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The commission considered and concluded that there would be no conflict and and payments were made only for the days Ratu Joni worked for the Commission.

Ghai calls PM’s attack on Ratu Joni unfair

Publish date/time: 04/11/2012 [17:15]

The Chairman of the Constitution Commission Yash Ghai said the Prime Minster Voreqe Bainimarama’s attack on Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi for the consultancy with the Constitution Commission is unfair.
According to Ghai the decree wisely provides for the commission to seek the assistance of experts on specialised issues.
Ghai added in the case of Ratu Joni not only is he known for his wide knowledge and experience of the law, but also of social and political affairs, and has a deep understanding of traditional cultures in his role as a traditional leader.
According to Professor Ghai Ratu Joni had also made it clear that he was intending to make his own submission and asked the Commission if this would create a conflict.
The commission considered and concluded that there would be no conflict.
Professor Ghai further explains that the contractual arrangements for the consultancy do not provide for an automatic payment for 30 days.
This is the maximum period, and payments were made only for the days Ratu Joni worked for the Commission.
Ghai further added that on the day of the public hearing Ratu Joni neither claimed nor was paid for the day.
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama had questioned the impartiality of the commission and has instructed the government to alter the terms of the Constitution Commission Decree which now requires the commission to publish the names and salaries of all its staff and consultants.
Story by: Gwen McGoon

76 thoughts on “The commission considered and concluded that there would be no conflict and and payments were made only for the days Ratu Joni worked for the Commission.

  1. ratu joni neither claimed nor was he paid ( inappropriately) according to commission chairman prof.ghai.
    by contrast one of the first things bainimarama did after forcefully taking over the country with the power of his guns was to claim a backpay dating back from 1978 or something and getting paid close to $180,000 or something.
    boy that stinks!

  2. In the name of transparency and open government all names and salaries of the the constitution commission members should be disclosed at the end of their contract, so you get accurate figures.

    Ratu Jone is in breach of his ethical standards of Fiji Law Society, by accepting the remuneration.

  3. newsflash… RUM arrested in Tonga for overeating. He was caught with three little piglets, slow oven roasted and each partly eaten. He is being kept on suicide watch at the Nukualofa Police station pending his court fronting on Monday morning. Overeating carries a minimum sentence of 5 years in prison together with 5 strokes of the cane, which he is unlikely to receive because his herniated groin, caused while boarding the Tongan navy ship. more to come.

  4. What else one would expect from the Constitution Commission but the answer provided by its Chairperson. These (Chairperson and Rt Joni) are professionals who know their jobs and what conflict of interest means. Under the circumstances it is quite straight forward that there is none.

    But alas the dumb and stupid Voreqe could not resist the temptation of throwing his weight around only to make himself a fool (as if he is not already) in the eyes of the world. The last person in the world to be talking about conflict of interest and transparency is dopey Voreqe.

  5. By the Fijileaks has published the full statement from Yash Ghai and the response from dumbskull Bainimarama and also has challenged dictator to reveal his own salary and payments to consultants etc


  6. The dicktator is scared RT yaca is going to expose the constitution that ArAss and him have already prepared !

    Who is NOT going to believe RT yaca if he says “that is not the constitution that i worked on ” or ” That was not an option in the draft I prepared “

  7. I would be very grateful if the learned Professor from Kenya told us how found himself appointed to write a new Constitution – was it the regime – when was he approached, when did he accept, and how much has he been promised to be paid for the whole job – and following that, who the three local CRC commissioners were appointed – Taufa, Satendra and Peni Moore – we didnt see any advertisement in the local media looking calling for applications – and how much are these three paid – is there a salary difference for local and overseas consultants – and also who is funding the Commission – where has the bulk of the money come from – who is auditing their own books etc and above all, how much was Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi paid for the whole month’s job, please Professor Yash Ghai, tell us or Bainimarama might want to tell us himself.

  8. How gutless is this Ghai? The dictator is ‘not fair”? Is this goose a total wanker? The mere fact that he accepted a consultancy with the human rights abusing junta says it all. And look at the junta trash on the compromised commission – peni moore for example – total trash junta groupie. An ENEMY of real Fijians.
    Take your money and run mr and mrs ghai – you farking parasites!!!

  9. It is a conflict of intrest and Frank is right why should we cover up ……? boot them both out Ghai your days are numbered my freind, the rules are there and if you want to break iy than fuck off from here simple as that

  10. Dear Rough,

    Where’s the casino ?

    Have they built Waila city yet ?

    Have you paid back your defaulted 88 million USD Exim Bank loan from India yet ?

    Have you started rebuilding the two bridges in the middle of Suva yet ?

    What has happened to the Moto road maintenance ?

    Why are their moonscape potholes on the Queens road to Nadi from Suva ?

