Home » Uncategorized » “I want to assure all of us here today and I want all of Fiji and the world to hear as well that we will have National Elections in 2014,” said Commodore Bainimarama

“I want to assure all of us here today and I want all of Fiji and the world to hear as well that we will have National Elections in 2014,” said Commodore Bainimarama

2014 it is prophets

Tevita Vuibau Sunday, November 04, 2012

ELEMENTS in society spreading rumors there will be no democratic elections in 2014 have been labeled “false prophets” by Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

Speaking at the opening of the 2012 Lomaiviti Day, Commodore Bainimarama did not mince his words saying many of these “false prophets” were politicians in previous governments.

“Ko ni sa baci rogoca na veivakadiloi sa basika tiko e na vuku ni ituvatuva au sa kacivaka oti me baleta na Veidigidigi Levu me na vakayacori e na yabaki 2014.”

(“You may have started hearing rumours about the arrangements being made for the General Elections in 2014.”)

“Oqo na nodra Cakacaka ni veivakacalai kei na veivakasesei na “parofita vakailasu” ka levu vei ira qo na dau ni politiki makawa.”

(“This is the work of false prophets trying to mislead and confuse people, and many of them (false prophets) are former politicians,” he said.)

Commodore Bainimarama then proceeded to reassure all in Fiji and the world over that the country would have democratic elections come 2014.

“Au via vakadeitaka ga vei keda nikua, ka me rogoca ko Viti kei Vuravura, ni Veidigidigi Levu e na Yacori e na yabaki 2014.”

“I want to assure all of us here today and I want all of Fiji and the world to hear as well that we will have National Elections in 2014,” he said.

Commodore Bainimarama said with the voting age reduced from 22 to 18, the youth of Fiji would have a voice in choosing their leaders.

He also called on parents and guardians to educate their children in order to allow them to pick a government worthy of taking Fiji beyond 2014.

35 thoughts on ““I want to assure all of us here today and I want all of Fiji and the world to hear as well that we will have National Elections in 2014,” said Commodore Bainimarama

  1. A couple of months ago, Syrian dictator Assad promised major reforms and even held some sort of election that basically went unnoticed. Mubarak of Egypt promised democratic reforms and proper elections for two decades. The list goes on. What we can learn from all this is that the louder Bainimarama, Khaiyum and their goons scream ‘we will have free and fair elections’ the more suspicious we should get. Why not inviting international observers right now and let them have a look at election preparation, the new computerized system and voter registration. If you have nothing to hide Franky, there should be no issue with this.

  2. he is such a charitable fellow, isn’t he?
    giving the people of fiji a chance to choose the government we want to govern us.
    what a favour he is doing the people
    no, in fiji it is not the peoples’ democratic right to decide throught the casting of their vote who should them.
    it is the generosity of the dictator.
    there is no such thing as having a right in fiji.

  3. The elections are on in 2014 – whats wrong with that people.

    Now who are these elements in the society spreading false rumours – Is it that they dont want any elections in 2014?

    These are hard core racists elements of the sdl/methodists church, which were benefitting from the previous governments, many chiefs who are losing their BIG SHARE of the lease monies/bribes and going broke now etc. who are trying to confuse people.

    The people shuld be happy that they will get a chance to elect a new government in 2014, if they desire a change.

    But let me tell you that any new sdl and cronies government in fiji will be a curse to the ordinary i-taukei’s because they will bring back the old LEASE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM, where the chief’s/thives will get their BIG share.


    Fiji’S newest bank, BRED Bank, opened its doors yesterday after injecting close to $40 million into the Fijian economy and according to CEO, Satish Deb more people can expect to be employed by the Bank.

    35 Jobs has been created and a further 200 will be created for in next 6 months.

    Expect new jobs as the ANZ Pacific headquarters in Melbourne will now be based in Fiji.

    New CEO of Fiji and CEO of Pacific Vishnu Mohan made the announcement at the ANZ Diwali cocktail last night saying they are now in the process of the relocation.

    Mohan said they have chosen Fiji as it has good skills set -HOORAY for FIJI.

    He said there will be recruitment of locals however could not give any exact figures as it is in the early stages.
    It is estimated that another 100 jobs will be created.

    Thanks to the current government of Voreqe Bainimarama. -BRAVO VOREQE.

  5. No dictator in history has ever handed back power to the people through elections or otherwise. Every dictator has commited numerous crimes which would have haunted them after they have handed over power. So it will be rigged elections or no elections. Bainimama may be a moron but he is smart enough to his chief legal adviser Khaiyum who calls the shots anyway.

  6. @Joshua Moro

    Its easy because Voreqe has a long record of broken promises, lies and heaps of lies. He is consistent only in his inconsistent words/promises.

    He has got a long way to go to win the confidence of the people let alone the international community.

  7. BRED banks move into Fiji is part of the expansion of France’s Pacific plan for integrating the French territories into the South Pacific economy. Operating those territories as sub regional economies of France now takes a back seat to the geopolitical realities emerging in this region, namely the Trans Pacific Partnership involving the Yanks, Aussies, Kiwi’s and other pacific rim states and the regional economic platforms set up through the Paxcific Forum via PICTA and PACER PLUS.

    Bred Bank’s move to Fiji is one of the first steps in its expansion into this region. Its the sensible move to make give Fiji’s linkages into Polynesia and Melanesia

    Their aim is broader and its strategically into the region, not just Fiji.

