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UNEMPLOYMENT CRISIS LOOMING – How the Essential Services Decree will eliminate 15,000 jobs – CFDFiji.org

Those watching events in Fiji will have come to the conclusion a long time ago that the issuing of decrees by the regime is an informal affair. These ‘laws’ are promulgated with minimal forethought and usually with the best interests of the regime leaders and their sycophants in mind.

So it was with the Essential Services Decree which, quite justifiably has stirred up the International Labour Movement. We heard on Fiji TV last night from David Voss that, due to US sanctions we will be losing 15,000 jobs in the very near future. What David failed to mention was that this is due to the above mentioned Essential Services Decree.

39 Companies presently exporting into US through duty free markets will lose this benefit after the 2nd October hearing in the US which is likely to go against Fiji unless the Decree is withdrawn instantly. Keeping silent over the matter will not resolve the crisis and if the Attorney General is standing in the way of saving the jobs, he must be ejected from the Office.

The CFDFiji calls on the regime to immediately repeal this malformed and self serving piece of ‘legislation’ to avoid this further disastrous calamity for our already struggling economy. Having asked this we feel sure that due to the personalities of the individuals involved they will not heed this request – it would seen to be an admission of failure and a loss of face. No other adverse impacts would be felt by the poor and needy in Fiji.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
Council for a Democratic Fiji

29 thoughts on “UNEMPLOYMENT CRISIS LOOMING – How the Essential Services Decree will eliminate 15,000 jobs – CFDFiji.org

  1. Bai whats best for you:
    1 kick khaiyum out [asap]
    2 hand the powers back to president
    3 president gives you pardon
    4 retire from service and politics
    5 caretaker govt appointed by presid
    6 president to assent new constitutio
    7 election called in may 2013.
    I think people of fiji will give you the respect but if you continue to carry on with khaiyum than i am sorry to say very soon you will end up in NABORO.

    September 26, 2012 5:40 PM

  2. time for regime to resign.we have suffered under the regime.
    pls god help us .
    we need our work so we can feed our family.
    khaiyum f off you have ruin fiji.

  3. RUM you have raised a very important issue explaining why 15000 jobs will be lost.The supporters of the illegal regime and the talibans in Fiji including the Fiji First Party cannot blame Mr Chaudhry,Mr Qarase and Mr Anthoney for this major job crisis. This Gauri Saheen [24 year old jhatu ps] will fail the hearing in USA.The only way to save the job is to withdraw the decree as RUM says. Thank you Rum for explaining where the problem lies.

  4. I for one can very correctly recall this man called RUM for his principled stand when he made his first public statement after giving a kick on Bainimarama’s arse. He said he is prepared to face a fair trial but not under this corrupt judiciary controlled by khaiyum. You have proven the point and to further confirm this please ref:J.W.Marshall’s petition.

  5. Fully support Muttu ana…..why should Mara be judged by a taliban Court? This court is fucked up like the muslim world…dhai chod.

  6. Breaking News: Fiji first Party secret supporter rudra maharaj is cousin of chorwa santa maharaj has been charged for bribery. What more fiji first party has to offer ???? Chorwa Santa maharaj Bro’s

  7. An employee at the Prime Minister’s office appeared before Magistrate Janaka Bandara yesterday charged with alleged bribery.

    The court heard that Rudra Maharaj is alleged to have taken bribes amounting to $10,000.

    Defence Counsel for Maharaj told the court that his client is in custody since Monday and he has a wife, children and grandchildren who want to see him at home.

    FICAC counsel is asking for the accused to be further remanded as investigations are continuing.

    Bail has been refused and Maharaj will reappear on Friday.

  8. Raura Maharaj’s action is unacceptable and I appeal the minister for election to struck off Fiji First Party form the register.

  9. Graham Davis who is now paid $20,000 for an article published in support of the regime has defecated in today’s Fiji sun defending the regime and blaming the Unions for the 15,000 jobs loss coming next month from US Sanctions.

    Maichod Graham- why dont you tell the truth as to why the US will impose a ban on Fiji exports entry into duty free market? Why there is a breach? The answer is simple tere maya chodo. The essential services decree breaches international labour standards and rights as confirmed by the ILO. Maichod this is why the jobs will go not because of Felix, Qarase or Chaudhry.

    Remove the decree and remove the breach dhai chod. gora pufta sala.

  10. saheen gauri of trade and commerce will secretly meet undercover members from Iranian government on his time wasting tour to USA

  11. Amnesty International condemned the Decree as “a breathtaking abuse of fundamental rights [which] takes away nearly all collective bargaining rights in essential companies [and] virtually abolishes the right to strike”.[12] It added: “Fundamental human rights are at stake, including the right to freedom of association and assembly, and the right to organise. Amnesty International stands steadfast in solidarity with workers in Fiji and the Fiji labour movement in their struggle to defend their rights.”[13]

