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Fjiileaks website joins blog ranks to take on illegal regime in Fiji

Fijileaks: You could sent to it confidential documents: fijileakseditor@gmail.com

Fijileaks: It also means since the 2006 coup Fiji has been sinking deeper and deeper into mess

Cartoon: It speaks for itself – dictator trying to keep afloat from the mess he has created since 2006

The Crumpled Document: It reveals his fraudulent back-pay of $185,000.

There are many others in his back-pocket – to be revealed soon on Fijileaks

Keep blogging on Fiji Today.

Vinaka vakalevu, to all.

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9 thoughts on “Fjiileaks website joins blog ranks to take on illegal regime in Fiji

  1. EU urges Fiji

    08:01 Today

    Taken from/By: FBC
    Report by: Shalveen Chand

    The premature departure of the International Labour Organisation’s fact finding mission is regrettable says the European Union.

    In a statement released late yesterday, the EU said it attaches great importance to human rights, including freedom of association, and recognises the important role played by the ILO in promoting and protecting international
    labour standards.

    The EU said it encourages the Fiji Government to engage with the ILO in order to enable the organisation of a new fact finding mission.

    According to the Fiji government, the ILO mission and the government could not come to term with the terms of references drawn up by the government.
    The ILO mission had a different mandate which the government did not agree with.

    Permanent secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office Colonel Pio Tikoduadua says ILO is welcome to return.

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  2. Welcome Fijileaks – it looks great and will be great.

    Irony – the dictator stole a whopping $185,000 and refused to let Government auditors audit the Regimental Fund and yet five officers are in custody now – B-G Mohammed Aziz – how much were you paid to finish your studies and write that Doctrine of Necessity documents with Khaiyum:

    Army five in military custody

    Nanise Loanakadavu
    Saturday, September 22, 2012

    FIVE army officers are in military custody for more than one week over allegations of discrepancies in the regimental funds.

    Republic of Fiji Military Forces chief of staff, Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz confirmed this to The Fiji Times, saying the officers were arrested more than one week ago for allegedly embezzling military funds.

    “There are five of them and not seven as speculated. They have been kept in the military cell,” he said.

    “The pay officers have been referred to the board of complaints within the military force.”

    When asked if it was true that families of the officers were only allowed to visit them twice a week, Brig-Gen Aziz said he could not comment on this because investigations were being carried out. He further revealed that the investigations were being carried out by the military police.

    Several telephone calls were made to this newspaper on Monday, with callers saying family members were concerned that they were only allowed to take food and clothes to the suspects at the military headquarters in Nabua at a certain time.

    When contacted earlier this week, Lieutenant-Colonel Amani Suliano said all information about the investigations would be released by Brig-Gen Aziz, who said an official statement was expected to be released soon.

  3. muslim rules fiji and fijian are used aginst its own chiefs, church and vanua.
    we have khaiyum as jhina -did in india.
    india and parkistan.
    aziz and frank should be taken to task not this army low rank officers.

  4. Really can not understand this obsession by some about salaries. Would it make any difference if they earned 100k or 700k ?

    So if it were proved they were earning 200k a year would your views change drastically, I think NOT

  5. Two wrongs does not make a right.

    Any one found to have mismanaged public funds, whether one is from the ARMY, Police, GCC or anywhere needs to be investigated and brought to account.

    If found guilty they should do the time.

  6. @ Timoci

    “If found guilty they should do the time.”

    So if the Regime runs the prosecution, writes the judgements and carrys out the sentences – how many of the Regime will be investigated…?

    None. And you know it.

  7. Sa lua mai na puaka !!!!!!!!!!!! so it means thats it’s ok for Qarase to be in Prison?
    What a load of conradicting canine embryos some of you are. And is includes your lamu sona qauri Roko Ului Maga.

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