    Why is the road from Lautoka to Rakiraki unmaintained ? There are potholes all the way.

    Why don’t they have amoxcillin at the Valelevu Health Centre ?

    Will they be also writing off tghe electricity bills ?Everybody in this country is struggluing to pay the water bills because the economy is screwed. Can the FEA bill also be written off ? THERE”S NO JOBS being created, so its only fair that these bills be written off.

    Why has the price of Crest chicken gone up by 10 dollars in the last 6 months ? Aren’t they supposed to be a local producer of chicken which produces at better value and cost ?

    Why is it that a packet of chillies now costs $3 in the market ? In 2006 this same packet cost 75 cents. What has happened to the Governments agricultural self sufficiency policy ? I thought they said t would bring down the priceof vegetables but todaye a cabbage which cost $1 from Naitasiri is now cost $4. What has happened ti import substitution ?

    Why is a bundle of dalo cost $20 today when back in 2006 it cost $10 ? Its the same dalo from the same place in Naitasiri or Serua but its now gone up 100% in price. Why ?

    Why is it that 70% of the people in this country now earn below the poverty line ? Why is there no economic benefit raising living standards and earning power ?

    Why is it that Bainimarama paid himself $185,000 in back pay when there are civil servants who have worked in the civil service for 20 years and more and should also be allowed that backpay for leave untaken but aren’t ?

    Dina dodonu kei na savasava ?

  11. de probleem is to expecto de dick ta tor to be fair.
    Dictators are never Fair.
    Dictators are Foul!!
    Prof. Ghai should know that.
    Was he really expecting Fiji’s dicttator to be fair?
    Shows even professors can be so naive.

  12. thank you Fiji Today I have able to read the Fiji leaks statement of prof.ghai after becoming aware of it above.
    in his excellent statement prof ghai states that” none of the local commissioners, despite their other excellent qualifications, has practical or academic experience of law”.
    two questions arise from this.
    1.so how come the local commissioners are sitting on this perhaps most important matter – the making of the country’s constitution? why were they appointed in the first place? who appointed them? what was the agenda in appointing them?
    2.what are the local commissioners “excellent other qualifications” relevant to the job assignment?

  13. Anon thats baseless why dont your write down what Frank has done for the people too,sure it will out number the negatives u have pointed out uh baseless thinking negative people airet fit in this boat u had better ship out now

  14. Team deployed to control typhoid outbreak in village

    Maciu Malo
    Tuesday, July 17, 2012
    Fiji Times

    + Enlarge this image

    Ratu Kini Vitukawalu, front, and members of his family clean themselves at a nearby river at Draubuta Village in the interior of Navosa. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

    MORE than 70 villagers at Draubuta Village were screened by the Ministry of Health last week in its attempt to monitor and control an outbreak of typhoid that hospitalised nine villagers at the Sigatoka Hospital this month.

    In a joint awareness program held at the village last week, a team made up of officials from the Health Ministry, police, Water Authority of Fiji, district office and the Navosa Provincial Council were deployed to the village to assist in the fight against typhoid.

    Navosa district officer Atunaisa Keve said the joint operation was to prevent the communicable disease spreading to the remaining 400 villagers and their neighbours.

    He said the four-day campaign was a success as villagers were educated on preventative measures and basic health tips.

    “We have highlighted to the villagers the critical importance of sanitation by ensuring that proper care is taken of their water supply and their toilet facilities,” said Mr Keve.

    “During our awareness program discussions, we have also tried to identify some of the possible causes of typhoid at Draubuta.

    “It is vital that the cause or causes are identified as soon as possible because the outbreak has resulted in nine villagers being admitted to hospital while eight more have been isolated as suspected cases.

    “We are hopeful that after the past four days of awareness and screening, we are one step closer to successfully identifying the cause and eradicating the outbreak,” he said.

    National adviser communicable diseases Dr Mike Kama said the government team would prepare a report on their findings for submission to the Ministry of Health and relevant government sectors.

  15. No buses affect schoolchildren and the elderly

    Nasik Swami
    Wednesday, September 19, 2012
    Fiji Times

    A BUS company servicing an area of 500 families stopped operations yesterday citing bad road conditions.

    Tebara Transport Limited stopped bus services from Tawakelevu junction to Lokia landing in Koronivia, Nausori, saying it will only resume services when the road is repaired.

    Company general supervisor Krishna Maharaj said the road had been in bad condition since last week.

    “Six of our buses servicing the area have faced constant damage as a result of poor road conditions. Fixing the buses costs a lot of money,” Mr Maharaj said.

    Lokia resident Petero Kaveni said children attending school and villagers taking their produce to the market were facing a lot of difficulties.

    “They will have to walk nearly five kilometres every morning to catch the bus. This will be very difficult,” Mr Kaveni said.