    Juan Somavia, Director-General of the International Labour Organisation, stated:
    “By going ahead with this Decree the Government has demonstrated the same lack of concern for the views of the international community as it has for the rights and aspirations of its own people. What is really essential for Fiji is that it change course now. That means reversing this and other restrictive labour decrees, a return to dialogue with trade unions and employers, an end to assaults on and harassment of trade unionists, and the immediate restoration of basic civil liberties.”[14]
    Mahendra Chaudhry, leader of the Fiji Labour Party, published a statement in July which did not specifically mention the Decree but addressed the government’s broader policies in relation to trade unions:
    “Fiji has ratified […] ILO Conventions and must act in conformity with them. It cannot promulgate laws that contravene these Conventions or go around physically bashing union leaders. […] Both the local unions and the international trade union movement have written to the government protesting against its anti-union policies and decrees. There has been no response. How does one take up issues with a government that does not respond to concerns raised with it, does not consult and thinks it can govern through arbitrary decisions, suppression of rights, intimidation and physical violence […]?”[15]

  12. Terms of the decree

    The decree was officially issued by the President of Fiji, Epeli Nailatikau, whose role as head of State is an essentially ceremonial one. Its main stated objective is to “ensure the present and continued viability and sustainability of essential national industries for the benefit of Fiji”.

    Its terms are as follows:
    All existing trade unions must re-register in order to continue their activities (art.6);
    “All existing collective agreements” between employees and their employers are voided 60 days after the commencement of the decree (art.8);
    Elections of trade union representatives are subject to government approval (art.10);
    An employer may appeal to the government to cancel a representative’s election if he or she at any time has “reliable objective information and evidence” that “at least 35% of workers” no longer support that representative (art.15); this enables the employer to cancel any “existing or current collective agreement” (art.17);
    “If an employer has suffered operating losses for two consecutive fiscal years, or two years of actual or expected operating losses in a three year period, it shall have the immediate right to renegotiate all its existing collective agreements”. If no agreement can be reached with employees, the employer then sends a proposal to the government, which may approve it as binding upon employees, replacing any necessity for an agreement (art.23);
    Within “designated corporations”, employees have no entitlement to overtime pay on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays, unless granted by the employer (art.24);
    Art.24 also abolishes the Wages Council’s jurisdiction over “any ‘designated corporation’ or essential national indsutry”;
    “Disputes over discipline and discharge” are to be settled within the company, or by the government if ultimately unresolved, with no recourse to any court of law or any judicial institution (art.26);
    “No job actions, strikes, sick outs, slowdowns or other financially or operationally harmful activities shall be permitted at any time for any reason”. Strikes are permitted only if employees have been negotiating unsuccessfully for at least three years for a collective agreement with their employer, and if they thereupon provide twenty-eight days’ advance notice of the strike to their employer and to the government, and if the government approves the requested strike. The employer may then lock out any striking workers and “unilaterally impose terms and conditions of employment”. Any worker taking part in an unauthorised strike may face a sentence of up to five years’ imprisonment, combined with a fine of up to $50,000. The government may order the end of any strike (or lockout) in “any essential national industry” at any time (art.27);
    The decree prevails over any inconsistency with any existing law (art.28);
    No court of law, tribunal or commission has any jurisdiction to examine the legality or validity of the decree or of any decision made by the government or by any employer in application thereof (art.30).

  13. Te mara magaitinamu tell the people of Fiji how yur corrupt father, who must be turning in his grave now, accumulated millions of dollars to built mara empire, at the expense of ordinary fijians.

    How Ratu mara magalevu from tonga, got David Tonganivalu killed for opposing Rabuka’s coup.

  14. Ratu mara was always a thief. Roko Ului is also a thif and an opportunist. he wanted to become the Prime Minister, replacing Bainimarama. Him and his cronies tried to coup Bainimarama but failed. Now he is barking from far away in Australia. Aren’t you a coward, Roko Ului????????????

  15. @pyarelal12

    Ra sona levu anybody who wants to be PM is welcome, as long as one goes through the proper process; unlike the pig Bai.

    As for your allegation stuff them up your rear end

  16. photo of kunt-yum surrounded by his team of con-artists PS fat-ass powell who bullshits her way through deals and yells if you disagree and then spreads evil bullshit because she had no idea about what was discussed. and the voss humping queer david phliger who never captained a plane internationally suddenly employing his out of work american mates who are less qualified then locals. the others are just opportunists sucking kunt-yums chuni

  17. The CFDF has three main tasks:
    1.To promote a legal and constitutional return to democracy for Fiji.
    2.To reassure the people of Fiji that there is a responsible organisation ensuring that the return to democracy will occur with minimum disruption.

    I would have thought a responsible orgnisation CFDF will not allow low down talks, swear, impersonation, defamation comments made by their low low down contributors who do not haveballs to write their own name when using other peopls name in their opinion.

    Maybe those people who use my name either in their low down comments and calling me chorowa ….maybe CFDF being responsible organisation promoting legaland constitutional democracy, being a NZ registered organisation, under privacy act reveal the IP address of the low down contributor who uses my name either calling me Chorowa or impersonating me at times.

    Come on CFDF demonstrate to us your responsible legality to honour privacy act to make public in this forum theIP address for 9th and 11th contributor who may be born tomultiple fathers does not know his proper name?

  18. While there are some interesting news and analysis here which we may like to give some serious thought to the comments here are very vulgar.

    Its seems those in charge of this blog may seriously need to reconsider editing comments otherwise this blog can be seen to be a very irresponsible blog. While there needs to be democracy and media freedom in Fiji there also needs to be some responsibility shown on the part of those wanting it.

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