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FIJI’S ECONOMY – The message to aspiring leaders is, as always – ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ – CFDFiji.org

In the lead up to the budget that the Fiji regime will be producing later in the year we felt it would be appropriate to look at the statistics for Fiji’s economy over the next few weeks and we start here with one of the most basic of statistics – the profit and loss account – or in government terms, how revenue matches expenditure.

The following chart is from the Fiji Bureau of Statistics in July 2012 and, as you can see, the regime has been overspending by hundreds of millions of dollars over the last few years.

Note how revenue flattened after the 2006 coup and how expenditure took a huge jump after the abrogation of the Constitution in 2009.  Where has all that money gone?

Well, the regime did away with the Auditor General when it overthrew the legal government in 2006 and we have had no audited governments accounts since then.  Many billions of dollars of expenditure of the taxpayers’ money is therefore unaccounted for.  Not only is this a fraud on the people of Fiji it also, in this time of Constitution making, presents a huge problem for an incoming democratic government if and when elections are held.

The leaders’ Petition to the President called for elections to be held as soon as possible in accordance with the 1997 Appeals Court ruling.  As the economy implodes this message is of critical importance.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
Council for a Democratic Fiji

54 thoughts on “FIJI’S ECONOMY – The message to aspiring leaders is, as always – ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ – CFDFiji.org

  1. Well written, intelligent and honest facts.

    I wonder if Qorvis and the regime has any explanation or excuse for the missing $$$$$$$$$?

    Especially since they have now decided to give everyone an extra 10c in their wages – how kind, considering how much they themselves have stolen.

  2. Roko Ului .. shut the fuck up if you cant take action on home soil. stop sitting at a distance safe land and publishing crap that we already know about. you could be already in jail if you hadn’t use the information at c4.5 and planned your get away. we intel officers SAVED YOUR ASS. but what did you do – run and hide like a coward.

    you have no fucking guts to come home and finish the business. so go home and drink Tongan brew and shut up.

  3. what can one expect from thug rule?
    theft from the national kitty and intimidation of anyone who has the audacity to question the thieving that is going on.
    that ‘s why you get ” shut the fuck up” kind of stuff from “brilliant” minds like @RFMF.

  4. 10 cent increase in wages is enough to buy a lolly.

    Its not enough to buy a packet of Jucy Fruit chewing gum or PK because that costs 20 cents.

    A gulab jamun costs 30 cents

    A mitai costs 20 cents

    What can you buy with 10 cents ?

    Anyone have an answer for that ?

  5. When I first saw this stats I thought how should all this be hapening now when not like ever before developments are shaping up heaps.I kept on reading until Roko Ului,s name came across……….oh no wonder the biggest womanizer in fiji.Serevis family is still crying because of you cici levu.This man fucked Serevis wife and impregnated her,he should be brought back to Fiji to answer to charges against him and put to jail where he rightly belongs

  6. This is indeed alarming and a cause for major concern. There has been a dramatic rise in expenditure since 2009 with steep spikes in 2011 and 2012. With unschooled kids looking after cookie jar it wont be long it will be empty. Its no wonder the political parties are calling on president to do something in order to stop this doom from happening. All this mismanagement by the regime should be duly exposed and thanks to RUM it is coming out in the light.

  7. @sucumu

    What has RUMS penis got to do with the sorry state fiji’s economy is in today ?

    Sugar , flour , fuel is so expensive

    Maybe RUM should put his penis in your socomu then you can wake up to whats happening around you !

    See the graph and notice how elected educated governments have run the economy

  8. @Socomi

    It takes two to tango…Mrs Serevi is an adult and is free to decide who she wants to tango with. In any event it has nothing to do with the Fiji economy unless you are one of the suckers hanging onto Voreqe’s balls.


    Wait its coming………………in a few days………….. waiting for you to make assumptions and then make your little analysis and knowledge of economics and accounting really look bad.

    Nothing is missing………… the OAG reports will come out soon…………….. learn to be patient!