    He said as a result some parents had decided not to send their children to school until bus services resumed.

    The Nakaikogo Sanatan Dharam Primary School in Koronivia confirmed that about 180 students from Tawakelevu junction to Lokia landing attend the school.

    Another resident, Sera Moce, said there were a lot of senior citizens and sickly people living in the areas and would face a lot of difficulties going to hospitals. Meanwhile, Fiji Road Authority spokesman Mark Rudge said they awarded a contract to Fairdeal Earthmoving Contractors Limited to carry out improvements to the road.

  16. Bad roads blamed for no bus service

    02:41 Wed Feb 15, 2012

    Taken from/By: FBC News
    Report by: Ritika Pratap

    Baitul Motors Limited that provides services to all areas in Vatukoula says bus services will only normalise once road conditions improve.

    Director Shaiyaz Baitul Khan says they have stopped servicing areas in Koro Number 2 and Number 1 in Tavua due to poor road conditions.

    She says they are working closely with the Department of Roads and the Land Transport Authority and hopes are that conditions will improve soon.

    Khan adds this is not only affecting people living in this area but also the company as they are at a loss for not providing services.

    Residents in the area called FBC News to complain about the lack of bus services, saying it is affecting school students, workers as well as the sick as they have no other means of transport.

    This is the second such incident reported by FBC News with the first being last week where Lodoni Transport stopped servicing areas in Tailevu for similar reasons.

    The Ministry of Works, Transport and Public Utilities told FBC News they will comment once they’ve made contact with the bus companies.

  17. Pothole finally fixed

    07:47 Wed Sep 19, 2012

    Taken from/By:
    Report by: Devendra Narayan

    The Fiji Roads Authority has finally patched the pot hole in Nausori that caused a woman to break both her legs last Thursday.

    Sangeeta Raj was getting off the bus when she fell on to the pot hole right beside the Nausori Town Council.

    She was taken to hospital where doctors confirmed that her legs were broken.

    Nausori Town Council Special Administrator Napolioni Masirewa says they have received the complaint and are now in discussions with the Fiji Roads Authority for the next possible action.

  18. New Report Claims Thousands Of Fiji Residents Living In Poverty
    Even with full-time employment, many still below poverty line

    By Mereani Gonedua

    SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, May 31, 2012) – There is now 35 per cent and more people in Fiji living in poverty today.

    People’s Community Network of Fiji (PCN) consultant Father Kevin Barr said after a recent survey conducted they found out that from 2007 to 2008, 31. 4 percent of the population was living in poverty and today the percentage would have increased to 35 percent and more.

    The report shows the poorest people live in rural areas particularly those from the Indian community and 60 percent of those in full-time employments earn wages below the poverty line while 15 percent of the population lives in squatter settlements especially in the greater Suva area.

    The report reveals over 66 percent of those who drop out of school do so because of poverty and 23,670 are receiving the Family Assistance Scheme (FAS).

    The report also shows the lower 30 percent of the population earns 10.3 percent of all wages while the upper 30 percent of the population earns 59.8 percent of all wages.

    Fifty percent of workers earn below FJ$10,000 [US$5,370] and 71 percent earn below $15,000 [US$8,056] which is the tax threshold. The report said many consider that “the poor” in Fiji are only those on Family Assistance Program but these are the worst cases of poverty and make up only a small percentage of those 35 percent plus of the population who are in poverty. The majority of the poor are the urban working poor those in full-time employment earning wages below the basic need poverty line, the rural working poor, those who do not qualify for Family Assistance Program but are seriously struggling like single mothers, elderly, those with disabilities and those who are temporarily out of work. Father Barr said poverty is a multi-faceted problem with a variety of causes and a variety of possible solutions and there is no easy quick-fix solution. He also said there is a lot of evidence of poverty before their eyes and people need to try their best to come out of it.

    Fijilive: http://www.fijilive.com
    Copyright © 2012 Fijilive. All Rights Reserved

