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More directives over the constitution.

Constitution to safeguard land: PM

08:01 Today


Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Apisalome Coka

The Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has directed the Lands Department to make sure land is not taken away from landowners.

Bainimarama made the comment whilst opening the Adi Salusalu festival in Lautoka yesterday.

Bainimarama says safeguarding land for landowners will be included in the new Constitution – so there is no room for dirty politicians.

In his address –Bainimarama also praised the Ba province for their hard work and their commitment towards growing Fiji.

Speaking in the iTaukei language  – the Prime Minister pointed out the contribution made not only by the private sector, but also by individuals and various communities was contributing towards a nation for all Fijians.

He commended leaders of Ba for holding the festival in a bid to raise funds for educational purposes, especially those in tertiary education.

The Prime Minister also took time to highlight Ba’s contribution towards economic growth in the country.

The province of Ba is a money making province for the government as it has the sugar industry, forestry, electricity, gold, tourism, water and many more.

37 thoughts on “More directives over the constitution.

  1. Why does it have to take a kailoma to correct the retardation of past wannabe leaders?

    If Frank were of full native parentage would he be readily accepted and would he have the knowledge to foresee the dastardliness and corruptness that has diffused through generations of his fellow natives?

    Frank I believe is on the road to achieving greatness not only within the Fijian society but also the world communities.

    As they say slowly, slowly catchie monkey.

  2. Frank maichod the land also belongs to the Indians – you spaking Butadroka s language tere maya chodo

  3. Native land is already safeguarded by the fijian constitution. However, there remains some hard questions to resolve?

    The real question is, can TLTB bring the bulk of native land also into the market while safeguarding indigenous Fijian ownership?

    Can TLTB structure the native leases to ensure that the land-owners themselves are encouraged to lease the land as productive users, in addition to otherFijicitizens?

    Can they use some cunning strategies to enhance the market value of Fijian mataqali land?

    Is there a win-win situation where the returns to Fijian land-owners can be increased, the landless poor can have greater access to home sites, while the booming land market is moderated?

  4. Frank speaking like Butadroka now.

    There is without doubt comments that flow from you retards mouth is indicative of the depravity with in certain Fiji community.

    Moreso it reflects that teachings handed down to you sick lot from your crack-brained parents.

    Most of you it appears may have been conceived while you daddies was high on Atarax or kosa ni yagona.

  5. Ratu Sai – first drop you kolina ratu title cock sucker- land does not belong to fijians only as your father franky is claiming. it belongs to the State and indians are part of the State – mai chod

  6. Frank speaking like Butadroka now.

    Kulina e tu vei tamamu, luveni kulina.

    O tamata macawa va taki tamamu , e cava o ratua e na nomu bula, vutulaki wavoki ocaga


  7. Boci Ratu Sai – whe you fijians are frustrated you start speaking in your native lingo and taking gods name – jesu wont save you puftas kiss franks asshole- indians pay 90% of tax in Fiji and you mothers only talk about land – now frank talking about land protection whats the point when you cant generate and produce from it? tell your father frank keep the land in his ass

  8. Frank speaking like Butadroka now

    It patently clear that you are a native monkey overstaying in NZ, whats the bet you an you father have not achieved a frickin thing in you sad life, I might have to inform the Auckland zoo to retrieved their lost monkey.

    Don’t worry what the Indians have or have not achieved worry about what you and your thieving father have achieved apart from living of the kerekere ideology.

    What’s the bet you left Fiji and now renting somebody’s house living off the NZ taxpayer.

    You worthless lowlife mongrel.

  9. Adi Sai – It doesnt matter if I am in NZ or US or in India – Indians work hard and Fijian land which Frank no school is using as fear mongering tool means nothing to us indians – we will survive not like you kaivitis lamu sonas only talk about land but cant work in it. No indians living overseas after 87 coup of cock sucker rambo are starving there are all working and living well – what about you monkies in the villages – time to eat each other again hurray udre udre — hahaha maichods good for nonthing jathi sala

  10. all rubbish talk
    there were what constitutional experts called ” iron clad” clauses protecting fijian land ownership and rights in the 1970 Fiji Constitution.
    so all this land protection talk from Franko is all hogwash.
    he is just playing politics to appear to the native fijian as a champion of their rights .
    in this regard his appeal is no different from the first coup maker the military general rabuka and his backers the taukei movement; the speight gang and the qarase gang.
    the game is the same – fooling the ordinary fijian people
    only the principal players have changed
    currently it’s franko’s turn.

  11. Does anyone know whats happened to the Casino ?

    Have they started building it yet ?

    What about Waila City ? Is it built yet ?

  12. frank is a great liar and con man .now he talking about fijian land.
    first he dissolved the gcc .now he talks about fijian land.
    what the f wrong with you frank the crank.
    the land is already protected under the constitution .we dont need your bullshit .



  14. Frank speaking like Butadroka now.

    So lets assume for a moment that you are a worthless Indian coolie, what have you or your fathers done for the advancement of Fiji apart from follow in the footsteps of your counterparts and rape not only the Fijian economy but the people.

    Well if you are indeed of Indian extraction, than lets take a look at you diaspora, your forefathers arrived on the Fijian shores as salves, educated in the white-mans system and also taught how to use toilet paper to wipe your rancid Indian arse.

    Now if you are a worthless and penniless native Fijian living off the goodwill of NZ than you ought to thank every white man you see, you useless bastard.

    Like your father what have you done for yourself and the people of Fiji apart from being a retard.

    Luveni kabawaqa.


