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RFMF and its roll in Government and why the Commodore sees himself as filling the seat a high chief.

Former Fiji military commander reveals research into military thinking

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 03:28

RNZI: A former land force commander in Fiji, Jone Baledrokadroka, says the Fiji military’s role as a peacekeeper in overseas conflicts has helped transform its mindset and influenced its role in recent Fiji politics.

Mr Baledrokadroka has been conducting PhD research at the Australian National University and he presented some of his findings to a gathering of Pacific leaders, experts and academics in New Zealand last week.

He argues there have been unintended consequences of peacekeeping that are pervasive in Fiji’s present day military.

He says politicisation of the military also dates from an earlier overseas campaign against communist insurgents, the Emergency of the 1950s.

“It was very much ingrained I say within the military institution from the days of the Malaya campaign where our troops first came into contact with this idea of security, development … this working together of the state, the government, the people and the security forces.”

Mr Baledrokadroka says there needs to be a Commission of Inquiry into the ethos of the military followed by reform of the institution.

He also presented research showing more than 60 members of the military are playing a role in the present day Fiji government.

Mr Baledrokadroka was imprisoned following alleged involvement in a plot to kill the regime leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

His studies also include the demise of the chiefly order in Fiji and he argues the Commodore sees himself as filling the seat of high chief.


16 thoughts on “RFMF and its roll in Government and why the Commodore sees himself as filling the seat a high chief.

  1. JB you know very well what the military and Franks motives are and you pretending to act as if ur not party to it, I really doubt all that you had utterd out because you had been trained to be part of the military and you just cant deny it.This turn of events have made you to that extent.Sorry there is no turning back now.You will someday jump back and I will profesise to you that because you have a military heart and no ones going to take it away

  2. Reform the RFMF? Jone must be joking. This feral mob needs to be disbanded all perpetrators of human rights abuses prosecuted and severely punished. Bainimarama and his ring leaders have to face treason charges. Anything less will not solve Fiji’s problems.

  3. JB I tend to disagree with you. The problem with the Fiji Military Force are the mentality and attitude of its leadership. They are power hungry and do not know the role and function of the instituion. Full stop.

  4. orisi and Paula I think ur out of the equation too, how can you put them out when they are our savior, the saviour of this land from thiefs like Qarase and the likes

  5. Anon e vacava o kila vinaka tiko o iko qori na ca ni lauvutu vua edua na sotia koya o cudruvi ira tiko kina

  6. @ mosi

    Grow up. The problems and instability in Fiji today rests squarely on the military and no amount of bull crap you try to dig up will ever justify the acts of treason perpetrated by military officers.

    Stop deluding yourself because whatever you say about previous governments and politicians is worthless. Public choice through the ballot box have been and remain the only measure of legitimacy and until Voreqe acquires that he remains forever a traitor, the only serving military commander who committed treason in the history of Fiji.

  7. the problems is in the selection process for senior officers that allows idiots like bainimagana to to get to the top without any formal qualifications, ethics and the intellect neccesary to lead an army in the defence of Fiji. The other real problem is the experienced and senior colonels who didnt have the guts to standup and save Fiji, choosing instead to melt away like sisys into retirement — gutless bloody wonders the lot of them!. only good when the weather is good, but unable to apply what they learnt to defend our country from one cicimaga called bainimarama – i curse that you and your bloodline find satan soon and you can all cai tamamu kaukauwa

  8. If there was no coup in 2006 how could a racist ethno nationalists government be disposed off?

    Many of the citizens would be killing one another in high seas over qoliqoli.

    Citizens who are enjoying our beautiful beaches like suva point, deuba, sawani beach in lautoka, and all the beaches in nadi and other places would have had to pay for using thoses beaches and also pay for fishing, catching crabs/lairo/kuka etc. etc.

    Then it would have been too late to realise and this would have increased poverty on many who time and again rely on the sea for their livlihood.

    We must thank the Commondore Voreqe Bainimarama for having the foresight, a clear vision for Fiji’s future and sheer guts to dispose the racists qarase’s sdl government.


  9. @Josua

    Deuba has been fenced off from the public under Bainivoco’s watch drau phei phutu.

  10. smarty pants JB like rabuka making big speeches go back to 1987 you farked it for your own native fijians the indians packed up and left for better lives offshore many fijians moved from villages to squatter settlement- objective achived indians out of fiji and fijians improved standard of living maybe these gurus need to work it out

  11. JB was part of the 1987 and 2000 coups wht the fuk is he talking about now you racists magaitinamu.

    Now that you are a political refugee in Australia, bludgging Australian taxpayers, YOU want to change your tune and sing and dance about democracy- you bastard.

    You were in the thick and thin of all fiji’s military coups except the 2006 coup.

    Why didnt you stop rabuka magalevu or georgie speight you magaitinamu sob.

  12. @ “Meena Ben” AKA Josua Mara

    “bludgging Australian taxpayers” – even if he was – still better than living off the poor taxpayers of Fiji.

    Careful what stones you pick up to throw Josua.

    “Why didnt you stop rabuka magalevu or georgie speight”

    Uh… because your boso organised the whole thing. Were you born this stupid or did it take practice?

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