    As for any frauds – well it does happen in all Govts – and these are mostly by low to middle managers and employees that’s being noted and is being dealt with.

    Nothing to worry or panic about!!! Everything is under control and our PM is steady on wheel in moving Fiji forward.

  10. Meanwhile, the idiotic dictator is still undermining the Constitution Review process by referring to the SDL submission as “some people think its a big joke”.

  11. Volo Tango ni nomu ass….! Whos gonna answer in the eyes of God what has happenned ,shes a married wommen and have kids to look after. Tango ni nomu ivoco, you are championing satans work and you should also be feeded to the shark tonoka sara a omu ivoco

  12. @socomu
    nothing special about RUM’s penis going on a tour (outside) duty. there is I gather a separate section for the RFMF records on maintenance and lase tuba cases at the family courts.

  13. @ Intel / Laisa / Anon

    All you want to talk about is anything but the truth about Frank and Aiyaz – why is that?

    Are you afraid of the truth? Look at the figures – produced by the government, showing how much they are stealing…

  14. @ Radio

    For your sake…………. shut up……….. you don’t know what you talking about.

    If you take that graph and compare with developing countries you will notice there’s nothing to panic about.

    Ului’s understanding of economics or accounting.is very limited – everyone knows why!!!! He was just a soldier – not an accountant or economist!!!

    Why do you think we have been seen favorably with banks – come on…………. do you know that ANZ and Westpac are very happy indeed to be investing in Fiji and have alot of confidence in Fiji’s financial position.

    Also there’s no money being stolen by VB or his Ministers. I told you before all the SDL, FLP and NFP supports there at various Accounts section of Govt haven’t found any million dollar fraud you talking about.

    S shut the f up.

  15. @RFMF…Well written, intelligent and honest facts. Totally concur. It boils down to credibilty and Rocks Ulukau has none.

  16. lucas read and answer to roof tops comments, this is not about your kind of maths aritmathtic 1+1=3 ulukau

  17. To be fair to the regime – untill we can scrutinise the government accounts from 2007 – 2012 we cannoy make accusations as to why the revenue is out grown by expenses. It seems the regime is doing a lot of investment in roads, police and other developmenst which may be the cause of the $2b dollar expenditure for 2012. The worry is that the revenue os only $1.4 – $1.5b. Someone should check where the balance of the $500 for 2012 expenditure will come from? I note that this year government has floated two local bonds for $200m and has borrowed from ADB another $200m. could this explain the deficit? Another factor for lower revenue growth is the tax for business was reduced from 33% to 20% between 2009 – 2012. And, income tax has also been reduced. We are yet to see the benefits of all these trickle down to new local investments as the present level of local investment is 2% – down from 14% under SDL. wonder why???

  18. at roof top, seems you are too high up on bainimagana’s cici. ANZ and Westpac banks see the regime favourably so that they can continue to milk high fees from the poor people of Fiji. this is a fact! The fees charged in Fiji by these shit banks ANZ and Westpac are much higher then in NZ or Australia. So yes they are very happy to be investing in Fiji you bloody idiot.

  19. Wage increase could force hike in timber prices

    13:05 Today

    Taken from/By: Google
    Report by: Roland Koroi

    While an announcement of a minimum wage increase covered under the Wages Regulations Orders may be welcomed by workers in the logging and sawmilling industry, the same can’t be said for sawmillers.

    Fiji Sawmillers Association President, Jay Dayal, says while it is their social responsibility to take care of their workers, this latest announcement by the government will have an impact on timber prices.

    The minimum wage rate for workers in the sawmilling and logging industry has increased by 10.4 per cent.

    “It will add to our cost of doing business. A ten per cent increase for one employee may not be a very big amount but when we look at the annual figure that we pay for salaries and wages, that’s definitely going to have a significant impact on the costing and returns on investment for a lot of sawmillers. It will all be reflected in the future on the cost of doing construction. If you want to build your house, then timber will be expensive if the cost of doing business is more.”

