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THE CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY – Bainimarama’s total control shows due Constitutional progress in Fiji is doomed – CFDFiji.org

Yash Ghai, Chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission, has now concluded receiving submissions. A Constitution will be drafted and presented at a later stage to a creation

Can anyone believe what this man says?

of the current regime called the Constituent Assembly, that body being purported to be created by another of the illegal Khaiyum Decrees which the regime continues to issue on the pattern of the practice followed in the seventeenth century by the Stuart kings.

The body imitates the name of the Constituent Assembly set up in France between 1789 and 1791 and it is very much hoped that those perceived by the regime to be opposed to it will not be subject to the guillotine as were those targeted in the French Revolution. No doubt an even worse fate is in store for them under Khaiyum.

The Constitution as drafted by Yash Ghai and his team will be subject entirely to the wishes of the Constituent Assembly. That Assembly will be at liberty to make whatever changes it wishes in his draft and even to reject it altogether. Yash Ghai has already publicly admitted this. He has stated that all members of the Assembly will be ‘totally picked by Frank.’ (perhaps unfortunately for a scholar of his distinction he seems to be on first name terms with the dictator).

Section 9 of the relevant Decree purports to give the alleged Prime Minister full control over the size and composition of the Constituent Assembly, a matter recently taken issue with (quite rightly) by the Fiji Labour Party.

Yash Ghai, unfortunately, seems to have a touching and indeed childlike faith in ‘Frank’.

Can anyone trust this man’s false promises?

The Council respectfully points out that ‘Frank’ cannot be trusted to properly and impartially regulate the size and composition of the Assembly. His track record totally contradicts any element of trust in his judgments and decisions. His recent advance vetoing of Shamima Ali from the Assembly is simply a sign of worse to come. His arranging for prosecution of the political leaders who garnered the vast bulk of votes in the last democratic election is calculated to ensure that they are not represented in the Assembly.

If Yash Ghai has bought into faith in ‘Frank’s’ judgment, he has joined the ranks of the monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

‘Frank’ in many ways resembles the late US President Richard Nixon, also known as ‘tricky Dicky’.

A common question asked in regard to Nixon was: ‘Would you buy a used car from this man?’

Should the international community and more importantly the people of Fiji buy into a Constituent Assembly from ‘Frank’?

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
Council for a Democratic Fiji

24 thoughts on “THE CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY – Bainimarama’s total control shows due Constitutional progress in Fiji is doomed – CFDFiji.org

  1. Vinaka Rum.
    We never can trust frank .He never kept his promise from day one .he is the greatest liar in fiji.

  2. frank and kahiyum will use all the tricks in the books to delay election 2014 and will want to rule for 20 years.

  3. the answer to the questions posed in this article is no, N0! but we put too much faith in the “international community” to do the right thing. the reality is they too play politics…

  4. if this happens in Fiji, no one will be left in govt and fmf

    South Korean media is reporting that a senior North Korean official was executed earlier this year for drinking alcohol during the mourning period for Kim Jong-il.

    According to intelligence information obtained by South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper, North Korea’s vice-minister of the army was

    among several senior military officers killed by firing squad in January.

    The paper says he was put in front of a firing squad after being caught drinking liquor during the mourning period for the country’s late leader.

    Other generals were also shot, accused of drinking and being involved in sex scandals.
    It is being reported that 14 senior party, government, and military officials were also purged on the direct orders of new leader Kim Jong-un.

  5. 00 cane lorries wait as Ba mill breaks down

    [posted 25 Oct 2012, 1200]

    Some 100 cane-laden lorries and rail trucks were piled up at the Rarawai Mill on Wednesday as the factory shutdown for 24 hours due to mechanical problems.

    The Mill resumed crushing this morning (Thursday) but at 10am there were still about 50 lorries and several cane laden trucks waiting to offload at the mill.

    Mill management had earlier announced the mill would be back in operation within 16 hours but the closure dragged on as trucks and lorries piled up.

