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THE SCALES FALL FROM THE EYES OF YASH GHAI – The fraud of Fiji Constitutional Reform Exposed – CFDFiji.org

Students of the Bible will be familiar with the expression which refers to discovery of the real truth being likened to a falling off of scales from the eyes. Such an experience befell Saul on the road to Damascus on his way to persecute the Christians, and is also called a ‘Damascus experience’. Yash Ghai, Chairman of the Fiji Constitutional Commission, is surely familiar with this expression in view of his extensive erudition and learning.

A man of renowned integrity, led astray by false promises.

Yash Ghai has (very belatedly) undergone a Damascus experience in now acknowledging for the first time the real truth of the farce in which the Fiji regime has been engaging him – the process of preparing a new Constitution.

He now sees that Fiji cannot have fair and free elections unless the latest Decrees slashing public consultation are ‘cleaned up’ (as many will recall, the phrase ‘clean up’ was used by the regime to justify its 2006 coup, although of course no actual clean up has occurred – rather the reverse).

Yash Ghai also rightly claims that the regime’s leader and so-called Prime Minister has been harassing him in his work.

Yash Ghai has stated that the entire alleged Constitutional consultation process was entered into on basis of deceit by the regime and that recent changes to the plan for a new Constitution are a very serious variation from the agreement for the process made with the regime.

Yash Ghai’s Damascus experience is, of course most welcome, although much delayed. The Council respectfully points out that long ago, in light of interference and intimidation by the regime and in light of the regime’s craven wish to obtain absolution from its crimes through amnesty, his position was untenable and he should reconsider his position.

In light of the continuance of harassment and intimidation, and of course bad faith, and now the united rejection by all major political parties of the entire process, coupled with the contrived political prosecution of Laisenia Qarase, Yash Ghai should reconsider his decision not to resign.

In response to Yash Ghai’s comments and protests the alleged Prime Minister, an intellectual pygmy and a person of no reputation, has done what he always does when confronted with the view of a truly respected figure who disagrees with him in any way. Bainimarama has become a mouthpiece for a set of noble sounding words designed to put Yash Ghai in his place. Those words are without doubt drafted by his henchman and coup planner Aiyaz Khaiyum, whose mastery of grammar and rhetoric, though far from perfect, easily excels that of Bainimarama.

After six years of violence and false promises, does anyone believe what this man says?

Bainimarama has reasserted his intention to hold free and fair elections. He has accused Yash Ghai of self gratification – though for what ‘gratification’, he does not attempt to describe. He further denies harassing Yash Ghai and states with great hypocrisy, that the Constitution is not for the Government but for the people.

What is to be made of Khaiyum’s words as uttered by Bainimarama?

Quite unlike Yash Ghai, both Bainimarama and Khaiyum have no credibility. The barest examinations of their history record this fact plainly. Their actions are a tissue of hypocritical self serving lies.

Would you buy what he is selling?

Bainimarama and Khaiyum have both been compared with Richard Nixon (a comparison which is admittedly flawed in terms of intellect). However both have an important trait in common with ‘Tricky Dick’. They are both persons of no credibility or integrity, as shown by a host of instances including recently, to name but a few, their dealings with the English Law Society and the International Labour Organisation, and as recently exposed by William Marshall QC.

It has been asked of Richard Nixon: “Would you buy a used car from this man?” The question was asked because of Nixon’s untrustworthy character.

The Council would not buy anything from Bainimarama or Khaiyum. It would not believe anything they say, based on their dubious records. It would prefer the word of an internationally respected figure such as Yash Ghai.

The Council believes that the condemnation by Yash Ghai of the behaviour of the regime in regard to the Constitutional process shows beyond doubt that it is fatally flawed and cannot lead to a democratic conclusion.