    Dayal says they had expected such an increase and the best they can do now is to comply with the order.

    “We sort of have to live with it now and comply. There’s very little we can do at the moment. Some members would be disappointment but some who are doing well will be ok with it.”

    FBC News has sought comments from the Labour Ministry.

  20. The President of the Fiji Trades Union Congress says he is extremely disappointed with new wage increases announced by the interim government.

    The interim Labour Minister, Jone Usumate, yesterday announced an increase in minimum wage rates for certain industries of between 7.9 and 10.4 per cent.

    The FTUC President, Daniel Urai, says the interim government has bowed to pressure from employers to keep wage rates down.

    He says the increases are insignificant and won’t do anything to lower poverty in Fiji.

    “When you talk about a ten percent increase for somebody who’s earning less than two dollars an hour, it’s hardly an increase, and then when you narrow it down to an individuals rate of 7.9 per cent means a one dollar and 84 cent increase to for that worker. That’s hardly sufficient to lift workers out the poverty they currently are experiencing.”

    Daniel Urai says the Union wants an across the board minimum pay of one hundred US dollars a week to lift workers out of poverty.

    News Content © Radio New Zealand International
    PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

  21. where is ratu epeli ganilau in all this. he promoted this idiot bainimagana above other more intelligent and more qualified senior officers. and now Fiji is paying the price for this stupid and idiotic decision.

  22. @ Rooftop / Intel / Laisa etc

    Posting under different names does not make you seem anything other than desperate.

    “If you take that graph and compare with developing countries you will notice there’s nothing to panic about.”

    That is just wrong. Otherwise why would we ever have to refer to this . Firstly, this is about revenue – the revenue has to be MORE than the expenditure – or to put it simply, if you have two bananas, you cannot afford to pay out three bananas for those same two bananas – otherwise you will quickly run out bananas.

    It is also heavily dependent on growth – for instance, lets take a few of Fiji’s neighbors in the same region:

    Fiji has a GDP of 2% – maybe for you, nothing to panic about right?

    Solomons has 9.3% and the PNG is at 9-10%. So why are you so happy with 2% growth, with our expenditure well, well IN EXCESS of our revenue? So there is little to NO HOPE that our growth will be enough to meet our expenditure / donations to Aunty-Nur’s-escape-plan-fund.

    *So what sort of idiot would believe that this is an okay situation to be in?* You guys do, apparently.

    “there’s no money being stolen by VB or his Ministers… all the SDL, FLP and NFP supports there at various Accounts section”

    – So why is Aunty Nur doing all the accounting?
    – Who, other than Frank and Aiyaz, have access to those accounts?
    – Where are the budgets for the past four years?
    – Why so much secrecy over what, why and how the regime does its own accounting?
    A reasonable bet is that sometime around election time, a sudden, but very thorough fire will consume all Aunty Nur’s accounting records and at the same time, certain accountants will take long, all expenses paid holidays in Dubai.

    “Ului’s understanding of economics or accounting.is very limited – everyone knows why!!!! He was just a soldier – not an accountant or economist!!!”

    By that reasoning, Frank’s Form 4 failure means that he should be what? Minister for Everything? Frank is a Naval dropout and isn’t even a Soldier. Aiyaz is a failed lawyer and sociopath. What utter hypocrisy.

    All fine for you boys in the RFMF to point out the failings in anyone but in your own camp it seems that any asshole with a reasonable grasp on which end of the dakai goes “bang-bang” gets to be PM Forever and Minister for Sugar, right?

    Good job boys. Glad to see the honor of the RFMF being reduced to a pack of thieves, thugs and miscreants. Truly, shameful.

  23. Right there is no need to worry or even panik. Every dictator in history has stolen vast amounts from government coffers. Why should Fiji be any different? If anything the aunty Nur deal is innovative, most dictators have not bothered, it seems to Khaiyum’s gentle touch.