  19. Shristi Reddy
    Fiji Sun
    16th May 2012

    My heart bleeds seeing the old and the young turning from this corner of the street to that, in town with hope and aspiration, as they turned to people for mercy with their begging bowls.
    Widespread poverty is an urgent challenge of today. It is turning into a social and economical problem. The price of goods and services is up to the neck of people.
    A good number of Fiji’s population are living in poverty and this is a matter of concern.
    To begin with, the increase in poverty in Fiji has been fuelled by the lack of employment and low income. How can we forget the recent damaging floods?
    With the rise in the cost of living day-by-day, lives of many family’s are becoming very difficult. How can multitudes be fed with a little income? How can a single breadwinner at an average income afford to feed his family, educate his children, fulfill the families basic needs and wants, pay electricity and water bills and at the same time afford to pay tax?
    Taxation is up to the neck of Fiji citizens. VAT is an uprising issue and has recently been increased to 15 per cent.
    It has gradually increased from 10 to 12.5 per cent and now it’s 15 per cent. How can people maintain a sustainable life? How can their standard of living improve? How can Fiji prosper as a nation with this?
    Additionally, this has led to people being forced to live as squatters with improper sanitation. Contaminated water supplies lead to an increase in communicable diseases, as illustrated by the recent typhoid outbreaks. Sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS are on the increase in urban centres like Suva.
    However, I sincerely believe that these conditions can improve.
    We as a nation together can alleviate poverty. Firstly as the old cliché goes, ‘give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, he’ll be able to feed himself the rest of his life’.
    As the parable indicates, the best way to alleviate poverty is to increase the income of the poor by providing productive employment. It is necessary to view the poor as productive and emphasise buying from them.
    On the same note, corruption in selecting candidates for a job should come to a stop.
    However, not everyone is fortunate enough to find wage employment and therefore self-employment would be a positive change to adhere to.
    Instead of begging on streets and taking shelter from door to door; people can simply make use of their potentials, for example fishing, carving, and artwork, and other menial tasks for others like cleaning, shoe polishing.
    Moreover, the lack of budgeting knowledge and saving skills worsen the problem of poverty. I think we all should say yes to our local Fijian-Made products.
    Eradicating poverty should start with an all-out effort by the Government to provide every citizen with what is essential for their well-being and development, education , healthcare , adequate nutrition , housing and sanitation.
    The Government should at least reconsider VAT. It should not leave the poor empty-handed. Assistance in cash or kind by the social welfare should be provided to the needy and the vulnerable group.
    It is therefore of utmost importance that the problem of poverty should be addressed before it gets even higher and beyond our reach to eradicate it. The best roads (employment, self-employment, and budgeting and government aid) should be worked on if we are to alleviate poverty in our nation

  20. Over 9,000 Fiji University Graduates Unemployed

    By Nasik Swami

    SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Sept. 12, 2012) – As Fiji’s job crisis continues to deepen, 9,523 graduates from various tertiary institutions in the country are still unemployed, it has been revealed.

    Minister for Labour Jone Usamate said out of those 9,523 jobless graduates, 858 were degree holders.

    Mr. Usamate said the unemployed graduates had been registered by the ministry’s National Employment Centre (NEC) from April 2010.

    He said the large number of unemployed graduates in the country was a result of not enough jobs, but there was still hope ahead.

    “For the past few years, our economic growth has been slow and job creation has been slow,” Mr. Usamate said.

    “There are not enough new jobs being created to absorb the new graduates,” Mr. Usamate told this newspaper.

    He said the other possible reason was because of the difference between what was being taught in tertiary institutions and what employers needed.

    Mr. Usamate said Fiji needed to grow the job market and encourage the development of small micro enterprises (SMEs) to make use of the large number of well-educated unemployed youths the country had.

    “This year, we are beginning to see some positive signs in our economy. There have been good reports of demand in the construction sector. Growth in the construction sector is a sign of potential growth,” he said.

    Mr. Usamate outlined that tourism industry that was also doing well and the Fiji Trade and Investment Bureau had reported the number of investors interested to invest in Fiji.

    “On top of this, a 2.7 percent economic growth has been forecast,” he said.

    Mr. Usamate also highlighted that various proactive measures had been developed by the ministry to counter the increase in unemployment rates.

    He said the ministry had self-employment service for those who wanted to start their own small business, Fiji Volunteer Service for those who had a strong sense of service and civic pride and willingness to serve others before self. “Foreign Employment Service is another initiative for those who want to work overseas. This service will be launched with the Foreign Employment Unit under the ministry by the end of September,” Mr. Usamate said.

    He said the ministry had been engaging in vetting employment agencies that could take the role of seeking jobs in other countries for unemployed Fijians.

    Mr. Usamate said the NEC could not create jobs but had been effective in carrying out its mandate.

    Fiji Times Online: http://www.fijitimes.com.

  21. Unemployment concerns Fiji’s youths

    19:16 Mon Jun 04, 2012
    Radio Fiji

    Selina Kuruleca

    Taken from/By: twitter
    Report by: Shireen Lata

    Unemployment has been said to be the leading factor to hypertension among the younger generation.

    While studies show that from 2010 up till last year, 1713 people in Fiji mostly youths, died of hypertension, psychologist – Selina Kuruleca says it’s unemployment which concerns them the most.

    Kuruleca has a message for unemployed youths in the country.

    “Many of us may not go into formal employment sector, so i suggest if you look at what talents you have and ways you can use that talent to make some money for you and your family.”

    Meanwhile, the government has initiatives underway to assist those who are unemployed.

