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Regime slashes August Wages Council pay awards

The regime has slashed Wages Council recommended pay increases by almost 50% in several categories, compared to the rates awarded in August under the Chair of Father Kevin Barr.

In the case of workers in the Hotel and Catering Industry, the Wages Council in August had recommended a 15% increase. The regime’s new pay order announced Thursday, slashed this to 7.9%.

An angry Father Barr has slammed this as “a scandal”. “This industry covers the tourist industry which claims to be a [multi] million dollar industry and receives a handout of $23m in the Budget yet it doesn’t want to pay its workers a decent wage,” he said.

August recommended pays were also virtually halved in the case of workers in the Building and Civil and Engineering trades and the Printing sector, as evidenced from figures available to FLP.

But in the garment and manufacturing sector, the regime adhered to the 9.9% award made by the Wages Council in August, the deferment of which had forced Father Barr to resign in protest.

Even then, the 9.9% increase granted will only allow pays in the garment sector to rise to a little over $2 an hour. It is less for beginners.

In the light of these details, FLP questions the regime’s statement that it was “committed to ensure social justice prevails for workers”.

It is a pity that the local media has once again merely regurgitated the regime’s publicity stunt without analysing the fact that in a number of cases, pay increases that were awarded in August, had been drastically slashed.   

The FLP has often stated that the regime was anti-worker and anti-poor. Our view received support from Father Barr: “This government is more and more declaring itself to be anti-poor and anti-worker and that is very sad for those who had hoped that greater economic justice might be championed in our country”.

Father Barr says the presentation of these increases in percentage terms is very misleading, and hide the fact that the increases are relatively small.

“The low wage increases make a joke of government’s constant declaration that it wants to alleviate poverty. Unless wages are increased at a reasonable rate above the ever-increasing cost of living, then poverty will continue to increase (as it has in the past). Wages are a key issue for poverty alleviation.

Father Barr said government increases had not allowed for “the catch up factor” for “the lost or stolen wages over 30 years” due to employers not allowing wages to keep up with the cost of living.

“Of course the small lobby of greedy employers has once again got its way with government in a way consistent with crony capitalism. The protests of a few employers has won out over the needs of 60% of workers in full time employment,” he said.

Father Barr said he was informed that 5000 signatures of workers were presented to the Minister for Labour and the Prime Minister “but it seems that their voice counts for nothing”.


16 thoughts on “Regime slashes August Wages Council pay awards

  1. father barr has been working with and for the poor including the working poor in fiji for a long time . he is far more knowledgeable about their situation and how to improve it then any of the people in bainimarama’s government. and it is no secret that father barr is pro-poor and the bai govt is pro – rich.

  2. A pay rise of 50 percent to the workers in Fiji has never occured in Fiji’s history so why do you want us to believe that a payrise of 50 per cent has been slashed.

    This is stupid reporting and trying to confuse the worker’s of Fiji?

    Can someone tell me when the workers in fiji got a 50 per cent pay rise – was it under mara’s alliance government, or millionaire crook MP ChorDHARYS Labour government or the sdl government.

    so stop dreaming and creating an atmosphere of confusion you guys.
    The workers are happy with what they got.

  3. @ Joshua

    “The regime has slashed Wages Council recommended pay increases by almost 50% in several categories”

    That statement does not mean the same as “pay rise of 50 percent”.

    If you cannot be bothered reading the post, don’t bother commenting because it makes you look stupid.

  4. @JMara – read the article you ulukau. The recommendations made by the Wages Council were slashed by 50%

  5. @ ‘Joshua Mara’ aka dimwitted dailit

    Read the article again you brain dead junta supporting fool. Why is it that those who support the junta are corrupt scammers like aunty nur or total farkwits?

  6. @Joshua Moro

    fools speak without thinking but dumb asses like you speak when you know shit about what you talking about.

  7. it has been said by some wise soul that it is better for some people to keep their usuna shut because the moment they open it everyone comes to know how very stupid they are.
    joshua mara should heed this saying of the wise for his own good.

  8. So what robin hood, the workers are just satisfied enough for what they are been given, what are you or who are you really to demand something you are not entitled to demand about.The workers of Fiji are happy they are given this much like never before, they are experiencing a pay rise not been experienced ever before, Only Frank has given it to them and they are so thankful

  9. @intel
    your are clearly not a bright mind
    you should also follow the advice given to your intellectually challenged mate joshua mara above
    “… only Frank has given it to them” what rubbish!
    we all know what Frank has given the people of Fiji

  10. Hi Guys – thanks for having a go at me due to my oversight- hahahahaaa.. relax I have another question for you.

    But if I changed from 50 percent to 16-20 percent as the full pay rise that would have occurred if not slashed by 50 percent , my question remains the same.

    Tell me when did a pay rise of 16-20 percent to the workers in Fiji eventuated in Fiji’s history?

    Was it under mara’s alliance government, or millionaire crook MP ChorDHARYS Labour government or the sdl government.

    so stop dreaming and creating an atmosphere of animosity, confusion and creating ill-will among the workers in Fiji.

    The workers are happy with what they got in these difficult times – was it not the crook mp chaudhary as minister of finance (when he was a sucker of the above government) who slashed wages of the workers by 5 percent.

  11. Union Leaders like Felix Anthony/Daniel urai/ MP CHORdhary (tui na buitako) when they were big time suckers, filling their own pockets from state revenue and being part of the current government , they all supported a 5 percent slash of wages of all civil servants in fiji.

    Some other private sector organisations took advantage of this and also did the same.

    So now when the government is giving an increase they are not happy.

    Are there any bigger HYPOCRITES in Fiji, than the current union leaders/FLP suckers?

  12. “Are there any bigger HYPOCRITES in Fiji”

    Were you born like this or was it an injury that made you this wilfully stupid?

    Frank and Aiyaz promised the “clean-up – all bright promises full of love, life and happiness – an end to corruption and freedom for all.

    Ha! What a joke.

    So what did they do? Remove all freedoms, destroy the primary industries of Fiji and put an end to good government and transparency.

    And why? To save their own hides and steal more money than anyone in Fiji’s history.

    We all know where the biggest pile of stinking hypocrisy is, and it seems you like to sit right up there along with them.

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