    The ANZ moving the Pacific HQ to Fiji is merely moving office duties. What was happening previously was the duplication of Pacific services through their Melbourne office. Moving that administrative back office function to Fiji makes business sense because the point of contact into the region had been through the Suva offices of ANZ. They are rationalising their operations by bringing decisionmaking closer to the point of delivery

    The HQ of ANZ is still in Melbourne though

  8. No one with half a brain believes anything that these liars say anymore.

    Too many lies, broken promises and outright criminal acts.

  9. Time for bainimarama and his puppet master and the heathen clan to be dragged to a drainpipe?

  10. Drip are you ready to da that>>>>?Lucas your contribution is worthless, none of your contribution on the blog has bored fruit becuse ur always negative while in actual fact Govt and Frank are helping the grassroot people and moving steadily forward useless man jump off ur not needed

  11. Dump ass hiding freightened like little wet pussy shaking with lot of fear Anon show up…! come to reality read the lines I have told you today and be realistic

  12. Who is this dictator to be telling the people that there will be elecgtion in 2014? No body elected him into office. He should be ashamed of himself. Butako i tutu.

  13. Reading into his statements is very confusing considering his chameleon type character. bai is not known to be an honest person so we could discount this as another of his usual fibs. He has a lot to lose if elections are held so there could more to this than meet the eye. But then he cannot renege on his election promise or there will outrage within and out of Fiji which could turn really bad for him. One of his options is to manipulate elections to his favor which seems to be in the process now. So he is in a dilemma of losing all the benefits of government fuelled perks and possibilty of imprisonment for his treasonous crime or hang on till the bitter end when he is forced out of office just like other dictators were. Any way he goes about it he is in a tight corner and finds it increasingly difficult to dismount the tiger he is presently riding on.

  14. VB is a man of his word. Period!!!!!

    If 2014 he say then 2014 it will be.

    Thank you VB………….if you stand in Elections you will give these other political parties a nice bashing – once and for all. And also prove to idots in these blog that you have always had Fiji in your heart. A Fiji for all.

    You are a man of your word. And we salute you, Sir.

  15. VB – all the iTaukei are now coming to you Sir.

    Thank you for caring about the interests of the iTaukei Sir.

    Also thank you for caring about all races, Sir.

    You are the MAN!!!

    Go VB Go…………..move Fiji Forward!!!!! YES takalaka…………

  16. looks like rooftop and rough still giving free blow jobs to frank so that they can remain as chief bakewas. they are scared that if frank goes then so will they – the people always win in the end while satan’s little servants round around blaming their evil on false prophets and trying to hide the truth. serving satan will cost your bloodline dearly….

  17. @roof topy

    drau veivutu ga kei rough drau tamata tawa yaga, macawa, va lusi cagi drau mama na baku nei Voreqe.

  18. @ Roof Top

    Timoci – calm down. Noone is going anywhere near your family.

    You should read more and learn some lessons from history and dictatorships and what happens to dictators. Saddam and Ghaddafi call tell you some stories – one day, giving speeches at the UN. The next, a dead body that no-one will claim.

  19. ANZ announced that 65 staff will be offered “voluntary redundancy” in Fiji this month. So much for new jobs. Great to see Bred Bank here though.

  20. @ Radio

    Who is this Timoci you talking about?

    You mad? Why is it that I have to be related to VB or be a soldier to like the way VB has successfully led our nation to a better Fiji.

    I am a Fijian who wants this nation to be truly a nation for all races, all colours, all religions, young or old, chief or no chief. We are all truly equal and all respected!

    That’s the Fiji VB wants as most of us do – and had done an exemplary job at it and had even walked the extra mile in giving us better opportunities than previous PMs had done.

    How dare you compare my man VB to those low down dictators. He is a man of goodness and stands for all the people, especially the weak and those who had been suppressed for ages.

    All you blind people can do is criticize and offer nothing constructive for our dear Fiji.

    You just want to sink Fiji into the deep and laugh………. you blind f heads.

    But don’t worry my man VB will ensure that the Fiji we have will ensure that your children and future generations will be very grateful to what he has done now. VB will ensure that your future generations will be extremely pleased that he elevated their stance to be equal citizens of this great nation and very proud of it.

    When they come to know that you were one of the ones who were racists and just supporting those people who wanted to brainwash our nation – oh my……. they will despise you and say that they wished they had the chance to give you a nice long lecture…….. you dumb f head.


  21. @ Anon

    It seems someone did you so bad that you can’t stop crying

    Don’t worry that someone will do you again.

    Borthy………….thithi lefu.

  22. 2014~ Prediction : No one will know what the future year brings, we shall commit to the plan that has being laid to MOVE FIJI FORWARD~
    E da sa vakavinavinaka ni sa vakadavori na navunavu ni veidigidigi ni 2014, e na loma ni rua na yabaki mai oqo me da sa cakacakataki keda e na kena tokoni na navunavu. Se vinaka se ca, na nomu dodonu e na vakatau e na veika o na toqa, DIGITAKA NA TURAGA SE MARAMA ME DINA E TOLU GA NA KA

    Matata vakavinaka oqori QAI NONA NA KALOU NA KENA VO

    God Bless Us ALL! God Bless FIJI

  23. God’s Wrath: “Vengeance Is Mine, I Will Repay,” Says the Lord

    QAI NEI JIOVA NA VEISAUMI ~ Dredre ga mo cakava tiko na loma ni Kalou. Have a blessed Day!

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