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  22. Vegetables prices remain high

    Luke Rawalai
    Thursday, August 02, 2012
    Fiji Times

    DESPITE the abundant supply of vegetables at the Labasa market, the price remains high, surprising many customers.

    Vendors have blamed high cost of living as a deterrent for low vegetable prices.

    Compared to previous years, the abundant supply of vegetable usually sees a drop in prices but that has not been the case this year.

    Labasa market vendor, Ana Salauca said agriculture produce this year was plentiful, yet farmers were adamant on the prices that they set for their farm produce.

    “We sometimes get lucky with these farmers when we bargain for prices to be reduced so that we can buy them, otherwise we remain unlucky and have no choice but to make do with their conditions,” she said.

    “For instance long beans that used to cost around $1.50 to $1 at vegetable peak season is now still sitting at $2. Cabbages that used to cost 80 cents at peak season is now still on the $1.50 and $2 range, and there are more items’ prices still remaining the same and has not decreased,” she said.

    “At this time of the year there is always an influx of vegetable supplies and this year it has been no exception but compared to the other years, prices have gone up this year and everybody is feeling the pinch of this increases even our customers.”

    “We cannot blame farmers for the high costs of their produce because they are trying to make a living and prices of chemicals and other costs are high and at the end of the day they are trying to make a profit too.”

    Labasa resident, Rusiate Sugutaki said vegetables at the market were expensive even though there was an increase in vegetable varieties sold at the market.

    Fiji Sun
    24th June 2012

    Korovou Market in Tailevu, known as a place for cheap and affordable vegetables, has now changed.
    An increase in cost of vegetables and root crops had turned away most customers.
    Market vendors are worried with loss of business.
    There are about 20 vendors and they come from within the Tailevu North area.
    Among them is Navin Kumar.
    While describing the cost of vegetables, he said the price of a bag of eggplant which used to be $25 a kilogramme is now $40.
    A kilogramme of chillies used to be $5 a bag, is now $10.
    “Sometimes at the end of the day we are not are able to make any profit which makes it hard for us to provide for our families. This is making business difficult for us.
    “This used to be known as a place where vegetables are cheap and root crops are affordable, however, because of the change in time, things have changed,” Mr Kumar said.
    Timoci Tane, 57, of Nailega Village said business at the market had deteriorated.
    “This is our only source of income and at times we have to give up some things in order to cater for other things. Money earned is not enough.

  24. $86m request by Fiji Prime Minister to India to forgive debt default (dinau ca)

    Felix Chaudhary
    Thursday, July 19, 2012
    Fiji Times

    THE Fiji government has written to counterparts in India seeking assistance in the write-off of the $86million Exim Bank of India loan used to upgrade sugar mills in the country.

    This was revealed to The Fiji Times by Sugar permanent secretary Lieutenant Colonel Manasa Vaniqi yesterday.

    “Our Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has written to India’s PM Manmohar Singh and asked that the $86 million be written off. There was an underlying understanding between the two governments as negotiated when the loan was taken. We are now asking that the loan be converted to a grant,” he said.

  25. Great to see all the junta pigs and facist supporters overdosing on each other’s vomit? Hope it hasn’t made you too sick croz? Or like the garden gnome and ms goebbels have you just chucked in the towel? No crumbes from korvis eh? How sad.

  26. @Anonymous cut and paste mastermind

    We can only assume you are so uneducated or stupid that you are unable to either put forward your own view or debate with others on a blog.

    Come back when you have something of your own to say.

  27. @ rough

    “a lot of work to do” – you mean like all the “work” Frank does pretending to be PM and pretending to govern the country?

    The truth hurts sometimes – but it doesn’t make it any less true.

  28. rough.

    “It is a conflict of intrest and Frank is right why should we cover up ……?”

    Is is a conflict of interest or conflict of roles?

    I believe the latter to be a postulation based of Jone’s role with the commission, however given that the said person is learned in aspects of Law, it must be said his deportment is questionable in that on the one hand he advocates for a Christian State which in it self belies the scope of the Commission and therefore having accepted the role of adviser makes a mockery of him.

    So what is his role?

    A proponent for a Christian State or an adviser for a Secular State now you see the paradox?

    Its a fact that cannot be denied Fiji has taught its students to ascribe to mediocrity as it is evident in this and most mediocre bold sites.

    As for Frank, well Fiji is very blessed to have a man of great intellegence,honor and mana.

  29. Sai

    Rt Joni as chief was leading his clan in the presentation and what was presented represented the view of the entire clan which would have been accepted on consensus (by the majority). His personal opinion on the issue is well documented in various speeches and articles that he is for a multiracial and secular Fiji.

    He made his position clear to the Commission before he accepted the offer of Consultant; so where is the conflict? He was not presenting as an individual but as a member of the group and in any event he will certainly not be consulted on whether Fiji should be a Christian or secular state. He would be consulted on legal, social, or political aspects peculiar to Fiji.