The Council repeats its respectful suggestion that Yash Ghai now resign to save himself further embarrassment at the hands of the regime.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
Council for a Democratic Fiji

23 thoughts on “THE SCALES FALL FROM THE EYES OF YASH GHAI – The fraud of Fiji Constitutional Reform Exposed – CFDFiji.org

  1. very illuminating
    shines the spotlight on the constitution making farce the people of fiji have been victim to.
    Aiyaze khaiyum has really gone fat
    and that is quite understanable
    he has been milking it in the “new” Fiji he is manufacturing with his decrees.

  2. it’s such a shame that such an intelligent, honest and truly caring man – a man who cares for a democratic world – should come to this : having to take instructions from his intellectual inferiors who don’t give a damn about democracy. why should they? they are not there by democratic means are they?
    so why should they care about whether anything is democratic in the new fiji they are building?
    all that is only for show
    especially for the idiots abroad.

  3. It is quite surprising just how disturbed Aiyaz and Frank seem to be by a process that THEY claimed was necessary.

    The problem for them both is that they never really had a thought-out plan – Frank wanted to avoid jail and Aiyaz used it as an opportunity to get the success he thought he deserved.

    The rest of their long-since departed cohorts – RUM, the Shameem sisters and Chaudry to name a few, are probably mortified at just how deceived they were by Aiyaz and Frank’s false promises.

  4. Te mara magaitinamu, bocilefu, the greatest conman in fiji who tried to fool the whole world by escaping to his mother land- tonga.

    Your father made millions of dollars when he was the pm of fiji.

    You and your sibilings have inherited the the properties from corrupt deals of your father.

  5. Te mara perhaps should tell the people of Fiji how his father accumulated millions of dollars in wealth at a meger wages of a pm.

    And further how the old man was kicked out of his presidential palace at the height of 2000 coup by george speight and comrades.

    Further he may also like to tell the people of Fiji, how he sucked up to the Commondore Voreqe Bainimarama and ordered the killings of two naitaisiri fijians at kalabu.

    May be he should also tell us how his dear mother tried rto claim the ownership of the land on which “the FIJIAN” hotel stands but to no avail as the nadrogans proved too powerful.

  6. We the people of Fiji would also like to ask how Bainimarama and his family have accumulated million of dallars in wealth at the meager wages of pm? We still remember how Bainimarama publicly stated that he will receive only one wage! now six years on, he and his family and cronies are multi millionaires.

  7. “Govt says no grounds to support Villawood protestors’claims of persecution
    Publish date/time: 12/11/2012 [17:10]

    A Fijian Government spokesperson said there are no grounds to support the Fijian protestors’ claims in a detention centre in Sydney that they face persecution in Fiji for their sexual orientation.

    The ABC reports that three Fijian nationals have begun a protest on the roof of Villawood’s immigration detention centre in South-Western Sydney.

    The two men and one woman said that they fear being deported back to Fiji after another Fijian was sent back last week.

    One of them, Sai Bulewa, said he does not want to return to Fiji because of alleged abuse against homosexuals here.

    The Fijian government spokesperson says Fiji has some of the most liberal gay laws in the Pacific and the government has specifically decriminalised acts between consenting adults.

    The spokesperson said the truth is they have nothing to fear”

    Radio you bum-buddies are in dire need of your services, I suggest you collect all your cici squad and go help your fellow donut plumbers.

  8. @MARA MAGA LEVU – WTF you talking about with no evidence – YOU TALKING SHIT HERE BRO


    Look at all the properties accumulated and owned by lauans including those owned by mara magalevu magaitinamu.

    Compare this with any other individual indigenous fijian.

    i rest my case.


  10. RUM you got it completely wrong, again! The notion that Ghai had a Damascus moment is simply laughable. Ghai is Khaiyum’s mate has been hired by him and what we see is a charade stage managed by Khaiyum and designed to bamboozle the people of Fiji and the international community in believing that there is seriousness in the constitutional process. The other commissioners are regime stooges who have agreed to participate in this little show. We all know the end result of this: A constitution that allows Khaiyum and his green goons hang on to power with impunity. There will be no free and fair elections and there will be no handing over of power to the people of Fiji. We will live under a thieving dictator until we decide to remove him.