    Angry farmers have questioned a statement by FSC chief executive Abdul Khan (FT 23/10/12) that the Rarawai Mill was performing well, and concerns about mill performances and stoppages had been addressed.

    Mr Khan said: “Rarawai has improved significantly over the past year and this is a direct result of rehabilitation efforts conducted by our engineers. There were a few minor issues with the boilers but these have since been addressed.”

    NFU general secretary, Mahendra Chaudhry, who visited the mill Thursday morning said according to reports from farmers, the mill had been operating on a stop/start basis.

    On the other hand, the Lautoka Mill is reported to be functioning well, but is plagued by problems of poor cane supply.

    The mill closed for three hours yesterday (Wednesday) due to lack of cane. According to our sources, it is operating today but cane supply is trickling in one lorry at a time.

    Sources say the mill area has run out of cane and it would not be surprising if the mill is forced to close by early November.

  6. This circus by the regime can hoodwink only those who not enlightened enough to see through the smoke and mirrors of the deception the regime is playing out to the public. This farce of a constitution process is just that and totally unneccessary. But what can we the ordinary people do? We are hostages of the regime who are making a deal with Fiji people the international community on the term of release in exchange of both side’s freedom. As in all hostage taking cases the one who holds the gun always have the upper hand in a negotiation. But in most cases the perpetrators fall back into the hands of the law for justice due. So we play along under duress and see what transpires at the end of this ordeal. Whats for sure is bai and iarse have a lot to answer for in their day of reckoning. What was 8 years to go is now 1year 10 months away and still counting down. It is only hoped that something does suddenly emerge and make it even sooner.

  7. Madraiwiwi the collaborator and Vice President who refused to take action against Bai,,,,yep and look where we are now!!!

  8. Te magaitinamu mara is a master conman that fiji has seen.

    Mara snr was the key instigator of rabuka’s coup, just how quickly he got hold of the leadership after the coup is on record, after losing a free and fair elections to Dr Timoci Bavadra of the coalition.

    Mara made millions of dollars at the expense of ordinary fijians. A tongan leading Fiji, the original kaivitis had no say.

    His corrupt alliance government promoted/educated fijians/tongans of lau group in to top government jobs.

    Everyone knows this fact.

    We dont need dynasties of the old corrupt order to ever come close to fijian leadership again.

    Its better te magalevu mara stay put in Tonga and live in peace with his relatives.


  9. @ Laisa

    “the old corrupt order”

    Yeah – so you advocate that we instead, turn to a corrupt military dictatorship, sponsored by China, North Korea, Burma and Russia?

    Good idea idiot.

  10. @Radio Lucas
    You suggest that the world lies prostrate in the face of the Western Imperial order that brought the planet numerous Wars since WW2. Namely, Korean war, Vietnam, Latin America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. Those who preach human rights, yet practice extrajudicial killings via drones, maintain torture camps in Gitmo and violate all human decency.

    Intercept all your electronic communication (phonecalls, email, faxes, face recognition in facebook), use Big Pharma to poison the planet’s population, use Big Oil to plunder the natural resources of countries that has been destroyed by force of arms.

    I wonder who the real idiot is.

  11. Yash and his friends Frank and Aiarse have it all figured out: a bit of a show for the gullible and the UN, then a consolidation of the regime’s power on the basis of a new ‘constitution’. Change in Fiji will only come if and when the people demand it and stand for it.

  12. Rocky Ulukau, what happend to your promise to the “people of Fiji” of “regime change soon”… F***king dope. It’s not you writing these flowery words so either shrug th f****k up or get your arse over to Fiji and deliver on your promises, you freaking douche.

    And don’t get caught like you did last night with the Oz and Kiwi authorities who busted your and fat bastard Fullma ‘s glory holes plotting the assassination Frank.

  13. @ Tom

    “You suggest that the world lies prostrate in the face of the Western Imperial order”

    No. Who suggested that?

    But, taking your line of thinking, say that if you prefer to compare the excesses and systemic processes of each form of government – how does comparing “drone” warfare to dictatorships even begin to form parallels?