    Voreqe as always is going off half corked and Sai will defend him at all cost irrespective of the erroneous position or the damage Voreqe has done and will continue to do as long as he holds on to power.



  31. I really WISH that happens – ghai given 24 hrs to leave fiji.
    that will really expose the regime for what it really is – a dictatorship
    that has been putting on a big show – naatak – about taking the country to “true democracy”
    Dictators don’t take a country to true democracy
    They put a big fuck on it.
    It’s time everyone gets that into their heads.
    Including bigshots in the international communities.

  32. This Ratu Joni doesn’t know whether he is coming or going!!! He obviously doesnt believe in the Bau submission – so why be part of it.
    We Kai Viti don’t want fence sitter chiefs – from the submissions so far we know who these fence sitters are and who are our real chiefs in the heart.
    Yash Ghai should go now and chodo Voreqe and P Moore

  33. Guys – u all a bunch of stupid fools – these is all part of the plan to call of elections or have it cancelled or unendorsed internationally due non compliance&&& guest what ,,,yes stupid frank carries on for life

  34. Ghai cries foul and calls the dictator ‘unfair’! This is really cute. Nobody has ever heart of the concept that dictators need to be fair. They dictate, i.e. they impose their own will and views on the rest of the populace. To ask for a fair dictator is like asking for a tiger shark without teeth.

    The interesting part is yet to come: Is Ghai and the rest of the gang resigning over this? Of course not. They will hang on until the last dollar is milked out of their contracts and then happily watch when Khaiyum presents his version of the ‘constitution’ the constitutional assembly of regime lackeys will vote on.

    From the word go, this entire process was nothing but a Khaiyum dog and pony show designed to bamboozle the gullible into believing that we are granted a democratic process by these tyrants. Forget about it! You want change you got to get off your arses and do something.

  35. Copy of Aiyaz Khaiyum’s letter dated 4 September 2007 to the late President for approval of Bainimarama’s salary and other perks and privileges accumulated from fruits of the treason tree – it has tripled in five years




  36. when will we ever learn, or are we all just too scared to stand up to this unfairness. I’ m thinkning of ultimate sacrifice here.. but then again for what?.. when t eventually we will all be slaves to these asian countries that we owe money to…for my children, well they are overseas now including me? for my family, I support them through remittances……for my yavutu, yes ithink so,, for my fellow silent countrymen/women, yes for the those who suffer in silent and put on a brave smile because that is what youre meant to do. behind the smiles, the silent acknowledgement of everything that is happening,, there is a sense of emptiness,…. that is temporary eased by the ecstacy of winning a sevens tornament but then reality strikes again, the child drowns, an already poor struggling person is robbed, the cables are stolen, all the steel manhole lids are taken to the scrap metal yards, my ex schoolmates are prematurely dying,,, bad diet, maybe, stress..this is supposed to be fiji,,land of the fiji time.. . I pray to God to ease the suffering, hope of a better day. Im realising that prayer is just not enough now….

  37. @RUM watch

    what happen to RUM , in tonga today, any news of his court case about stealing the three little piglets and putting them in the “lovo ” for vavi.

    Rum share the pig and the togan women. don”t just be selfish and think only for yourself . veinanumi tiko , levu na vuaka [yalewa]ni tonga .wase mai kemudrau! ha ha ha !

  38. RUM pleaded not guilty to the charges of gluttony but the prosecution hinted they may also include the charges of swine molestation as two of the piglets showed signs of being agressively “probed” prior to being roasted. RUM has been moved to a female prison as some prisoners in the earlier prison were angry when they heard some Tongans pigs were hurt in the process of feeding RUM. Tongan culture strictly forbids the abuse of animals. More to come.

  39. newsflash.. this hour RUM was apprehended attempting to escape from the womens prison while dressed as a fafafine (samoan boy/girl cross dresser). The arresting officer said his side burns gave him away. He is now back in custody and again under suicide watch. he will front court on Thursday morning. more to come

  40. heck out fijileaks.com

    Its supported by documentary evidence

    CTravel expenses junket racket:
    Tom Ricketts $67,000 flight and hotel bills paid on Telecom Fiji Visa Card


    TRANSPARENCY is one word missing in the Fiji government’s vocabulary when it comes to the travel and hotel expenses of the illegal Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, his family, and his army of coup supporters.

    A cache of overseas hotel and travel bills of Bainimarama, Aiyaz Khaiyum, Cabinet ministers, and scores of Board of Directors on Government appointed institutions reveal the impunity with which these illegals are abusing their positions and defrauding the voiceless peoples of Fiji since the 2006 treasonous coup.