  11. @ mara magalevu ,just to let you know that kamisese mara died a penny less man,this man dont even know how to fill his pocket the same goes to penaia ganilau,the only people that made money during their rein were the people like jim ahkoy and the indians around them ,this two people were as stupid as their sons and daughters,out of all the leaders of fiji the only person that knew how to fill his pocket is jvb

  12. @ John F
    another insightful analysis
    you have an excellent handle on what’s happening in Fiji’s military dictatorship which has put on a grand show about taking the country to “true democracy”.

  13. @Rum

    i see Rum speaking like a pastor now. ” scales to come out of your eyes like Saul on the road from Damascus” . another good sentence from the bible goes like this Rum, ” dro ga na tamata ca , sini dua vakasevi koya” in english it says like this ” bad people will just go away and no one will even chase them ” . i do believe know one chase Rum out of Fiji, he just go by himself and now want to be saint and hero.

  14. to all my loyal supporters, your never ending support is paying off. soon I will be president for life like Idi Amin with kuntyum by my side. his skin is softer then my wife mary skin, which has grown hard from all the beatings I give her when she complains about me climbing Aslam Khans wife. I truly dont know why she complains because Aslam khan is happy about it and even encourages it so that he can get government contracts for vodafone australia (who are even happier for making huge profits for themselves so they just ignore the corrupt practice of their vodafone CEO. Also my new Chinese friends are scaring the shit out of our sisi neighbours while I rob Fiji and its people of its resources and drive the economy down, increase unemployment, increase food prices so that your children will learn how to survive on $1 a week. Keep it up my loyal boci sucking macho men in uniform – soon, your stupidity and pufta courage will make you all truly my bitches. …like in the Fiji navy, you can give your cici, in the Fiji navy you can kubu boci….

  15. At least RUM has admitted his guilt and part he played in the crimes that Frank and Aiyaz have committed.

    For Frank and Aiyaz however, there is nothing but silence and denials of what we all see and know to be true.

  16. “At least RUM has admitted his guilt and part he played in the crimes”

    A typical comment from an idiot, if this man has admitted his guilt than why not return to Fiji and present himself to the police for arraignment, but the fact is he such an abject coward he is literally scared out of his wits to front up.

    Admitting to thrashing the citizens of Fiji to verge of death and in some cases death doesn’t exonerate him.

    Boy don’t be a fool all your sick life, you are now forty three grow up.

  17. @ Sai

    “if this man has admitted his guilt than why not return to Fiji” – because unlike you and your kind, his guilt is honest guilt for crime committed against the people of the nation.

    You and your best-buddy-Frank’s guilt is the same guilt that you will never admit – why?
    Because you are dishonest with yourself and to the rest of the world. One lie, begets another lie, until the lies became the foundation of a career in conspiracy and treason.

    The only thing typical about your comments Sai, is that you don’t use your brain.

    Otherwise you would be rightly concerned with the nation’s economic, political and social future. Frank and Aiyaz promised the world and took everything from the nation.

    You would feel ashamed Sai, but your ultimate shame is that you spout all this rubbish while you live safe, fat and happy in NZ. Shameful.

  18. This man Mara is a sour loser who wants to be PM!

    No one believes his words anymore except for a few bunch of idiots who still want to be fooled by him.

    Nothing Mara can do can restore his honour! His words are useless! If he wants to redeem himself than he should face the challenges head on rather than barking from a far distant land.

    I really feel sorry for the Lauans as Mara has really placed them in an embarrassing situation.

    Good thing not all Lauans agree with him and we still have some good ones here in Fiji – fighting for a prosperous Fiji.

  19. Roof o sega ni oca na ubuti oya…galu mada luveni sala…cara wai..o sega mada ni kila o cei na amamu…kawa ca

  20. Nothing new in these comments by RUM,,,,,,,except to say drau madachod yash ghai kei fb,,,by the way RUM i luv the tongan gals

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