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SDL confirms they will contest as the SDL

SDL will be fully represented: Dr Baba

November 02, 2012 10:57:56 AM

One of Fiji’s largest political parties, the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL) party will contest the 2014 general elections in full force, says senior party member and veteran politician Dr Tupeni Baba.

Speaking to FijiLive, Dr Baba said they will be contesting  in greater numbers and are looking forward to the democratic elections.

He however did not confirm whether he will contest the elections.
“It is too early to determine at the moment if I would be contesting the elections because I want a good constitution first, a free and fair constitution for all,” Dr Baba said.
He added that the Constitution Commission did a fair job in hosting public seminars regarding the issue of religion and state as it gave everybody an opportunity to express their views.
“Even though SDL has proposed the idea of a Christian state, we are still putting emphasis on the idea of Freedom of Faith and we will see that the rights of the people of Fiji are never violated.”
He also said that having a secular state does not often mean that people have the freedom to do whatever they want.
“Many secular states in the world usually impose on people what to do as they often become dictatorial,” Dr Baba said.
SDL is currently working on its manifesto for the 2014 general elections and is keeping a close tab on the Constitution drafting process.

By Indrani Krishna

13 thoughts on “SDL confirms they will contest as the SDL

  1. SDL will not contest this election, I dont think they will qualify to contest in this election.If you know your charter well you will have doubts.The charter clearly outlines the rules of the new Fiji in which we are looking at and there will be no more hooligans and racist as stipulated in one of its pillars,so keep your fingers crossed for now SDL

  2. Regime slashes August Wages Council pay awards

    [posted 2 Nov 2012,1445]

    The regime has slashed Wages Council recommended pay increases by almost 50% in several categories, compared to the rates awarded in August under the Chair of Father Kevin Barr.

    In the case of workers in the Hotel and Catering Industry, the Wages Council in August had recommended a 15% increase. The regime’s new pay order announced Thursday, slashed this to 7.9%.

    An angry Father Barr has slammed this as “a scandal”. “This industry covers the tourist industry which claims to be a [multi] million dollar industry and receives a handout of $23m in the Budget yet it doesn’t want to pay its workers a decent wage,” he said.

    August recommended pays were also virtually halved in the case of workers in the Building and Civil and Engineering trades and the Printing sector, as evidenced from figures available to FLP.

    But in the garment and manufacturing sector, the regime adhered to the 9.9% award made by the Wages Council in August, the deferment of which had forced Father Barr to resign in protest.

    Even then, the 9.9% increase granted will only allow pays in the garment sector to rise to a little over $2 an hour. It is less for beginners.

    In the light of these details, FLP questions the regime’s statement that it was “committed to ensure social justice prevails for workers”.

    It is a pity that the local media has once again merely regurgitated the regime’s publicity stunt without analysing the fact that in a number of cases, pay increases that were awarded in August, had been drastically slashed.

    The FLP has often stated that the regime was anti-worker and anti-poor. Our view received support from Father Barr: “This government is more and more declaring itself to be anti-poor and anti-worker and that is very sad for those who had hoped that greater economic justice might be championed in our country”.

    Father Barr says the presentation of these increases in percentage terms is very misleading, and hide the fact that the increases are relatively small.

    “The low wage increases make a joke of government’s constant declaration that it wants to alleviate poverty. Unless wages are increased at a reasonable rate above the ever-increasing cost of living, then poverty will continue to increase (as it has in the past). Wages are a key issue for poverty alleviation.

    Father Barr said government increases had not allowed for “the catch up factor” for “the lost or stolen wages over 30 years” due to employers not allowing wages to keep up with the cost of living.

    “Of course the small lobby of greedy employers has once again got its way with government in a way consistent with crony capitalism. The protests of a few employers has won out over the needs of 60% of workers in full time employment,” he said.

    Father Barr said he was informed that 5000 signatures of workers were presented to the Minister for Labour and the Prime Minister “but it seems that their voice counts for nothing”.

  3. In the name of accountability and transparency…
    [posted 2 Nov 2012,1500]

    The regime’s call for the Constitution Commission to show accountability and adherence to the non-negotiable principles in Decree 57, opens up questions about its own commitment to these values.

    Prime Minister Bainimarama has amended Decree 57, demanding accountability from the Commission and wants it to publish details of the names of everyone on its staff and the salaries they are getting.