  24. @ Rooftopi

    The stupidity of the likes of you never ceases to amaze me. With the dopy intel…no wonder you ended up in the army…me lai masia voli na dakai nei Voreqe drau vi teke.

    You can only spend as much as you earn but that is too much for your tiny brains to grasp.

  25. @anon …RUM has got more brains and balls… hence the cowardly escape? Go suck a chinese lolly RUM …stop being anon…admit you are RUM…coward. RUM = Run Under Mummy.

  26. so RUN has balls? Cowardly escape, barking from afar and a Ratu at that? Go rescue your sister now before she faces treason too by reason of being married to another great Ratu,

  27. TE Mara magaitinamu, your father accumulated wealth through theft and corruption, shares in motibhai’s , dinau from Jeffery Reid etc etc… the list is long. You and your siblings are enjoying the perks at the expenses of ordinary fijians.

    You are a magaitinamu, sob, and you should never step foot on fijian soil, stay put in tonga with your relatives.

  28. @Fiji Parrot

    You go and suck Voreqe’s poppy. RUM escaped because there was no chance in hell that he would get a fair trial. Get that into your think head you sucker.

  29. Radio Wazzock.

    Boy there’s no fooling a jackass likes you, aye?

    It is a fact that cannot be denied while you inveigh against Frank and his regime, you on the other hand proudly wear the face of the hero you so despise, which in itself show the type of character you are.

    Son you are nearing forty four and yet you still remain a child, you ought at this point reach between your legs and fell if your testis are inverted and if they are it is best advised to extricate them for you cannot, forever remain a coward.

    Simply put boy grow some testicles and stand among men.

    It may be wise for you to don a prophylactic over your lingua to curtail the climax of your idiocy.

  30. @ Sai

    So ironic, given that Roofnut is Timoci Bainimarama, telling us to shut up, while fools run/fijian idiot and yourself are all either living in NZ or Australia – telling us all “how it is” in Fiji, while pretending to know more than anyone.

    “It may be wise for you to don a prophylactic over your lingua”

    Try to restrain your verbal diarrhoea and overexcited railings against anyone who doesn’t wish to be as close to you do to Frank and Aiyaz’s ceke.

    The topic today, Sai, is the economy.

    Knowing your predilection for moronic statements, why don’t you invent some concoctions about how great Fiji’s economy so we can shoot you down again?

  31. Radio Prophylactic.

    Boy you still crying the same old mantra, the nation can not help the likes of you, for this reason, you and your ilk have had it to good in the past in fact so much so you dickheads couldn’t give a toss about the economy.

    How much were you paid for your consulation on that infamous Agricultural Scam?

    Frank has done Fiji proud in fact its unemployed losers like yourself that seem to find hard to accept.

    What’s the frickin problem with you, you cant continue pilfering for the rest of your life, try earning an honest living rather than think the Fijian society owes you rejects something.

    What was your part in the coup of 87 and 2000?

  32. @sonalevu b…cowards wil do what cowards do…rum, I mean run. Now you go and suck RUM’s balls… oh yeah sorry he has none. Ok you can suck your own then. Stretch out your tongue and you might even lick your own arse.
    RUM stop pretending to be cicilevu b, anon, etc. Be a man and stop pretending Tongan pig. Why don’t you also come out and explain how your sister and bro -in-law are benefiting from the chaos in Viti? Just wanna cherry pick the bad stuff? How about the bad stuff in your nose as you dig into that suckling pig?

  33. @ RUN / Fools Parrot

    Funny that you talk about RUNNING so much.

    I remember a certain Commander that betrayed his troops and abandoned his post to go for a jog in the cassava patch.

    Frank is so brave and wonderful that he kicks people when they are lying unconscious, kicks pregnant women and orders the deaths of men that he was meant to protect. He is no Commander, no Prime Minister and no leader of men – he is a thug, thief, traitor and liar.

    You cannot rewrite history – the truth has already come out and everyone knows whose blood he has spilt to get where he is today.

