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The CCF emphasised it was the role and responsibility of the Fiji Police Force to maintain law and order.

Remove coup immunity clause, says CCF

September 29, 2012 12:33:54

Fiji’s Citizens Constitutional Forum today asked the Constitution Commission to remove any immunity clause for coup perpetrators.
The CCF’s chief executive, Akuila Yabaki, made the submission to the Commission in Levuka today.
“Laws that give these bodies arbitrary powers should be revoked,” said Yabaki
He said the military should be bound by the sovereignty of Fiji’s constitution and accountable to civilian institutions such as the legislature.
“The size of the military should be of a scale appropriate to Fiji’s national security requirements and the recruitment and appointment of military personnel must be based on merit,” Yabaki said.
The CCF emphasised it was the role and responsibility of the Fiji Police Force to maintain law and order.
“There must be a clear separation of duties and responsibilities of the Police and the Military,” Yabaki said.
He said national security is the responsibility of the Police and the Military must only become involved through a defined constitutional process.
By Indrani Krishna

9 thoughts on “The CCF emphasised it was the role and responsibility of the Fiji Police Force to maintain law and order.

  1. All good points, Reverend. Howevever if you want to live in a place like you describe, you have to migrate. In khaiyum’s Fiji there is no place for law, order, human rights and dignity and there never will be!

  2. Bravo Rev Yabaki. You are now talking sense. You reflect what most sensible people think in regards to immunity and the size and role of the military. Without such a large and expensive standing military the country would not have suffered the degrading effects of coutinuous coups after coups. This of course was enabled by a rouge leader leading the huge pliant military might against the people and government it was supposed to protect. Having nothing better to do the army just went along without thinking of the repercussion on the people. Of course the incentive was some lies given out by the commander and the promise of reward after the deed was done. Now having carried the crime of treason the same military wants out with an immunity clause as a precondition for exiting. This vanity must not be entertained. No immunity full stop. Everyone must front up for their misdeeds. No one is above the law.

  3. Why wasn’t the junta apologist yabaki saying these things in 2006? Like other regime groupies now that they have used the dimwitted military to achieve their treasonous outcomes they no longer want the thugs around? This farkwit is part of the problem, not part of the solution?


    So if the police takes 2 weeks to capture the prisoners, You people are happy for the fijian community to live in fear for two weeks and be traumatized.

    In fact the military should be praised for a job well done, full stop.

    Each time there is a prison escape in fiji, the military should be used to not only capture the hardened criminals but also to teach the escaped prisoners some jungle warfare lessons as well.

    Whats gone wrong with commonsense and all the right thinking citizens of Fiji.

  5. Whats gone wrong with common sense, well perhaps those that suggest the army teach escaped prisoners a lesson have lost it.

  6. CCF cannot help itself but show their hand. Check out their 5 constituency boundaries demarcation as we mentioned some time ago. Once again CCF is reading live and direct from the same script as the illegal and treasonous regime, of which it is an ad hoc member.

    This is another round of cross-fertilization of thinking straight from their Charter farce which CCF is party to.

    You can be sure with the “all in the family” bonds of CCF, Ghai, Khaiyum, Dakuvula, Vijay Naidu, Nazhat Shameem, Jane Ricketts, etc, the final version of the constitution will more or less look like what CCF has just submitted. Never mind that many i-taukei have made repeated interventions advocating indigenous land rights during their submissions.

    This is a sly attempt at headlining the ‘no immunity’ and ‘caretaker govt’ as a sweetener and selective amnesia on the 2009 CoA ruling, however as someone as just commented on C4.5: advocating “extra-constitutional means to such ends is treason.”

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