    You prefer to have absolute dictatorship to capitalist democracy? Nice for you I guess, but you want to make the decision as to government for the rest of the planet, based on whether or not you can ‘see the truth’ in merely defining a government as either totalitarian or based on capitalism and social contract?

    Because that what the drones, torture, judicial reviews, CCTV all are, Tom – social contract – the western world’s people give their governments PERMISSION to do what they do, whether tacit or not – they then give their decision’s moral examination and whatever form of justice they see fit through the court systems and public discussion – ironically, this is exactly what you do today.

    You cannot discuss the Great Leader’s decision in a dictatorship. Frank, like the Chinese et al, has made this act illegal.

    Frank has no permission to do anything that he does – and he has taken far more.

  14. @Radio Lucas

    Because that what the drones, torture, judicial reviews, CCTV all are, Tom – social contract – the western world’s people give their governments PERMISSION to do what they do, whether tacit or not – they then give their decision’s moral examination and whatever form of justice they see fit through the court systems and public discussion – ironically, this is exactly what you do today.

    Social contract? Hardly. I do believe that your contention that “people gave tacit permissions to their Governments” is invalid and misleading. This point was underscored, during the run up to the 2003 Iraq invasion, when there were multi-thousands of people protested in major cities around the world, holding placards like “Not in my name”, or “No blood for oil”.

    None of these decisions are made through referendum- via direct democracy. In the case of the United States constitution, Congress declares War but that has NOT been done since WW2.

    So in fact, the largest democracy is in fact a corporatocracy- a pseudo dictatorship run by, run for and run only corporate interests. The world is witnessing this fact (look at Greece, Spain etc), as nations impose draconian austerity measures on their citizenry-only to bail out multi-national banks and keep the military industrial complex operating at the expense of senior citizen pensions, schools are closing, cities are being bankrupted.

    I’m sorry to burst your bubble- but this is your moment of cognitive dissonance .

  15. Are any fijian magaitinamus willing to die for the cause of democraticy and freedom.

    Simple answer is NO.

    Do they have the guts/balls to stand against the fijian military ?


    Why, One may ask?
    Because they were the original instigators of the military coups in Fiji and now they cant get out of the shame and you need guts to stand against the army>

  16. @ Tom

    So, instead of rule by majority you want a rule by minority? Are you going to the one that chooses those who have the right to vote?

    However ‘popular’ a protest may seem, it all comes down the polls – Bush won his election (though I truly believe it was stolen). Howard won his. Blair won his.

    The only idea your underscore is that there is something immoral with the ‘war on terror’ – and we can all agree on that concept.

    As to whether it is a defining concept for encouraging dictatorship over democracy – a long bow to draw here, Tom. Its like saying we all have to throw the champagne out with the cork – there is a reason why all these other countries tend to find that democracy works for them.

    It is all a bit much to discard a couple of thousand years worth of political reform to revert to dictatorship by a minority – the very thing that people have been railing against since before its invention.

    It is a specious straw-man argument, Tom. Constructed to suit your own ends and accordingly, not particularly convincing of anything, except for your own conspiracy theories. Perhaps you now what to discuss the “fake” moon landings and why they clearly support Frank and Aiyaz’s vision for the future…?

  17. @ Radio Lucas.
    Moon Landings, Frank? Clearly a non-sequitur.

    Your euphemisms of corks and bow are just that.
    I think you defined minority rule and this what the political situation in the US (perhaps other nations)has become.

    I grant you the fact ,that the system has been in existence for “thousands of years” i.e panem et circenses. I don’t dispute the ideals of democracy, but beneath the veneer is the ugly reality hinging on the control of the ‘bewildered herd”.

  18. Roko Ului is one to talk. His father appointed Frank to Commander of the RFMF.

    Roko Ului’s own brother in law is President in Franks’ Government.

    Roko Ului’s problem is not Frank, its Khaiyum because Khaiyum has taken control of the money and kicked Roko Ului out.

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