian what your name (tattifala) means in hindi.

    You will surely be amazed and pleased that it best suits you.

    You are the luckiest of all to possess such a name. Keep it up pal.

    You should have it registered.

  16. @ Fotofili lipo-poto fala
    Is this your best shot?
    well, you are a real intellectual light weight.
    I didn’t feel a thing baraca!
    soon you will disappear from this blog the same way you appeared – suddenly and quietly!

  17. @ TATTIFALA,

    And you want to get rid of the money and go back to the barter sysytem. You wanna regress, not progress.

    It is ca mindset of goons like you in this forum exclusively for being Roko Lui’s yes man.

    We want Fiji and all Fijians to move forward and have a prosperous future, not to be ruled by racist hungry bull dogs.

    The manner in which you are barking demonstrate that you are a archaic immature canine embryo.

    Come on boy………… do not embarrass the highly respected caninie family.

  18. Tattifalla now you want to go back to barter system, then you will also ask to go to the old fijian days of canibalism, which is a fact of history.

    You must be really going insane with all the achievements of the current government’s budget.

    hahaahaaa, I rest my case.

  19. Yes Frank IS that STUPID and even stupider are the idiot soldiers supporting him from behind as shazza says in her latest missive, frank will be the flora and she the fawner..

  20. @ ti mosi qio
    nothing unique about fijian cannibalism. cannibalism is an intrinsic part of human evolutionary history. what is unique about fiji is that after progressing to a more advance stage it has deliberately gone backwards. now where is the intelligence in that? that was my point and it went right over your head because you are not very smart.

  21. Anyone who thinks Frank is not stupid or that stupid is stupid because Frank is Dangerously Stupid. He is not a military dictator for nothing – even if he is only a tin boat dictator!

  22. Just like Sadam Hussein. This shit head is like a stupid gay prostitute who stand on the side walk and forget to wear his bra. Kaila!!!!!

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