    In the next several months Fijileaks will be revealing those caches of expenses bills. Here is just a sample of what is to come. Take the bills of Tom Ricketts, who had joined the post coup regime as interim Tourism Minister along with his FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry. Today he is on various Boards, including as chairman of Telecom Fiji Ltd, to which he was appointed in August 2009.

    He also currently serves as Board Member of Fiji National Provident Fund, Amalgamated Telecom Holdings and Home Finance Corporation Limited. During his time on the FNFP Board, the Board had bought 1,716,724 Class B shares in Yatu Lau Company Ltd. Ricketts at that time held 5,000 Class A shares in Yatu Lau. Was there a conflict of interest?

    Meanwhile, the travel and hotel bill documents speak for themselves – in a very transparent way – of the use and abuse of the travel visa card; there are also allegations that he takes his wife Janet with him, and the expenses are paid by Telecom – $4000 bill becomes $8000, which means “double dipping”. What about his bills from other Boards?

  41. Hahaaaa yeah conflict of interest, transparency and whatnot. A load of crap from Voreqe who is the king of corruption, nepotism, liars. and the list goes on.

  42. Rt Jone would be my choice for president of FIJI now

    One day RUM will be back to be president of FIJI ! So I have said, so it has been written,it will be so !

    There will be blood in the streets , fijian against Fijian , kia viti against kia viti, burnings of cities and villages , lots of death from violence

  43. @Blog Fiji Reader

    How about some TRANSPARENCY in reporting !

    You start of by making the statement “$67,000 flight and hotel bills paid on Telecom Fiji Visa Card”. You then make the only other reference to money which is “$4000 bill becomes $8000, which means “double dipping”.

    Seems like a very poor attempt at simple character assination, where’s the story ?

  44. Reality Check

    I looked up at the story – look at the bill on the top – its $67,000 in total – i hope more bills will be posted up

  45. Bobo.

    “There will be blood in the streets , fijian against Fijian , kia viti against kia viti, burnings of cities and villages , lots of death from violence”

    Its comments like the above the above, why Fiji is in the state its in, it goes without saying that the author is either lost her scruples or is demented, more the latter.

    Now one can deduce from such imbecility is that the person is a psychopath or is in dire need of psychological intervention, because as it stands these die hard rejects only speaks of destruction without very little substance.

    In other words their quanibulu is wide open and there’s is not chance of them fulfilling their desired goal.

    E sega beka vei kemodou na madua, ni yavu luveni sona levu.

  46. @sai

    It’s only going to get worse before it can get better !


    Read fiji and the fijian
    We were eating each other to extinction , large remains of large burnt out villages,islands empty of people , just remains.
    If it wasn’t for Christianity we would have ended up just like the people of Christmas island
    We will not be able to save ourselves, it will take intervention to save us from ourselves ! international community will not intervene into before it gets allot worse !

    Sorry Sai I hope I’m wrong but we are full speed into history repeating itself !

  47. TRANSPARENCY is one word missing in the Fiji government’s vocabulary when it comes to the travel and hotel expenses of the illegal Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, his family, and his army of coup supporters.

    A cache of overseas hotel and travel bills of Bainimarama, Aiyaz Khaiyum, Cabinet ministers, and scores of Board of Directors on Government appointed institutions reveal the impunity with which these illegals are abusing their positions and defrauding the voiceless peoples of Fiji since the 2006 treasonous coup.

    In the coming months Fijileaks will be revealing those caches of expenses bills. Here is just a sample of what is to come. Take the bills of Tom Ricketts, who had joined the post coup regime as interim Tourism Minister along with his FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry. Today he is on various Boards, including as chairman of Telecom Fiji Ltd, to which he was appointed in August 2009.

    He also currently serves as Board Member of Fiji National Provident Fund, Amalgamated Telecom Holdings and Home Finance Corporation Limited. During his time on the FNFP Board, the Board had bought 1,716,724 Class B shares in Yatu Lau Company Ltd. Ricketts at that time held 5,000 Class A shares in Yatu Lau. Was there a conflict of interest?

    Meanwhile, the travel and hotel bill documents speak for themselves – in a very transparent way – of the use and abuse of the travel visa card; there are also allegations that he sometimes takes his wife Janet with him, and the expenses are paid by Telecom.

    What about his bills from other Boards? Double or triple dippings?

  48. Surely a case of people in the wrong slots: Fiji Trade Union Congress president Daniel Urai asleep in the arms of Tongan trade unionist Mele Amanaki and QEB Goon, Aseri Rokoura, (below front right), leading the Fiji Rugby Team.

  49. INVESTMENT FIJI (FTIB) came with great figures on new projects.

    These are on paper only.

    These are inflated figures and nothing is evident on ground as huge number of people remain unemployed.

    Can the RFB confirm the figures provided by Investment Fiji.

