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Rabuka pushes for traditional “forgivness”

Forgiveness is the way forward-Rabuka

Publish date/time: 14/10/2012 [13:07]

Forgiveness is the way forward and should be included in the new constitution.
While making his submission to the constitution commission Former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka said government should consider recalling the Great Council of Chiefs to deliberate on the question of forgiveness as a pillar character of Customary Law of the land and centuries old nature of “vakaturaga” of the iTaukei culture.
Rabuka told the commission that at the end of the meeting, the GCC should be able to resolve to forgive Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and all other’s involved in the 2006 coup.
He submitted that government should also consider giving the conference of the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma an opportunity to consider the question of forgiveness for Commodore Bainimarama and all others involved in the events of 2006.
Rabuka said once the two pillars of the iTaukei society of Fiji can agree to forgive the government, then they should put in place a truth and reconciliation commission.
Rabuka told the commission that section 5 of the 1997 constitution clearly states that religion and state are separate and that the people of Fiji acknowledge that worship and reverence of God are the source of good governance and leadership.
He told the commission that both religion and the state have crossed the separation line and some Christian Denominations such as the Methodist Church have interfered in the function of the State and conversely the State has interfered in some functions of the Methodist Church.
Rabuka submitted to the commission that the good itaukei communal leadership is essential for national coherent growth and itaukei participation in national development.
He said that the communal leaders must have the confidence of the communities to lead, and if the traditional holders of the positions of the leadership, they must be replaced by those who have the confidence of the community and can lead by example.
He added that this will not be too difficult to introduce as many villages have Turaga-ni-koro’s who are not traditional leaders and many Tikina and Provincial Councils are chaired by meritorious persons who are not the Tikina, Yavusa, or Matanitu-Vanua chiefs.
Story by: Watisoni Butabua and Nemani Gavidi

14 thoughts on “Rabuka pushes for traditional “forgivness”

  1. Oh please… cut out the BS and that long sob story short by publicly renouncing your own immunity for the crime of treason, Rabuka.

    That should give Fiji a fighting chance to stamp out firmly and surely what it has now become synonymous with : treasons and coups! All that you talk about in your submissions there (more a cover up over the REAL issue) will all fall into place as people are learn and forced to iron out their differences civilly and within the rule of law, in a democratic framework. It’s evolution and is more sustainable for the future than what Aiyaz and gang have been trying to achieve since 2006. People are not fooled. Now, be a man and give it up!

  2. This bastard should have been hanged by his balls for creating the current state of poverty and racism in Fiji.

    And he thinks his submissions will be given any thought.


  3. rabuka at least repented and gave fiji 1997 constitution.
    he can start by facing the court for treason than the rest should follow.
    treason is the highest crime and they should be hanged to death all coup makers.
    one the coup makers are hanged to death than coup culture will stop in fiji.

  4. Chaudhry hearing over office closure adjourned

    Farce in the courtroom over the appeal and bid for a stay of proceedings by Rajendra Chaudhry after the decision to shut him down this week.

    According to Chaudhry supporters, Paul Madigan and acting chief registrar Mohammed Saneem were laughed at by a packed court house after the pair were tripped up several times as they fumbled their way through trying to justify the decision.

    Sources say the hearing revealed a number of inconsistencies including:

    1) The exparte hearing happened on October the 11th but the order was actually signed off earlier – 9/10/2012.
    2) The order was drafted on the Independent Legal Services Commission letter head and signed by Paul Madigan but was sealed by Mohammed Saneem and came from the chief registrar’s office.
    3) Rajendra Chaudhry challenged the legality of the process leading to Saneem looking taken aback and turning to Madigan to save him
    4) Saneem’s response: “In that case I can reseal the order again and send it properly” triggered howls of laughter
    6) Saneem tried to justify the process saying it had been “due to the urgency of the matter” causing more laughter after Chaudhry responded with “Who’s urgency and what for?”
    7) During the defending process, Madigan dug a deeper hole when he said Chaudhry had said in an interview with FBC TV that his practice is continuing to which Chaudhry asked “how can you bring in something from what you heard on TV and not presented to you by the prosecution?”
    8) There was apparently more laughter after he told Madigan that he should rely on the evidence and documents before him.
    9) Even more laughter after Chaudhry said he wanted to apply to recuse Madigan from the hearing to which Madigan apparently went red and muttered something like “Can’t I watch TV?” and “I didn’t form any conclusion etc etc”

    Sources say the interchanges between Madigan and Chaudhry reached a comical farce that then went and along the lines of “Why are you laughing Mr. Chaudhry?” and “I am not laughing” followed by “What is it on your face then?”

    Those in court said it came to a point that the hearing couldn’t continue with Madigan deciding to adjourn the hearing until next Friday and asked RPC to submit all his arguments in writing.

  5. If all Chaudary has to go on are arguments about dates and the sealing of orders then he clearly doesn’t have much of an appeal.

    Appeals are done on substantive grounds.

    ILSC Orders are sealed by the High Court. That is the correct process because all Legal Practitioners are registered and entered on the roll of the High Court of Fiji in an Order sealed by the Chief Registrar.

    That comment by Chaudary on the TV regarding the continuation of the firm is contempt, and the Court is entitled to take notice of that.

    In a contempt, the Court can act on its own Motion to see that its orders are respected.

  6. Rabuka the hero of 1987 whom even a dog will not see and wag its tail or bark continues with his bull.

    Rabuka must stand trial and be hanged till death cos he is hew cause of the coupstars of today-believe in cause not method-hang him.

    The bainirama to follow trial for treason and hang till death.

    If george speight and gang and former v.p seniloli can stand trial and go gail then who is rabuka and bainirama?

    Rabuka and bainirama are cowards marking around and must go naboro for life or better hang till death- this way no more coups.

    These coup stars have wrecked fiji and taken fiji back 30 years what forgiveness they want?

    The forgiveness if they want they can ask upstairs after they go to hell from death by hanging.

  7. Spare us the ‘Viti Dua 101’ re: all things i-taukei Rambo. You spawned treason in this country and that will only ever be your claim to 5-minutes of fame.

    No forgiveness and there’ll damn sure as hell be NO IMMUNITY. Count on that.

  8. Rabuka was used by Ratu Kamisese Mara after Mara met the former Pope in 1986, because the Roman church thirsts for control over the society of nations in this millennium. Hence, what is happening is to link all nation to globalization.
    Rabuka refused the charter idea, that is way we had another coup to usher in the forced charter, overhaul democracy with Saint Thomas Aquinas and Loyola philosophies and sabotage true democracy. So all democracy after the charter will be without its substance.

  9. I disagree Ratu Tau. Forgiveness has been taking Fiji backward, ever since we “forgave” you. Bainimarama did not think twice when he carried out 2006! He knew that he would be “forgiven.” George probably accepted taking over at the last hour in 2000, thinking he would be “forgiven” too! Now future military strongmen will not hesitate to carry out coup number 5 and half if we continue to entertain the notion of “forgiveness” and “understanding” if criminals intend to commit treason as with the latest case with VB! No immunity and no “forgiveness” is the way forward Ratu Tau! Perhaps some day you will really tell us the truth behind the persons or person who approached you to carry out the coup of 1987! God Bless Fiji, may we find it in our hearts not to forgive Bainimarama and his crew!

  10. Vakacava mo drau veicai kei Bainimarama Rabuka ,,,,sivia nomudrau via dabe mai cake drau kaisi sona lelevu

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