  34. @sonasona…sorry I don’t understand the lingo…speak in English..clearly now…mouth wide open and balls squeezed tightly between your arse. You speak better that way with a squeeky tone

    @Radio…and what will history write of RUM’s role in the beatings? And his cowardly acts while in the army? And what of RUM’s family plundering of Fiji’s coffers while daddy was in power? Yeah, lest we forget. Run RUM Run. Full speed now.

  35. @run run cici ci ci levu

    Hhaaaaaaahhaa ra luveni maqe. OK doppy no damage done coz you don’t understand the lingo but you do understand what you doing: shucking Voreqe’s diky

  36. Been following this interesting thread .. seems losers like soresore and the likes , like to resort to abuse and character maligning. Can’t seem to discuss the topic so resort to abuse. Low level intelligence perhaps or low self esteem. Don’t worry we know its a village boy thing. Sad isn’t it. Run Rum Run, i wouldn’t stoop so low as to respond to this joker, cannot spell so obviously a village clown. I reckon its the clown himself, RUNNY RUM.

    Soresore / Runny. COZ is spelt.. because, SHUCKING is sucking and DOPPY is dopey. there you go, a very quick English lesson for a village boy.

  37. @who cores

    Whats your problemo as ole? You think you are intelligent with the brain size of a moci? Village clown or city no gare it doesn’t cut it.

    The topic was on the economy and your friends choose to dwell on personal issues concerning RUM. Get this straight for once…RUM and Mrs Serevi are not the only ones to screw out of marriage and they will not be the last.

    You don’t have to respond either because you are a dick head and who cares about you anyway…its freedom of speech qauri.

  38. @who cares

    RUM has got balls and thats why he posts under his own name despite the senseless abuse from gutless anonymous people like you. He does not need anonymous people to defend him and he certainly has my respect …even though I don’t know him personally nor like him.

  39. oh chisona… hahahaha..who invited you to the party? You say its freedom of speech yet we cannot talk about RUM? Contradiction here. I guess its hard to think and write at the same time, huh? Or were you sucking RUM and trying to type at the same time? Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone. But we do care about you RUM. Now stop pretending about who you really are.

  40. @who cries

    Who said you cannot talk about RUM you dopey. The article was on the economy not RUMS dick or his personal affairs.

    I am pretending to be Voreqe the dickhead who shit in his pants while running for his life.

  41. newsflash… RUM drowned while crossing a pond in a small tongan village in whowhowhwo, Tongatapu. He was fishing for moci and tadpoles. His running feet got caught in an eel hole. He was last seen with chisona who many suspect held him down. Was trying to steal his flipflops. more to come soon.

  42. @Radio

    You still talking? I thought I told you that you know nothing.

    You only come up with accusations and creative wild scenarios of what’s not going to happen.

    If there are any evidence of fraud don’t you know that it would have been copied already by Auditor General and back up safely and quietly guarded somewhere. Our auditors who are SDL, NFP, FLP, GVP supporters – of course also have connections of leaking information to the media.

    Radio – you know nothing. You have no idea what our people are capable of.

    If there was fraud or corruption – information relating to it will certainly reach us all – unless you still don’t know Fiji or you’re not a citizen of this great country.

    With the current climate we are in; if there are any fraud it will be known – yes known already!!!

    But this did not happen – so no major fraud – only those by little clerks and cashiers.

    The major scams that involves politicians are the SDL one at Min of Agriculture and the SVT one at NBF.

    Radio – shut the f up………..idiot!!! Trying to act smart but know nothing..

  43. @ Anon.

    I am not in the Army………….but I have seen what VB has done and he has exceptionally done well.

    Good governance is an issue he places emphasis on and will continue to do so.

    Thank you VB………….you are our most wonderful PM, Sir……….. the best ever was.

    There’s lots of false prophets like Radio out there.

    Carry on Sir……….rule Fiji and move her forward for the 2014 Elections.

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