  16. Ratu Sai – before you critise Indians and refer to then as coolie – look at the Fijian (Taukie history). 90% of all prisioners are your kind. Out of every 100 that enter University only 5 will actually get C grades degree. 90% of all pros are your kind ratu sai. They own 99% of all resources but 90% of all on social asistance are who? again ratu sai your kind. They pay 10% of tax but want 100% of Fiji. Fjiians had no relgion so borrowed Jesu from white men. With this kind of record – can the real ratu sai please stand up?

  17. Frank speaking like Butadroka now.

    As i have said you types were brought to be slaves to Fijians what more do you want, we own all the land yet once in a while we look our slaves and say with a grin these Indians are frickin eejits.

    So what you done in your demented life so far, what have you achieved as a person to be called worthy?

    You Indians have the white fella to thank after all your diaspora were drag out of the slums of India to be slaves, and the white fella decided to educate you idiots so you can rape the Fijian economy.

    You do realize when the first load of coolies arrived on my shores you were smothered lice powder and showered to get rid of that rancid smell.

    What more do you want, haven’t the Fijian been kind to you dickheads?

    You see you just a lowlife native Fijian trying hard to be somebody whereas you not.

    Lasu tale e viti e cava o mai cakava ena vanua oqo, o mai tu vaka raravi e sega vei iko nai lavo o tamata macawa.

  18. Ratu Sai – you seems you overlook the glaring fact the Hon Aaiz Khaiyum is the real Prime Minister of Fiji. He holds Masters in law. He speaks well and with confidence. he controls the stupid Fijian Military cock suckers. He controls Fiji. without him Frank and all fijians will be no where. Well – he is indians and his fore fathers came from India – dare you say that to the AG you uneducated monkey learn from Mr, Khaiyum an indian who can rule Fiji alone. ahahahahah

  19. Frank is Khaiyum’s bytch. Has been from December 5th 2006.

    Without Khaiyum’s leadership Frank is nothing

  20. Sai – a report has been filed with Mr Khaiyum about your remarks about Indians – he will get your little ass kicked out of RFMF barracks where you hiding and blogging from., Mr Khaiyum is the most powerful man in Fiji so dont open your filthy mouth against indians again- AG;s team will trace your IP address and fix you up. are bhaiya…………gar fate na

  21. Frank speaking like Butadroka now.

    He doesn’t have to trace my ISP because it is registered in NZ.

    Besides I welcome his ass kicking any time of the day or night because my legs are long enough to shove it up his and your arse.

    No boy the most powerful man in Fiji is dead along with your father.

    Like I have said once before he can take his arse wipe of a degree and shove up your arse.

    What are you a complete moron?


  22. Sai – you are on watch list boy whem AG comes back from Australian next week. watch it. He has special contempt for people who disrespect indian people generally. thats why we having one man one vote now so next PM will my bhai AG.


  24. ratu baku.

    Racist!!!! you speak of racism you frickin demented fool, where the hell were you during the 87 and the 2000 coup you inbred mongrel.

    The natives of Fiji are their own worst enemy because they are the most mendacious and dastardly eejits that ever ever graced this planet.

    And you want democracy and the rule of law you fricken onanist.

    Lasu tale e viti, kua na o mai vakalusi gauna e na lomai blog oqo ulunana.

  25. Very bad choice of words on the part of the Fiji Sun to title the article relating to this latest Bainimarama bullshit as ” PM gives his word” when by now every thinking man and woman knows his word is not worth shit !

  26. Some time ago bai said land will be made available by the implementation of the land bank and the appropriation of reserved land by force bythe use of decrees. Now when he fronts up to the people he sings a completely different tune in an attempt to placate them and make himself out as a savior instead of what he really is – a destroyer. he is quite conniving when he is in different places. From his office he dictates like a dictator does but in front of the people he changes his tune and just about grovels to the people saying the kind of things the people would like to hear.

  27. Development and construction of Waila City will start mid-next year.

    Minister for Local Government Samuela Saumatua says so far the project is progressing well.

    Saumatua told FBC News there are a few other issues and technicalities that need to be done before actual works begin.

    “It takes time. It takes time to develop the land it takes time to solidify the land and then it takes time to start building, so it will take time. I don’t see visible progress until about the middle of next year.”

    The Waila City Project will take at least ten years to fully construct.

  28. Good to see and hear VB taking care of iTaukei interests.

    VB does indeed care about iTaukei and all the races of Fiji.

    Move Fiji Forward Frank……………the people are behind you.

  29. Good to hear that Frank does care about iTaukei interests and he’s doing something about it.

    Fiji needs iTaukeis and other races interests all appropriately addressed in the new Constitution.

  30. Frank please give the iTaukei Landowners at least 5-10% of monies from all natural resources as its truly theirs.

    This way iTaukeis will be really happy that a percentage of mineral resources are coming to them.

    Their dreams of owning a percentage of mineral resources in their native land will truly be realized.

  31. If VB does ensure iTaukei landowners do get some monies from mineral resources in their land then I truly believe VB will get over 80 % votes from iTaukeis in the next Election.

  32. @ Land of Minerals / Laisa Bulls#&t

    Something far worse than the supposed agricultural “scam” – if Frank wants to try to buy vote with his stolen money, we will run out of money before we run out of our senses – Frank is leading this country further and further into poverty and destruction.

  33. How can Frank say that native land ownership is safeguarded when he has removed the GCC?. Under the Constitution and I Taukei Lands Trust Act, the 8 nominees from the GCC to the TLTB Board are supposed to be the guarantors of any dealing on native land by TLTB. The 8 members are no longer there now and Frank now chooses the current members from his own stooges

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