    The problem is Investment Fiji has inexperienced and unqualified people Muslims running the place.

    I had the export manager recruited is a Muslim with no experience. The only qualification is she is a muslim.

    Bainimamra wake up!

    The poverty level is 30 % while 20% are just above poverty line. This means that 50% people in Fiji are living along poverty line. Never in the history of Fiji.

    Remember all the Chinese money coming in Fiji has to be paid off by the next generation. Nothing comes free from Chinese.

    You are guided by Taliban ( Khayium) who has put all his Muslim brothers and sisters in top government and statutory bodies.

    Ratu Joni is very highly respected, qualified and independent person.

    We want to know how you and Khayium are paid in salary.

    Forgot about the corrupt dealing of Kyaium.

    Why only Muslims given movie making licence.

  50. Wake up i taueki.

    Muslims are making money through Khayium

    Muslim brotherhood is very strong in Fiji.

    Everywhere they are holding top positions.

    No tender of work for Muslims – like Rewa Diary – Nur Bano given the work for $500,000

  51. @Rum watch

    OK, lets wait for Thursday, when Rum will appear again in court for stealing the piglets.the Tongan may be really angry. thank you rum watch, and keep us informed.

    vacava mo vacucu mada vei “Rough” me vutuki iko mada. mo qai kila kina , na ca murimuri qase. warulaki, sa qase qai lialia. bavulu. ulukau!

    @Smiths Johns
    kawa ca ga iko ! drau veicai mada kei Rum , me mokuta nomu mimi[pussy] .maleka na vuaka yalewa ni [aussie] , white pussy from aussie taste better, they only need fijian dick , to butter there pussy.

  52. Tu Sai
    io dua na tamata ulukau
    soli vakaveitalia na laiseni vakacacani na yaubula – waitui, veidogo, uciwai,,,,dou yavu sona lelevu kocokoco

  53. @Koaisi bokola ni yasayasa

    E cave drau nene ni sa sega solia tio ve iko o RUM nona ulu ni poci mo domica?

    Tamata kawa ca luveni maqe. Drau veivutu kei rough ke sega me vutuvutuki kmudrau ruarua o Voreqe drau yadre va i tavuteke…hahahahaaaaa

  54. I am a son of a farmer. My family has worked very hard on the farm. Even my grand father worked very hard but remained poor.

    However my family struggled to educate me and brothers.

    The house they stay is still the same till we started to earn and help to build a descent home.

    I have always told my family to move away from sugarcane farming.

    They paid tax to Government and take home very little money after deduction from FSC.

    The Indian Government / Indian Embassy must stop funding FSC.

    The Indian Government must know one fact that Indians must move away from sugarcane farming.

    I encourage all i TAUKEI and Indo Fijians to go into cash cropping.

    The Chinese in Fiji contiune to come in numbers and are setting up massage parlours (prostituion), farming ,small corner shops, cafe etc. They do not pay tax and do mostly cash business.

    The trend is that they will stay for a short time make money and move.

    I encourage Indians to move away from sugarcane farming.

    Otherwise the Girmit will never end.

    The Indian Government must stop this Girmit by asking for $86 million from Fiji Government.

    I request the Indian Embassy in Suva to understand the plight of Indians in Fiji and set correct message to India.

  55. i notice that people seem to have access to amounts of fees that have been paid by the commission for consultancy. I also notice that we still don’t know who is getting paid what in this regime.

  56. Apparently chinese business practices and governance are the model for this regime. The local fijians and indians can’t get along and the idea is tfrom the regime is to now insert Chinese migrants into the mix? Good luck with that.

  57. more chinese loans, more chinese businesses that contribute nothing to fiji and even exploit their own people…what a disgusting thought. Where in the world is a Chinese or Indian business seen as the benchmark??

  58. newsflash… a routine strip search of all prisoners at the womens prison RUM is being held in, revealed RUM is actually missing a testicle. The remaining one had a cavity in which was hidden secret codes for the Tongan navy who were planning to invade Western Samoa. The Tongans are planning to colonise Samoa to replenish their supply of fafafines after a recent mass exodus to NZ, mainly overstayers who attended the World Fafafine Weightlifting Championships in Porirua, Wellington. Dr Brij Lal, eminent scholar from Fiji was the main judge but was later ousted after showing favoritism to the PNG contestant, who constantly flashed his thigh, winked and called out, vote for me. He was replaced by Dr Sahu Khan, also formerly of Fiji. More soon.

  59. Ram Rum… you just jealous you didn’t get the news scoop first. Sore loser. Stay close you might hear something.

  60. The commission considered and concluded that there would be no conflict and and payments were made only for the days Ratu Joni worked for the Commission. Fiji Today FijiTodays Open Forum Blog i can concur with all the post

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