    PM’s wrath was incurred when he discovered that Bauan high chief Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi was on the Commission’s payroll as a consultant at the time he appeared before it as part of the Bauan delegation. In its submission, the Bauans had called for Fiji to be declared a Christian State.

    Bainimarama says Ratu Joni’s presence among the Bau delegation was a breach of the decree. Section 13 (1) (a&c) of the Decree calls for the Commissioners and its Executive Secretary to observe the values and principles set out as “non negotiables” in section 3 of the Decree and requires them to be “politically neutral”.

    One of the regime’s non-negotiables is for a secular state and this is something that the FLP is ideologically committed to. We stated as much in our submissions – that Fiji must remain a secular state.

    But the ‘non-negotiables” also include the principles of good and transparent governance, social justice, the removal of systemic corruption and an independent judiciary.

    In the interest of fairness, can the Prime Minister honestly say that he himself is observing these values and non-negotiable principles when it comes to:

    the secrecy surrounding the salaries of his Cabinet that have been the subject of rabid speculation for some time.

    failure to publish government accounts and financial reports which have been withheld from public scrutiny since 2008

    failure to call tenders for public contracts and the procurement of goods and supplies

    failure to respond to allegations on the compromised state of the judiciary made in the Justice Marshall report

    The regime would have greater credibility were it to show genuine commitment for the universal values and principles that have been presented as “non-negotiables” in Decree 57.

    Otherwise, it may simply become a case of the pot calling the kettle black

  4. @intel

    You are a disgrace you moron. Try and think for yourself instead of blindly following Voreqe. You don’t decide who contests the election and the SDL has every right in the world to do so. The Charter is good only for toilet paper; its not worth the paper its written on.

  5. Bainimarama speaks about 2000 mutiny
    Publish date/time: 02/11/2012 [16:55]

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    Prime Minister and Army Commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said the attempted mutiny in November, 2000, 12 years ago was a real attempt to grab power as certain individuals thought that by misguiding a few, they could take him out.

    However, Commodore Bainimarama has told Fijivillage that these people underestimated the RFMF.

    There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

    Commodore Bainimarama said the rebel soldiers were shooting people at random on that day and many people put their lives on the line to ensure that the situation was contained.

    There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

    Commander Bainimarama said he even spoke to the CRW soldiers following their arrest after the 2000 coup.

    There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

    He said the RFMF has moved well ahead to ensure that everyone is protected compared to what some individuals were doing in 2000.

    There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

  6. This is when the hero, savior of Viti, the man himself ran for his life and shit in his pants…whut a shame…now he is trying to act tough …sorry fulori

  7. Naivalurua is always quick to castigate police officers for negligence, corruption et al but he is silent when military officers were involved in the recapture and assault of prisoners.

    It proves the point that he is a puppet Commissioner and he will never investigate any complaint against military officers or Voreqe’s relatives. He should do the honorable thing and chuck in the towel…as it is he lacks the integrity and independence required for the post.

    He is only good in modeling new color/styles of uniforms so he should be on the catwalk rather than police HQ.

  8. Labour, New Labour ( financed by that con man Foster) and now SDL.

    Tupeni Baba, time to give it away and let some new leaders emerge for a better Fiji.


    Come on………….

    SDL will lose the Elections even if they manage to qualify through some extreme miracle.

    WHY? You still blind? Still can’t see? Hello?????????????? You there?

    Majority. of iTaukeis are pledging their support to MY MAN VB.

    Majority of Fijians of Indian origins are again for MY MAN VB ……….YES!!!

    Majority of Fijians of other races also support MY MAN……… YEP!!!

    Majority of the religious groups support MY MAN FRANK!!!! Even a great number of Methodist followers.

    So who’s going to support SDL?

    Tell me sara mada ……………. you bothy! Esp to you Radio, M Boci and other futulaki racist m f’s racist people out there.

    VB ………… Sir …………… please keep on fighting for us – the people of Fiji who are down here at the hierarchy – you are our champion!!! You are fighting the good fight and protector of women, the young, the non-iTaukeis, the weak, the poor and all those suppressed by our current way of life.

    Continue to be the light and move the darkness away! Let the racist devils who divide and rule and suppress people to shy away from your great light.

    Go VB Go …………MY MAN FRANK!!!

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